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Jack had his wand out, pointed at Crow.  "Look Crow as much as you want to you can not kill Kaine, the justification for him being here is that he is an exchange student from Drumstrang School."  He saw that the nurses had him restrained and put his wand away.  Outside the clock struck one.  Lunch had ended, classes for the day had began.  "Now then Crow we are teachers here and we have obligations, I have to report to the deputy headmistress that it was Kaine who released the dragon last night, you have to teach some sixth years on the care of Hipogriffs."
Jack headed to the door, "Accio wands," Jack cast, Kaine's and Caius's wands flew into Jack's hand. "Now then Kaine I suggest you don't try anything, without your wand your just an ordinary twelve year old."  Jack was betting on one thing, earlier he found it odd that Kaine did not have a wand, for some reason now he had one.  Jack's hypothesis was that the dream world agreed with him and gave Kaine a wand.  Jack had found himself unable to use his own real world powers, they had been replaced by a wand.  Similarly Kaine's powers should have been replaced now that he had a wand.  "Madam, you'll make sure the children will not hurt each other?"
"Of course." replied the matron while cleaning the demon's wounds.  Jack didn't doubt her, this was a woman trained to heal everything from full grown adults to giants.  
The demon woke up but did not try to struggle against his magical bonds.  It was not in his best interest to get himself or his master killed after all.  Another seventh year came in, a red headed hufflepuff boy named Kaien who was there to relieve Miracle.  Jack was satisfied that between him and the matron no one would get hurt.  "Remember Crow, you have a class in front of the forest in 5 minutes, if you use the passage behind the tapestry on the fifth floor you might make it on time.  If you need me I'll be teaching the seventh years dueling in the great hall."
 He walked out and Miracle followed him, both of them where going to the same place.  Jack headed first to the fourth floor to drop off his report to the transfiguration teacher.  He walked up to the door and was about to open it when he felt the door vibrate.  It must have been Howlers, the door had silencio cast on it but even that could not block the vibrations the howlers caused.  Some day Jack would figure out why concerned parents chose that as the method of voicing their concerns.  The vibrations stopped and Jack opened the door, the room was covered in a layer of ash.  "Your a brave man."  Jack said to his superiour.
The transfiguration professor began cast a spell to clean up the ash.  "Thank you professor, do you have anything to report?"
"Yes sir, the person who released the dragon was that exchange student from Drumstrang, he has some sort of family issue with a slytherin here, he attempted to kidnap the slytherin but Professor Crow and I apprehended him, he is currently detained in the infirmary."
"Ah, this will be quite a problem, especially for our exchange program, the headmaster will return tonight, after he is here than we can deal with Drumstrang.  Dismissed."   Jack thanked him and left him to finish the statement he was writing for the daily prophet.
Jack walked down the stairs, passing a portrait with a mirror.  "Huh, when did that change?" he asked.
"What?" Miracle replied.
"My hair is black."
"Its always has been."  Miracle answered.  Jack wondered about that, he was looking more and more like himself by the hour.  He noticed something else, all damage from the days battle had been repaired, the death eaters were gone, the statues looked as if they never moved. He noticed something else, earlier there had been faces that were not from his long past wandering the halls, he assumed that those were from Caius's and Crow's pasts.  Now he recognized all of them, why was that?  It seemed that with Crow all stressed and Caius's amnesia, the dream world had grabbed more details from Jack's brain to compensate.  Which would explain why his appearance had changed earlier, Crow and Caius knew each other before then but neither of them had known him.  Caius's dream world had given Jack a random face, but now that the world was going through Jack's mind it had given him his own face.  This all meant that something intelligent was reading all of their minds.  Worrying.  After classes he would have to interrogate Caius and Kaine on this dream world and how it was maintaining itself.
The two of them reached the great hall, he opened the double oak doors.  The enchanted ceiling showed a cloudless Autumn day, the four house tables had been replaced with many smaller tables made for dueling, there were about 50 seventh years, some were practicing dueling, some were doing homework, and the rest sere gathered around an intense game with a ball of light that Jack liked to call wizard tennis.  Jack waved his wand and the ball of light flew towards him.  "Excellent playing but its time for class and..."  The door opened behind him, a group of second year Griffindoors entered, "Aren't you supposed to be in transfiguration?"
"It was cancelled," replied one of the kids.
"So you came here hoping to see something entertaining?  Well I guess I can humor you." Jack jumped on one of the tables, "Hannah, Miracle, Dean, Harold, come on."
"At the same time?" asked a second year boy, someone else elbowed him.  Jack smiled, the boy had clearly never seen him in a duel.
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As Jack left Crow had his arms at his side, the nurses have let him go when he promise that he wouldn’t harm Kaine...yet, his fist were clench and his blood was practically boiling. DAMN IT! The little bastard who got us into this mess is lying right in front of me and I can’t even harm a single hair on his head! All because of some stupid justification In a Dream World that doesn’t EXIST! DAMN! His fist harder and was shocked he could have sworn that he felt a jolt of electricity go down his harm as if he had his powers back; maybe Kaine was right the Dream World was ending soon meaning he would return to his normal self. Crow took a deep breath which helped a little and looked at Caius and Kaine laying in their respective hospital beds the gunslinger decided that his “class” was the least important thing right now. He turned to a student who was in the Hospital Wing Crow’s eyes widen as for a split second he recognized the face, it was his childhood friend Abigail, who was currently deceased in fact it was because of Crow she was dead. “ABIGAIL!” Crow blinked a few times but it seemed his eyes may have been playing tricks on him as the girls’ appearance change to someone he did not recognize at all she looked a little confuse by the Thunderbolt Gunslinger outburst, “I’m sorry Professor Crow but I’m not Abigail and I don’t know an Abigail. I’m Penelope Phoenixfeather.” Crow rubbed his face sighing a little as he calmed down from that shock, “I’m sorry Penelope it’s been a long day please go down stairs to a teacher and tell them to tell my class that it is cancelled for the day.” Thinking back to what Jack said, ‘Tell them they can go to great hall and watch Professor Jack duel.” The girl left and the Rail-gun sighed, Professor Jack my ass…we are not Professors this isn’t even a real place nothing in this world matters and he is going around like this is his new home!

