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We all know in the Vice Universe there are three Different alignments Good, Evil, and Neutral. But lets take it a step further with the Famous Alignment Grid with Pics

Where do you see your Character or Characters, and where do you think you see others currently.
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Justice: Lawful Good (Despite his words) 
Lawful evil: Yogan Kaji 
Chaotic evil: Newdeath 
Neutral good: Mekix 
Neutral: Keith 
Neutral good: Paladin  
Chaotic good: Kimiko 
Lawful neutral: Fatalis 
Chaotic Neutral: Kurohige 
Chaotic Neutral: Sabine 
Chaotic evil:Sonata 
Chatoic evil: Nerx 
Lawful evil: Saidaus shade 
Neutral: Sikorski Vladimir 
Lawful good: Miyamoto Kojiro 
Lawful neutral: Mokujin 
Neutral evil: Fabuloso Larumba 
Chaotic good: Cogito
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Current Fatalis is in approximation 
Chaotic Netural
Old Fatalis is
Chaotic Evil
Rayleon is Chaotic Good
ND is Lawful Evil
Justice is Lawful good
Willyvereb is chaotic Netural
Mekix is chaotic good
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Well, when I run personality tests on Keith I've got the following results:
Either Lawful Evil, either Chaotic Good or True Neutral. Seriously...the personality tests aren't fit to scale Keith at all.
Anyways DnD dual personality system does fail to describe complex characters at all.
Let's see some examples:
Old cfatalis:
Chaotic Evil - even though he acknowledges some rules and works together with the system which would swing to the lawful side. Same for the chaotic neutral persona of the new cfatalis
Then Newdeath:
Lawful Evil -for his own good. He does not mind to violate the rules though and betray anyone.
Anyways, some characters:
Sonata - Chaotic Evil : Being an insane destroyer at her current state would quantify as such.
Justice - Lawful Good: Sometimes fluctuates between that and Lawful (intentionally)Stupid
Mekix - Chaotic Good: Actually it's one of the rare cases where it fits. Though Mekix is more serious to  disregard his promises or teamwork, which often defines characters of such alignment.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@willyvereb: well true it's not exactly the best system.... no personality should be described with two words/
 at least non intentional one
i choose chaotic because neutrality wasn't exactly Fatalis style
Post by Sonata (36,386 posts) See mini bio Level 20
ND:Lawful Evil
Nerx: Neutral Evil
Pride: Chaotic Evil
Kimiko: Chaotic Neutral
Mesa: Lawful Good
Justice: Lawful Good
More later.
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@Sonata: What about me?
Post by Sonata (36,386 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@battleheiz:  I could see you as all nine, but right now neutral good.
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@Sonata:  XD Knew it
Post by Manami (1,487 posts) See mini bio Level 14
I could easily see Manami fall into the first 8 categories, Lawful Good-Neutral Evil.
Post by OmegaMekix (3,847 posts) See mini bio Level 16
Mekix is chaotic good. He holds his moral standards far above the law or the expectation of others.  

willyvereb: True Neutral. Self gain is Keith's main goal. He is not really interested in helping allies or even hurting enemies. Keith would gladly hurt an ally and help and enemy if it meant advancing up. To Keith, anything is optional. It just needs to help him in the long run.
NewDeath: Neutral Evil. NewDeath is not interested in ultimate good nor does he want senseless destruction. To him, evil is just a way to make the ultimate living. He is only looking out for himself in a ruthless manner. Sure he won’t kick the dog but you can expect him to mercilessly kill it if the dog ever tried to bite him.

Battleheiz: Neutral Good. Justice needs to be served, even if a few laws need to be broken. Battleheiz is the type to do whatever it takes to stop someone evil. If it is a good thing to do but a bad thing or two needs to happen then you can expect Battleheiz to be able to do it.

Justice: Lawful Good. You will never see Justice resorting to breaking the law to spread his message of good. Sure the villain is mean and has kicked over a thousand dogs but Justice will not kill them. No, he will take them to jail and then confess his eternal love for Kimiko.

Sonata: Chaotic Evil. The blue diamond is not more. She has been replaced with the chaos-infused Sonata. Sonata will devastate a nation if she feels a little angry or she will beat up a hero just for a little exercise. It may be evil but Sonata will do whatever she wants.




We should make one of those charts but use RPG characters for it.

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@OmegaMekix: Good description of Keith. Though I have to note that it's about the antithesis of the classic true neutral. They are supposed to be the least selfish persons next to the Lawful Good, you know the ultimate budhist of sorts. Now, Keith MacKenzie is anything but that. He's selfish beyond imagination but his modus operandi is extremely is extremely objective. Every single movement or word of Keith has an intentional though hidden meaning. To sum it up Keith maintains the balance by having extremely honorable and villainous tendencies at once.
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@OmegaMekix: Sometimes i do good stuff but sometimes i do stuff that could make normal human throw up but i am no killer nor i am gonna steal and i respect my enemies even though they are evil
But thanks.
P.S. Srry but i can't describe you with one word
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@OmegaMekix: tell everyone to give me what kind of look and quote they want to use
 make sure they are THE posterboy for the alignment
i am going to make them, i have crapload of spare time now
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Sonata is LE
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@OmegaMekix: Very good description of Newdeath. I must say I'm impressed.
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@Newdeath: So which side your character swing more? Lawful or simple Neutral Evil?
I am asking since I nearly have a clear set of Vice alignments.
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@willyvereb: Newdeath is more of a Neutral Evil than a Lawful Evil. Why? Well he won't do anything to you if you just happen to walk past him although if you insult or attack him then he will not hesitate to vaporize you. Secondly he is only evil because he needs to be in order to achieve his goal, he only has allies for the benefits that come with it, he would betray them in an instant once they are no longer of any use to him. He simply has to be the ruthless and cunning villain in order to survive. He doesn't care about fighting the most powerful force of good or becoming the most powerful force (of evil) in the universe because in truth his goal is not even evil however what he does to achieve it certainly is. 
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@Newdeath: That's why I considered him Lawful  Evil. Someone who only cares about himself and abuses the rules to his own gain.
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@willyvereb: I see. 
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