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Caius slammed his head against the old wooden desk. The whole world around him shook violently, but nobody else would notice. That was because everybody else belonged there. Caius, on the other hand was not a projection made up of memories and ideas. He was transported into a Dream World. The only problem was that the Dream World wasn't made up entirely of his own dreams. It was only half made up of his dreams. The other half was another dimension. In layman's terms, Caius could not escape the Dream World because it wasn't entirely his. "Open your books to page 218." The teacher ordered as she marched up between the rows of desks.

Caius planned on carefully entering the Dream World, until his foolish brother foolishly pushed Caius' mind completely into the Dream World, taking a handful of people from the real world. Caius opened his eyes to find himself in the 
Slytherin dorm room in a bunk completely unfamiliar. Caius rolled his eyes. Recreating Hogwarts was fun, but being in it was awful. The teachers were condescending and everyone commented on how he was too young to be taking fourth year classes. Caius groaned, annoyed. He didn't choose his schedule. But there was one thing that Caius noticed right away. Many of teachers were at least similar to those in the Harry Potter book he recently picked up, but some were vastly different. Caius found no trace of Harry Potter and his friends. Caius had created a Hogwarts where he could fill in the gaps. Although it would be fun, Caius was lazy and upset. A horrible combination for the young boy.

While Caius was wondering who else had been sucked into the world, the teacher, who Caius thought looked rather like McGonagall snapped his name.
"Mr. Weaver. Please turn to page 218. I trust that you're capable of such a simple task, or do I have to make Mr. Middleton do it for you." She snapped. Caius carefully raised his head from the desk.

"With all due respect ma'am. Shove it. I have a massive headache, and I wish not to be disturbed." Caius spat, lying his head back down on the desk. The students giggled and suddenly shut their mouths when they looked at their teacher. The teacher's lips formed a thin line as she shoved her anger down her throat.

"Mr. Weaver, please take your books and go to the Headmaster's office." The teacher said.

"I'd rather not ma'am. But thank you for your consideration."
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Jack woke up with a start, he found himself in an unfamiliar room.  It was a teachers office, it had filling cabinets, books, a dirty fish tank and a staff picture on the desk.  The picture was moving.   That was a strange development, moving pictures were surprisingly hard to do with the types of magic Jack was familiar with.  He felt liquid on his forehead, he raised his hand and felt ink, what he did not feel was a mask.  The ink was from a pile of papers, test on the properties of magic creatures.  Jack was correcting an essay on dementors.

Jack realized what he was grading and he ran to the window, and yes he was where he thought he was, Hogwarts, there was the lake, the hut of the ground's master and a giant squid.  He felt memories that were not his, of a childhood in London, daily visits to Diagon alley and schooling in Hogwarts.  And he remebered what his position was, the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, a position he had held for two years.   He went on grading essays, he decided this was a dream and that he would go with it.

His next class was starting soon, he got up and went towards the third floor, he had had a lesson about Chimera to teach.
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Retrias walks in the corridor, a completely unfamiliar place, his bed room look similiar enough though, although not technological stuff, only books and even candlelights instead of lamps. He have decided that he is probably one of those weird situation. He noticed that he is a 6 grader, the equivalent of say 17  in here? He took a long look at his schedules, he know that he made the schedule , but really "Potion"? and "Defense against dark art" sounds useful but strange. Then he remembered Mizukari have talked about ths kind of things, it came from a movie about this boy who fight this dark guy,he doesn't remember who the boy name is . He did know the school or the Dark Guy though. It was Hogwarts wasn't it?

He then looked at his clock, broken , Technology do get interference from magic after all. He pulled down an pocket clock, a gift from Lica he remembered. Something could be felt, something that was not his, a memory, flooding, teacher, knowledge, friends, then death. He felt his tear, only one? He looked at the mirror besides him, a missing eye, covered by an eyepatch. He remembered all of this, it was last year. But now first class, Defense against dark art, something were scribbled on the side "Professor Jack", Retrias thought for a time , that this is the teacher however he didn't remember. He remember he had his wand somewhere, a thick long black wand, a new creation unorthodox using various enchanted metal instead of wood, the wand is conical and had a the core visible on both ends, A crystallized cut of a dragon heart. Strange indeed.
 Here is the look he s going to have for the whole RP, because wizards from a well off old family don't wear t-shirts
 Here is the look he s going to have for the whole RP, because wizards from a well off old family don't wear t-shirts
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The last Gunslinger Crow Cementerio had a splitting headache he felt like a professional just beat the crap out of him for 10 rounds straight. He opened his eyes a little to be blinded by bright lights and loud noises causing him to groan loudly. Slowly the gunslinger began to open his eyes again to take in everything in a steady flow once his eyes and head adjusting to the light he found himself in a unrecognizable place. Crow was in a dorm room it seemed it was a nice size room filled with some chairs and couches a table and a desk. There was a large fireplace in front of Crow that was filling the room with its heat and warmth, the cowboy was currently sitting in a large maroon chair. Crow also that there were people in this room as well they look like students wearing matching uniforms and they were here and there some were chatting while others wrote on parchment with ink and quills there were a few who were studying from books. Crow quickly notice one thing about the students’ uniforms all of them had the same emblem on the left breast a griffon inside a red and gold shield and underneath of that there was written Gryffindor in gold.

