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Well, that was a bit of a cop-out.

Tell me how would Kurama have won if he couldn’t move or use his spirit energy (another word for chi?) C’mon, I wasn’t promised an either/or arrangement by the teaser at the end of the last episode.

And while we’re voicing vexations, I’ll add that I really lost the logical progression that put that “seed” in Kurama’s vein and made it sprout in his blood. The details on that little twist of fight strategy were glossed over so quickly. It all smells of the crew painting a character into a corner and then magically putting some thinner into his jacket.

And here’s another thing - - I brought this up a little facetiously earlier, but this Dark Tournament would seriously benefit from gimmick matches to break up the monotony of the bouts. I hate to say it, but the combat is getting a tad repetitive, especially if your lunatics’ promise that I’m in store for over 20 more episodes of this particular storyline proves true.

We sort-of had that Kurama’s paralysis - - and I suppose that’s sort-of like a blind-fold match - - but c’mon, throw these in a steel cage, make pinfalls count everywhere! Turn it upside down a little. Throw some pepper on it. For me. For me.

Look up this episode, "Kurama’s Stand" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

Also, if you have a question about this episode, this show or anything else (anything!) and you'd like it answered on the site, go on and post in this thread.

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i hope you stick it out man, the back half of the fights in the tournament are the best, and theres some episodes that just deal with characters and no tournament that are fantastic as well

they cant show their best stuff right away especially at the halfway point

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Well, I would argue that they're using these kind of gimmicks. The previous team was everyone vs. everyone all at once with the problem of not wanting to kill any of them, and this one's gimmick is the unfairness of it all (very contrived, but still).

No cages or spikes, unfortunately, but each fight usually comes with it's own set of rules, which I like. Yusuke's second opponent in this round has a few abilites that makes him reavaluate his strategies, and the strategy (instead of purely leveling up or using a secret technique) is what makes YYH stand out for me.

That said, I freaking loved these first Kurama fights, and that's pretty much the direction the show's going... So maybe that's not for you after all.

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I think this part is all about the final confrontation with toguro... once you start seeing the big players start to move alot of character development(think i spelled it wrong sorry) Happens. Also the fights are sweet.

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The sameness of the fights and such is a part of shonen I have found. Oddly I remember the guys rose whip and for some reason I think I remember this episode must have caught it somewhere as I remember being confused. Did toonami ever show this late at night? Anyway hoping the people who say it gets better are correct. Sounds to much like generic shonen to me.

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I don't know how much sense it makes to a first time viewer, when you've seen the series a few times it's just common knowledge regardless if it makes sense or not, but that was the same type of seed he put in the fighter earlier.  They're using "energy trapped inside" literally and that it's contained within his body, so he put the seed in his own arm to use energy to make it grow to stab a dude. Since he has control of it, it doesn't sprout throughout his body ripping him to shreds like in the vampire wannabe, just a controlled growth to give himself some kind of weapon. Leaps of logic to be sure, I don't know if that make sit any more/less clearer for ya.
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