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Freezing is an anime series in the Freezing franchise
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Arnett McMillan

The fourth-ranked strongest third-year student from Switzerland known as the Slashing Trickster.

Arthur Crimpton

A limiter who attends West Genetics Academy.

Attia Simmons

The sixth-ranked strongest third-year student from Romania who is known as the Manipulative Schemer.

Cathy Lockheart

She is a character of the franchise Freezing, for she is a Pandora of the show. She was forced to be there to keep the good reputation of the Lockheart name!

Chiffon Fairchild

The current 3rd Year and rank no. 1 Pandora and Student Council President of the West Genetics Academy.

Creo Brand

The fifth-ranked strongest third-year student from Germany known as the Lightning Hammer.

Elise Schmitz

The medical officer at West Genetics Academy and good friend of Yumi Kim.

Elizabeth Mably

The second-ranked strongest third-year student from the United Kingdom. Known as the Academy Reigning Enforcer.

Ganessa Roland

The Pandora Bridgette L. Satellizer faced when she was demoted to Rank 2.

Ingrid Bernstein

Third-year student from Germany.

Kaho Hiiragi

A classmate of Kazuya and Arthur who is also the class representative for their class.

Kazuha Aoi

Kazuya's deceased older sister who was a legendary Pandora that sacrificed her life by destroying a Nova trying to invade Tokyo.

Kazuya Aoi

The main protagonist of Freezing who becomes Bridgette L. Satlellizers Limiter.

Leo Bernard

The Limiter of Ingrid Vernstein.

Malina Marius

She is a senior student Pandora of East Genetics. She is a very good friend of junior student Pandora Cathy Lockheart.

Miyabi Kannazuki

A Pandora seductress who desires to have the youngest and most handsome Limiters at West Genetics.

Rana Linchen

A transfer student from Tibet.

Satellizer el Bridget

One of the main protagonists of Freezing. Bridgette was ranked number one among the second year students until Kazuya's interference during a tournament causes her to be demoted to second place.

Ticy Phenyl

One of the members of the West Genetics Student Council. She's the school rank #3.

Yumi Kim

A former Pandora who teaches at West Genetics.

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