Crow slowly began to take in himself and realized that his clothes were different as well instead of wearing his usual cowboy attire Crow was wearing an indigo and silver sleeveless vest that has black buckles that kept it close underneath that he was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and black gloves on his hands along with black pants with a silver and indigo belt attached and black boots that had spurs on the back. A smile slid over his face he like the new attire but then his eyes grew wide where was one of his prized possession the cowboy hat that was pasted down to him from his grandfather. Where is it? Where is my hat? I need my hat where is it? The gunslinger began to panic as he shifted in his chair and then sighed in relief seeing just on the shoulder of the chair he quickly grabbed it and put it on, Thank god. Crow then began to realize he had the pink ribbon with a gold bell attached to it around his neck that was a gift from his girlfriend Toni. Crow noticed he was wearing a indigo and silver holster as he reached behind him his eyes widen he slowly took out what was suppose to be his revolver Quicksilver, instead of the custom revolver that was made out the indestructible metal orichalcum Quicksilver now appeared to be a wooden toy. The gun was a toy wooden revolver, the wood was silver and across the barrel of the toy Quicksilver was written in gold, there was also something also about the toy gun he was holding Crow could tell the wooden gun had a core that was made from orichalcum. “My gun! What happen to Quicksilver!” All of the students then turned towards him looking worried and scared one of the students, a girl who look to be 15 with short curly brown hair and freckles approached him placing her hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay Professor Crow?”

Suddenly an eruption of memories occurred in the gunslinger mind a violent clash of what seem like two completely different lives one involved what Crow knew was real that he had lived but the other was a strange one that could not be real but yet they were Crow’s memories he remembered every single touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. They were the memories of him having a custom made wand, going to Hogwarts and graduating, then being a demon/creature hunter then returning to Hogwarts to become the Care of Magical Creature teacher. Ahhh my head what are these memories! Crow nearly fell out of his chair but regain composure once his saw the kids becoming afraid. Then it all occurred to him, Hogwarts, Gryffindor, wands, Care of Magical Creatures I have some how been warped into the world of Harry Potter and I’m a teacher the Care of Magical Creatures teacher. The gunslinger then to out his gun/wand, Quicksilver it now my wand, I had it custom built for me well at least it stills a gun. Another student a young boy who looked like he was 14 with blonde hair and blue eyes walked up to him, “Professor Crow I know you would to hang up here and all but shouldn’t you be getting down to your class. Isn’t it going to start soon?” More “Hogwarts” memories burned into Crow mind these were of having a class in about 30 minutes and always coming and hanging out with Gryffindor students because he was also a Gryffindor. The gunslinger sat up slowly smiling a little as he began to walk out of the dorm, “Yea your right I should get down to my class.” Before he could walk out of the portal another student ran up with a duster coat, “Wait Professor Crow don’t forget your coat.” The student handed Crow a silver duster coast with short sleeves, the gunslinger smiled as he took the coat and threw it and left the Gryffindor dorm. Despite the smile Crow was anxious and his head felt like it was about to spilt open as more many began to fill his mind and clash with his actual memories. I need to found out what the hell happen to explain how I got here then I need to get out of this place. I just hope I’m not the only stuck here.                   

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 "Hey! Weaver!" A voice called, chasing the telepath down the busy halls of the old school. The boy was older than Caius, a forth year. Caius took all fourth year classes and only knew people older than himself. The boy wasn't anything special. His brown hair slumped into his eyes and his long black cloak bore the crest of Slytherin. Caius had entered the Hogwarts Dream World at the beginning of the year. They said he was a transfer student from a wizarding school in Italy. There was a slight disturbance in the dream world a month or so into classes. Caius assumed that was when everybody else from the real world enter 'Hogwarts'. "What class do you have next?" He asked, as soon as he caught up to Caius.

Caius, who memorized his schedule with in first few minutes responded immediately.
"Care of Magical Creatures." The boy nodded and thought for a moment. Caius sighed. "Yes, you have that class with me." The young boy answered with annoyance. The older boy laughed and followed Caius down the hall.

"That's with Professor Crow. Apparently he was really out of it this morning." Explained the teen. Caius stopped and nearly dropped his books. "Are you okay Caius? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Yeah, I'm fine Daniel. I just thought of something really weird. For get about it." Caius shook it off. How could I have not made the connection? Caius thought. Caius sped his way to his next class, Daniel jogged to catch up. "You'll get sick if you run around like that Caius." Daniel stated, referring to Caius' multiple diseases. Caius waved his hand in the air. "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it darling" Caius called back. It only took a few more minutes until Caius and Daniel arrived to Professor Crow's class a few minutes early.
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Derek rubbed the scar over his eye. It had been irritating him for some time. His coworkers had tried all manner of charms and spells, but nothing worked. He remembered the incident that scarred him like it was yesterday. He'd been in a fight with another wizard who had been holding a grudge for ages, and he'd managed ot get through Derek's otherwise perfect defense and scarred him, just missing the eye itself. He stood up, and moved to the window. From there he could see the Forbidden Forest, all manner of spectacular and unbelievable creatures lived. He rubbed his eye again, and one of the portraits started speaking. "I say, Professor de la Flamme, I suggest you go down to the infirmary if your scar irritates you so." Derek scowled deeply. "Thank you for your concern, but my scar is fine." His scar always itched more when he was angry or irritable. "Sir, you have an hour free now. Why you chose Defense Against the Dark Arts I shall never know. We all know you prefer the creatures of our world." Derek grinned, and the itching in his eye subsided slightly. "Nor shall I." He turned and beheld the portrait. It was of an Auror who had died rather recently. The man was looking at the desk. The fact that there were more books on magical creatures than the teacher's own subject was inconsequential. He moved back to his desk and graded a final paper without sitting down. "I shall be off now, Gregory. I shall return in a while." The Auror nodded, and walked out of the frame. "Portraits. They can never stay in one place for too long." Derek chuckled and left his office. The steps were at an awkward angle to the door, but Derek jogged down them instinctively. A lesser man may well have slipped. He strode down the empty classroom and opened the door, then began a swift walk down the long spiral staircase. As he walked he greeted portraits, and they greeted him in return.

