Almost Otaku: What Video Games Are DYING to be Anime?

Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 15, 2010. Last post by doublezeroduck 4 years, 2 months ago.
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  We're going to make you look pretty, Marcus!
 We're going to make you look pretty, Marcus!

fullmetalgeass What video game/ movie/ whatever franchise do you think REALLY needs to get adapted into an anime?

We did something about what movies should become anime a while back, so I’ll focus on the vidya games, here. Right off the bat, there should definitely be a GEARS OF WAR game, as it’ll finally broker a truce between the camps who want manly men or pretty boys as their heroes. It would be absolutely grin-inducing, gut-busting hilarious to see a thin, androgynous Marcus Fenix with highlights in his sole patch. Kidding, kidding… nobody freak out.

I also ought to mention, again, how thoroughly I dislike ADVENT CHILDREN. Good lord... 
Back on topic... this is kind of tough question. There’ve been so many adaptations already. Even just recently we got DEVIL MAY CRY and that HALO LEGENDS DTV project. I have strong memories of watching the STREET FIGHTER and FATAL FURY animes on VHS when I was a kid, and those might be examples games maybe not having enough story or context to make for an interesting toon. I think the issue a lot of times is... of how compelling is the story, in itself, and how much of it just works in the context of the game mileau? For instance, I love the BROTHERS IN ARMS games, but that’s because they’re interactive. An anime based on them wouldn’t be that special. It'd just be a BAND OF BROTHERS take-off.

Alright, alright, alright… enough beating around the bush. Here’s a quick list…

DEUS EX - - coincidentally my favorite video game of all-tiime. Its conspiracy-filled world is so complex that it’s just begging to be minned. And since the entries are so few-and-far-between (we’re only just now getting a third game) I really feel like the surface has only just been scratched. Plus, I'm pretty sure GHOST IN THE SHELL fans are going to dig this... a lot.



METAL GEAR SOLID - - with 40 minute long cut scenes, Konami obviously wants to make this an anime. They should just go ahead with it and make it official.





CAPTAIN COMMANDO - - an odd choice, perhaps, but the arcade beat ‘em up made a HUGE impression on me as kid. I think the MARVEL VS. CAPCOM games have shown everybody how fun CC and his posse are. I could easily see a toon with all the ridiculous set pieces and wild,manic, contradictory sci-fi and fantasy ideas colliding in one place. C'mon... you've got a baby piloting a mecha suit! That's an anime in itself. 


MARVEL VS. CAPCOM - - this is kind of no-brainer. Both companies have had anime adaptations (or they’ve got ones in the works) so why not combine the two? It'd finally put my loves of comics, anime and video games together in one tidy place. And just look at the cinematics for game #3! They’re just begging for a full length feature in that style.


GOD OF WAR - - Another favorite of mine. It’d be great to see an anime getting a little more into the story of Kratos, now that he’s, you know, wiped out all the Olympians. As I said with GOW3, they totally need to do more adventures where he puts the hurt on all the other pantheons of the world. Easy choices are the Norse and the Egyptians'. This might a fun way for Kratos to take on the weirder or less well-known mytholgoies like the Maya’s while delving a little deeper into the psyche of this rage-embodying warrior. 

This is fun! Let's keep going. Give me your picks, Anime Vice lunatics!

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Would not have thought of Marvel Vs Capcom but I have to agree with it when I think it over ^^
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There aren't many video games that have anime potential that HAVEN'T been adopted into anime
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Why isn't Phoenix Wright / Gyakuten Saiban  an anime yet? This perplexes me!
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To those who don't know, SRW is when you get every mecha anime ever and do a Smash Bros game with plot. Shinji Ikari hangs out with Kamina. Sousuke Sagara inadvetently steals Lelouch Lamperouge's women. SHINING FINGER VERSUS GIGA DRILL BREAKER.
Best Anime Ever, right there.
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when i saw the last trailer for Deus Ex, human revolution, my very first thought was Ghost in the Shell.
i'd be interesting to see a Mass Effect anime, not starring shepard, but maybe exploring some of the different characters pasts (and by different characters, i mean Wrex)
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@SamJaz said:
" SUPER ROBOT WARS.  To those who don't know, SRW is when you get every mecha anime ever and do a Smash Bros game with plot. Shinji Ikari hangs out with Kamina. Sousuke Sagara inadvetently steals Lelouch Lamperouge's women. SHINING FINGER VERSUS GIGA DRILL BREAKER.  Best Anime Ever, right there. "
And lest we forget:


And its temporary pilot
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Hmm...would love to see GOW III or Deus Ex be a anime series. If done right, Gears of War would also make a great anime show that I would love to watch. 
Also, if I had my way, I would love to see the DreamCast game Jet Grind Radio become a decent anime.
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Two words: GUILTY GEAR!! Just don't make Sol and Ky's voices as grating to the ears like what was done in the promotional anime trailer for the Guilty Gear X video game!

