You've Probably Already Guessed This...

Topic started by Superevil225 on Aug. 12, 2012. Last post by Kuro_San 1 year, 10 months ago.
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It's probably obvious seeing as I haven't posted here since June, but I think I'm leaving the Vice. I've just got caught up in life and other little rp things here and there. Plus my own personal writing projects, research, and the fact that I'm graduating next year. I also really hate to say it, but the Vice is slow these days and there's just not enough active members for the rps I would like to do. It was so much fun writing with you guys, and I don't want you to think that I'm ditching you people. I'll still be around, if you would like to contact me, there's my relatively abandoned twitter which is just @superevil225 or if you send me a pm I'll give you the link to my tumblr and if I know you well enough, my facebook. I'm also kicking around at Before The Mast which is an age of sail rp site, I play as William Harvey, and I've got a tumblr rp for Jack Aubrey from the Aubrey-Maturin series (link available upon request).

I doubt the rp section will ever really flourish again, but I hope it does. If so, you might see me around. If not, let's stay connected and who knows, you might see me around else where.

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@Superevil225: :( I've had a lot of fun rping with you and I hope we can do it more.

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@Superevil225: We'll miss you here, good luck with your future endeavors.:)
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@Superevil225: You'll be missed Superevil! D: The Vice sure wont be the same without you :( I wish you all the luck with your studies and your writing! Hope to see you around from time to time :)

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Good Luck!

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*Pours a forty for the Craius relationship*

It was a honor writing with you I hope we have the chance in the future to work together again.

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Despite I'm not an RPer, this place won't be same without you and your bubbly, quirky personality. Good luck Superevil225! You were like a little sister to me.

I'll try Baccano and the other stuff you recommended to me.

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@Superevil225: Just found this. Late reactions or what?

Miss you, sad you're gone, hope all is well.

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Shit, Sabine is gone? A lot of the older vicers are leaving AV. ono

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@Sei: I know, I was gutted when I found out.

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@SamJaz: It's so sad.

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@Sei: Who are you? Omegamekix?

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