Freddie is a anime/manga character in the Cromartie High School franchise
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A strong, silent student at Cromartie High School. Not much is known about him, other than his strong resemblance to the late Freddy Mercury.

Freddie is a student who strongly resembles the late rock singer Freddie Mercury. He is enrolled at Cromartie High School, though not a lot of him his known. He is usually seen wearing brown pants with red suspenders and travels to school on horseback. According to the sources of Hokuto's Lackey, he is one of the students who "controls" Cromartie's first years.

Resemblance to Freddy Mercury

The real Freddy Mercury is never mentioned in Cromartie; when first meeting him, Kamiyama wonders if he was Japanese, or if he could even speak Japanese. After some thought, Kamiyama decides to call him Freddie, for reasons which are never explained.

The character himself has strong resemblance to the late singer. While not an exact look-a-like, they share the same mustache and hair. Additionally, they are both singers. While Freddy himself is never heard singing, he is seen with a microphone. There is never an explicit moment where it stated that Freddie looks like the original person, but the anime and manga does drop various hints.

"I&squot;m gonna.... go with &squot;Freddie&squot;!"
"I'm gonna.... go with 'Freddie'!"
  • Throughout the anime, Freddie's appearances are usually accompanied by a Heavy Metal-sounding riff playing in the background. The riff sounding similar to the sound and playing style of Queen's lead guitarist, Brian May.
  • In the first episode, when he is introduced, some art accompanies the dialogue the characters have about Freddie. The most noteworthy is the drawing of Freddy Mercury in one of his classic poses. When this is shown, the characters all say "Freddie", as to refer to the late singer.
  • In episode #3, there is a short segment of Freddie "singing". In one part of this scene he is holding a broken microphone stand. According to legend, during one gig Freddie Mercury's mic stand broke on him. Liking this, he continued to sing into a mic, separated from the stand, through the remainder of his career: becoming one of his trademarks.
  • In episode #10, there are a couple gags where Freddie is seen riding on his horse, raising his arm, while a group of people is heard chanting strange words in the background. This is a reference to what Freddy Mercury did during his shows; he would yell random gibberish to the crowd and have the crowd yell them back.
  • In the manga, volume three, there is a story about Yutaka Takenouchi finding himself as a mafia leader in New York City. One of his associates, who resembles the Freddie character, goes by the name "Mr. Mercury".
General Information Edit
Name: Freddie
Name: フレディ
Romanji: Furedi
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Cromartie High School #1
1st anime episode: Cromartie High School #1
1st anime movie: Cromartie High – The Movie (Live-Action)
Aliases Freddie Mercury.
Freddy Mercury.
The lead singer of Queen.
Recent Movies
Cromartie High – The Movie (Live-Action)

Based on the manga Cromartie High School.

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