New Manga: Tegami Bachi

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Tegami Bachi is a title that I've never read, but I remember seeing the covers in my local Kinokuniya. The art, suffice it to say, is beautiful, so I cheered when VIZ announced that they'd be releasing it in English, not to mention an anime is in the works. The release date-- September 1st --is very nearly upon us now, so I thought I'd give you guys a heads-up so you can decide if it's something you want to pick up.

  • Title: Tegami Bachi
  • Translated Title: Letter Bee
  • Creator: Hiroyuki Asada
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Anthology: Jump Square (shounen)
  • Licensor: VIZ Media
  • Genre: Fantasy


AmberGround is a fantasy world set in endless night. Lag is a young delivery boy, or "letter bee," delivering packages around AmberGround along with his trusty gun, his partner Niche, and her pet Steak. Lag is on two separate journeys: one to find his kidnapped mother, and one to become a great Letter Bee like his idole Gauche Suede. Gauche "delivered" Lag when he was little and inspired the boy to become a Letter Bee.

The series is clearly heavy on visual style-- not unlike Death Note --so let's take a look-see. A couple of these shots are from the TV anime or OVA episode that came out a while back.
I think it looks beautiful and I'm looking forward to picking up my copy. How about you?
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I'll have to read some before I know whether i'm interested or not. Most likely scenario: I read some of it and like it, but since it's running in American Shonen Jump it won't be released in a timely order, so i'll simply wait for a few years then pick up a bunch of the manga at once. That's what I did for Shaman King.
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looks good and I am interested in it. so if I see it at my local book store I will give it a read and if I like it I will buy it.
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