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Throwing away the modesty, which are the threads you are more proud of? the battle you loved the most? and the character you liked the most? (All of this out of your own characters and threads) 
This are my own: 

Favourite Character: Shiro and Ryuugin (with Aestus as runner-up)
Favourite Thread: Path to Power (Masako training with ND)
Favourite Battle: Batsu vs Newdeath Round 1 (Even if I re-read it and tell myself that was horrible I still like it)
Favourite NPC: Tsukimori-san (Kuro-san Right Hand)
Favourite NPC Villain: Shinrabanshou Blade (Swordquest)
Favourite Location: The City of Lost Souls 
Favourite Line: Kuro-san talk about gravity or any interaction between Shiro and Ryuugin 
Worst character: Fuzen Metsuki (Too overpowered)
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  • Favorite Characters: 1. Current Manami 2. Zella Thorn 3. Pre Reboot Sonata ( I can really get into theirs characters very easily)
  • Favorite Thread: Gekido Sunrise
  • Favorite Battle: Sonata vs ND ( I wish I could have finished that one)
  • Favorite NPC: (Gosh I had so many) but I say Anna Hisaki
  • Favorite NPC Villain: The Chaos Gene
  • Favorite Location: Telos City, (I put some effort into it, making the city its own character.)
  • Favorite Line: Sonata rampaging in Gekido Sunrise, she had some pretty cold blooded lines
  • Worst Character: Shadow Lotus ( I couldn't really think of anything to do with him lol)
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Favourite Character: Caius.
Favourite Thread: My very first RPG. Isaz's Prison
Favourite Battle: Personally I HATE rp'ing battles. (ever notice why I rarely do them and stick to story?) But my favourite might be Atlas Vs Jack
Favourite NPC: Caius' brother Kaine
Favourite NPC Villain: Does Sakir count?
Favourite Location: Location? Ermm Knoxreich from Atlas' history
Favourite Line: Everything that come out of Caius' mouth. (>.> And into it. :P) also Harumi-isms.
Worst character: HAHAHAHAHA Do I have to say because we all know it was the old Double Tap. Holy shit that was an awful character
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
Favourite Character: Raseri
Favourite Thread: The Nine Worlds
Favourite Battle: Pre-Reboot Newdeath Vs. OmegaMekix (Gekido Sunrise)
Favourite NPC: Odin
Favourite NPC Villain: Morka (Even though she isn't technically evil)
Favourite Location: Asgard
Favourite Line: Definitely Raseri's lines, particularly when he said "I am man, not god"
Worst character: Pre-Reboot Paradox (He wasn't interesting enough for me)
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,061 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@Newdeath:  Raseri says I'm a man and then punches them in the gut?
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@Kuma_From_Argentina: LOL he said that to Odin then punched a hole in Martyrdom's ship. 
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,061 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@Newdeath:  I was making a Atop the Fourth Wall reference, in  Check the Superman at World's End video
Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,910 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Favourite Character:  Crow (yeah I know its really my only character. But I have worked on Corw all my life and he has gone though different adaptions over the years this is my favorite verison of him. )
Favourite Thread:  (Hmmm hard one) I have to say Crow Must Die (It just started but the end I have planned for it is pretty cool)
Favourite Battle:  Guardian vs Crow (I'm sorry my writers block ended it)
Favourite NPC:  Toni
Favourite NPC Villain:  Arcana
Favourite Location: any of the western towns I created   
Favourite Line:  Anything involving Crow and Caius
Worst character: Arcana
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Favourite Character: Keith MacKenzie (despite the fact he was insanely hard to play as, I often had to nerf his genre sawyness and intelligence or develop random setbacks just to keep him from becoming too overwhelming or a Marty Stu)
Favourite Thread: Surprising as it sounds I didn't make any story threads. Well, I kind of did but it was abandoned after a few posts for some reason...
Favourite Battle: Gottfried Marx vs Newdeath (Gekido Sunrise)
Favourite NPC: Amser (he was Keith's former enemy who later became his demonic servant, he was technically a Starscream to Keith's Megatron)
Favourite NPC Villain: Isaac Smith (I even made him into a PC both on Vine and the Vice)
Favourite Location: Yggdrasil (the Inquisition's homeworld, I was really engineering with it a lot)
Favourite Line: Gottfried Marx's one liners (his reboot version is going to do the same once the stakes are finally up)
Worst character: The Black Knight (I still failed to think about anything for this menancing knight's passtimes. On the other hand I built him a pretty touching and tragic backstory...*sighs* I guess that will never see the light on the Vice)
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Favourite Character: Tough one... Maximus and The Count are both incredible on their own way. I love playing with the two of them
Favourite Thread: Against a New Menace. The way I wrote with the Count surprised me.
Favourite Battle: Maximus vs Blindside. I really enjoyed that fight
Favourite NPC: I didn't do a great NPC, so I can't put anything here.
Favourite NPC Villain: I liked Erus (Ultimus Portus villian)
Favourite Location: Ultimus Portus
Favourite Line: Maximus non-wolf lines.
Worst character: None.
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Favourite Character:  Mesa and Dahl-Face
Favourite Thread:  Mesa's VNN  everyone got behind me on that. I would have liked to see that Manga Jumpers RP take off:)
Favourite Battle:  Mesa didnt fight all that much, but when she fought Wraith and locked him in her bad TV realm was funnyXD
Favourite NPC:  The three dogs Rex Rob and Ren, Lacey the Leprechaun, Her lamp(Its actually can morph into a  transformer  type bot)
Favourite NPC Villain:  The Anime Vice  Canonical  Society(Their not evil, but just a bunch of wet blankets:P)
Favourite Location:  Tie between Mesa's Orphanage and The New Smokin Lamp Studios
Favourite Line:  Mesa had many, but I always  liked  how she would describe people in long sentences
Worst character:  Saleem, Not that he was a bad character I just wish i had more opportunities to use him:)
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Favourite Character: Callis and Shiro (With Kuro-san as a Runner-up)

Favourite Thread: Crow Must Die 1/2 (I'm having the time of my life)

Favourite Battle: Blade And Bullets (With Swordstorm as a close second)

Favourite NPC: Northern Vampire

Favourite NPC Villain: Shinrabanshou Blade (Swordquest) / Northern Vampire / Juro Fuuma

Favourite Location: New Mexico Frontier

Favourite Line: Kuro-san comparing gravity with crime/Masako cannibalistic ramblings

Worst character: Fuzen Metsuki (Too overpowered)

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,910 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Kuro_San: I love how half of those involve Crow is some way XD

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,061 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: We make a nice combo

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,910 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Damn Straight (As Crow would say). I agree with you on all of those especially Vampire he is a interesting character can't wait till Crow meets the 3rd generation of Numbers.

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