Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 65 - Saaya's Overprotective Bro, Sojiro

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Welcome to weekly Sket Dance report! I couldn't fit the full name of the episode, He's Interested in the Sister and the Brother's Interested in Him. If you guys and gals have a suggestion for the title of this report, feel free to drop a comment. I'm not that creative with titles.


When Shinba Michiru mentions that Saaya and Sasuke are close, Sojiro thinks they are a couple. He decides to investigate to protect his little sister, and Saaya thinks Sojiro knows about her crush on Bossun.

Will Sojiro find out about Saaya's crush?!



The two Tsundere meet each other
The two Tsundere meet each other
  • Ah! It's another hilarious episode that revolves around misunderstandings and romance. I love how this episode show more of Saaya and Sojiro's relationship. For the first time, Sojiro is the funny guy in the show.
  • It's Tsundere day when Saaya and Tsubaki get acquainted with each other. Saaya is very curious about how Tsubaki is getting along with Bossun. I find their interaction interesting and how the two blush a lot.
  • To add to the hysteria in this episode, Tsubaki is oblivious to what's going on between Sojiro, Saaya, and Bossun.


Show me the parents!
Show me the parents!
  • I wished they show Saaya and Sojiro's parents. I wonder if Saaya's mom looks like Saaya and vice versa for Sojiro's dad. That was pretty much it.

Points of Interest

Mario Kart Reference
Mario Kart Reference
  • Kudos to the guys and gals who caught the Mario Kart reference. I caught it on the second time when I doing wiki work for AV.
  • Strangely enough, Sojiro didn't go "Ka, Ka, Ka!"

Overall, this episode is great and it's not a request based episode. It's a refreshing change while it introduces more of Sojiro and Saaya's relationship. I bet you guys and gals would love the episode if you're a Sojiro fan.


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