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Saint Seiya, Vol 13
Saint Seiya, Vol 13

So it isn’t LITERALLY a crossover between CLASH OF THE TITANS and SAINT SEIYA but, c’mon, grant me a little creative license here.  I suppose if there were ever a crossover between a big Hollywood blockbuster and an anime/manga series, it would make a lot chunk of sense for these two storylines to meet head on, wouldn’t it?  They’re both loose takes on Greek mythology and have their characters battling the whole Olympian pantheon, don’t they? Why, we could take it a step further and throw GOD OF WAR into the mix. Could you imagine Perseus, Kratos and the Saints teaming up to put the hurt on all the gods in Mount Olympus?

All that preamble’s a colorful musing over this fact; SAINT SEIYA’S creator, Masami Kurumada, will draw CLASH OF THE TITANS’ Japanese poster. Given that the series is a hit in Louis Leterrier’s homeland of France and that Leterrier, himself, is a huge fan himself, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he pushed for this himself.  The poster hasn’t been revealed (or likely even been finished, yet) but I’m eager to see how Kurumada interprets the subject matter. This will be an exciting cross-cultural exchange.

Let’s run with the musing, why don’t we, oh criss-crossing Anime Vice community? In your fantasy, what crossovers would you like to see between American flicks and mangas/anime? Would you want to see 8-MAN fight ROBOCOP? How about G-FORCE vs. STAR WARS? Or TERMINATOR meets EVANGELION? The possibilities are endless.  Let's explore them.

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That is awesome and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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I perrty much love anyting  Saint Seiya. 
And yes saint seiya seems to be really big in japan 
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But even so , the saints would have more possibilities against giant monsters, in episode G Airoros of Sagitary kills Echidna the mad Titan and Anubis (And yes the sign of MVP of Ragnarok Online apperead on him)
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