Crow looked at Kaine and Caius trying to calm down but he just couldn’t he felt angrier and angrier with each passing second he remember what Jack said, “I’ll be teaching the seventh years dueling in the great hall.”….What seventh years these are figments of the mind we have family and friends outside of this crappy world. We can interrogate Kaine right here and he wants to preserve relationships between “schools”. Damn JACK! Crow sighed as stood up there was only one way to leave this dream world and that though talking to Caius and Kaine and seeing as Caius didn’t even remember who Crow was Kaine was the only answer but he was not allowed to harm Kaine. The gunslinger needed to blow off steam and he knew just how. “Nurse can you please look after these two especially that little BASTARD!” The Lightning Wizard pointed at Kaine. “I’m going to go down to the great hall and have a word with Jack.” Crow walked over towards Caius and again broke his own rules kissing the boy on the cheek and hugging him as he whispered in his ear. “I’m sorry I threaten your brother Caius. I promise I will get your memories back and get us out of here. If you are feeling better come down to the Great Hall and talk to me and Jack.” Crow suddenly turning on a dime grabbed Kaine and pulled him up to his face “You are lucky Jack was here you little or you would be jealous of Caius not having legs after what I would have done to you. We are going to get out of this world and Caius will remember and walk again and then I will kill you. Once you are healed come down to the Great Hall with me and Jack…oh and god helps you if you even think and trying something with Caius.” Crow went to walk away but realizing that no one would stop him he made sure Caius didn’t see and he droved his fist into the Weaver Bastard’s stomach winding the boy and nearly knocking him out. Then the Last Gunslinger left the Hospital Wing smiling now he had to deal with Jack.

It didn’t take long for the Thundering Cowboy to reach the great hall he pushed open the doors to fine Jack cheerfully dueling with three “students”; damn him! This isn’t the time for fun and games we need to get out of here. No offence Jack but this is just stress relief. Crow enter the hall smiling as he placed his hand on his gun wand and holster. “Hey Jack! How about you stop playing with kids and we give these “students” a real show to enjoy.” The Rail-gun looked around and saw that his class was also as he stepped up onto the dueling platform. “How about it kids would you rather duel against Jack here or would you like to see a duel between two teachers, two masters, two heroes! After all Professor that is what we all we are heroes! This isn’t our real world this is just a damn dream nothing matters here we should be finding a way out of here not teaching!” Crow’s anger and rage along with the stress of the recent battles had got the better of him he needed to relax and if fighting Jack relax him then so be it. The Lightning Revolver was smiling but it was only showing his normal calm, cool, cheerful expression but now hinted a bit of blood lust for a good fight.

