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Franken Fran is an manga series in the Franken Fran franchise
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Fran's assistant whose body has many zippers used to access the reserve of organs stored in her body.

Dr. Amatsuka

A friend of Naomitsu Madaraki since the days of the old Japanese Empire, who has earned the title of Viscount in England. He calls upon Fran when he needs help with stuff regarding to Madaraki and also the one responsible for Gavrill's check-ups in order to keep her abilities stable.

Fran Madaraki

Main character of Franken Fran.

Gavrill Madaraki

Fran and Veronica's older sister who is the most dangerous of Dr. Madaraki's creations. She is capable of transforming into a wolf creature.


One of Fran's engineered companions, who has the head of a handsome young man with the body of a cat.

Rumiko Kuhou

An investigator who has the occasional interaction with the Madarakis, much to her horror.

Veronica Madaraki

Fran's Little Sister who was created to serve Naomitsu as his bodyguard. After he disappeared Veronica came to the estate where Fran lives.

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