Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 69 - Poop's in Heaven & Student Council Ad

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Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! I'm Taka, and I see my partner is submitting the Quick Picks in the activity feed. I have to post this before BigHeart711 does as an empty blog then edit it. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's a pride thing. I want people to see BigHeart711's blog on the top.

Bossun struggles to get to the restroom to finish his business, but someone or something keeps getting in his way as he tries to find a toilet. Can Bossun fulfill his "duty" before he embarrasses himself?

When Shinba and Sojiro are going to graduate, their postions are up for grabs, and the student council are going to do a manga ad. Sasuke asks Bossun for help since he has no artistic skills. Will Bossun and the gang make an awesome manga ad using Tsubaki's lame hero?


Beware of spoilers!


Bossun flashes his neighbor
Bossun flashes his neighbor
  • Sket Dance's first story involves a lot of crude humor. It's based on fans' preferences if they enjoyed this Gintama style humor. I'm a bit wishy washy. There were good moments, and some were just plain nasty. The best part is where Bossun flashes his neighbor by accident. What was your favorite moment in this bizarre story?
  • It's another manga quest, and I love it since it has the same Roman's randomness but with a Bossun twist. It's funny that everyone relies on Bossun's artistic skills. There are so many bad artists in this show.
  • It was tough to do a stitched cap for Bossun. The lighting is strange. This is best I can do.


Sasuke approves!
Sasuke approves!
  • Since I don't have any bad stuff to report and I'm a damn softie, I'll cover some bizarre moments.
  • Sasuke has some crazy ideas for his hero. It looks like an Alien.
  • They showed Bossun's intestines. It's a bit too much.
  • Finally, Sasuke goes from cat to dog.

Overall, this episode is very funny and enjoyable if you can tolerate the potty jokes. The second half is reminiscent to Roman's wacky manga adventures.


Thank you for reading this weekly report and please support the Sket Dance franchise and wiki editors.

All I can did is finished Ep. 69's wiki page.

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