New Tokyopop Source?

Topic started by djsquelch on May 10, 2011. Last post by Godot 3 years, 10 months ago.
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With the demise of the American website and branch office of Tokyopop, not to mention redirects to their poorly updated facebook page, all that is left supposedly would be the Japanese and European branch offices.
I heard that all manga projects would be handled by the European office(s), but I cannot fathom why there would be no website at all. If they are still doing business, shouldn't there still be a website present aside from a dinky fanpage on facebook?
If they are still doing business how does one access their market on local and/or international levels? Is there any official source or does one have to rely on various markets such as Amazon, Ebay, Rightstuff, Anime Castle, and whatnot?
Does anyone have any updated information on this situation?

I think Stu Levy may have had decent ideas about how to get things started, but clearly he needed help to keep things running well and I wish he had taken on a partner or simply passed the torch...
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There is a European Tokyopop website, but it's in German. Stu Levy's twitter seems to suggest that he's in Japan helping out the disaster relief teams, but apart from a load of Japanese 4square check-ins there's little or nothing about the future of the company. It's almost fitting, considering Levy's almost ADHD style of running the company.
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While it is nice to know there is another site out there, it is a shame that it isn't available in a more universal language, such as English. Perhaps other languages will eventually be available.
I was aware the Stu was in Japan assisting in with disaster recovery efforts. I am glad the humanitarian in him has come out at such an opportune time, but I kind of wish it wasn't to the neglect of other projects and ventures.

On a side note, not everyone with ADD/ADHD is a blithering failure and might take offense to potential misunderstandings from such a reference. I am sure you meant nothing unkind toward those suffering from learning disabilities, right?
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@djsquelch: Certainly not. I meant it in reference to his inattentiveness and boredom with the task at hand moments after he had set up something. DVD on demand! America's Greatest Otaku! (strewth). Print on demand!  Layoffs happening throughout all this! If he'd stuck with one of these (apart from the tv show) then it might have made a cool impact on the industry. But no, he had to do all of them.
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