He reached the bottom of the staircase and eyed the statue of the hump-backed old witch. Few people knew about it, but there was a passage into the village Hogsmeade underneath the statue. He turned and exited the tower and began walking through the castle itself. Every now and then, he'd greet a student. Occasionally they'd greet him as well, occasionally they didn't. Those that didn't often found themselves victims of strings of bad luck. Luckily, most took it as a joke. He was too preoccupied to actually pay attention to who did and who didn't and his wand stayed in place. He thought about those students who might be trouble. There was that kid who was taking fourth year courses, Caius Weaver, a bunch of other Slytherins, and a few from other houses. A few rebellious Gryffindors might pose a problem too. Luckily, most were in the first couple of years, and those who weren't could be dealt with rather easily. Professor McGonagall caught up with him. "Goodness, Derek. I have no idea how you walk so fast." Derek smiled. "Plenty of practice, Minerva, lots and lots of practice." The two walked in silence for a moment. "The Headmaster wishes to know the names of those students who you think might be trouble." McGonagall reminded him. "Yes, I do remember, thank you, Minerva, I am actually on my way to see him, just as soon as I make a quick stop at the Library." The Deputy Headmistress seemed to be pleased with that. "Very well, Professor, good day to you." She turned on her heel and walked off down a hallway. "And to you." Derek said to himself as he walked towards the Library.
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Retrias arrived in front of the classroom , He didn't bring any book or study material, He didn't thought that he have to . Well I don't see the need to bring my books , I probably can remember all of those stuff, Let see what else I forget, He looked at his attire a rather strange outfit for people in hogwarts while still conforming to standards set by the school, Black Half coat instead of a full one to fulfill the coat regulation tied with buttons and chains to display his family emblem, Undershirts enchanted with various charms and protection.a belt containing various prepared common potions, and armored boots coated again with dragon skin. Hmm I seem oddly prepared it is like I didn't came to this school for study but instead expecting dangers. There can't be that ,many danger here anyway, a Portrait then suddenly replied to his thought, Of But of course The school had this many danger , ever since "them" came. The portrait depict of a man much older but with the same facial feature as Retrias, probably another member of the Voltlaire, his face is in a crude grim there is a huge scar in his face. Them? Who? Retrias felt like he feigned ignorance but really he didn't know of "them" He talked while struggling to find a place to pin his House badge in his coat. Gave it up young Retrias obviously you are still in shock if you didn't remember where you place your pin. The Portrait spoke again while tapping his armband, a small badge is there too, a house badge. Retrias just gave a small nod smiling at the Portrait
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Out on the ground of Hogwarts; yes Hogwarts the school of witchcraft and wizarding from the J.K. Rowling popular book series Harry Potter, only a few feet in the Forbidden Forest the last Gunslinger and currently the Care of Magical Creatures Teacher Crow was holding his wand/wooden revolver, Quicksilver, aiming at a tree testing his powers. In between his glasses the gunslinger walked out here to the forest that was prohibited to students and began testing his powers to unfortunate results, Crow had learned that because the gun was wooden and not real it didn’t shoot bullets meaning that his signature Railgun technique was absolute in this world which was deeply upsetting because it was that technique that earned him his nickname The Railgun in his actual universe thinking about that brought about more “false positive” memories these were of the development of a different nickname, 200 million Volts Crow, as his memories clashed in his mind Crow feel down to knees holding his head with one hand, “Ahhhhhh! My head! It hurts so much!” Damn it everything brings up memories its like trying to hold back a broken faucet. Crow slowly sat up regaining control over him self, since he came out to the grounds this morning the violent headaches and clash of memories from two different lives had become a frequent thing. I figure once I remember everything up to this current date this should stop, the gunslinger thought to him self as he steadies and aimed his gun preparing to test his powers even more. He had discovered that while he could not shoot bullets anymore he could still pull the trigger on this wooden gun and when he did he felt electrical energy building up in the gun he could feel the voltage increase from the recent memory he realized that 200 million volts must be a max of some sort. He had already tested some different degrees of voltage the weakest being 1 volt which small lightning “bullets” that would barely hurt a fly but enough to sting a little and the more recent 1 million volts which fired powerful bolts of lightning, the gunslinger could only imagine what 200 million volts would do. Crow also discovered that he could cast all the spells a wizard of his talents could though his gun but they were fired like a bullet, and because he still retained his gunslinger accuracy and his 20/2 vision in this world he could cast spells more accurately then a normal wizard. This brought a smile to his face; it’s good to know that even in a Harry Potter universe I’m still the most accurate in this world. Well I guess I tested my powers as far as I can without being redundant. Besides I think my class is starting soon and are they in for a treat. As Crow walked he fought back the numbed pain of a head ache as memories of what he had plan for his class last night filled his head.

Crow walked out of the and took a seat on a nearby stump as his class approached. The early students were about a yard away so Crow decided that he give his accuracy a quick test he took out his “gun” and aimed a male student pointing at the kids book casually, Hmm now let see I read the books let me remember a spell if I can, instead of remembering a spell word form the books Crow’s mind filled itself with a lifetime of spells sorting though the new information and pain was a bit much so he just picked a simple spell. Crow muttered under his breath his head hurting to much to use non verbal spells, “Expelliarmus” The wand fired a bullet like version of the disarming spell hitting the students book, in the exact spot Crow aimed from a little less than a yard away, the book feel into the air and hit the ground causing the unfortunate student to run after it and a smirk to appear on the gunslinger or currently the gun wizard’s face. Yeah I still got it even it this universe. Thank god all those carrots I ate when I was younger and all that training I be pissed if I got screwed out of my skills because of J.K. Rowling.

