Fourteenth Death

Fourteenth Death is an anime episode of Shiki that was released on 11/04/2010

Toshio's wife Kyoko has risen as a vampire and is now subjected to Toshio's various experiments to reveal the vampires' weaknesses. Megumi leans that Natsuno was cremated much to Masao's delight. Yuki Shiomi goes missing. Chizuru Kirishiki finds herself a new pray.

Megumi visits Kaori at night and tells her that her father is dead. Kaori and Akira's mother calls the Ebuchi Clinic and the doctor, who is really an okiagari, arrives and asks to be invited inside. Natsuno seemingly does not come back as an okiagari, but is cremated. It is shown that people who have turned up missing are being used as a source of food for the weak ones that cannot hunt or those that have just risen. Seishin's father has prepared a letter of greeting to be sent to the Kirishikis, which leads Seishin to suspect that his father is aware that they are the root cause of the village's troubles. After Kyoko dies from her illness and revives as an okiagari, Toshio uses her as a guinea pig and records a video of finding ways to repel the okiagari. He discovers that they are afraid of religious icons and they heal quickly from all sorts of injuries. The only way to kill the okiagari is by cutting off the blood, either through beheading or destroying the heart. He drives a wooden stake through the heart of his wife just before Seishin arrives at the clinic to observe the blood-drenched scene.

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BUCK-TICK Music Performs the ED "Gekka Reijin"
Kanon Wakeshima Music Performs the OP "Calendula Requiem"


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