can freiza bust a solar system?

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king vegeta multi planet busted and freiza was way stronger than he was so i think he could and be quite reasonable to think so if he could planet bust with one finger

and my gif say so

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There has been some miscommunication here. You haven't reply back to the mods. We want all users to feel welcome in the site, but the users who struggle. We do help and suggest things, so you won't violate the rules.

With so many DBZ threads, I can't help but feel you are misusing your right and spamming the threads with threads that aren't promoting discussion in a healthy manner. You started off with Superman doing drugs, Goku vs Superman threads. I had banned you once as a warning.

I'm sorry to do this to you. Please make your threads with care. There are no such thing as stupid questions. That American saying has some flaws. It's hard to for me to explain, being a non Native English speaker.

Take this thread, why would you ask the community about Frieza's feats. There's nothing to be accomplished here. This thread is unnecessary.

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