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Four Heavenly Kings is a title given to a group of Bishokuya known for their legendary feats: Toriko, Coco, Sunny, and Zebra.


While delivering food to the poverty stricken nations of human world, IGO president Ichiryuu and Chief Mansam found the orphans Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra and Rin. He decided to take them all in and train them after noticing the potential they all had. He then presumably injected all of them with Gourmet Cells and taught them the ways of a Bishokuya. After undergoing Ichiryuu’s harsh training, Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra became recognized as the Four Heavenly Kings of the Gourmet Age.



  • First appearance: Chapter 1 & Episode 1
  • Alias: Glutton
  • Animal Partner: A young orphan Battle Wolf named Terry Cloth who grew attached to him after the loss of its mother
  • Combo Partner: Komatsu

Toriko is shown to be a large, muscular man who is also compassionate while hunting. He became known for his charisma and his monstrous appetite. He is also recognized by many people as the greatest Bishokuya for discovering the most ingredients, two percent of roughly three hundred thousand ingredients.


  • First Apperance: Chapter 7 & Episode 3
  • Alias: Gentleman
  • Animal Partner: A young Emperor Crow named Kiss who Coco found as an egg and raised
  • Combo Partner: None

Coco is presented as a kind yet serious man who can be quite distant from others. This is because of Coco’s abnormal ability to produce and defend against poisons as well as the harassment from IGO scientist to use his body to produce medical serums. This causes Coco to give up the Bishokuya way of life and live in seclusion at Gourmet Fortune. There he became a well-known fortune teller due to his accuracy rating of ninety seven percent. This also caused him to be extremely popular with women and be mobbed by many customers on occasions.


  • First appearance: Chapter 29 & Episode 10
  • Alias: Not known
  • Animal Partner: A young Mother Snake named Quinn who he tamed while he was in Gourmet World
  • Combo Partner:None

Sunny is presented as a man with an effeminate appearance with blue, pink, green, and white strands of hair who emphasizes beauty in all things and harmony in his dishes. It is also shown that he has a strong aversion to hunting or attacking anything that he does not find beautiful such as their initial encounter with the Rock Drums. Sunny also has a habit of using his sensors to “touch” other’s skin to determine their diet. However Coco also describes Sunny as a man with beauty inside his heart because of his concern for his friends. Sunny shows his less “beautiful side” when he is annoyed by savage actions such as the Bishokukai attacking 1 Biotope and Cooking Festival.


  • First Appearance: Chapter 123 & Episode 56
  • Alias: Not Known
  • Animal Partner: A gigantic demon horse called the Daruma Horse which he borrowed from the Daruma Hermit for transportation
  • Combo Partner: None

Zebra is a giant, muscular man with a Glasgow smile who is even larger than Toriko. He is recognized as the strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings due to his savage nature and sheer destructive capability. He also has a strong hatred towards cocky individuals and usually tries to attack them. Unlike the other Heavenly Kings, Zebra does not show gratitude towards food and wasn’t at first interested in making a Full Course Menu. He finally decided to begin constructing his Full Course in order to get Komatsu to become his Combo partner. Zebra eventually became an infamous criminal due to his savage habit of eating species to extinction and causing numerous countries to go to war against him. Zebra was eventually arrested by the Saisieyas Teppei and Yosaku.

Powers and Abilities


Each of the Four Heavenly Kings has developed one of their senses to beyond regular human levels.

  • Toriko: Smell(He is able recognize and discern several body fluids and scents from creatures from several kilometers away.)
  • Coco: Sight(He has night vision and is able to see and recognize electromagnetic waves of various objects.)
  • Sunny: Touch(He uses his feelers that are about .1 microns in width on his hair to examine the environment around him through touches. Sunny uses his blue hair to detect low temperatures, his pink hair to detect high temperatures, his green hair to detect pressure and his white hair to detect pain.)
  • Zebra: Hearing(He is able to hear vibrations from several kilometers away such as a coin dropping.)


Intimidation is a figure that forms in order for a person to scare away their opponent. This intimidation is often a physical manifestation of the users Gourmet cells.

