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Listen to our epic, half-hour discussion above or RIGHT HERE, and subscribe to our feed HERE

Hear @richiebranson chat in depth with @tompinchuk and @cravesam about his start in the industry, his growth as a rapper, what shows he’s currently watching and what happens when the world of rap and hip hop collide! EXTRA BONUS: listen as Sam tries to to lay down some raps before Richie!

This is a must listen episode about following your passion, and it's a new way to enter the Vice Pit! We'll be enhancing this new format as we go along, but Tom and Sam are happy to start giving you the podcast-style content you've been demanding. Let us know what you want to hear in the future below!

Be sure to listen to Richie's CHRONO TRIGGER rap above, then go on and check out his site.

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    Tom Pinchuk’s a and personality with a large number of comics, videos and features like this to his . Visit his website - - - - and follow his Twitter: @tompinchuk

    Sam Weller is a and actor who's scribed for shows like FIRST EDITION, GEEK THERAPY, and most recentlyBATGIRL: SPOILED. He also really likes anime. To know what is going to happen next, follow@cravesam

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    That was a nice interview session. Though Richie sounds as if he needs to get some rest and orange juice. Hope he's feeling better now.
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    that song..... Chrono....... (sheds tears)

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    Cool show. I've always wanted an anime podcast to add to my listens but most of the ones I've heard always drive home the point of be careful what you wish for. This one was fun. I like how Sam kept throwing in punchlines every now and then.

    Richie seems interesting. I totally agree with him about working on flow. Rap is different than singing but the one direct parallel is flow and delivery. To make an analogy to singing, a lot of nerdcore rappers (I'd extend it out to too many underground rappers as well) write these clever lyrics, get these nice instrumentals, but then are belting them out like one of the joke auditions on American Idol. The first time I heard one of his songs, I was impressed by the beat but more impressed that he'd actually taken some care into having good delivery.

    Cool show. One tip though would be to close it out better. It kinda just stopped abruptly.

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    Online Now

    Richie, you my man! I haven't play Chrono Trigger, but I want to now!

    Nice advice on the rap. I always thought it was about the power of the words and making them cohesive with the beat. I'm not music guy, but your talk about the "flow" sounds so awesome. You're like the Buddha of rap!

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    Cashamill Anime Boy and Richie Branson need to make a song together!

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