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Welcome everyone to the wiki data blog! It took a while to sort and count all the wiki spotlights.

I have two Gdocs for 2011's wiki editors since the table is too large. I haven't done 2012's wiki editors yet.

Here are the two wiki lists that document all of the community spotlights:


Here are the wiki editors with the most spotlights in these categories:

  • Most Franchises: Buhssuht and Takashichea tied for first. Runner-up is FoxxFireArt.
  • Most Manga Series: FoxxFireArt is first, and Buhssuht and Piface314 are tied in 2nd place.
  • Most Anime Series: Hibaru, Shels, and sickVisionz tied for first.
  • Most Volumes: FoxxFireArt is first while Takashichea is 2nd.
  • Most Episodes: Takashichea is 1st while Annabanana is 2nd.
  • Highest Male Characters: Takashichea is 1st while Annabanana, FoxxFireArt, and Wales are tied for second place.
  • Highest Female Characters: FoxxFireArt is 1st while Takashichea is 2nd.
  • Most Other Gender: Sora_thekey and Annabanana are tied for first.
  • Most Concepts: Both KuroNekoXIII and FoxxFireArt are tied in 1st while ShadowKnight508 and Takashichea are tied in 2nd.
  • Most Objects: DestinyHeroKnight is first while Takashichea is 2nd.
  • Most Locations: FoxxFireArt is 1st while Wales is 2nd.

Note: I count teamwork for wiki projects.


I'll have the rankings for the wiki editors for last year by the weekend. I'm sorry since I'm busy with school.

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I never completed 2012 and 2013's wiki data reports. I put them on July goals after July 3's finals are done.

My predictions for 2014:

Most Characters Done

  • Taichokage
  • Yusuke52
  • ForgottenOne
  • FoxxFireArt
  • Dream

Most Episodes Done

  • Takashichea
  • Ravenbuster
  • Demonic13

Most Volume Pages

  • Takashichea
  • Demonic13
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