Slice of Vice: Final Cosplay Edition

Topic started by gia on March 31, 2009. Last post by RedRoses 6 years ago.
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Sorry about the relative lack of videos last week, but I'm back on track now, never fear! That said, this is the final cosplay video for this project-- but don't worry, we'll be checking back in with Arika throughout the year!


Whew, that was a lot of work. Here's the final cost tally, too:

  • Wig - $42
  • Fabric and thread - $25
  • Shorts - $15
  • Stockings - $5
  • Double-sided Tape - $10
  • Heart Necklace - $5
  • Boots - $40

TOTAL: $142

...That said, I could have gone a lot cheaper on the wig and boots; I probably could have kept it under $100 if I'd been less in a rush.

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Having a Cosplay costume that you are so proud to wear...Priceless:)
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True enough, Sonata. True enough. :) Still, I wanted to point out that this would be a pretty easy costume for someone with limited means (but access to a sewing machine or someone who knew how to use one). :)
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Oh man I hate when I spray paint something and the newspaper flies up like that! I always add the little acrylic paint bottles in the corners of newspapers whenever I do spray paint so it doesn't fly into the project.

Hmm... I hate tallying up how much cosplays cost. I know mine is well above the $100 range for Yoko because of her wigs and boots... >_> I keep all receipts though so maybe I'll add them up at the end of my own project and then cry just a little. Without shipping, my wigs are roughly $70 and my boots are roughly $40... >_> Thankfully, fabric wasn't expensive for her clothes...

Instead of double-sided tape, you should buy fashion tape. It holds up better for the duration of a convention day. Normal double-sided tape can come off because of sweat and other stuff.
Personally, I'd recommend Hollywood Fashion Tape. I've seen them sold at JoAnn's.
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