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Case Closed pretty much has that genre on lock down. It would be nice to see if an anime can handle court cases though.
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Dead Rising.
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Some these on the list would be cool. Gears of War, Deus Ex, and God of War would be my picks. The thing is, though, that these games are dark and therefore require dark themes and animation. For Deus Ex I would suggest animation along the lines of that used for Ergo Proxy. But in general I think some major CG work would be needed to give the games at least a good stylistic nod. 

I have an odd suggestion for a game-to-anime, however, and that is WET. The game is basically Kill Bill.

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@SamJaz said:


Your prayers have been answered already. Somewhat.
As for the topic itself, I would pay to see BlazBlue or Guilty Gear in anime form, though I have a feeling they are already 3/4 of the way there. As for MGS4, I think that's a close runner-up, as if Kojima removed all the gameplay parts from that game, he'd probably find himself with a 25-hour long movie, or 50 episode series.
Also, for those keeping score at home, Valkyria Chronicles was a recent popular game that got turned into an anime.
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@Kelleth said:
And lest we forget:

Am I allowed to swear in these forums? Because I really want to swear to show how awesome this is.
@DocHaus: Yeah, but not as a full series with all the modern mecha anime. Of course, we'd never get it over here because of licensing, which I completely understand, but still a shame.

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I watched pretty much all of the Street Fighter and King of Fighters stuff and most of it is lame as hell.  They need to give those franchises another go and give them the treatment they deserve.  Other than that they should make one based Mortal Kombat.  America had too many chances with multimedia MK and all they had to show for it was one decent movie.   With stuff like Halo and Dante's Inferno getting animated features, it seems like more American game companies will give Anime an honest shot.  I hope this trend continues so we can see some more characters get brought to life so to speak.
Compared to most other mediums anime probably has a better overall level of quality for these franchises.  I've seen stuff like Night Warriors which  has some of the most detailed and referential fight sequences that set the bar a little higher for fighting game stuff.  Very rarely does a show end up better than the source material.  GUNGRAVE is one such example that is surprisingly entertaining despite being based on a substandard game.  Other times it can get just plain ugly with shows like Power Stone and Final Fantasy Unlimited which are probably the worst adaptations I've seen.
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I think Jak and Daxter saga would make for a good anime.
Good call on Metal Gear. Some of those cut scenes are insane. I don't know about God of War. They did make an anime-esque movie of Dante's Inferno (a God of War rip-off). This would probably be just a gory bloodbath with little story. God of War is best told as a game. Part of the appeal is that you are in the heroes sandals. I think that story wouldn't be nearly as interesting if just watched.
I'd be more interested in seeing them go back and remaster God of War I & II with the same quality in graphics as God of War III, and add in more Aphrodite. If you played God of War III, you know what I'm getting at.
On a side note. My far less than brilliant uncle called me one day to ask me something idiotic. (Trust me, if you know him. You'd understand) He asked what I was doing, and I told him I was playing the game Dante's Inferno. This is what he actually said, "Oh, how many levels does that that?". =/
My response, "It's DANTE'S INFERNO.". At that moment, I was feeling as if I was in a divine comedy. lol
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@Mezmero:  I agree about Gungrave. Pretty good anime based off a pretty mediocre video game. Maybe that is the key! Maybe we need to be making anime out of CRAPPY video games!  LOL
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I don't believe that a Mass Effect anime is out of the question.  Since BioWare is already making a Dragon Age Origins anime for their other big franchise, I could see that idea also being applied to the ME universe.  I don't know if there are lingering rights issues considering Microsoft's publication deal for the first game, and the changes that occurred when the studio became part of EA games, but if those aren't a concern and if whatever movie deals don't also include animation rights, then I could see it happening in the next two years easily.
I'm kind of surprised no one mentioned the obvious yet.  Bayonetta!  Since they turned Devil May Cry into an anime, I can't fathom why they also wouldn't try to continue that genre crossover and bring everyone's favorite lollypop sucking, sexy librarian, clad in hair witch to DVDs and late night TV stations (cause there would have to be lots of ecchi). 
Moving away for the exploitive fanservice heavy stuff, it seems to me like Professor Layton would make for an interesting anime on the order of Detective Conan.   
Finally, I wish Altus had made a real Shin Megami Tensei: Persona anime that directly involved the characters from the games, rather than the SMT: Persona Trinity Soul anime.  I think this franchise needs a second chance as an anime.  More Aigis and Chie, please! 
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A Deus Ex anime would be the best thing EVAR!  And, also "conincidentally" DX is my favorite game of all time as well!  You are also right about it being a favorite amongst GITS fans, cuz, yo, check the avatar!  =D
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