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Jack had found something strange in the tactics of his students, they had started with a smoke screen, followed by a spell that caused a loud bang and then the spamming of stunners and explosives.  Dean even had the idea to use a freezing spell to limit Jack's movement.  The strange thing was that all of this, the use of explosives and the creative use of ordinary spells were Jack's tactics.  Jack used a wind spell to blow away the smoke and started redirecting four peoples worth of spells,  Redirection spells were not as taxing as shields and his students had chosen to go for high quantity spells instead of high quality spells making redirection easy.  Jack caused Harold and Dean to stun each other, had tripped Hannah with a leg locker and used Rictusempra on Miracle.  Then Crow walked in. 
“Hey Jack! How about you stop playing with kids and we give these “students” a real show to enjoy.”  Jack was unsurprised, the two of them were so different from each other that it was only natural this would happen.  "How about it kids would you rather duel against Jack here or would you like to see a duel between two teachers, two masters, two heroes! After all Professor that is what we all we are heroes! This isn’t our real world this is just a damn dream nothing matters here we should be finding a way out of here not teaching!"
"Well then Crow if you want to fight me with you one attack spell then so be it," Jack replied, he had worked out a countercharm for Crows volt shots, of course it was theoretical but Jack trusted his theories.    "Or you could do what I'm doing and wait until this world finishes folding in on itself."  Jack suddenly pointed to a student, a second year named Mal, "Mal where are we?"
"The great hall."  Jack waved for him to go one, "In a world made of dreams, this hall is based on the dueling club scene in the second movie and this class is based of a fanfic your apprentice made you read."
"Good, see they all know, I checked and I found that the certainly did not know yesterday, now its natural to them to know this.  And here they are, using my tactics against me.  The dream world can't run on its own so well anymore, its taking details from us in order to function.  Soon it well lose its ability to run all together."  Jack explained, he had done a lot of investigation and more than a few educated guesses.  "But somehow I don't think that will dissuade you from a fight."  Jack walked to his end of the table.  "I'll give you the first shot."
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The Lightning Wizard listens to the wind mage talk about how the world was folding in on itself and how it can’t sustain it self for much longer and frankly the gunslinger just didn’t care he was exhausted, frustrated, and needed some serious stress relief. Once Jack finished he walked to the end of the table turning to face the Rail-gunner. “I’ll give you the first shot.” Crow laughed as he stepped on the dueling table taking off his duster coat and tossing it aside but before the coat could hit the ground it vanished into dust and when Crow looked down he was shocked to see he was wearing his normal clothes again jeans, a shirt and blue jacket. Crow was shocked as he looked at his gun-wand and for a split second it had returned to his actually revolver, Quicksilver, it seems that Jack was right this place is slowly fading soon it will be completely gone and we will be back home. But unfortunately for Jack I don’t care I just want to fight. Crow began to laugh a little nearly doubling over from the joy and excitement he calmed down soon after though smiling at Jack as he felt the stress slowly lift off him. “You know Jack I am surprise you were the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in this world because though out all of this you have remained calm and collected. You really should have been the Headmaster you got the wisdom and skill of Dumbledore his self amigo. You are probably right any minute we will all wake up and have a good laugh about this but to be frank Jack I don’t care.” Crow raised his gun aiming directly at Jack. “Trust me Jack its not that I don’t like you in fact I like you a lot you are a skilled warrior and I think can give me a run for my money if I am not careful but this isn’t about this world folding in on itself or even getting out of here. Let’s say this is friendly spar between two friends as well as stress relief for me. Besides we can past the time until we wake up.” Crow smiled a little at the Wind Mage locking eyes with him.

