Would You Watch a Sailor Moon Re-Dub?

Topic started by gia on June 22, 2009. Last post by Rexic 4 years, 7 months ago.
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Our next survey which will be up soon will address the kinds of releases that you'd like to see,  but you're welcome to vote and leave your opinions!
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I dont want a re dub. The series was successful regardless no matter how many cuts, changes and the other such things that were done. People still remember the series, and would rather keep the memories alive than to do a redub.

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I would if they put what the real deal between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus in this dub verison and not try to hide it.
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@gia said:
Sailor Moon
was my gateway anime-- not my first, but the one that got me looking at what anime was and how I could get more of it. Without it, I would not be here. I would probably be...well, frankly, I can't even begin to speculate.

Back in May, FUNimation launched another survey for their blog about what people would be interested in seeing them take on, and one of the options listed in the survey was a “Re-dub of entire Sailormoon series” [sic].

I just noticed that a Sailor Moon news blog (yes, there are still a couple) called Moon Chase has launched a campaign to push FUNimation to move forward with the idea, and has established a reader survey to see who would suit the fresh dub roles, particulary voice actors FUNimation generally works with.

I'm not taking part in the survey; to be perfectly honest, I doubt I would spend money on a new Sailor Moon release personally. But I'm curious: how many of you Vice readers would be interested in a new take on Sailor Moon?

You know what would be really cool? You know how they're doing Dragon Ball Kai, rerecording the audio and cutting out all of the filler stuff? I'd love to see a version of Sailor Moon done like that. Sailor Moon Kai. Go for it, Toei! "
I went through that hell in the 90's please don't make live threw it again; the only reason I watched that show is because I thought  the guy in  the tuxedo was cool and was waiting for him to do something uber...it never happened. Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wouldn't watch it. I would watch a full remake though, with new animation, soundtrack and whatever else they could add to make it better.
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If they remastered everything and dubbed the last season that they never got to, I would, probably for sentimental reasons and you kno every once in a while watch it, but of course i would love for ACCURACY in the dub but yea i prob would, tho it wudnt b like top priority like i wudnt pay my phone for it but eventually i would get it :)
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Hell yes I would watch it...me and my friends have been avid watchers of the show back in the day
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I would most definitely be interested in anything they have on their minds as far as this series goes. I agree with a lot of what sexytron is talking about, when ADV released their box sets of the first 2 seasons it was in extremely poor quality. I previewed an episode through youtube and I would never pay money for them especially now that they're rare OOP and sell for twice the original price.  Mono sound? Really? and to make it even better, since the old dubs were so chopped up (not that they don't hold a special place in my heart as they WERE my intro to anime, but they were just... x.x) and would never fit the video for the original uncut version, instead of creating newer more accurate dubs they took the cheap way out, leaving the subtitles on the boxsets by themselves, and released a companion set of just the old choppy dubs. Now, as much as I know I would love for Funimation to pull all the stops and just go overkill with it; special editions, a Re-release of old dubs, a more precise dub with the subs, Bluray (..which I don't even think Japan has o_O) etc; I would honestly be happy with a remastering of the series (even with NO new dub)  to R2 DVD quality because I know the fandom is not what it once was. I don't want to have to pay $50 for imported DVDs that have NO subs just to have the quality that I want and then not be able to understand  it. I'm not alone. Anyone can hop on ebay or amazon and see that. I know there's still enough of an audience that a remastered version would still be profitable.  I think just the fact that the stars were never released here would be enough incentive for a lot of people to start buying just to replace their bootlegs :0
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I would DEFINETELY watch it.I would be happy if it was justr a redub,but what would be awesome would if if they remade it like DBZ Kai.stil all the original 200 episodes,but drawn with todays level of animation.also,I think Vic Mignogna would be a awesome Tuxedo Mask.^^
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would watch a remake but not  dubbed
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@SEXYTRON: I agree with you.I would love a redub as well as a remake,like brotherhood did.by manga collection do you mean like the Vizbig editions for inuyasha,DB,DBZ and RuroKen?those have 3 volumes combined into one.or do you mean just some huge book with all 18 volume pages in one book>
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