Speed Racer Nominated for Worst Picture Razzie

Topic started by gia on Jan. 6, 2009. Last post by Sharp 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Speed Racer Movie
Speed Racer Movie
Seriously? Seriously? In a year that saw Fool's Gold, Made of Honor, and-- God help me –You Don't Mess With The ZohanSpeed Racer was nominated worst picture and NONE of those other three? And no Twilight?!

That's it, world. Consider the glove thrown. I'd have forgiven you, even applauded you, if you'd preemptively nominated Dragon Ball Evolution, but Speed Racer was at the very very least pretty to look at. And if you weren't an idiotic critic who didn't even consider looking into what the original Speed Racer actually WAS, it was a pretty damn fun movie, too.

And yet you had to go and nominate it for “Worst Prequel, Sequel, Remake or Rip-Off,” too. This means war, mainstream audiences. This...means war.

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Havent seen Speed Racer yet, but yeah, I would definitely say there are worse movies out there.
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Dude! That's stupid! I really liked that movie! :(
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I just think sometimes that the internet is moving so fast that its creating a rift between "mainstream" culture (which includes the casual myspacers and hollywood) and internet culture; with the former lagging waaaaaay behind. This is prime example of this.
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Those morons :P
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I object. Speed Racer was a fun and enjoyable movie. I liked it.

I am kind of worried that Kira is up for worst actor. Someone may have a mysterious heart attack over that.
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It seemed when it came out, it was "cool" to hate on it.  I gave it 4 out of 5 when I reviewed it.
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mainstream audiences, what do they know.
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Twilight is the worst everything.
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I'm right with you.  I like the Speed Racer movie.  I hope this dosen't make hollywood not want to make anime live action movies anymore. 
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It should be noted that that list is from the NOMINATING ballot - you can tell because the categories each have 12 or so candidates. The actual short list of nominees will be announced on January 23 so save your collective rage until then.

I don't suspect Speed Racer will win (or lose?) for worst picture or for worst remake (The Women has a better chance). Then again I have yet to see the film (I might watch it when it comes on digital cable) or frankly most of the others on that ballot. I did manage to see Indy 4, X-Files: I Want to Believe, and The Happening - I found the first two to be okay and the last one laughable in terms of plot and Mark Wahlberg's acting but good enough to check out if you like stepping through SFX moments frame-by-frame (something my dad, my brother and I like to do).
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you have got to be fucking kidding me. I had a blast watching speed racer and i lost count of the amount of shit movies i had to sit through with my girlfriend in 2008. i too had to sit through the awful Made of Honor , that piece of shit was torture to sit through
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ComradeCrash said:
"Dude! That's stupid! I really liked that movie! :("
Agreed, or the other candidates are specially picked to be better
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It was a good movie. But still you are right those other films were horrible. I really think the movie critics are starting to turn into rednecks.
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apparently the crowd who do the razzies have a tendency to ignore all the stupid comedies and rom-coms that make us want to poke our eyes out, and they deliberately target the big budget flops. i just hope Speed Racer does not make the final list as it will be a grave injustice
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WHAT ... the FUCK?
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FUCK the academy. I didn't even like Speed Racer, and to some degree I didn't think it was a very good movie (hey, I'm being honest).


At the same time, there was soooooooo much much much worse shit that came out this year... "You don't mess with the Zohan" wasn't amazing but I wouldn't consider it worst. "The Love Guru" was by far the worst piece of shit of a movie that I've seen that came out last year, right up there next to "Fool's Gold".

And now you know, the rest, of the story.
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I never got to see it but the tralior looked soo good.
heck that was the frist anime i saw when I was growing up next to sailor moon.
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According to Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann, Speed Racer, watching it on an airplane with no sound, with Japanese subtitles, slipping in and out of consciousness, it's his 2008 Movie of the year.
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