Yukari Kusanagi - The Crimson Contractor [Character Bio]

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Yukari Kusanagi
Yukari Kusanagi
  • Name: Yukari Kusanagi
  • Alias: The Crimson Contractor
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Hero Neutral


Yukari is a perceptive, serious, resourceful and avidly competitive person. That is when work and combat are concerned. In her free time she has the habit of being bossy and stingy when other people are concerned. Though she also is very loyal and warm to people she likes and she really does care for them, probably more than she'd like to admit. While she often puts on a cold facade to match her status as a Contractor, but in the end she always has moments of softness where she goes for a much less radical method when innocent people are concerned. That is something that got her the scorn of many member of the Clock Tower, even her personal teacher, someone who is very close to her in that regard and who supports her down to earth personality, contradicting the "playing God" ideas the other Magi and Contractors have.

At times she regrets her choice of becoming a Contractor, not only because it seems that she attracts Servants with personalities that go in spite of her, but also because it puts her under constant stress and pressure, but she still stays true to her path and believes that it was the right choice. She hates loud and dumb people, those that fashion themselves as selfless heroes with no regard for their own life as well as those full of themselves. Another trait of hers is that she can be very hotblooded when rivals are in question and she's ready to dedicate her entire life to proving that she's is better. Her spirit really is something to be admired, though it does not make her foolish. She is more than aware when she's fighting a fight she can't win and will retreat or even run away if it will save her life. She likes to use plans and strategies to put her enemies at a disadvantage and she will try to win with the least use of power which also makes her summon Servants only if she thinks that it's necessary. She also cares a lot about her Servants even those she doesn't like. She even respects them and looks at them like friends. Her family wasn't really that powerful up to that point, but Yukari was born to be a natural genius and she also got the hard working nature of her father which made her rise through ranks very quickly, something that has earned her the hate of many aristocrats (not that she doesn't hate the equally if not more). Though she has both a big collection of gems and a mansion she is by no means rich. Her mansion was in the possession of her family for nearly a century and the gems had cost her all of the money that was left after her parents were gone. That can make her appear very greedy at times, and she'll often go to absurd lengths for money, as she simply needs it. Not only for the gems, but also for auctions of ancient artifacts which could house a powerful Spirit.

While finding Servants and proving the worth of her family as well as finding the Holy Grail are the most important goals in her life, she'd never go as far as to sacrifice innocent people or even friends of her for that matter, something not many Magi and Contractors can claim.


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Powers and Abilities

Yukari has trained Martial Arts since she was six. Even though she is by no means a master of it she has enough knowledge to compete with people that train something like that. She just an average girl in physical build, the only thing that is vastly above the average human being her intelligence. She makes up for the lack of physical attributes with Magic and Tracing. The first and most obvious example in Magic is her Reinforcement ability, which is used to make objects stronger, more durable and simply better. A lamp will burn brighter, a sword will be sharper and a mount will be faster. It's the most basic magic known by all Magi. All of them use it on their own body most often. It gives them the speed to fight with superhuman enemies and supernatural creatures far beyond the human limit. Their bodies become harder than steel and they gain enough strength to punch chunks out of concrete. The other basic ability is alteration, allowing to change the form of something. A simple tree branch can be made into a fine arrow and bow, a lump of metal becomes a sword and so on, it's rarely used by Yukari in combat as she has better means of attacking. For that purpose she often prepares many gems with heat stored in them to use them later in combat.

Flow and Transfer of Power

Yukari's forte when it comes to magic. She controls and alters to flow of any kind energy or transfers it into another. She normally stores all kinds of energy inside her gems, because their crystal form allows for great amounts of energy to be stored, but that also maker her magic very expensive to use. Her most favored moves are those based around the control of heat as it's something always present and even the preparation for the attack and be used offensive (by cooling the enemy off). She has developed quiet a few moves based on this.

