Mag Reports: New Vampire Hunter D Anime, Live-Action?

Topic started by gia on Feb. 20, 2010. Last post by jlanzer 5 years, 1 month ago.
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Whew, that was a bit of a trek-- eagle-eyed user ebzero89 spotted some interesting news about Vampire Hunter D in the latest (January) issue of the horror fan magazine Rue Morgue, and it took me about two hours to track down a copy and run out and buy it. (The traffic...ohhhh the traffic.)
But by doing so I managed to confirm the contents of an email interview the mag conducted with Hideyuki Kikuchi, author of the Vampire Hunter D novels (among many others)-- and Kikuchi says that he's currently working on a new live-action movie and also on a new anime based on the hit series.   

"Not one to rest on his laurels, the 60-year-old author is busy working on a [Vampire Hunter D] live-action film...and planning a new VHD anime series."

 The magazine also reports that this VHD flick is being worked on with the producer of the video game Biohazard, alias, Resident Evil, who it doesn't name specifically but I gather refers to Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who also produced the Devil May Cry and Sengoku Basara games. 
Whew. Since it's currently Sunday morning in Japan I haven't had a chance to try to confirm any of this news, mind, but Rue Morgue has been around since '97 and is up there with Fangoria and other horror niche mags, so I feel like this is solid enough to report on for now. 
Speaking of, I want to throw a shout-out: for all that this magazine was tough to get my hands on, the interview is really great as Kikuchi talks about D's fluctuating popularity, among many other things. If you're a horror fan (or even just a D fan) you should definitely pick up a copy. Vampire fans in particular, since that's the issue's theme!
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Heads up: Resident Evil live action producer is Paul Anderson.  Hiroyuki Kobayashi produced the Resident Evil CG film Degeneration.
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@HSaabedra: The full article (I didn't want to scan too much!) specifies "the producer of the Biohazard video game (a.k.a. Resident Evil in North America)" so I'm still guessing it's Kobayashi since he produced the actual video games.
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Ah.  I read he initial wording and thought that the article was talking about Resident Evil live-action franchise, not the game series.
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Interesting news, thanks for the info.
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Bought my copy a while back. It's been a hot topic among the VHD hardcore.  I think this is the first site to actually report on it, alot of people think its just a rumor someone started on the net.
I have my doubts about it actually happening but I'd love to see a movie and anime series. It could be a brilliant series, plenty of novels to base it on. 
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Now I'm stuck trying to picture somebody to play D.
It's torturing me.
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@Galamoth: I was kind of amazed I couldn't find anything definitive on it either, which is why I worked so hard to track down a copy! :) 
@Lydian_Sel: Well, since the producer Kikuchi is working with is the guy who produced the Resident Evil *games*, it seems more likely that they're talking about a Japanese live-action film than Hollywood, although we don't know for sure...if that changes who you're thinking of. :)
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More animated D is always welcomed news. Although I was hoping to hear something about next animated movie. I recall Kikuchi taking about doing a movie based on 
"Mysterious Journey to the North Sea."
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this makes me want to watch bloodlust again. so good.
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