Video Review: Spice & Wolf Season Two

Topic started by PerryVandell on Sept. 2, 2011. Last post by tacosRcool 3 years, 6 months ago.
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Interesting review. I found that Spice and Wolf was boring from the start. I think I watched the first few episodes, and really didn't like it. I was also iffy on the whole furry stuff.
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Sounds awful but very funny review.

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I will admit that Spice and Wolf can be a bit of a cock tease, but I love the show regardless of that. The banter is good and one of these days, they'll bang. Just you wait.

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Too bad you didn't enjoy it, I loved the atmosphere, the economy stuff, Holo, Holo, Holo and Holo!
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@Cloudenvy: Lawrence is pretty cool too.

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Well that kinda sucks that you didn't like it. I really did like the relationship between the two characters and the old school economy.
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I never watched this beyond the first few episodes, either. I just didn't find the premise interesting and the wolf-lady was just annoying. I even thought about giving it another go recently, since it has received a pretty positive response all around - but there just isn't enough there to keep my interest.

Thanks for the review Tom, was rather amusing!

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Just another anime soap opera with nothing really to say except to take up your time?
Great stuff.
Man Tom I really don't envy your position, you sound like you were just gritting your teeth and cringing the whole time through this thing.
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Considering its snoozer premise, you'd be surprised at how popular this thing is. 
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I watched it for about 3-4 episodes and just couldn't do it. I was bored to tears the entire show. For once I agree with Tom.
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have watched oh i say half of the first season so far and really need to come back to it sometime
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Season 1 is the same thing as season 2. So if you didn't like season 2 then you won't like season 1. That's too bad Tom as I thought you might enjoy this series.
I never felt like this was a furry thing. More along the line of just sticking to a human companioning with a deity. Thanks for answering my question, by the way. I felt a bit bored from time to time watching the show since everything progressed slowly but I enjoyed the simplicity of it all. I need to get around to purchasing this series.
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In that case, Tom, you'll probably want to avoid Ah! My Goddess for the same reasons that you didn't like Spice & Wolf.

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Third wheel?... Don't admit it they like each other?... rolling eyes? Nope, never happened! -__-

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While I don't agree with this review, I must say you have a way with words. Kinda helped put this show in a new light for me. Thanks!

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I found Spice and Wolf to be a very interesting and witty anime. I like it very much and to me it is better than many of the anime out there. Tell you something, I didn't like your review.

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