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Topic started by Sonata on Oct. 11, 2010. Last post by Blindside 1 year, 11 months ago.
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@SamJaz: I thought Arsenal was more Lawful Neutral and chaotic good. I'll have to go back and read some more of his action when I get the chance.

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@Manami: Uh, maybe. Haven't had much chance to develop him tbh

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  • Kita Kurenai: Lawful-Chaotic Evil
  • Kita Kurenogi: Acts Lawful- Chaotic Good
  • Solstice Summer-Eve: Lawful Good
  • Juni Hinamura- Chaotic Good
  • Sicily Greenwood: True Neutral to Neutral Evil
  • Captain Izzy: Chaotic Neutral
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  • Guyver-- Lawful Good
  • Captain Rio--Chaotic Good
  • Red Katana-- Neutral Good
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Blindside - Neutral

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