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I did the review for Street Fighter HD this week, and it’s safe to say that I freakin’ love this game. It’s gorgeous, sounds great and, well, it’s hella Street Fighter. The refinements are impressive, the slick online multiplayer still has me hooked (intruding on time I should be spending with other games), and the fights feel so, so, good.

People have been complaining about the $15 price tag, which I deliberately avoided mentioning in the review. The deluge of “expensive” games on Arcade and PSN have been getting a lot of unecessary flack lately, but I think that Braid, Castle Crashers, Penny Arcade and Street Fighter are all totally worth your money. Fifteen bones seems like a lot to ask, but I think that console gamers aren’t accustomed to spending that much on something that isn’t off of a retail shelf. Steam offers similarly priced games of comparable quality and I’m suckered in to them every time. And I love it.

It’s only $15. I make more than that in an hour at work, and if I can get a great game like Street Fighter or Castle Crashers for an hour of work, and then suck HOURS of fun out of it with my friends, that’s a steal. Even Braid, which was short and single-player-only, was worth the cash. In fact, I played it twice. I played it for review at Nukoda, and then again because I enjoyed the puzzles and art so much. I’ll never play Braid again, ever, but I absolutely got my money’s worth from Jon Blow’s mini-masterpiece, and I’d happily pay 20 or 30 for whatever he makes next, regardless of length. If your getting a game with lots of fun, a great look, or just general high quality, isn’t that enough to warrant a purchase? You could be playing and having a ball instead of moaning and complaining on forums and blogs about how you’re going to “vote with your dollars” and refuse to support such an outrageous release.

But the rest of us will be happily punching jaws and cutting cutesty knights with a little hole in our wallets, and a big batch of awesome on our hard drive.

Please play Street Fighter. I’ll play with you, if you want, but this is such an excellent remake that I am CRAVING more from Capcom. Bionic Commando is probably my favorite arcade game of the year that doesn’t have “HD Remix” in the title. Even 1942, as hand-hurting as it was, still entertained and impressed me. Capcom is on the right track and I’m dying for more. Vote with your dollars and donate cash in exchange for excellence.

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I used to play so much Street Fighter 2 with my friends in the 90s. I might have to pick this up as soon as I can find those PSN online cards somewhere...

I think the $15 is justified by its timeless game play and online modes (which has been patched by now I assume?).

I like where Capcom is going as well.
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Online ran basically perfect for me on both 360 and PSN. I adore this game so god damn much that it's killing me not to be playing it. I work at home during the day so it's always available. KILLING ME not to have it on at ALL TIMES. Timeless, indeed, good sir. I can't get enough, nor will I ever.

At least until SFIV.
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Im loving Streetfighter HD Remix on the 360 right now, the d pads a bit stiff but they have definetly programmed the game so well that this really isnt that much of an issue.  If it had been id have gone for the PS3 version, i was so skeptical that it would work so well but i am pleased to be proven wrong this time.
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Capcom's epic win, but I mean, worth it or not no one can say they like paying $15 for a downloadable game.
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Neku said:
"Capcom's epic win, but I mean, worth it or not no one can say they like paying $15 for a downloadable game."
True Statement =[
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