Crow smiled a little, Jack pretty much seen the scope of my lightning abilities in this world because I am so limited by this world properties, but I am not a one trick pony show. Magic may be important in this realm but Jack and I are heroes we are both skilled in our own skills besides I knew a few more spells. Without wasting another moment Crow began firing upon Jack with his compressed spell bullets not actually aiming at Jack but around him especially at his feet; the gun-wizard was firing a compressed version of a blast spell that could easily blow apart stone. The gunslinger at Jack feet to force the Wizard of the Wind to jump in the air leaving him open; Crow then followed up the blasting spells with a more physical attack using his speed, agility, and acrobatics skills to get behind Jack and delivered a axe kick aim at the back of Jack’s neck which had enough force to slam him into the ground. Crow then continued his delivering several rapid fire kicks to Jack’s back into the ground then Crow quickly flipped backwards smiling still. “Hey Jack it’s a shame this place isn’t real you would fit in really well here. Maybe you should ditch that outfit and instead walk around with a pointing hat and long coat.” Crow chuckled a little as he taunted his fellow hero a little after all this was Crow fighting style he used his speed and agility to constantly keep the opponent moving but always keeping a distance so that he could use his long range skills he also like to mock and joke around in a fight to get in his opponent’s head. It didn’t matter if his was in this world or his own his fighting style stayed the same some actually said that Crow was lazy in battle and treated it a like a joke this was half true but in reality he was deadly serious in a fight and was always watching his opponent trying to use his superior vision and deductive reasoning to found a weakness in their movements or powers.

Crow kept his cool calm smile as he tried to figure out a way to win against Jack, I may have a few tricks up my sleeve that Jack doesn’t but in the end in this end I am at a disadvantage. My skills and use of my Relampago are limited because of this world “Magic”. Jack seems at ease in this world and from the battles I have seen his magical knowledge is immense he probably knows spells I can only dream of. He has seen my Voltios a million times and probably knows a counter to it and wants me to use that spell. The best thing for me to do is use it and try to figure a counter to his counter so if I need to rely on my Voltios I am not out trump card. Crow smiled as he began charging his lightning abilities in his gun-wand as he spke keeping his cool and cheerful tone. “Lo siento amigo. It seems I broke traditional dueling rules I really new this whole duel thing at least in this universe.” Crow continued to joke a little with Jack as he reached his desired charge “What see what you can do against my Voltios. 1,000 Violtios!” Crow shot the 1,000 voltage bullet at Jack, the blast took the form a large sphere of electrical energy it was relatively weak it would hurt if it hit the Wind Wizard and shock him but not enough to do a lot of damage and that was the point Crow wanted to see what Jack’s counter was to his Voltios so that he could figure a way around it.

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"Let’s say this is friendly spar between two friends as well as stress relief for me. Besides we can past the time until we wake up."

"A friendly spar? I'm alright with that." Jack smiled, he would enjoy this challenge. Crow aimed his wand downwards and stared firing, Jack was impressed at the power and speed of the bullets but he could easily predict their path, he jumped back, using a levitation spell to give himself an extra boost. Then Jack realized that Crow was much more powerful than he gave him credit for. Jack had fought actual cowboys in the old west, men with a strong wills, quick draws and good aim but none of them could move that well. In fact no wizard he knew could move so well, they were all used to no-contact dueling.

Jack brought his arm up and blocked a kick at his neck, the two of them hung, suspended in the air by their magic and their power. Jack turned to block a barrage of kicks coming at his back. Jack was blasted back, to the other side of the table, Crow flipped to his side. “Hey Jack it’s a shame this place isn’t real you would fit in really well here. Maybe you should ditch that outfit and instead walk around with a pointing hat and long coat.”

"I've had bad experiences with the pointy hat," Jack replied, he had once needed to steal one from a witch, that was not a fun day. Jack saw Crow's relaxed stance, it was quite similar to his own. Jack was completely relaxed, he never lost his temper, he never gave into passion and he never let his enemy get under his skin. That was how he fought.

“Lo siento amigo. It seems I broke traditional dueling rules I really new this whole duel thing at least in this universe.” Crow joked, he was quite right, very few people did contact dueling, even in Jack's class where contact was allowed almost no one took advantage of it. “What see what you can do against my Voltios. 1,000 Violtios!” Jack saw the sphere coming, he knew that Crow was stronger than that, his guess was that Crow was probing, wondering what Jack's counter was. The counter Jack had thought of involve transfiguring a chair and a spell that created static, but Jack had another riskier idea that he wanted to try.

