TOKYOPOP Cancels Manga Titles?

Topic started by gia on Jan. 29, 2009. Last post by transgojobot 6 years, 1 month ago.
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This is not good news for TOKYOPOP: Comics Worth Reading reports that sixteen of Tpop's titles-- all released within the last two months –have been cancelled, a very bad sign for recent releases...and some of them big names like ARIA, Initial D, and the .hack//SIGN novel.

I have a call out to TOKYOPOP for confirmation and comment, and I'll let you know if I get any further information out of that.

Post by Void_Wizard (735 posts) See mini bio Level 9
OMG this sucks balls and I just ordered 1-3 of Aria I wondered why 4 was so hard to get d*mn I better go order it quick.
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Not my original insight, but it's been pointed out that releases planned for this time frame predated the December layoffs.  These titles may go MIA, but these cancellations also may reflect new staffing realities/reorganized release schedule and not an end to the series
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Phew! The Fate/Stay Night manga is safe still... I was gonna get pissed as hell if that got pulled after everyone stopped scanlating it because it got licensed.
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Scott: Yeah, I saw your tweet about it...hope I hear back from Tpop soon for more details.
Post by Kiriska (112 posts) See mini bio Level 2
No wonder some people think that TP will be dead by 2010. :\
Post by MorpheusDreamweaver (93 posts) See mini bio Level 1
That's pretty depressing. I'd been enjoying the .hack novels.

Still, if the sales numbers aren't there, it's better to let them go than keep losing money on them.
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How's DJ Milky's "media" arm of T-POP doing these days, when it's not sucking revenue down a black hole?

At this point, if they haven't already, Tokyopop is going to have to take a long, hard look at themselves and decide who they wants to be. If they want to continue publishing, then they're going to have to scale way, WAY back and concentrate solely on titles that are selling; what little there are. Their days of playing with the Big Boys™ are now over (see: ADV). They're going to have to be content with becoming a smaller, boutique publisher, if they want to remain in business.
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