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Franky is a anime/manga character in the One Piece franchise
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Black Rhino FR-U IV

The Black Rhino FR-U IV is a mobile assault vehicle built by Franky for the Thousand Sunny, and the arms of the General Franky.

Brachio Tank Unit V

The Brachio Tank Unit V is a tank built by Franky for the Thousand Sunny, and the body and head of the General Franky.

General Franky

The Iron Pirate known as the General Franky is a mech created by combining the Black Rhino FR-U IV and Brachio Tank Unit V. It was created by Franky.

Going Merry

The first ship of the Straw Hat pirates. She sailed the greater first-half of the Grand Line. Gone, but reborn as part of the Thousand Sunny

Mini Merry

The Mini Merry is the shopping, dock boat for the Thousand Sunny that was made by Franky and modeled after the previous Straw Hat ship, the Going Merry.

Puffing Tom (Sea Train)

Puffing Tom is the luxurious, steam powered Sea Train that was constructed by Tom the Builder for the citizens of Water 7.

Rocket Man (Sea Train)

Rocket Man is the prototype Sea Train that was created by Tom the Builder to prove the concept of Sea trains.

Shark Submerge

Shark Submerge is a shark shaped submarine that is part of the Thousand Sunny's Docking System. Created by Franky.

Thousand Sunny

The Thousand Sunny is the second ship of the Straw Hat crew. Built by Franky, the ship is twice the size of the Going Merry and has many special features found on no other ship.

Wanted Poster

A Wanted Poster is a poster that is used to announce to the public at larges that some individual is wanted by a government or law enforcement.


Wavers are Dial powered personal vehicles. Normally exclusive to the Sky Islands of the Grand Line.

White Hobby Horse

The White Hobby Horse is the upgraded version of Nami's Waver. It was upgraded by Franky without her permission.

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