Crow head was killing him as more and more memories clashed and filled his head, thankfully they were becoming more recent but still Crow was forced to grab his head and close his eyes fighting back tears. The pain subsided for now allowing Crow to stand up and look around most of the class had arrived now and they all look anxious at his recent display of pain, it didn’t help that word that got that he was acting strange in the Gryffindor dorm. Crow flashed a quick reassuring smile to his students and gave them a thumb up speaking optimistically and cheerfully, “What’s wrong class you look like you seen a dragon?” A few of the students laughed at this remark, from what the cowboy could tell this was a fourth year class. I got to admit as crazy as this universe is, it’s pretty nice to be a teacher and help kids learn. Crow smiled at the class as he spoke; “Now you probably all heard I was acting strange earlier but no need to worry, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” The class began to laugh at his joke and worried a little least about their teacher strange behavior. ‘Okay good now that, that is out of the way I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and did your homework I will be collecting that at the end of class.” The 200 million Volts, Wizard winced as memories of homework and the weekend flowed in he look around the class taking a mental roll call as painful headaches caused by memories of each student filled his head. Yep they are all fourth years it seems that good from what I taught so far they are the nicest and smartest of the all the grades at least fifth years. “So does everyone remember what Friday lesson was? Now I know you all had a long weekend I sure did that one trip to the Three Broomsticks I will remember. A word from your elders class never….and I mean ever mix Fire Whisky and Butterbeer.” The atmosphere lighten up more as Crow walked back and forth in front of his class making sure everyone was attended to today then he saw him standing next to the boy who books he shot with his spell was a certain 12 year old, black hair sky blue eyed boy wearing an eye patch along with a set of Slytherin robes. A boy, Crow recognize immediately and knew that he was not from the Harry Potter-verse, Caius Weaver heir to the Weaver estate who Crow had encountered to unfortunate results that being a trip to an Erotic Night Club. The gun wizard mind was filled with new memories but unlike the memories from his life as wizard, that came in an even flow, these were fragmented and filled with blackness almost like walking though a dream they were also from the real-verse. Crow remembered going to Caius house because the boy wanted something and then blackness. Crow shouted without thinking, “CAIUS WEAVER YOU LITTLE….” Thankfully the cowboy caught himself it would not be good if his students heard him finish that sentence, he quickly changed his tone to one of faked politeness and flash a half ass fake smile, “Prodigy can you please remind us what we learned Friday.”                

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Caius perked up immediately after Crow, or 'Professor Crow' had remembered his name and called on him to answer the important question of last class' work. Caius smiled and swung his feet restlessly as he pretended to think. "Of course I remember Professor Crow!" Caius said happily. The young boy suddenly hopped up on the desk and addressed the whole class. Everyone sighed knowing that this was not an uncommon event. "Professor Crow is my favourite teacher of all time! Not only is he smart, and his lectures as entertaining as that TV show 'The Bachelor', he is dashingly hansom!" At that point, Caius looked back to Crow and winked playfully. "I would never forget what the amazing, brilliant, and fantastic professor Crow taught us!" Caius then nodded, pleased that everyone had heard what he just said. The young boy sat back down and smiled up at the teacher.
"Back to your question, Professor Crow, I believe you were telling us about Dementors. And other soul...." Caius paused for a moment, then nearly groaned the next words that followed, "sucking fiends." The whole class erupted into hysterical laughter and Caius just giggled innocently. For a moment it appeared that Caius was done embarrassing the teacher, but suddenly, he continued with a devilish and seductive smile. "Professor Crow, enlighten us. What sucks harder than a Dementor?" Again, the class giggled, and Caius smiled like he had won the lottery.
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Crow thought that for a minute that Caius would answer normally as he watched the 12 year old boy kick his feet and replied to his teacher’s question about what the class learned on Friday, "Of course I remember Professor Crow!" The gunslinger smiled but the smile and his hopes of normalcy vanish once Caius jumped on his desk, "Professor Crow is my favourite teacher of all time! Not only is he smart, and his lectures as entertaining as that TV show 'The Bachelor', he is dashingly hansom!" Crow faced immediately turned red as a tomato, oh dear god I really step into it this time, Crow suddenly felt like the sun got ten times hotter when he saw the young heir give him a playful wink, "I would never forget what the amazing, brilliant, and fantastic professor Crow taught us!" The 20 million Volts Wizard smirked unwilling and he appreciated the Weaver’s heir compliments, that handsome young man certainly knows how to butter my toast….WAIT?! WHAT?! Crow suddenly came to a terrifying realization, Oh god the mental influence Caius put on me back at Zella’s club is still in effect even in those universe DAMN IT!!!!! Crow wanted to throttle the little brat and make him pay as he frantically ran his hands though his hair thinking that somehow that might erase the mental violation. The class giggled at Caius’s little game and Crow’s reaction once the gun-wizard returned back to “reality” Caius was now sitting again and smiling at Crow letting the cowboy know he was having fun mind fucking him. "Back to your question, Professor Crow, I believe you were telling us about Dementors. And other soul...." To worsen not only Crow’s embarrassment, blush, and torture Caius groaned the next words, " sucking fiends." The class busted out in laughter expect for Crow of course who was moments away from grabbing Caius by the neck and strangling him the only good thing was that Crow was sure Caius was done with his game (WRONG!) Caius gave Crow a devilish and seductive smile, that the poor Care of Magical Creature teacher felt attractive to thanks to some mental manipulation, "Professor Crow, enlighten us. What sucks harder than a Dementor?" The class collectively giggled and Crow was internally steaming mad, I’m going to kill him, I’m going to kill Caius Weaver I’ll take him out to the , shoot him and leave him for dead. As Crow planned murder he remembered the down side to being a teacher, I can’t do anything to him I’m suppose to be a teacher if I lay one hand on a single hair on his head I’ll be jinxed and cursed by every teacher in the school. Crow anger built as his tried to think of a way around this and a smile slip over his face, I am a teacher and this is supposed to be Hogwarts I’ll punish him. “I don’t know Caius maybe you can tell us how bad detention sucked when you have it with me this Saturday night. And you know what I think your little show deserves a reward. How does 50 points from Slytherin sound? And because everyone thought it was so funny 10 points from every other house as well.” The gunslinger turned his back on the class smirking thinking he won Caius little mental game. That should teach that snot nose little brat a lesson I probably just made the whole class pissed at him. Crow turned back to the class with his usual smile ready to start today’s lesson.

