Yuuto Pendragon

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Name: Yuuto Pendragon

Race: Human

Height: 6'0

Weight: 250



Yuuto is the descendant of Arthur Pendragon. He began his sword training at 12 and became an expert by 16. He was the take charge kind of person the girls went crazy for and he was handsome and charming. Though no one suspected him of being a modern hero. After becoming an expert he began his fight. He battled demons, and other beings. He was an adventurer. He also was a big traveler. He travelled over time, reality ,dimensions ,universes ,planets , and etc. He sincerely wants to find Caliburn and Excalibur. He finds it as his duty as a Pendragon. Though his family always expected great things from him. His head was filled with words of encouragement to become a hero like Arthur was. So now he sets out for the floating castles to investigate the ship with Aephon. Though before this he was cursed and given one hour to live. He faded to ashes bbefore the operation was under way.



Super Strength: Able to pickup 1 ton with ease

Speed: Lightspeed

Sword Skill:Expert

Agility: Able to jump 20 stories from the ground


Tactics: expert


Light sword:Sword similar to lightsaber and has a blade of pure holy light

Dark Sword: similar to his light sword but made of darkness

Map: It's a magic map of realities, space, dimensions, etc.

Holy and Demonic Power: He's able to wield holy and demonic power perfectly.

Magic: He use his holy demonic powers to create beams of light and dark and barriers. He can create illusions as well that has an influence on the body.

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@Galenbeta: This is probably the dumbest, most nitpicky complaint anyone ever had for anything, but... If he is the descendent of a British king and he and his family are obviously proud of it, even keeping the surname, then why does he have a Japanese name?

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@ChronoWolf: you know your not the only one wondering it though it is possible with the hundreds of years since the middle ages he could have had Japanese mixed into him.

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@ChronoWolf: why not, anything could happen in hundreds of years

@Shadowchaos: you tell him

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@Galenbeta: well it would have to be more like one of his ancestors moved to japan then over so and so generations he became more closer to japanese then euopean. Cause if just one happened to do it then there wouldn't be a japanese name. It would have to be over several generations for a more likely chance for a japanese name.

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AWESOME thanks for adding that little bit about the RP.

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@Galenbeta: I think the Lightspeed reactions and movements are extremely OP

It would nice if you expanded more upon the origin of his powers

Still is a good start

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thismhuy now is dead

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Seemed to fit.

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