Breast-Feeding Manga Gets Anime

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Champion RED's manga Seikon no Qwaser, written by Hiroyuki Yoshino (scripter of Mai-HiME, Code Geass, Gundam SEED, Kuroshitsuji, and others) and drawn by Kenetsu Satou, is reportedly being developed into a TV anime.

...Which should be veeeeeery interesting, considering the plot. See, it takes place at an Eastern Orthodox school called Saint Mihailov Academy, where a war breaks out between the Church and a sect of unique people who have remarkable powers. This sect is known as the “Adepts,” and I gather that the sect that fights them is the “Qwaser” group.

Now, the Qwasers are interesting: while they don't gain their powers the same way as, say, the characters in Fate/Stay Night, there is a unique power-transmission technique: breast-feeding. Not only that, but something about the way the suckle from their, ahem, wet-nurses? results in said women feeling immense pleasure.

And this is going on TV. Should be interesting to see how it gets handled, don'tcha think?
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Sounds very interesting...
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How do people come up with this stuff lol
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Only in japan do they come up with plot lines such as this. It should be turned into a hentai instead lol
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Wait, what?
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Japan, it never fail.
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when you say TV anime, you mean OVA hentai, right?
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I've seen scanlations of the manga before. My impression was that it was an...interesting variation of Full Metal Alchemist. The Qwasers are kinda like the Alchemists, except the Qwasers get power from sucking breasts instead of drawing a circle on the ground and can somehow manipulate the very electrons themselves to their will instead of needing the physical elements all the time. There's a teensy bit more hard science involved (one of the "Qwasers" is stuck with mastery of Roentgenium, a synthetic element that's been created successfully about three times in a lab so far. Compared to the hero who can manipulate Iron or a villain who can control Oxygen, that makes him kinda useless). There's also some plot about the Russian Orthodox church, but who cares about that stuff when you can see some nice softcore action?

On a semi-related note, I'm starting to think that certain kinds of anime and manga have snapped my moral compass in half. Damn you Japan! Daaaamn Yooooouuuu!

*shakes fist*
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Freud would be all over this...
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...o_o... WTF!?
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What the ........?!
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