“Okay now that Mr. Weaver had his fun, I believe its time for today’s lesson. Today I have a very special treat for you all but it is located deep in the Forbidden Forest.” Several students began to whisper to each other some excited some nervous about what the treat could be and why it is in the Forbidden Forest Crow just continued over their excitement, “Now I know that the other teachers have told you to stay away from the Forest but don’t worry I will be there with you and I will make sure nothing harms you no matter what.  Now class if you would all be so kind to start into the forest just follows the path I made designated by the golden orbs.” The students began to get up and walk into the forest but instead of taking lead of his class Crow had eyes for one 12 year old, “Caius you stay behind I want to talk to you real quick.” Some students giggled remembering Caius performance and make rude jokes and comments about what they were going to “talk” about but once they were all out of hearing range Crow walked over to Caius slamming his hand down on the boy’s desk, “Okay Caius spill the beans! What the hell is going on?! All of a sudden I wake up in Gryffindor dorm room and I’m a teacher at Hogwarts! I highly doubt that this is just coincidence that you are here as well so what is going on why are we in a Harry Potter universe, if this even is a universe maybe the who world was changed so that everything is magic and spells. And I swear to go if this is some weird sex fetish of yours that won’t be enough teachers or wizards in this world to hold me back from you.”  

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"You know," Caius began, smirking up at Crow as he carefully held Crow's hand. You flatter yourself. Any sex fetish I have with you has to do with cowboys and Brokeback Mountain." Caius sat back in his seat and indignantly looked up at Crow. "But as to what is going on here... Do you remember my brother, Kaine, that hooked us up that night we went to Zellas? He's pulled another 'prank'. An awful one, mind you, but he finds all this funny." Caius sighed as he tried to find a way to break the real news to Crow. "But the problem is, that we are stuck here. Because this isn't fully my own sub-conscience, hence not fully my own Dream World. For you southern simpletons, the easiest way is to imagine everyone's sub-conscious as a house. I have the key to their house, and I bring who I want into their house. But I've never been to this house before, unless it's my own or I've been there before. I can't leave through the door I entered, because it only unlocks on way. In every Dream World, there is an exit. Unfortunately because half of this Dream World is fabricated, I have no idea where the exit is... or if there is one for that matter." 
Caius picked up his books and hopped out of his chair. "Believe me, I want to be here even less than you do, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do. I've been searching for days for an exit. I haven't found a thing." The little boy explained. He looked back at Crow with a genuinely empathetic expression. For a moment, it looked like Caius cared, and wasn't a total creep. That was until a evil smile smeared across his face like sunscreen. "Well... Professor Crow, there is one place I have not checked... The third floor corridor, on the right hand side. But, I need a teacher to come with me if I'm to go in there, so I guess we'll never know."  Caius winked and headed for the door, but before he was about to leave, he stopped and called back to Crow. "Oh, Professor... I'm certain that detention with you will suck really, really hard."
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Jack did some exploring, most of the details were correct, but none of the main characters where here.  still Jack enjoyed it, he was a huge fan.  His first year students had slept through his lessons and he would soon be doing his next class, after those kids got back from care of magical creatures class.  He stopped at a mirror and realized something, he looked like Franken Stein from soul eater, minus a few stitches and the nail.  He had seen it recently so this dream must have taken those details and used it for his face.  But this was not his dream, most of these kids had faces that he had never seen before, something a dream could not do.  He thought on this and then decided that then real dreamer must be one of the students, he went to his next class and asked for the help of the few early kids to wheel out the coffin with the bogart. It would be fun, recreating his favorite scene from the third movie. Class would begin in ten minutes, he sat on his desk and waited
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Retrias entered the room, looking to see if the teacher was there, Mr jack? are you there? He asked his english is distinctively not British , have you get the notes from the principal? Retrias said while walking over to the teacher desk. I am the student that were told to join all defense of dark arts class, they said it would be good for my outlook Retrias sounded nervous, he had been called by the ministry more than once,due to his tendency to actually blow up everything to kingdom come, when dealing with the dark arts, and like it or not his hometown is filled with dark arts being hidden someplace in the dark dark east europe waters. They told me that i would have to stop blowing everything up and having that much zeal against the dark arts, and would try this "negotiation"  He waited in silence for jacks response, the word flowing out of his mouth as if he has been saying this the whole time in this year, alas he had no memories to speak of this incidents.
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Jack looked at the kid and then suddenly he remembered a name and a memo.  "Ah yes Retrias, your tendency to blow things up is an issue.  What you need is creativity, that's why I think this lesson on bogarts is a good idea."  Jack looked at the clock, it said that he was somewhere near mortal peril.  He looked at a clock that actually told time, class started.  A few kids where missing but he did not really want to wait. 
"Alright class, today we are studying the bogart, a creature that feeds on fear.  Its a shape shifter, it looks at the person's fear and then changes to match.  With the spell Ridiculous" he held his hand up as a sign that the class was meant to repeat it, which they did, "we can force it to change into something similar but funny, this requires creativity and preparedness."
He started to unhook the latch, "Now it's important to understand how shape shifting creatures work and how spells like this work," this was greeted with a groan from the class.  It was things like this that never made it into the books, the essays and school work.  Very few kids would enjoy this version of Hogwarts.  "But I thought you'd like the fun bit first.  Retrias come up front."  Jack unhooked the latch, he had assigned reading on this the night before and had just explained what the spell was.  'How will you handle your fear?"  Jack fully opened the coffin and then put a spell on the record player to make it play upbeat music.  He then looked with interest at what Retrias would be afraid of.
