Team Prep Gods vs Pre-Skip Naruto Verse

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Ok, first of all read the whole OP to get an idea what this is about as i know how it sounds. I already done this on a different site a few years ago and wondered what the thoughts on it would be here.

Dr. Doom, Reed, Richards, Thanos, Batman and Tony Stark team up and take on Part 1 Naruto verse.

They will work together and they will get 10 years of prep alongside full knowledge on the Narutoverse and every character in it. But wait, before you go down there to say how much of a stomp this is.

For the 10 years of prep they will be closed in a a dimension void of anything, it's pretty much white endless space. They are also all naked have have no kind of material there. To prevent obvious stop through powers, they are degraded to peak human stats and lose supernatural powers they have. For this match they only have their intelect.

So, after the 10 years they are dropped into Narutoverse. The verse is hunting them down but won't gang up on them the second they come there, they don't know where the five are.

I know it's very strange and nonsensical but i made it for a specific reason.

So what do you think, how will the outcome look like?

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