Sol Nail

The most basic move based on heat. Yukari gathers heat from the surrounding at her fingertips and then fires it off like a bullet. The heat is strong enough to melt through thick steel in an instant. Because the heat is gathered quickly from a large area the drop in temperature can barely be noticed and won't affect others. No gem is need to store this small amount of energy and it can be released in an instant. It's very effective against armored enemies and because the heat is concentrated on a small point it's a very effective weapon. Yukari often uses it as a shot of warning, missing the targets head just by a centimeter, setting fire to their hair in the process. While using Melrakki the fire rate for Sol Nail is vastly increased and each of them become much more powerful.


The technique needs a fully loaded gem to be smashed. The result is a human sized ball of heat which guided by magic will home on the target and reduce it to ashes. Both the heat as well as the area covered are many times that of Sol Nail making the ability very dangerous for foes. Once it reaches it's target it will "swallow it up" so that it's in the center of the sphere, allowing for maximum use of the heat. Even enemies that hide in some kind of all around protection can be boiled alive. This technique is also used to make pathways, through walls, steel doors or other barriers as it creates a hole big enough for Yukari to climb through. Besides the ability to deal with stronger and bigger foes it can also be used to take out crowds of smaller ones. With Melrakki, there is no need for a gem and heat for Firefly can be gathered much faster which allows for faster usage of the technique as well as more power behind it.

Star Stream

Used by smashing multiple gems (at least three). It creates a beam of intense heat that can be used for continuous attacking. The heat of it is just slightly above Firefly as the technique uses the extra gems more for sustainment rather than a an increase of power. But because the heat is concentrated on one spot for a longer period of time the damage is still much greater than with Firefly. It's very useful for burning through barriers of any kind as well as to take down large enemies with heavy armor. It can also be used as a distraction when used after a Firefly is fired. While using Melrakki Star Stream can be used for longer periods of times, it will be hotter and there is no need for gems to be used. It's also important to note that two streams can be created as opposed to just one while using the gems.

The Fourth Wave

Yukari's most powerful move when the usage of heat is in question. She can only use it with Melrakki. It releases a wide and powerful wave, a very strange combination of Firefly and Star Stream, but much bigger with wider and longer range. The heat is also extraordinary and it can be compared to a few dozens of gems being used at once. The ground below the attack will melt and even things that were not directly hit by the wave will still be affected by the enormous heat coming from it. It can either be focused on a single point or target to make the heat more intense or it can be spread out to affect as many targets as possible. It's a technique feared by most even in the Clock Tower which is mostly populated by arrogant and narcistic aristocrats. Because the heat can't be controlled or restrained Yukari is not allowed to use the technique inside the Tower or even near it because of the fear that the towers magical barriers would brake down in front of the heat and because they fear a scenario similar to the Great Fire of London. Yukair only uses it as a last resort against opponents that refuse to go down otherwise or when she is surrounded by a big crowd of enemies. Often the only thing that remains after the wave passes are ashes and molten material that once stood in the path.


This is the cold equivalent of Sol Nail, it's used more often than the other technique because of the possibilities it offers. Yukari performs it by drawing heat away just at her finger tips, creating a dark blue nearly black bullet which she fires off in the same manner like Sol Nail. The heat taken away is stored in a gem (one Pale fills around 1/5 of a gem). It has three possible usages. The first one gives enemies a pretty bad frost bite if it hits. They feel like they have the flu from hell. They want to sleep and their combat abilities are vastly lowered. At the second stage the injuries are much more serious, nerves and skin will be damaged and the target will probably spend the next week in a coma though it's not life-threatening, this one is often used by Yukair to dispatch enemies in non fatal way or when dealing with some innocent witnesses. The third and final stage is the deadly one. The part of body hit will enter a state of necrosis and the nerves will be seriously damaged and skin and other tissue will start dying off, organs will stop working. The coldness is very potent and a clear hit on a human being means sure death. With Melrakki Pale can be sued faster and the coldness will be more intense. The third form fired form Melrakki will also expand on the whole body rather than just affecting the area that was hit.