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Retrias grimaced, the boggart soon begin to took form, Another man, older than Retrias , one of his eye is wildly different having all kinds of magical pattern, a magic eye different than the one used by western community this one is made with a real transplanted human eye..... Retriass eye. Retrias snapped forgetting what the professor told him, before drawing his staff, without so much making a movement he shouted,Bombarda Maxima a blasting spell made to get through walls or other obstacle by exploding it. Retrias shouted STAY AWAY, they had nothing to do with this, CONFRINGO, another explosion. The Boggart look unharmed, something to be expected as a Boggart can only be ridded with the Riddikulus spell. Before this incident Retrias would have performed the spell THEN made the Boggart explodes, as for now he is too panicked, he begin to reach for a potion capsules in his belt, drinking one of them "True Sight" the potion that enables the drinker to see magic flows and true forms around him. Retrias braced himself, true sight is useful but also scary there is a reason why somethings are hidden
He then sees, HA you are not Asheth of course he knows that from the start , but the word brings him assurance that he is indeed not Asheth Voltlaire , the equivalent of Voldemort in Retrias magical community, were Voldemort the egomanical emperor, Asheth were different he was seductive, charming, assuring that his cause is right  he was also not foiled because by a teenager repeatedly. RIDDIKULUS he shouted again, imagining the greatest insult to Asheth that would make Retrias laugh, and poof Asheth turned into Voldemort, which then provoked a laugh from Retrias , a loud booming voice OY SNAKE FACE, GOT BEATEN BY POTTER YET? and there it is the Boggar exploded into confetti.
See Professor I can be creative Retrias turned to the Professor, the class shocked. The young man have been regarded as odd but nevertheless friendly by students of his house, known to jump infront of troubles to save his friends. But his idea of funny were rather jarring, really who would have thought Voldemort is the image of "funny". Nevertheless clapping begin to be heard from the students
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The truth hit Crow like a ton of bricks and the memories that filled his mind hit him like two tons, I’m in…..aaahhhh my head….that’s not possible….aaaahhhh it hurts so much…..how did I get sucked in here…..aahhh make the pain stop. Crow saw images of him going over Caius’s house, a portal of sorts opening, him being sucked in said portal, and then this world. This isn’t a universe or dimension this is a dream, Caius’s dream…..aaaahhhh the pain…it feels like someone is splitting my head open. The gunslinger could only say one word as he feel down to his knees gripping the desk for support he could here loud banging coming from the castle apparently someone was having fun, this was actually Retrias Voltlaire casting spells on the boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Crow was seconds from passing out but first he only gasped, “Caius.” Crow would have been out for a good hour but before he could fully be passed out an ear splitting, hair raising scream of terror echoed though the grounds to Crow and Caius. Crow shot up in an instant he could tell that the scream was that of a girl and it was not good Crow was up despite his head being in immense pain and moving. He ran at his top speed, despite not being able use his electricity to enhance his speed further he was still incredibly fast, Crow grabbed Caius by the waist and ran though the forest bouncing off trees to propel himself even fastest. The 20 million Volt wand looked down at the 12 year old heir and telepath his other hand grasping his head to keep it from bursting even though he was smiling still Crow’s voice was very serious, “Listen Caius this ain’t over between me and you we are going to the third floor corridor to inspect it but not before we explore this world and make sure that we are not the only ones here. And when we do get back and oh yes we will get back to reality I swear I’m going to make your brother pay for this and then you.” Crow then smiled down at the boy with the wicked most intentions in mind for the telepath “For the record detention with me is going to suck really, really hard.” Crow smirked at the young boy and uncharacteristically gave him a wink, probably because of the metal influence was even stronger in Caius’s Dream World.

Crow and Caius were in the Forbidden Forest where the rest of “Professor Crow’s” Care for Magical Creature class was supposed to be they had arrived at the origin of the scream in a matter of seconds. Crow quickly let Caius go on a large root and ran forward. “What wrong I heard a scream was someone attacked, is anyone hurt?” The gun wizard made a mental inventory of the class and figure out that everyone was there but they were all terrified and not speaking that is until one 4 year girl spoke up in a shaking voice, ‘Pro…Professor what…is…is….THAT!?” The girl was pointing at something in front of her and Crow ran up accidentally bumping into a few kids feeling disoriented because of the still present splitting headache he was expecting to see a creature of unimaginable horror and was preparing to draw his gun from the holster underneath his duster coat but what he saw instead was a large creature thrashing about in a cage larger than the creature itself. Crow eyes could see what the students couldn’t the creature was a large Hungarian Horntail Dragon, a very angry one for that matter, and this was today lesson a smile slid over Crow face as he sighed in relief and turned to his class who looked like they shit themselves. “Well class I hope you like my surprise for all of you. Today’s lesson is about dragons and you all know I’m a hands-on kind of teacher so I thought the best way to teach you guys and gals about dragons is to show you one up close. After constant persistence the school allowed me to have this “little” baby shipped in.” By the look on some of the students face they couldn’t believe this their teacher had a dragon shipped to the school for study this was possibly the most reckless, dangerous, crazy, creative, and genocidal teaching method in school history. “Don’t worry class Junior here, yes Thomas the dragon’s name is Junior” Crow addressed a 4 year with black hair and hazel eyes who was about to ask if this was a joke not was the dragon really named Junior. “Junior is completely harmless” Crow mumbled the next part, “As long as he is in his cage.”

