FUNimation takes Tsubasa to the Next (Blu) Level

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Tsubasa Chronicle
Tsubasa Chronicle
Over at Mania Anime on DVD, Chris has spotted a video page for what appears to be a Blu-Ray release for the CLAMP super-series Tsubasa, although the trailer for the video isn't actually up yet. And of course, neither is any of the pertinent information (number of episodes? Bonus features? I did some scouting around on the official Tsubasa site and on the FUNimation forums and I found bupkis. There is a March 17 2009 release date stated on the page, but Chris notes that it wasn't in the March solicitations mailer, so it's probably not coming out then.

But it's kind of an interesting thing to find considering that as far as I can tell, there haven't been any Blu-Ray releases of Tsubasa in Japan. Now, as I understand it the US can't release any anime on Blu-Ray unless they have access to materials of that definition from the companies in Japan. So this may also be an early sign of such a release happening in Japan. We shall see!

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Funimation has released anime on Blu-Ray without Japanese involvement, as was proved by the technically sub-par Dragon Ball Z releases, with the movies being subjected to cropping, edge enhancement, and chromiance work.  I would venture that Funimation is taking their current materials and upscaling them to 1080p rather than requesting another set of masters in order to keep costs low, with the March 2009 release date indicative of the work being done.

There's nothing in a license agreement that states that a show cannot be released in another video format if it isn't available in Japan first, as was proved by the aforementioned releases.  The threat of reverse importation doesn't come into play because Japanese fans are as picky about a/v quality as the people that frequent ManiaAoD.

The show was animated in HD and Funimation would have received HD masters, so this seems like a sure thing, especially since its a complete season set.
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