Froese is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Considered by all to be the worlds most skilled Chef, who formed a combo with the Gourmet God Acacia. She is the only person in history to have fully prepared Acacia's Full Course Menu.


Not much is known about Froese's origin. But at some point in the past she met Acacia, a man who would come to be known as the "Gourmet God", and formed a combo with him as his chef partner, making her known to all in the future as the “Chef Goddess” Froese. During this time she helped him procure many of the ingredients in his Full Course Menu. She was also noted to be one of the only humans in existence to have fully consumed Acacia’s legendary Full Course Menu.


Froese was created to serve as a major supporting character and very significant figure to the story and history of Toriko, by its author Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. Her name in Crunchyroll is written as Froese.

Character Evolution


Froese had the appearance of a beautiful young woman with fair skin, short black hair, and dark eyes. Her attire during her days as the combo partner of Acacia, consisted of a simple dark red V-neck dress displaying her cleavage, a red choker with a white trim around her neck, and a white apron tied around her waist.

Due to the activation of her Gourmet Cells while using her ability God Cooking, Froese took on a very different appearance. Gaining long, flowing white hair, with her eyes losing their pupils and glowing bright white, and also gaining a somewhat ominous appearance as her face became shadowed in places. It’s unknown if this is part of the transformation or done for dramatic effect however.


Froese’s personality was that of a very compassionate and caring woman. She cared deeply for her family and was very charitable, given food to those who needed it most. She was also shown to be very forgiving as she attempted to stop Midora from acting rashly against a man who was upset over the lack of good food she had brought to them.

Major Story Arcs

First Gourmet War

500 Years before the start of the story, Froese lived during the horrific and dreadful Gourmet War. At some point after forming her combo with Acacia, Froese came across the young, feral, and starved Midora on the verge of death. Froese took Midora home with her to tend to him, giving him food and shelter, and finally allowing him into her home as part of her family. When Ichiryuu, Jirou, and Acacia returned, Midora became highly defensive of Froese until he was knocked by Jirou, prompting Froese to explain the situation and that he was no threat and part of the family now. Later on at night while their three adopted sons went outside, Froese discussed the Gourmet War with Acacia and asked him about the situation, and wondered if they needed PAIR’s advice on how to stop it for escalating further.

Froese then spent a long time preparing meals from ingredients her partner Acacia, and their three adopted sons brought her. She did this in an effort to distribute them to the worst affected areas of the Gourmet War, as a sort of charity to feed the hungry. She did this with the belief that if everyone had food and was no longer hungry, the war may end.

10 Years then passed, as she spent her time with her family and watching them grow. But late one night their home was visited by Blue Nitro, who apparently sought out Acacia under the request of PAIR. Froese and Acacia then left with the Nitro, under the assumption that this had to do with the upcoming Gourmet Eclipse. They did not return until several months later, with Froese who was now very ill and was incapable of simple movement due to a lack of energy and a weakened body, forcing her to become bedridden. It was discovered later on that her sudden illness and lack of energy was due to her overuse of “God Cooking” while her and Acacia were gone meeting PAIR. Midora however, in an effort to help Froese recover from her illness, went out in search of Cure Water. However Midora was completely unprepared for the beast guarding the spring and suffered many grievous wounds as a side effect of trying to acquire it, later returning to the family home and collapsing in front of the weakened Froese.

As a final act of self-sacrifice, Froese went to her son’s side and used the last of her energy activating God Cooking to save his life, killing her in the process and passing away in her son’s arms. Froese was later buried atop a small hill, marked by a single simple headstone. Ichiryuu, Jirou, Midora, and Setsuno grieved for her, and Acacia bid a final tearful farewell to her.

Midora returned for many months and continued to pour Cure Water on her grave in the hopes it would bring her back to life but it only cased him further grief.


It is not fully revealed until 500 years after her death, but during the 50th Cooking Festival, it is shown that the Cure Water Midora poured on the grave of Froese may have actually worked, but not in the intended way. The mysterious leader of NEO, the “Dark Chef” Joa, when unmasked by Jirou had the appearance of Froese, and even wielded her legendary knife Cinderella. When questioned as to his identity, he cryptically affirmed that he was in fact Froese, but many of the people present during these events doubt the validity of the claim. Setsuno herself even notes that this person couldn’t be the Froese they once knew due to the difference in their appearance while suing their Gourmet Cells, and the fact that Froese was already deceased by this point in time.

The true relation between Joa and Froese however is currently unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Froese is regarded the world over as the single greatest chef to have every lived. This is shown in her honorary title of “Chef Goddess”, and her ability to fully prepare Acacia’s Full Course Menu, a feat that has yet to be replicated by any chef in the world to date.

Her combat skills were never shown or noted, but having eaten Acacia’s Full Course Menu, Froese gained complete and absolute mastery of her Gourmet Cells, so it’s safe to assume she is a powerful individual.

Her most notable skill however was her skill as a chef. Renowned the world over as the greatest chef to have ever lived, Froese was a master of the art and was able to prepare all known ingredients in the world, even the ingredients on her partner Acacia’s Full Corse Menu, which were noted by many powerful people to be extremely difficult to prepare. Her skill is also indirectly revealed to be key to NEO’s plans of reaching the “Final Land”, as a chef of her level of skill is absolutely required. Her most notable trait of cooking however is her ability to utilize her Gourmet Cells through God Cooking which allowed her to increases the quality of even the most complex dishes she prepares regardless of her current condition.


Cinderella – Froese’s personal one of a kind holy kitchen knife. Froese however was never seen using this knife to the effect the Dark Chef Joa has, but it’s safe to assume that anything Joa was capable of doing with Cinderella, Froese should be capable of too.


God Cooking – A skill that allows Froese to cooking very complex meals to the very best of her ability despite her current condition. During the activation of the ability, her Gourmet Cells use their power which alters her appearance greatly.

Food Honour and Immersion

While not directly shown, Acacia notes that Froese was capable of Food Immersion, which would indirectly make her skilled in Food Honour also. Food Immersion allows her to store a large amount of nutrients and energy gained from food inside her body to use at a later date. This allows her to survive for months on end with the need for food or water among other benefits.

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Name: Froese
Name: フローゼ
Romanji: Furōze
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
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Aliases Chef Goddess
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