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Name: Zero  
Physical Appearance: I wear a white hakama with a blank white scarf and red hair, I also have a giant six imprinted on my back.
Age of appearance: 240
Age: 19 
Gender: male
Race: Arrancar 
Current residences: Hueco mundo ( las noches )
Affiliation:  the new 6th espade   
Numeros: 6th Espada
Story: created by aizen after the war.
Weapons: katana
Hierro skin: which increases my defence 10 folds.  
Cero: purple cero that is cast from my mouth. When I'm more serious.
Grandrey cero: an even bigger purple cero which is cast from my finger.  
Sonido: moving so fast my movements appear to be teleporting.
Strength: able to stop Any powerful attacks with my bare hands.  
Sealed state: handle black and white, hilt just black, blade black and white. 
Name: Sairento Teisei (silent whisper) 
Call out phrase: "Hush" 
Resurreccion Appearance: wings sprout out of my back, my mask become like a double horned helmet (like ulquiorras)
Resurreccion Abilities:  
Silent blade: vanishes and becomes the wind. 
Whisper: a barrier of wind surrounds me protecting me from any attack. 
Blaze Silent Whisper: heating the air while creating a blade made out of fire and wind. 
(( my npc accounts ))   
Name: Koma Wiess
Age of Appearance: 11
Age: 19
Gender: male 
Current Residence:
Hueco mundo ( las noches ) 
Affiliation: 11th arrancar
Numeros: 11th  arrancar
Personality: joyful/happy/excited/ 
Physical Appearance: ho wears white pants with white shoes and a white shirt including white gloves and bleach blonde hair. 
Story: created after Tousen left by Aizen. to release my zanpukato I say "freedom" his entire body then gets armor everywhere.  
Hierro skin: increases defence 40fold.
Cero: fires cero out of my mouth.
Grandrey cero: fires grandrey from my fingers. 
Multible cero: fires ceros out of all ten of my finger tips. 
Strength: able to stop any attacks with his bare hands.        

Sealed state: hilt blue hand blue and white, blade just normal steel. 
Name: doragon mugendai ( infinity dragon )
Call out phrase: "Infinity"
Resurreccion Appearance: he transforms what looks like a dragon.
Resurreccion Abilities
Expand: the armor around his arms transforms into blades and expands.
Protect: the armor around his arms transforms into a shield that can stop any attack. 
Eject: hands become powerful kido/cero guns.     
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you cocked it up again,
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