Crow continued speaking causally like they were doing book work, “So before we get to Junior here, let’s talk about what we know about dragons already what about you Spellcharmer? What can you tell us that we you already know?” Crow asked a sweet looking Ravenclaw with short curly red hair and freckles who had proven to be the smartest in the class numerous times Spellcharmer, her first name being Cindy, spoke in a shy voice but loud enough for the class to hear over the dragons roars, “Dragons are known in all cultures around the world but are most prominent in, Japan and China many buildings have statues of dragons out front and on roofs.” Crow smiled this was true and a bright bit of insight to the respective cultures, “Good one Spellcharmer five points for Ravenclaw. It is true that China and Japan view the dragon with great respect. Because I am a demon/creature hunter I have been to both those countries once or twice and dragons play a big part in their mythologies uniquely Chinese dragons are representative of the Chinese Emperors of old.  Japanese dragons are more associated with water and have a more serpentine appearance. A few Slyterhins smirked at this news; anything that made the snake mascot of Slyterhin even cooler was a good thing because it gave them something to boast about. Crow continued though still smiling the dragon still thrashing about in its cage causing some children to shift nervously, “Also let us not forget Europeans also have a unique history with these creatures’ muggles read about them in fairy tails that involve a knight slaying these beasts to rescue a princess.” This caused a mix reaction among students some laughed at the aspect of someone killing a dragon wearing a suit of armor, others felt pity for muggles who believed such lies, some felt the knight rescuing a princess was romantic and courageous. The reactions were divided among houses, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws felt it was ridiculous and impossible to perform such a feat, Slyterhrins felt that people who believed that were stupid and ignorant want to be knights and princesses, and the Gryffindors felt that this was a true show of courage and or romance. Crow continued talking over the students, “Okay who else wants to tell us something else they knew about dragons…what about you Ingram?” Crow smirked at a Gryffindor with shaggy brown hair and deep green eyes who was talking to a friend about how he would kill a dragon if he was a knight and was caught off guard being put into the hot seat. “Um…they are big.” The class began to laugh at the hysterical and the most obvious answer even Crow laughed a little; poor Jacob Ingram turned a violent shade of red. “Yes Ingram they are also big. I believe Junior is a testament to how big they are. Anyone else want to share with us other than their size what else do dragons’ posse? What about you Humbler?” The gun wizard called on a chubby Hufflepuff, Joseph Humbler, the boy thought hard and remembered something from some stories, “Dragons can also breathe fire and sometimes be poisonous.” Crow smiled Joseph may have been a few bullets short of a loaded gun but he did have a few things other than food on the brain, “Good the whole fire breathing is a bit obvious not as obvious as being big.” He shot a glance at Jacob Ingram, “But being poisonous is a few things some people forget and is a deadly mistake some dragons can have poison laced claws and fangs. Now it’s not as deadly as basilisk poison but it definitely number two or three on the list. Remembering something that most people forget is worth 10 points for Hufflepuff.” Crow scanned the class as Junior got angrier and angrier and let out a few snorts of fire. “Now back to Junior he is a Hungarian Horntail; so what can who tell me about them class?” The cowboy left this question open to anyone in the class who knew the answer.    