He aimed his wand upward and concentrated, this spell relied on several fan theories on the nature of Hogwarts being true. In the books people could not use modern electrical equipment in Hogwarts because they would go haywire. The theory about why was thus, magic was electrical in nature and Hogwarts, being the nexus of magic that it was, caused interference. Jack theorized that if he altered the magic in the air he could make it cancel out Crow's electric spell. "Aetastim Brevi" Jack chanted. The 1000 volt ball seemed to dissipate, turning from a concentrated ball of power into a bright but harmless fog.

Jack didn't see the effect of his spell because the world around him went black. There was only one other thing that Jack could see, Miracle. "Did you do this?" Jack asked.


"But you still want to ask me something?" Jack continued. He felt an odd chill in the air.

Miracle was not wearing her winter school uniform, instead she was wearing white fur clothing and heavy winter boots. There were stains on the coat, they were faded but Jack could still see them. "I don't want to die." She replied in an uncharacteristically scared voice.

"And I'm your ticket out?"


"Seems I can't really let go can I, come along girl, your death is not going to be on my fault again." Jack said coldly. He started walking, she did not. "Is something wrong?"

"I thought you'd be happier, I'm alive again."

"Your a memory that gained sentience nothing more."

That made her angry, "Really, that what you think of me? I care, I have feeling, I know things you never could." She stepped closer getting right in his face, "I am Miracle, I am alive, much more alive than you!"

Jack did a very unexpected thing, he smiled and hugged her. They were standing in a village the sat on the side of a snow capped mountain. Miracle's home. "Yes its you alright. So I get to live with you in my head from now on? I think I'd like that." Jack felt her fading into him, she vanished and Jack found himself back at the duel, the last traces of the volt shot disappearing. You there?

Now and forever Jack, now kick his ass.

Jack smiled, he pointed his wand forward. "Vientus mu-arum" A wall of air blasted forward, heading straight for Crow.

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Crow eyes widen as his Voltios ball turned into a bright white fog, what did Jack do how did he just turn my lightning into a fog? Damn he must be the president of the Harry Potter Fan Club he knows so much about this world and its rule I am going to get owned. The Last Gunslinger began to walk into the fog that seemed to spread and fill the Great Hall it covered everything in a blanket of white and blocked everything from view even Crow who eye sight was the best around couldn’t see the outlines of objects. What did Jack do? Did he catch me in some sort of spell when he changed my Voltios something doesn’t feel right? Crow kept walking around in the fog but something seemed off he remembered that he was still in the Great Hall dueling and he shouldn’t be able to walk this far without bumping into something or someone but yet the fog seem to go on endlessly it was like the gunslinger was walking in the clouds. Suddenly an all too familiar voice came from behind Crow, “It’s Caius’s Dream World you know..it’s begin to break down it using your and Jack’s memories to sustain itself but it doesn’t seem to be enough.” Crow turned around shocked and slightly horrified to see his childhood friend Abigail, tears began to slide down the Rail-gun face but yet he was smiling. “Abby! You are alive but how; don’t tell me this is the dream world making my memories real as parts of my subconscious?” The young girl with blond pig tails smiled at Crow, “Yep see you are smart you just act dumb so people underestimate you. When we were kids you would always play the dumb one when I knew you were smarter than that.” Crow began to walk towards his childhood friend but as he got closer it seemed like she moved further away, “That’s because I didn’t want extra work then I needed besides you would always figure things out before I did. So if this dream world is making me see you can other people see you as well?” Abby continued to smile at the gun toting hero, “Nope I don’t think so I think Jack may be suffering similar right now and you can’t see it. You two are experiencing memories that you hide from the world and the Dream world is obeying that desire.” For a second the blonde’s smile fainted a little and she looked sad, “But why do you hide me from the world Crow, I thought we were friends and yet you hide this part of you from Toni, Caius, Jack, and everyone you call a friend now why?” As Abby spoke Crow was shocked to see Toni, Caius, and others from his past emerge from the fog, the gunslinger lowered his head and clenched his fist in sadness. “You should know why after all you are a figment of my sub conscious; I hide it from the world because I don’t want them to know about what I did about how weak I was or how I had to kill you Abby.”

