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Freezing is an anime series in the Freezing franchise
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This series defines the word Gratuitous. Reviewed by lordbane666 on Jan. 19, 2012. lordbane666 has written 29 reviews. His/her last review was for Burn Up W. 16 out of 18 users recommend his reviews.
Freezing takes place on a futuristic bizzaro Earth that has come under attack by creatures known as The Nova. Not having anything to to do with cars or a PBS series, these inter-dimensional beings look a whole like the the giant mechas on the anime series "The Big O" and are out to cleanse the world of those noisy, dirty, pesky humans. Since no weapon mankind has effects these monsters, scientists barrow some Nova technology and create the Pandora. These are young girls who are infused with Stigmata disks on there back, and from them become ultra powerful and fast moving weapon platforms. Along with some boys, who are also (we are never told how) genetically enhanced and known as Limiters, these Pandora (who are all given titles) train at one of two academies, known as Genetics East and Genetics West, to one day become a Chevalier and fight the Nova. The boy's roll in combat is to cast an effect that limits or stops the movement of the Nova, which does not effect the Pandora, that is know as Freezing. This allows the Pandora to move in on the Nova and strike at there core, which is there only vulnerable spot. Limiters and Pandoras are coupled and then have all five of there senses joined though a ritual known as The Baptism (which is more like a marriage), in which they form an Ereinbar Set. Pandoras can be joined with up to four Limiters, though they normally only take one since the powers of Limiters can't be combined, and are one year behind the Pandora in age. The Pandora basically become like a dominatrix to these younger boys, and since they can (and often do) kick there nancy asses, treat the boys like there personal bitches. After the Baptism, the newly joined pair enjoy a "First Night" alone in each others company, which could be anything they want to do, anything.
The story we see takes place at Genetics West. The first Pandora we meet is a disturbed young lady named Satellizer L. Bridgette, who's title is the "Untouchable Queen", and like the rest of the females we see, is drawn to look like a massive chested porn queen. As we come to find out, she was the victim of some "bad touching" as a child, and has developed a hatred of being touched. The queen part of her title is derived because she is the top warrior out of all the second year female students. We also come to find out she was once a student at Genetics East, but was held back a year and kicked out because she keep beating up everyone who touched her, including her Limiters. As we join the action, she and her fellow female classmates are engaged in something called "Carnival", which is a live fire combat exercise meant to determine the best of the second year females. The school administration looks on as she pulverises her opponents, sometimes two or three at at time. We then next meet Kazuya Aoi, who's sister (he was very close to) was a Chevalier and was killed in the last Nova attack. His grandpa is also a top researcher at Genetics West. Like the rest of the first year boys, he is drawn to look like a girly 8 year old, and acts way more effeminate than any of the female students. As he is being lead around the school by the student body president, he catches his first glimpse of Bridgette, who he mistakes for his sister, and jumps on top of her, and in a loving (tits in face) bear hug, pins her down and causes her to loose the Carnival challenge to her top rival, Genessa Roland. Oddly enough, Bridgette doesn't kick Kazuya's ass for this, and he becomes the one and only person who can touch Bridgette without getting his head chopped off by her. As a matter of fact, upon reflection, she actually likes being touched by him. As we come to find out, Kazuya has a very powerful freezing ability, but he can only use it on behalf of Bridgette.
The first thing I noticed about this series is there is a TON of nudity, violence, and other fan service, all of which was quite gratuitous. This was to make up for the fact the story was extremely thin, and for the first four episodes, the plot was repetitious. Save for some back story done though one of my least favorite plot devices known as the flashback (which also becomes repetitious throughout the series), there wasn't any real story at all. All we get to see is Bridgette getting picked on by Genessa or some upperclassmen, defend herself and get into trouble for it, and Kazuya being told to stay away from her by his new friends, which he ignores. He repeatedly asks Bridgette to form an Ereinbar Set with him, and she keeps rejecting him, though he becomes the first person who can touch Bridgette without getting his ass kicked. Episode five sees it's first plot break, as a new girl, from Tibet or wherever, named Rana Linchen, shows up at Genetics West one day looking for her soulmate and (as we come to find out) may be as strong as Bridgette. The first person she runs into just happens to be cute little Kazuya, and it's not long after that she falls in love with him. Kazuya never returns that love, though he befriends Rana, and he continues to pursue Bridgette who he wants to join with. None of this thwarts Rana from pursuing Kazuya romantically. Despite starting off as friends, after some manipulation by the upperclassman, Rana and Bridgette predictably come at odds with one another over the ownership of Kazuya's dick. We don't see any hint of a real story until episode nine in this twelve episode series, and a major part of it is combat. Also noteworthy was episode eight, where the boys where given the privilege of taking off there proverbial french maid outfits, allowed to stop licking the shoes of the girls at this academy without getting there asses kicked, and be boys for a day. By the same token, the girls can take off there steal armor, put there weapons down and put on there sluttiest outfits, and where allowed to be girls for a day, in a competition know as Pandora Queen. I thought it very generous that the women who run Genetics West let the boys who are training there have a penis for one day a year, what a great bunch of gals!
Not that I look for any reality to creep it's way into a cartoon, but one thing I do remember from my six years in the US military was we had to conduct ourselves with Military Bearing and decorum, follow rules and orders, and teamwork was all important. I saw none of this in the series I was watching and rather than conducting themselves as disciplined and well ordered soldiers, the girls all acted like a bunch of insanely wild gang bangers, fragrantly disregarding rules and fighting over every dumb thing they could. Any boy who got in the way of these fights got crushed instantly, and the only one who got into trouble for any of this was Bridgette. There was no hint of any real teamwork save for small group (2 or 3 women) combat action until episode nine (when we first see Nova that aren't in a flashback), and I never didn't see the girls train in groups at all. I think one big reason for this was another departure from reality, rather than have the academy run by a millitary officer like in the real world, it was run by a nun! Why not banker or a trash collector? They are all about as equally qualified to run a military academy as a nun is, which amounts to exactly zero for all of them. And while I'm on a reality kick, who the hell thought of giving these girls hand to hand style martial arts weapons to use on giant meachs? You would think in the future, they would have heard of a weapon we call "guns", and given them something along those lines. I guess I'm asking for too much logic from this anime, sorry.
As for the rest of the elements in this series, everything else was adequate but nothing special. If your looking for a series with nothing more than anime tits and blood, and don't want things like story and dialog getting in the way, check this one out. If your looking for something with more meaning however, take my advice, keep on looking. I gave this one 2 stars for it's lackluster story and repetitive plot.
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