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One of several fruits rising from the sea

I am only five episodes into what seems like a brilliant series, but I know how anime works, and the rest of these episodes could see this show take a turn for the worst. So I thought I would write about it when I am still so hyped about it. Because when an anime goes bad at the end, it can become difficult to remember the better days it had seen, and that would be sad.

So, we have Mahiro Fuwa, a fiery red eyed high school kid who does what he likes, says what wants and does basically what irritating little rebels do. His best friend Yoshino Takigawa, is calm calculating and circumspect.

Together they form a rag tag trio of relatively normal high school kids with Mahiro’s sister, Aiko, who also happens to be Yoshino’s girl friend. Aiko basically watched out for the boys, and advices them on life, specifically on learning when it is right to ran away. She mainly seems to chastise Mahiro over his constant need to fight each and every ugly word that is cast his way, and yoshino for backing up Mahiro, and in turn giving him the strength to fight. Now we see all this in simple well paced flash backs, lasting mere seconds long.

Presently, it’s been a year since Aiko along with Mahiro’s family was butchered by an unknown assailant. Mahiro is enraged over what seems to be too random an incident to be coincidence. He seeks to understand the logic of the world that led her sister to die. But more importantly he seeks revenge, where Yoshino accepts the events.

Mahiro is gone on the day of her sister's burial, to find his answers. And a year later, following the events of the black iron syndrome, a disease that calcifies its victims in black iron like coating, a woman assaults Yoshino one cold evening as he was visiting Aiko’s grave. She seems to be searching for the cold and dangerous Mahiro, a man that has been sighted during two black iron syndrome incidents.

The girl, a government agent seems ready to shoot Yoshino over his lack of answers when Mahiro shows up, spotting new magical powers. Mahiro quickly disposes of the girl just as the syndrome strikes the city and sees everyone but Yoshino, who survived due to his close proximity to Mahiro and his magic, succumbs to its effects.

This is where events pick up. The first scene of the first episode introduced us to Hakaze Kusaribe, the princess of the Kusaribe clan, a powerful clan of mages sworn to protect something called the tree of genesis, an entity that is preventing the destructive tree of exodus that once nearly destroyed the world, but was hewn down by the tree of genesis(at the cost of its own health) and has been undergoing regeneration all this time, from emerging

Hakaze Kusaribe

Hakaze was trapped on an island by her followers who are attempting to awaken the tree of exodus by releasing its trapped fruit. Kusaribe magic works by sacrificing something from the modern age like a car or a fork or something (it turns to ash) to access healing and defensive magic from the tree of genesis. Hakaze is sealed on an island with no access to magic.

Through some ingenuity, she accidentally and rather randomly gets in contact with Mahiro via a doll. The deal is she will help him find the killer of his sister if he helps her save the world. Hakaze had hidden magical talismans all over the world that can allow fake mages like Mahiro and Yoshino to use Kusirabe healing and defensive magic. But they are fickle and will break after extensive use so any given battle will require quite a lot of them to use magic effectively and continuously.

Now mahiro has began a campaign against the Kusiaribe clan who will destroy the world with their ambitions for power.

This show is proving to be an awesome find so far. Mahiro as a protagonist is crazy. He doesn’t care if the world survives or burns. Yoshino even admits that Mahiro would burn the world to get his revenge. Yoshino, innocent as he is in the events that have been happening in the past year, cannot let the fate of the world lay precariously in the hands of one that couldn’t care less about it, and is forced to join the quest to see both of these mages’ needs met.

Yoshino proves to be the logical party. He sees no purpose in finding Aiko’s killer and murdering them. But as is poignantly stated by a flashback, Yoshino is the only one that has ever had the capability to control Mahiro’s madness.In this series, Yoshino proves to be more of a rudder, a hand to aim Mahiro’s rage; and honestly it is fun to watch them interact with one another.

Hakaze is supposedly the most powerful mage of all time, she could stop the whole of the Kusaribe clan instantly if she were free. It is fun to watch a show that in the very beginning takes its deux ex machina out of the game.

It’s like watching DBZ were Goku is trapped on another planet and must somehow guide tien and chiautzu into defeating Freeiza and his goons. It is a load of fun to watch,especially seeing Hakaze’s frustration at the knowledge that she could save the world but with little to no effort but can’t. And it is possible that some of you will be put off by the idea of defensive and healing magic, but trust me you haven’t seen these mages use it. It is as explosive as it is brutal. Better yet, there is now casting fireballs or throwing lighting, just good old physical battle.


It is refreshing to see a show stick to its own logic. The kusaribe magic exists to maintain logic and order or something along those lines, and when you hear it explained, it will make sense why their mages can only use defensive and healing magic.

You won’t find any of those elements were they some how find a way to go against their own principles merely to do battle. Trust me,this mages can kick more ass with their shields than most can do with swords. Unfortunately I only have access to ten episodes. The anime hasn’t even ended yet. If I am not mistaken episode 17 will be airing soon; and unfortunately I don’t watch series in single episodes. I need a batch of seven or more episodes. So if this gets as good as I think it will get, I will have to wait a while before getting my hands on more Blast of the tempest.

Black Iron Syndrome

Members of the Kusaribe clan

This would be the tree of exodus

The crazy guys raising the Tree of Exodus

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