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Hey everyone, welcome to the Sword Art Online weekly report! This is the first one, but I'll cover episodes 3-5 to make up for the discussion thread.


Episode 3: Red-Nosed Reindeer

Kirito has finally joined a guild, Black Cats of the Full Moon, where he trains Sachi who is not confident about herself. After getting a house for themselves, things look great. However, Kirito loses everything on that tragic day that changes his life.

Episode 4: The Black Swordsman

Silica is a young dragon tamer with her pet Pina. She gets attacked by some monsters after she quits Rosalia's guild. With the death of Pina, Kirito helps Silica revive her pet, but someone is following the two from the shadows.

Episode 5: A Crime Within City Walls or A Murder Case in the Area

After Asuna and Kirito get some quality time, they find a player killed in a safe zone, and when they interviewed Yoruka, they learn about the tragic break up of the Golden Apple guild and the mysterious death of its leader, Griselda. However, things are not what they seemed in this murder case.


Beware of spoilers!

It's interesting that the recent episodes each have a female character of interest.


  • Episode 3 is a complement to episode 4 where you have a tragic story where Sachi dies and Kirito blames himself for the death of guild. This makes Kirito unable to join any guilds especially Klein's. In episode 4, Kirito helps Silica who reminds him of his little sister, and he has improved himself. Yet, Kirito is not confident enough to form a stable partnership with Silica.
  • Episode 5 is a refreshing change from the constant survival and escapist themes of this series. We got a murder case that involves a break up of a guild and a possible revenge motive from Griselda's husband, Grimlock.
  • For fans who liked Asuna and Kirito's relationship, episode 5 is good.


  • Episode 3 may or may not have the emotional trauma for everyone. Some of you will be sad while some of you may not feel a thing when Sachi dies. I didn't feel enough sorrow after watching a 2nd time. I do agree with folks that Sachi needs to sing the lyrics for a greater enhanced mood.
  • Fan Service: In my opinion, it's a double edged sword because it can be good and it can be bad. Episode 4 did a good job, but episode 5 did not. It's up to you if you like these elements. I feel episode 4 is funny since there a lot of tentacles that harassed Silica, and the fan service in episode 5 ruins the serious moments. It all depend on you folks if you love fan service or not.

Overall, Sword Art Online is a good anime series for those who liked the MMORG mixed with some action and sense of survival where you can only escape by beating the game.


Thanks everyone for reading this report. Please support the franchise. As the solo wiki editor, I welcome any help to the wiki pages. Daniel and Sonata help me out with cool, official art. Buhssuht helps me out with franchise page. I thank everyone for lending a hand, and I love to work with others.

Wiki Progress: Created new pages - Yoruka, Griselda, Grimrock, Kains, Golden Apple, Holy Dragon Alliance, Knights of the Blood Oath

Every episode's plot summary has been finished up to episode 5.

Note: I did have a discussion thread on the anime series, but it needed two people or more to keep the discussion going. That's the flaw with discussion threads, but I'm love to share comments with everyone during the discussion. I chose to do the weekly report to keep promoting the wiki work and the franchise in hopes of getting more people to try it out and help on the wiki pages.

I'll be happy to continue the discussion thread if we get more people.

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Oh, you missed this one
Oh, you missed this one

So... you have a fetish for tentacle scenes than booty scenes? You're a sick dude. I don't really feel sympathy for the deaths of these one shot characters. I admit Sachi had some personality, but she is just a gloomy girl with suicidal tendencies. Don't know why folks like her or feel bad for her.

So far, Ep. 1 and 4 are my favorite episodes.

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I wasn't thinking clearly when I was making this blog. Nonetheless, it was a funny mistake.

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Thanks for the cool Asuna Transparent PNG.

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@takashichea: Welcome , I may have to sit and try this anime out :)
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Oh, that's awesome. I like how you have her smile. I find it weird that I prefer default images of female anime characters smile.

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