Diamond Dust

The second technique relying on coldness. It should be the analog to Firefly though they have little in common when looks and effect are concerned. To use it Yukari cools off the air around her drawing away heat. It's enough to fill one gem completely. The result are fine ice crystals, only visible because of the shine and sparkling they give off while being illuminated by the sunlight. Because of the small size it can only be seen as a fin glittery mist. Once it's created Yukari sends the crystals towards an enemy at great speeds. The crystals will enter every pore on their body and cause great pain with extreme coldness, by eating away at both nerves and tissue. It can happen that fingers fall off and small areas of the body will get frozen and the target will have symptoms close to that of a level one and three Pale. Their agility, strength and speed will all decrease and they will have a great need to sleep and will barely be able to stand on their feet. Later the pain will slowly disappear and the affected target's limbs and body will go nub and they will become unconcious. While it doesn't have to be deadly, unless one gets treated at once they will most certainly die. Melrakki allows a greater amount of the crystals to be created, allowing for a bigger range.

Arctic Coffin

Yukari's cold technique that allows her to fill multiple gems at once. It circles out an area in the from of a a large coffin and the rapidly draws heat from it. The heat that the area loses is much greater than with the previous two techniques. It does not only draw the heat from the surroundings and air inside the coffin but also from any living being inside of it. There are two variation of it. The first one, is just used to draw away heat like the basic description says. Things like plants and water will be frozen instantly while other living beings will slowly be frozen starting with their limbs and eyes. It also has the same traits as Pale and Diamond Dust, but to a greater extent, which means the body will first go through a great deal of pain before becoming numb and a horrible headache will assault the target, followed by the need for sleep. Targets will literally be immobile when the technique starts and tries to move will result in broken bones and burst blood vessels. Even the water inside the eyes will be affected and the targets will have to close them and protect them to avoid permanent eye sight loss. The body of the targets will the gradually start freezing till they aren't completely covered in ice. The whole process takes twenty seconds at most. The second form flash freezes the area in an instant, creating a solid block of ice in which the enemies are encased. The block shatters shortly after but the coldness and pressure have already taken their toll on the target. This technique unlike the previous two is lethal and death can't be avoided. It's used to take care of big groups of enemies. With Melrakki the process will be faster and all of it's effects will be much greater and more intense.

Aurora Execution

The equivalent of The Fourth Wave, also only usable with Malrakki. The heat absorbed could fill dozens of gems but it's rarely used for that in combat, but rather to power The Fourth Wave right after the use of this attack. This move has two was to be used. The first one can be used to draw away all heat from a target to flash freeze it. It can target anything, from the floor to make movement harder, over the air to create big chunks of ice to use as projectiles, to living beings for a quick death. The other use is a direct copy of The Fourth Wave, relying on coldness instead of heat. The area in front of Melrakki gets it's heat drawn away. The result is a projectile like Pale, but with the dimensions and power of The Fourth Wave. The wave of cold can than be shot just like any projectile. It will instantly freeze anything in it's path. Living beings will have their internal organs frozen and crushed as well as their blood. Being that can resist this will still have to deal with effects of cold on the level of Arctic Coffin, Diamond Dust and level three Pale, ensuring a slow and painful death. Just like with The Fourth Wave Yukari will only use this if necessary and she is prohibited from using it near the Clock Tower.

Alpha Absorption

A basic move for those that study the flow of energy. It's her only technique so far that is not related to heat. It's used by bursting one of the gems in front of the user. The find shield created will absorb any kind of energy, may it be simple kinetic energy or some supernatural power. It will be stored in the gem for later use or it can be released right after the absorption for a counter attack. While it can stop any kind of attack the amount of how much energy can be absorbed by a single gem is limited and if that limit is exceeded the Gem will crumble to dust after that and will become useless. Up to two more gems can be used to reinforce the shield.

