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Enlarge to the see the points
Enlarge to the see the points


The Grand Dai Hidden World Mall: An artificial island that moves through the oceans without a fixed location. Serves as a meeting point for Hidden World Denizens

North America

Home to the Imperial Embassy and other places of interest

Political Status: NPC

  • Exalted Empire Embassy (USA) (Owned by Samjaz)
  • Rayo Rosado & Death Vegas (USA) (Owned by Lobos_del_Rayo)

Economical Status: NPC

Geography Alterations:

· Kansas City was replaced by the Imperial Embassy

· Death Vegas exists were Las Vegas should exist

Points of Interest

1) Death Vegas: Like Las Vegas but grittier, Residence of Crow Cementerio

2) Rayo Rosado: Ancestral Village of the Cementerio Gunslingers, now a mass grave for all the inhabitants after the attack of a mysterious assailant.

3) Imperial Embassy: The landing point of the Exalted Empire, formerly Kansas City. After a conflict with the US government the established themselves as the owners of the land and expanded to other continents as well. (LEFT EARTH)

Active Organizations

Exalted Empire



The Old World, were most of the action happens in England. Knights, monsters, dragons and other stuff may be things of the past, but Europe still haves Heroes willing to protect it.

Political Status: NPC

Economical Status: NPC

Geographical Alterations: None

Points of Interest

4 ) London

· Flat 14 Crown House: Residence of Samjaz and Taylor

· MI13 HQ: The Headquarters of the HWCS

5) Somewhere in England: Aleister’s Crown Mansion

6) Somewhere in Berlin: Holhe Kugel Leiste, Falken Degiraz’s HQ

17) Grandes Ecoles l'Espoir: Magical Academy in France, nearby Paris

Active Organizations




The Far East, a place of mysticism and technology in constant clash and quite crowded with activity. Japan is the main focus of the activity here, with the JHWAB keeping the order against the Hidden World.

Political Status: NPC

· Myth Village (Japan/Independent) (Owned by Kuma_from_Argentina)

· Inazuma Gakuen (Japan) (Owned by Kuma_from_Argentina)

· Dai Island (International Waters) (Owned by Samjaz)

· Sakurajima Island (Japan) (Owned by Kuma_from_Argentina)

Economical Status: NPC

Geographical Alterations:

· Dai Island (Artificial Island)

· Sakurajima Island (Training Devices filled Island)

· Shinwa-Mura (Independent from Japanese Law enforcement)

Points of Interest

7) Tokyo

  • Japanese Hidden World Affairs Bureau HQ

  • Shishioh’s Household

8) Dai Island: Artificial Island and extension of the Imperial Embassy

9) Sakurajima Island: Home of Reiji Fukuma and training grounds

10) Osaka: Home to the Underground Fighting Arena

11) Inazuma Gakuen: School for Martial Artists

13) Kyoto: Current Residence of Yami Kizuato

  • BHA: Yatagarasu Branch
  • JHWAB: Kyoto HQ

14) Shinwa-Mura: Residence of the Myth Soldiers escaped from Ryugu-Jo (14/2)

Active Organizations

Inazuma Gakuen


Exalted Empire Embassy


Hidden World

This concept covers all the non-human or super human phenomenon in our world, the ones that must remain hidden from the general populace and usually are ignored or flat out rejected in search of a more realist explanation. The Hidden World can be divided into four different sub-groups. Yet many of these classifications can combine into more accurate terms if needed.

Mystical: Mystical covers the Magic creatures, divinities, magic users and more all over the world, most of them are heavily linked to traditions and most of their gifts can be inherited, but some can be learnt if the student is able to comprehend. This power is tied to belief and most of the creatures feed on that belief to stay alive, that’s the reason most of the most weird or obscure monsters are rarely seen.

For Example: Grandes Ecoles l'Espoir

Mutant: People that for some reason or another suffered a genetic alteration that granted those powers beyond humanity limits. This power is always inherited not taught. Most of these individuals have a sub-group of their own in relation to their unique brand of powers. Aliens with racial abilities also count inside this group

For Example: Shinwa-mura

Technological: Alien or Earthly, these powers refer to technology beyond humanity current average in military and cutting edge tech. Most of these powers are controlled by corporations or countries, but some are privately controlled.

For Example: Imperial Embassy

Martial: Humans that reached inhuman levels of skill through training, there is no exact explanation for this group, as they seemingly are normal but through grueling training and almost unshakable will power reach super human levels.

For Example: Spirit Boxing Federation; Inazuma Gakuen

Most of the countries have organizations created to defend the populace from the truth and from the actual dangers. Their method of operation varies, some use only human staff, others mixed and others just Hidden World people. Some block all the information with zeal and fanatic hatred while others manage the population. Most of these organizations have roots tied to religious organization that pursued the supernatural in the past, like the Inquisition or the Omnyo.



The energy within all living things, the one that represent the physical and spiritual vigor combined in one. Its origin comes with the inception of this world and is a trait shared by all living beings, yet no all have the same potential to channel it, train it and enhance it. Each user generally unlocks the Ki through training, meditation and realization of a sudden truth, but there are other ways to unlock it, artificial or through natural means.

The Ki works under a simple system, there is positive Ki and negative Ki, this has nothing to do with morality, as a hero can utilize negative Ki and a villain can use positive, is more a question of its usage. Positive Ki explodes outwards, allowing great burst of strength and speed, while the Negative Ki is absorbed inwards, maintaining a stable power level all the time, not like the Positive that tends to be a roller coaster. The Positive Users tend to be more emotion prone, while the Negative Users are ruled by logic.

