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This is my first game like this, so be gentle. (constructive criticism is appreciated)

Cyoa #1

Zombie survival game-

You are a field agent in “The Unconventional Threat Response Team” an organization formed to protect humanity against the growing amount of “Anomalous events” that are occurring in the world. Recently, Dr.chiyo- a leading name in the field of cancer research, has mysteriously disappeared, and the town which she resided in went dark. Scouts who were sent to investigate the area have reported confrontations with fast-moving and aggressive zombie like creatures, along with several “Distinct” creatures who appear to be leading them.

Your current assignment is to find and retrieve either Doctor Chiyo or her research, which are the most likely origin for these creatures.

In order to fulfill your mission, you have been given an allotment of points, along with a list of possible teammates and equipment that you can requisition in order to accomplish your goal.

Good Luck soldier.

Starting point total: 20

Dossiers on possible teammates:

*Each Teammate costs 4 points to recruit to your mission, and comes with standard equipment*

1. Afro The Samurai - Master Swordsman, Greatly enhanced physical attributes, is currently helping our organization in exchange for help locating a “lost headband”

2. MIkasa Ackerman - Master of the “3D maneuver Gear”, She’s on lend from the Scouting legion as thanks for our help with the “titans”

3. Revy “two hands” - A mercenary skilled in the use of modern firearms, we currently have her on payroll as a private contractor.

4. Kei kurono- A skilled “Gantz” hunter, has access to a variety of high tech weapons, including a suit that gives him a massive boost to his strength, durability and speed.

5. Lucy the diclonius - The Original Diclonious, uses a number of invisible hands called “Vectors” that vibrate at supersonic speeds and enable her to cut through most materials. While currently cooperating with us, she should be watched due to mental instability and a lack of empathy for human life.

6. Sanosuke Sagara- Skilled unarmed fighter and master of the Futae no Kiwami, he has willingly agreed to join us in the hope of finding a strong opponent.

7. Edward Elric - A state “alchemist”, capable of altering the shape of materials into useful tools. Is touchy about his height.

8. Saeko Busujima- Another skilled samurai, she has experience dealing with zombies. She was one of the scouts who investigated the area, so she should be able to give you a better layout of the area.

Weapons and Vehicles.

Free: Standard firearms- A wide variety of military grade weapons, you have access to all conventional armaments

1 point: Armored personal carrier- Standard troop transportation vehicle, will provide protection against most small arms fire and your run of the mill zombie. Will likely draw attention

3 points: Apache attack Helicopter - Attack Helicopter with dual gatling guns and missile launchers. Will DEFINITELY draw attention. Has a pilot.

3 points: Precision Air strike- Several fighters will drop a payload of bunker busters from a nearby air base.

2 points: A near perfect replica of the “Super soldier Serum” will boost your physical prowess to olympic levels

4 points:“Covenant Weaponry”- Weapons recovered from a group of aliens known as the Covenant, all standard weapon types are available along with the ammo to use them. Will only recognize Agents as users.

3 points: Lightsaber- a weapon that emits hot plasma- can cut through most materials with minimal pressure.

2 point: A group of 20 marines. Untrained to deal with supernatural threats, but will fight with honor. Will draw minimal attention.

1 points: Stealth unit- Experimental invisibility device, will reliably provide complete invisibility for 5 minutes. Does not mask sound.

1 point: Bag full of senzu beans- Mysterious beans that will heal someone from near death and restore their energy.

2 points: A pokeball filled with any non-legendary pokemon. Completely loyal to you after your training sessions with it.

1 point: Batman replica utility belt - Our scientists have been watching the masked hero known as “batman” and have managed to replicate most of the items in his utility belt.

2 points: 3D maneuver gear- (mikasa ackerman will have given you a month worth of training in it’s use)

4 points: Zaku II- Mass production Gundam, Only you have been authorized for it’s use.

Enemy Generals- limited Intel has been recovered on the unique individuals the scouts have encountered

Jason Voorhees - (Friday the 13th)

Solomon Grundy - (DC Comics)

General Ramm- (Resident Evil)

3 experienced Predator hunters (predator)

The Colossal Titan. (attack on titan)

All Of these are highly dangerous, and we suggest avoiding confrontation with them if possible.

Location is a small town located in the middle of Maine. Expect heavy amounts of Mist and Rain.

Be sure to write a report on your adventures when your done.

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I'll add the rest of my list after some thought, but that bad bad man is on my team.

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question say someone has a team meber you want can you clone them

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@Galenbeta: Yeah, this is meant as a personal game, similar to the CYOA games you find on /tg/

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