Contracts and Summoning

Yukari being a Contractor can make contracts with various Spirits. The contract is made by touching an item or artifact related to the Spirit in question. The Spirits don't even have to be real. They can range from people from history, over those from myths, folklore and legends all the way to characters from famous works of fiction or even heroes from the future or even powerful persons from the history that were never recorded. Once the contract is made the Spirits are called Servants and will be bound to the personal Spiritual Plane of the Contractor. A Spiritual Plane is a virtually endless pocket dimension in which the Spirits can rest when not summoned, it's often an item in the possession of the Contractor. In Yukari's case it's her pendant that serves as a Spiritual Plane. The inside appearance of it can be completely change whenever the Servants desire and they are free to even create entire cities with imaginary people in them (though it's rare for them to do so as they are still aware that the beings are fake and thus they can't enjoy that kind of life inside the Plane). Though they are Spirits, once summoned from the Spiritual Plane into the real world they get semi-real bodies of blood and flesh. They are real as in that they bleed just like any living being would but still Spirits in the regard that even if they are killed they don't die. Instead they just return to the Spiritual Plane where they rest and regenerate for a certain amount of time. If a Contractor dies all of his Servants will vanish as well and return to the afterlife, though they can be summoned again if another Contractor finds an item related to them. A rule between Contractors is that if they are defeated in a match one of their Servants will be taken by the victor. One can also give their Servants to other Contractors with their own free will, though many would rather die than to do that. The main motivation for Servants to serve their Contractor is that if their Master gets the Holy Grail, they will also be granted a new life. Their body will rise from the afterlife and they will live as humans again. They can chose to live in their own time period again in a different universe or even to change things from the past. The Contractor will still have the Servant as that was never the real body to begin with but just an exact copy of it, a Spirit, so the Master won't even notice a change. Despite all of that there are still Servants that are difficult to deal with simply because of their personalities contradict that of their Master to a great degree. While they have to obey to command of their Contractor they have a free will and they are free to do anything as long as their Contractor does not forbid it directly. Most Contractors only can summon one Servant to the world at a time, while the next level the Master can summon from two to even all of his Servants at once. To become a Master one would either have to participate in the Holy Grail War (though most chose already are Master) or take a special trial after they possess a certain amount of Servants. There is also the so called Potential system but it's so rare that there is no current info on it.

A power unique to Contractors that makes them so powerful when compared to other Magi even without the direct summoning of Servants is Tracing. Tracing is the power of Contractors to call upon the weapon or other piece equipment belonging to one their Servants. While using the weapon they get stats close to that of the Servant as well as a fraction of their skill and knowledge when using the weapon. This makes Contractors very dangerous foes even without the need to summon one of their Servants. Besides the weapon, physical attributes and skill Contractor's will also have their clothes altered to a certain degree. Those with a weak mind and that have just become a Contractor will have their personality altered to be closer to that of the Servant who's weapon they are using, sometimes completely falling under the control and influence of the weapon. Yukari has managed to completely seal off any effect on her mind, but her appearance still changes. Those who are high level Masters are completely immune and their personality and appearance will only change if they allow it. And their stats and skills also reach the level of their Servant allowing the Masters to become the heroes themselves but still keeping their own abilities, knowledge and experiences making them extremely powerful.

As of now Yukari only has two Servants, something which can be considered low. She can only summon one at a time.

List of Servants:

Cu Chulainn

Cu Chulainn
Cu Chulainn

The Irish Hero Cu Chulainn, known as The Hound of Ulster, Ireland's Man of Light and many more is Yukari's more powerful Servant of the two she posses. Despite that it's rare for her to summon him because of his very annoying nature as she describes it. He shows great interest in the modern world and he would like to enjoy it to the fullest. Despite that he still finds great pleasure in simple things such as fighting, which is reward enough for him. He fancies himself as a womanizer and he will take any chance to flirt with any kind of girl he meets while summoned, something that troubles Yukari to great ends. He's very upbeat and enjoys teasing others, especially his own Master. But he likes her, a lot actually. He likes any woman with a strong personality but Yukari seems to hate him. As long as there's alcohol and women he's happy. After coming to the modern world he also picked up a habit of smoking. He's a man who'd drink with an enemy tonight and go to the battlefield to kill them the next morning. Despite all of that he's a knight of honor and doesn't go back on any irrational promise he makes, many of them nearly killed him. As such he also dislikes dirty methods to fight and cowards. A very loud man, which is why Yukari dislikes him, or at least one of the reasons.