Still these are generalities about Ki, there may be hundreds of different styles, and for example the Fighting Spirit is one of many variations of Ki. Something to be clear about is that Ki isn’t magic, but the combination of a living being Physical and Spiritual might into a single energy. This also counts things like animals, with proper training even an animal can develop Ki, and possibly many of the legends surrounding particularly strong animals could be part of this kind of beasts.

Natural Energy (NE)

Natural Energy is a variation of ki/charka/spirit energy used by some citizens of the Hidden World, Natural Energy or NE is used mostly by Native Shamans, Voodoo Witch Doctors/Believers, some magic is connected to Natural Energy, along with some forest creatures or spirits. As the name applies Natural Energy comes from one's connection with natural and self it can be used in similar manners as the other variations of energy within the Hidden World what makes NE unique however is it connection the natural elements and the earth itself.

Like most various energies Nature Energy exist in most things predominantly in nature like trees, plants, even rocks and minerals contain NE however it is not limited by these elements NE is believed to exist within clouds and therefore storms contain high amounts of NE for example lightning, rain, tornadoes and high winds all contain NE. Users of Natural Energy can manipulate elements containing NE often generating it and manipulate it.

It is believed this is how and why Crow Cementerio can control and use lightning/electricity the way he can. NE also seems to have an effect on the environment as well often making soil incredibly healthy and fertile, spring water/rain water/hot springs/ etc. pure and without pollutants, rocks and minerals are stronger, and even the air is purer and without pollution actually going as far as rejecting pollution.

NE strangely seems to reject technology making more modern items malfunction, rust, corrode, and completely break down. A interesting side note is that it is believed the Native Americans taught the Gunslingers how to manipulate and use Natural Energy in various ways.

Gainen Medals

The Gainen Medals are devices created by Dr. Kurenai during the 70’s in Japan. Kurenai was a lab assistant of Dr. Shomei, who discovered a dimension next to ours he called the Gainen Space. In this dimension human thoughts took shape into representation of concepts, such as cutting, breaking, healing, protecting and many others. Metsu went insane when he entered the place without using any safety and discovered he gained the ability to summon the Gainen, the manifestations of human concepts and actions into our reality and decided to use them to attack the government when they cut his funding after his accident obliterated the lab.

Kurenai used his knowledge to create small devices that captured the residual energy of the gateway, allowing humans to summon the power of the Gainen and use it to battle the ones brought to our world by Shomei. This battle got to a climax when the Gainen Sentai reached 10 members and with their powers combined they defeated Metsu and stopped him from summoning anymore Gainen. Most of the Gainen Squad retired and gave Reiji Fukuma (Arguably the strongest of them, or at least the most battle ready) their medals for safe-keeping. Reiji lives in Sakurajima Island, constantly watched by the government after he leveled a mountain to stop a purse snatcher.

There are 10 Gainen Medals. 6 are kept by Reiji, 1 is with Gen Shishioh, 1 is with Alvin Himmerskalte, 1 is with Kuro-san and the last one in the hands of Ikari Fukushi

Hidden World Drug(s)


The new drug that is quickly becoming a game changing shift within the powers of the Hidden World. The only distributor and manufacturer of this deadly drug is the Hidden World criminal known as Candy Man and his associates, therefore access to the drug is extremely lucrative and expensive however the price one pays is fair for the benefits one gains from Candy. While what's in the drug is unknown the side effects are quite infamous and fearsome in rumors, Candy comes in many forms but no matter which version one takes the result is always one is with incredible abilities(or improving current abilities) that rival those of the Hidden World's most elite citizens.

The effects of Candy last for as long as it is in the blood stream which can be anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour or longer depending on the dosage and strength of the batch, the effects of Candy can be determined by it's color the most common version found on the streets are: Blue (a speed base candy) Red (a strength base candy) Yellow (a stamina/endurance base candy), Purple (a heighten sense base candy). There are also rumors of Candy that gives one more supernatural base abilities like conjuring flames, controlling electricity, and more however these are rare and extremely expensive to come by.

Supposedly there is over a hundred different versions of Candy that give one all kinds of abilities base on what their need is making this a extremely potent and versatile weapon within the Hidden World or even just gang warfare. However while the benefits of Candy is potent the draw backs are even more Candy is extremely addictive hooking many people for life and the withdraw is nearly to absolutely fatal causing many users to get their fix on an almost daily basis. (There is supposedly a version of candy that can soothe the need without getting the abilities).

Also depending on the type of Candy used there is a specific downside base on that for example the Blue Speed candy causes one to gain tunnel vision losing perspective and might find their movements when it wears off to be extremely slow.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: nice well Red Lion Academy is in America and B.L.O.O.D has facilities all over the world.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: That's fantastic. Great work!

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: is this the new location guide

Do you add alternate dimensions

Add the Sacred Gear Academy in Tokyo please

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What character is in that location?

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: oh

WellI am still keeping Longinus around even if he's broken so he's there

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@SekiryuuteiDxD: There's still the location thread guide, this is a geographical, political and economic guide only, showing how things on Vice Earth are different to our Earth.

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Do you plan to use the character? Because if not adding the location is a waste of time and space

@Shadowchaos: Which Coast? East or West? North or South?

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: yes

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@Sonata: Thanks

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: south west

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