  • Toriko: A huge hannya demon with a pink aura
  • Coco: An emaciated traditional japenese with a purple aura
  • Sunny: A huge demon formed from coiling his own hair that has a light blue aura
  • Zebra: A bat-like creature with scarred skin that has a bordeaux aura

Techniques/Hunting Method


He locates his opponents with his sense of smell and subdues them with his superhuman strength. Toriko is also shown to be able to learn and adapt more quickly than others with Gourmet Cells. He is also able to undergo autophagy to regain calories to perform techiques again. Toriko is also capable of projecting Appetite Energy from his body with his signature fork and knife techniques. He is also able to build power in both of his arm and legs to perform his Kugi punch or Kugi Kick. Through the teachings of Food Honor, Toriko was able to reduce his calorie consumption due to his techniques having unnecessary movements. He is also able to increase the maximum amount of calories he can store.


He is able to create and release lethal poison from his body as projectiles or armor. He is also immune to several hundred different types of poison and is able to produce new antibodies by decoding them. Through the teachings of food honor, Coco was able to produce more deadly variations of his poisons. The maximum amount of poison he could release was also increased from fifteen liters to over one hundred liters. He is able to use a technique called Poison Virus to fight against creatures that are immune to his poisons.


He is able to locate and capture prey with his prehensile hair(feelers). The total range that his feelers can reach is often called his Dining Kitchen. After training with The Gourmet Gang leader Guemon, Sunny was able learn “Intuition.” This helps him to reduce the amount of energy required to control his feelers as well as combat unknown beast. Through the teachings of Food Honor, Sunny was able to increase the number of feelers he can use to one million as well as increase their range to three hundred meters. He also became able to enter in his targets nervous system and take control of their nerves. His feelers are also nearly unbreakable only being cut by the genetically engineered Giant Parasite and the Bisokukai Sous Chef Tommyrod. Sunny is also able to infuse appetite energy into his hair to create Devil Feelers which are said to be able to wipe out all life on the planet if Sunny loses control of it and would continue to seek out and devour other planets.


He is able to locate opponents with his super hearing and subdue them with his immense strength. Zebra is also able to generate and manipulate sound waves through his voice and project them to preform powerful sound based attacks. When he is enraged, Zebra is able to produce massive amounts of adrenaline to regain stamina back. Through the teachings of Food Honor, Zebra can manipulate his sound ways more precisely. Zebra is also able to combine his physical strength and sound techniques in his attack Beat Punch by channeling sound vibrations in his arms.

Combination Techniques

  • Unnamed Attack 1: A technique used by Coco and Toriko to defeat a Devil Serpent. Coco used paralyzing poisons on the beast’s pit organs while Toriko charges his Five Ren Kugi Punch. When the poison takes effect, Toriko unleashes the punch destroying the mid-section of the beast.
  • Speed of Sound Kugi Punch: Toriko prepares for a Kugi Punch while Zebra launches him forward with a sound attack to increase the speed and damage.
  • Super Spatula Multiplied Twin Nail Punch: Toriko and Sunny used this technique to shatter a five thousand meter tall mountain that was about to fall on top of them. Toriko uses a Twin Kugi Punch towards Sunny who then amplifies the force of the attack and changes the direction using his feelers.
  • Unnamed Attack 2(anime-only): This attack was used against the Four-Beast who easily broke it. Toriko creates a Fork Cannon; Sunny gives it momentum with Hair Lead, Coco gives it a coating of poison and Zebra electrifies it using Thunder Noise.
  • Ou Shoku Bansan(Dinner of Kings/Dinner where they eat kings): The Four Heavenly Kings used this technique to defeat the Four Beast. The Heavenly Kings deeply concentrate and synchronize their appetites together. A ball of Appetite energy is then formed and launched against the opponent. The ball then relentlessly consumes the foe until there is nothing left. This technique will only target the intended prey and ignore any other target even if they are inside the prey.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Four Heavenly Kings
Japanese Name: 四天王
Romaji Name: Shitennou
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #3
1st anime movie:
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