His tight blue full body suit is a reference to the fact that many Irish warriors used blue body pain. Contradicting his cloths and hair are his eyes and weapon which are piercing red. He has the cursed lance Gae Bolg. Besides his incredible skill with it, he has strength to throw the lance for dozens of kilometers at a speed surpassing any modern projectile and in his legend he was even said to be able to throw it around the world. His speed is also otherworldly allowing him to close in and surprise opponents before they even notice he's there, which makes for a dangerous combination together with his strength. Just as his legend describes it his endurance is also to be admired and he has won wars on his own and even had half of his body ripped away and he still fought on. Other than his physical abilities he has knowledge over Runes and rune related magic. His spear Gae Bolg has a function for which it is famous for. It's an attack that strikes a fatal blow that always pierces the opponent's heart and ruins their body from within with its thousand iron thorns.Once Gae Bolg's name has been called, the cursed spear reverses the nature of causality, the meaning of "cause and effect" in the order of things, to make it so the cause of the "lance being thrust" comes from the effect of the "opponent's heart being pierced" by it. The "result" of "the heart of the opponent has been pierced" is created earlier than it is thrust, while the "cause" that "the lance has been thrust" is generated later. The actual action of the thrust is merely a formality, as the lance has already pierced the opponent's heart before the attack has even started. Agility and speed can't save one from the curse, one would rather need to have the blessing of deity or extreme luck to avoid the blow. The lance is also said to create wounds from which no man can recover. Even though it's a very useful ability Chulainn does not use it because it would end the fight too soon and he wouldn't be able to enjoy it. Despite the great power both the Servant and his weapon hold, it's unlikely for Yukari to summon either and she will only do it if there's no other way out. She just hates this hero and she doesn't even give him a chance and as such doesn't even want to use his weapon. While Tracing Gae Bolg she gains a tight suit just like Chullain's. She both feels uncomfortable, but is also ashamed of the look it gives her which i just one more reason why she avoid it.



The second Servant in Yukari's possession. Lenneth is supposed to be an ancient Valkyrie, but the fact that there are no records of her as well as the fact that she is dressed in a uniform and has a pair of guns as weapons puts that under question. She mostly likely did exist in some form but because the records are unclear and blurred it allowed for the anomaly. But that just showcases the way how the Contracts play with the Spirits. It's not unlikely for a male to be summoned as a female or other way around, or sometimes it becomes clear that the history books were wrong all along and that some events did not play out as they say. Perhaps it was just that she changed after being summoned while she had an appearance fitting her time while she lived. The reasons are many but unimportant.

Lenneth is weaker than Cu Chullain in every aspect, but Yukari still favors her over him. Her personality is somewhat shy yet still determined. Her personality is actually close to that of Yukari and they see each other like friends rather than Master and Servant. She as well has a dislike for Cu Chullain and while in the Spiritual Plane she literally keeps him away by firing at him. She is truly loyal towards Yukari and deeply cares for her and often acts as her advisor. Around people she knows she's very friendly and warm. Her weapon of choice is her pair of guns called Melrakki - The White Fox. She has never to reload them and their bullets can pierce through tank armor effortlessly. Though she can fire those normal bullets that's not it's primary function. It can creation distortions of space at any place the guns point ripping apart the target. The guns can also change to any other weapon, form a crossbow to a rocket launcher. They have a great affinity towards magic and it can be cast through them. Lenneth uses them for close combat as well. She also has great knowledge over light magic which she either uses to create wings for her to fly or to charge her guns with it for different effects.

Yukari often summons both her and the Melrakki and uses it for her own magic or just it's own special properties. While she uses it her cloth actually don't change that much but rather just shift their color to match that of Lenneth.


Coming soon...

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The previous events are elimination rounds so to speak of.

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