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Caius was slightly frustrated when Crow carried him across the school. The last thing Caius wanted was humiliation. Unfortunately, Crow seemed to dish out that serving, and Caius had no choice but to retaliate. But for a moment, Caius was worried. It was very rare that somebody would react to the Dream World in such a matter that Crow did. Caius chewed his thumb and mulled it over while Crow asked questions around the class. Eventually the child shook his head and sighed. It was nothing to worry about, and if it was, Caius would deal with it when that bridge came to cross.
"Now back to Junoir, he is a Hungarian Horntail; so who can tell me about them class?" Crow asked. Instantly Caius saw his opportunity for humiliation pay back. Caius raised his hand, but didn't wait for Crow to call on him. Immediately the boy stated, loudly, "The Hungarian Horntail has a barbed penis." There was a mixture between laughter and embarrassment as Caius continued. "Professor, you spend a lot of time with these creatures, don't you? On a scale of one to ten, how excruciatingly painful is copulation with the Hungarian Horntail?"  Daniel, who was beside Caius, covered his heads in his hands as his face turned red. But Caius didn't stop. Playing with Crow was too entertaining. Caius snickered and smiled devilishly as he thought of a way to continue his question.
"Furthermore, does this make copulation with humans less satisfying, or relieving?" Caius crossed his arms over his chest and stared at Crow with what looked like a seriously interested expression. Caius licked his lips and stared seductively up at Crow. "Do I have some competition?" Caius breathed, just so the other students couldn't hear.
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Derek smirked as he sat at his desk. For a while, he'd been thinking about a particular spell, and judging by the disembodied flame slowly hovering aorund the office, he had perfected it. With a flourish of his wand, the flame was extinguished. He walked out of his office, and observed his class. A few students gasped at his scarred face, something he was used to, but his eyes followed a paper aeroplane one of the students had charmed so that it would zip around the rafters at high speed, divebombing the class every so often. After a few moments Derek stared at the students, and smiled. With a silent point of his wand, a small aeroplane like construct shot from the end of it, and followed the enchanted paper. After ten seconds, the flame struck the piece of paper and consumed it, a few ashes falling to the stone floor. His eyes looked around the class, before reaching a hand to his eye and rubbing the scar. "When you are in a duel, class, what do you think will serve you best? Enchanting scraps of paper, or conjuring flames?" The nearest row of children were shocked when the scarred wizard stared at them. "Of course, improper focus can be as much a tool for destruction as any Dark Wizard." To illustrate his point, a candle sat at the back of the classroom, above the heads of any students. He thrust out his wand, and, although not a massive plume of fire erupted from his wand, a number of students dived out of the way. A thin laser like point of flame stretched from his wand, went the length of the room and lit the candle, before disappearing. "Not properly focusing on my spells as I cast them is what gave me this." He gestured to his scar.
"Sir." A student half the class back spoke, raising her hand. "Why don't you have the matron heal that for you? Or do it yourself?" Derek smiled. "Good question, Miss..." He said, as though the name were on the tip of his tongue. "Cresswell, Professor." Derek nodded. "Miss Cresswell. The precise reason, the one reason that I do not have this scar healed, is because it cannot be." A few students straightened up. "Let me be one, I doubt the first, and definitely not the last to warn you of the dangers of Dark Magic." A round of whispers rippled through the class. "Sir, are you saying you were experimenting with Dark Magic?" A student said, standing up. The crest on his chest identified him as a Ravenclaw. This one Derek knew the name of. "Yes, Mr. Hepford. I am telling you that a few years before I accepted the teaching post here, I was experimenting with Dark Magic. Before my spell blew up in my face." He leaned forward, "literally." More children, more questions. "I was experimenting with Dark Magic because I didn't heed warnings like the type I am giving you now, and I am quite adept at fire spells, I was attempting to utilise a fire based curse I found in a spell book. Unfortunately I was not focused." All the hands slowly lowered. "Anyway...today I shall teach you some of the spells I know." His wand flourished and a stream of fire shot straight up, and formed a large flaming exclamation mark above his head. "Emergency retrieval spell." He started walking around the classroom, and the symbol followed him rather comically. "In many countries, wizards and witches must know this spell by their third year. It is designed to send an alarm to nearby allies that one is in trouble." He stopped, and the mark stopped, still straight above him. "And it can be neutralised..." He waved a wand and it disappeared into smoke which slowly exited through the windows. "Quite easily." The students were amazed. "Now point ypur wands upward and say, clearly and loudly, "Exclamato!"." He informed the class, staring at them. "Begin." The class picked up their wands, pointed them at the ceiling and shouted "Exclamato!" Nothing happened. "Again. Pronunciate. Exclamato." He said it slowly, and one by one, the class tried again.
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An awkward first attempt but it worked.  Jack was rummaging through his disk with his left hand while his wand contained the flames of the explosion in his right hand.   He found the bottle he was looking for and placed the flames inside.  He stepped in front of the Bogart and transformed it into the muggle studies professor.  He could tell that the students were disappointed at not seeing what he was afraid of.  He then let the students do it themselves while he took Retrias to the side.  " Odd sense of humor aside, that was pretty good.  Once the explosions stopped working you thought about alternative and used, oh crap"  He grabbed Retrias and both of them hit the floor.  A tank shell flew above them and blew the wall.  One of the kids was laughing.  
"I get it, your afraid of muggle weapons and you though it would be funny to shoot at the teacher."  The bogart had turned into him for some reason, "Well Victor, I hope you like helping clean the dung off of the dragon's cage.  Professor Crow will see you after class."  Victor went to his desk deflated, and the next kid gave the bogart a tutu, Jack decided to ignore that.   "Anyway I think some practice with counter-spells will be good for you.  There is a book in the library called The Guide to Dueling, volume 3 by Dirk Bussel.  It's only about 100 pages, all on counter-spell theory, pretty interesting st, oh for the love of merlin can I give you guys something fun and you ruin it."  Jack added, apparently someone found gay bondage funny.  He out a charm on the bogart and forced it back into the coffin.  "I want an essay on the effects of laughter on monsters, 1000 lines by Monday, now read you books on page 302."
"Retrias your exempt from the essay, anyway I'll get you excused from muggle studies.  I want you to read the book and then meet me in four hours in the old history of magic room.  We'll do some spell practice."
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Professor what is that? Retrias said lifting his head slowly after the explosion subsided, is that Muugle weapons? Retrias feel a pinging in his brain ans memory just happen , Muggles mean Mundane at least in this world, Retrias at least knew that the magical community doesn't hold them in a very high regard. Not so with his island, as the  only magical sovereign left in the world, they have found out that the best way to counter magical threat is to kill it with mundane weapon, as far as it goes these "M14"curses hit faster and with less prepatory act than the infamous death curse. I suppose that is why Voldemort didn't invade his island, that and Asheth, he muttered under his breath. Well I remember owning my own copy of the book, at least the same title, that and it was printed in America and written under the name of Harry Dresden, but i will check this book of yours. Retrias said this and  nodded he is rather glad that he got excused from muggle studies, all he need to know about muggles is that they somehow made better curses than wizards, get hit with a bombard spell and you might actually be able to block it, because it is "slow" , Muggle on up this by making repeatable avada kedarva or its equivalent in many flavour, somehow. The there is THAT thing that had just exploded

Aye sir, I would take my leave now, I need to go to the library to reserve the book , and there he goes, apparating on school ground , or at least that is what it seems, in truth he just moved fast, his boots allow him to arrive in any one decided and known place in the span of 5 steps, at any rate it can be used only 3 times a day , he arrived at library and begin to pull his chair to read the book, taking notes with his pen as he went through the suggested method of counters and comparing it to what he have learned, so far in theory the book is telling him the same thing as his other books in principle of combat, nevertheless there is something new in the book, a spell scribbled underneath  "Nox Aegis" and underlined. three hour 45 minutes have passed according to his clock, the library were crowded now filled with students of various purposes. He then left the library, not noticing that he have gathered two students attention, from Ravenclaw and Slytherin, the delegate from his island too
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