Watch & Learn: TRIGUN #6

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Well, I don't really want to get into it here since it is only episode 6, but my real complaint has to do with episode 16 and is somewhat spoilery in regards to the villain's reasoning.
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@rubberluffy:  Sure, even when he does see certain episodes it probably wont be smart of us to babble on about the manga version, that shoud be saved untill the very end.
When he does get to the end I hope Tom tells us whether he wants the hear about the manga version or not.
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Also I agree about Nightow's art being both awesome and completely inconsistent at times.  I've got a few manga pages saved that look pretty cool, but if you look closer at one of them it appears that Vash has like 3 arms and his torso is like twice as long as it should be.
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@zaldar said:
WAHT!!!!!!!  YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT???  HOW IN THE HECK CAN YOU NOT LIKE GHOST IN THE SHELL???  THAT MOVIE WAS BEYOND AWESOME.  Great action, interesting characters and great statements on the human condition I mean lord it was like shakespere.  SOOOO much better than bebop GAHHHH!!!  As for trigun yes you will be suprized the lightbulbs actually do have a huge part of the plot and I would say the world is fully developled much more than bebop at least. "
I'm not a big fan of the first GitS movie, either.  I liked the second movie better (although the first did have a better ending sequence), but I really love the Stand Alone Complex series.  Probably the best sci-fi TV series of the last decade (you could argue for Battlestar Galactica, but that show had serious quality consistency problems later on, and the writers never really worked out the mythological/sci-fi underpinnings properly).   
If Tom's never seen it, I think both SAC seasons would make for good Watch & Learns.  I'd recommend taking notes or watching each episode twice, though- the main plotlines in the series are some of the most complex I've ever seen attempted in a TV show.
And yeah, Trigun actually does end up having a decent explanation for the desert planet and mixed level of technology.  I wouldn't say the "plants" were all that well explained in the anime, though.  I was never clear on whether they were alien in origin or artificially created, for one thing.
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With what everyone is saying about this series I'm just going to kick back and go along for the ride and not worry about thinking too much. 

I watched about 5 eps of Ghost in the Shell before I stopped. Just was not interesting to me as it felt like the same old sci-fi story. I have a behind-th-scenes video though where some of the people behind the show talk about stuff and that was interesting.
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@Wandering_Idiot Wait, wait, wait.

I hope you're not talking about Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, right?
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