Abby’s smile returned and Crow kept walking towards her but got no where closer to her, “But Crow that is silly you can’t run or deny your past it is about of you. Your past will always chase you Crow it loves to chase you into an unknown future. Because then you are lost in the future and the only thing to keep you company is your past and soon you begin to live your life and act base on your past. Doesn’t that sound like you believe in a deity…yeah it does because you past becomes your god. Your past becomes you.” A smile was on Crow face as the tears flow down steadily, “What are you trying to say Abby?” The young girl just smiled and titled her head, “Oh nothing Crow like you said I am a figment of your subconscious maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something or maybe I am just saying something random that I would say based on my personality that you knew. Take it however you want Crow. Oh it looks like my time here is running out.” Just as Abby said that a red spot began to form on her dress and it slowly began to grew, Crow was shocked as he also notice the spot, “No Abby please wait…before you go I am sorry I wasn’t strong enough to protect you back then.” Abby laughed a little as she looked at Crow as the red spot grew the white fog began to fade, “Don’t apologize to your subconscious Crow. You were always strong now prove it fight Jack and win.” The tears began to stop as Crow clenched his gun-wand knowing what the memory/figment of his subconscious said was true, as the last of the fog began to lift Abby left him with a few words, “Look out Crow, Jack is casting and fire a powerful wind spell. Show him why you are the Last Gunslinger.” As the white fog lifted it was cut though with a powerful wind spell cast by the Mage Archer. The wall of air slammed into Crow with the force of a truck sending the Rail-gunslinger flying backwards off the dueling platform and into a few table.

A large dust cloud flew up blinding everyone from the fate of The Last Gunslinger but suddenly emerging from the cloud came Crow smiling but covered in bruises and cuts. So it seems whatever Jack experience has made him get serious good because it just wouldn’t have been fun with Jack not being serious. Crow smirked at he raised his gun wand aiming at the archer, “Hey Jack its’s about time you joined the part for a moment I thought you weren’t taking me seriously which is kind of rude don’t you think.” With that Crow began to fire a variety pack of spells bullets; explosive, freezing, incendiary, concussive, and anything his mind could think of. Meanwhile Crow was rolling, dodging, ducking, and diving out of the way of Jack’s oncoming spells. Crow was jumping and flipping over tables as he ran to Jack still firing spells in a fashion similar to gun-kata (it more like wand-kata) as the gunslinger moved he winced in pain the extreme acrobatic movement were opening up his wounds from earlier. Suddenly Crow’s wand flew out of his hand because it was hit by an experillamus charm, but the gunslinger kept going watching his wand fly though the air towards Jack while he ran towards Jack dodging the spells as he best as he sore body could. “Hey Jack if this is a dream then I am your worst nightmare. Spells are just like projectiles something that I excel at.” The Gunslinger jumped back on the dueling platform as he got closer he brought his leg up kicking Jack’s wand out of his hand sending flying in the air next to his own, Suddenly the gunslinger grabbed the mage by his shirt smiling. “It’s time to wake you up from this dream Jack!” Suddenly Crow brought his head back then slammed it forward as he pulled the archer into him, the gunslinger’s head smashed into Jack’s with one of his signature knock out hit, the High Velocity Impact Head Butt. Crow smiled as he froze in air his head against Jack blood slowly beginning to trickle down his forehead and face.

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“Hey Jack its’s about time you joined the part for a moment I thought you weren’t taking me seriously which is kind of rude don’t you think.” Crow said, gun-wand pointed outward.

"I agree Crow," Jack replied, brandishing his own wand. "Sorry about that." Both of them moved at the same time, the air filled with spells. Jack fired shield spell after shield spell, trying to counter the many types of bullets flying his way. Crow was coming for him, making his own cover as he went, Jack could not afford to keep blocking. "Expeliarmus." Jack cast, the wand flew out of Crows hand, arcing through the air. Jack began firing stunning spells at Crow, the gunslinger simply dodged them. Damn he's fast.

“Hey Jack if this is a dream then I am your worst nightmare. Spells are just like projectiles something that I excel at.” Crow kicked Jack's wand into the air and grabbed him by the shirt. “It’s time to wake you up from this dream Jack!” He slammed his head into Jack's, blood flowed between them into Jack's eyes.

The duel was over.

Jack reached his hand out, snatching his wand from the air and pointed it at both of them, "You're right Crow." Jack said quietly, "It's been fun, playacting here, and it was nice to meet you but this is not where we belong. Excitareto!"

The spell for awakening worked as it should have. Jack found himself in his quarters at Ebisu base. Miracle?

I'm still here.

Good. Jack put on his cloak and walked out.

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