Willard Black - The Death Revolver [Character Bio]

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Willard Black - The Death Revolver
Willard Black - The Death Revolver
  • Name: Willard Black (fake identity)
  • Alias: Death Revolver, Black Barrel, Calamity Trigger.
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 42
  • Race: Human
  • Registration Level: Level 5
  • Alignment: Neutral


Walter's personality can be called a mix of two. The first part is the one that remained from his childhood and early years as a mercenary and freelancer. Being a child from the country he had a very simple and laid back personality. Relaxed and carefree most of the time. Pretty much your average boy, with a shot of extra laziness. While most of those traits were not fully preserved in his later years, some of that nature can still be seen in his way he talks with people, in a very casual manner (even though he insists on being seen as the authority figure he is). That also makes it look like he has a very immature view of life, because even in the most serious of all situations or in combat he'll still have his relaxed posture and stay completely calm even if his life is at stake. Another things that people notice about his personality is his ruthlessness and the lack of regard for human life, traits that are considered qualities in his line of work. But it isn't really something negative in his case, it's not really that he's cruel or a sadist, it's just that back then in his younger days it was a way of surviving for him and that's something that carried over even after he became Willard Black. While it certainly makes it easy for him to get over the death of someone (someone not close to him at least) without thinking about it too much he doesn't get any joy from it and if possible he'll avoid casualties (if the easiest and most effective way needs some sacrifices he'll be ready to do it tho). And the last thing from his past that affects him even today, even if he doesn't want to admit it, is the fact that he learned to like combat and fighting. That was the main reason for him to join Union of Seven as his life as a rich aristocrat became unthinkably boring and dull. It also offered him something new, so far when it came to battles and combat, he was a simple hired gun, he would finish the job and wouldn't ask questions. Now as a part of Union of Seven he had some authority of his own, he was actually involved in the things happening around him and he could at least a little bit care for them.

His other personality part comes from his time as Willard Black. It's not that he willingly got those traits but rather than the had to blend in with the society at first (with different degrees of success), but by the time he perfected his act it truly became a part of his personality and he learned to love it. First was the problem with manners, the boy of a owner of a small farm had to adept to the life among the aristocrats. He wasn't really happy about it and even today it's rare for him to pay much attention to it even if he tries. Habits that he acquired during that time stayed with him for the rest of his life. First there is smoking, well it's not like that started when he became Willard, even before that he would smoke a cigarette from time to time, the only difference was now that only one cigarette could cover the price of all those he would smoke during a month before taking up his new identity. Drinking also became a more prominent habit, but while in his twenties a cheap beer after a hard day of work would be enough to make him happy, now he would only drink costly wine. Not only for dinner or a special even or reason, many times he'd take the most expensive bottle of wine he could find, go into his library and sit down to read a book, and he wouldn't stop until the bottle was empty. Gambling was something completely new and came with the name Willard Black. Before that time he couldn't even think of something like that, he barely had money for food, clothes or a place to sleep. But as soon as he became Willard and realized that he had more money than he could ever spend in his life he let himself go. He mostly played poker and sadly for him not very good. It might be that he never encountered any for of game based on luck or that he simply didn't have any of the said attribute but he simply couldn't get a win. And even now with his forty years the number of times he won can be counted with the fingers of one hand. He made flirting a hobby of his as well and it could be said that unlike with poker, he actually had a hand for it. Many says that most women fall for him because of his title and money, but many of them had never heard about him yet would still be attracted to him like to a magnet. It seemed like he had a natural talent for being a womanizer as before his life style change he never had the time or chance to interact with women, making his experience on that field zero. Reading and opera are the two things that stuck with him the most. While even as a boy he like dreading he never had the time to do so. Of course he was more than amazed when he saw the giant library that the former Lord Black possessed. Opera was certainly completely new to him. Many who knew him in his youth would have said that he wasn't the type of person to like it but there was something about it that fascinated him. At least two times a week he would go to the opera sometimes even viewing the same one many times in a row.

Today Willard didn't change much. Some of his habits might have become dull and pale when compared to his other more obvious ones but they are all still there. Only thing that was really added to the mix is his interest for science, something which came with him joining Union of Seven. Often he would spend much of the day in the laboratory, watching what the scientists were doing even if he didn't really understand it. The combination of his two different life styles made him seem like a little bit crazy and an eccentric man, even though he really isn't. That's why the men working under him in Union of Seven don't like having to take a report to him personally or when they have to speak with him face to face, they are never sure when he'll have one of his "mood swings" how they call them and go for completely clam and composed to a crazy speech of his. It didn't have to be that he was yelling at the or criticizing them (even if he was prone to doing that as well), it was rather that he'd put them in unusual situation where they simply didn't know how to reply which would result in a dumb stare contest which normally ended with an outburst of rage by Willard because of their narrow-minded understanding.


Coming Soon...

Powers and Abilities

Walter is a born gunslinger and marksman. Even as a kid, his most favored activity of all was testing his skills with a slingshot, while it may sound unimpressive at first, he was still able to pull off shots many adults would fail with a gun or rifle. Later on that didn't change, as a mercenary his weapon of choice was a revolver. Back in those days he was even nicknamed "Bullseye" because even single of his targets and enemies were always shot in the middle of their head, perfectly between their eyes. He has no problem with Sniping people without even looking, even those behind him. Despite the fact that he wears glasses, a simple handgun in his hands becomes a sniper, his eyes have no problem with following even fast moving and small objects over kilometers away and he's even capable of hitting the exact same spot many times hitting the previous bullet and pushing it deeper into the target. His speed is his second most powerful tool, right after his skill. His speed was very impressive and beyond any normal human even before he became Walter Black and gained his more "supernatural" arsenal. Now he can literally dance through storms of bullets from all sides and angles. Even high caliber sniper rifle rounds are no hindrance to him and his agility can be described as cat-like. His strength wasn't that impressive in his young days but after the modifications as Walter he is capable of using Killer Queen casually with just one hand giving him a strength feat comparable to that of superhumans. He never shown any kind of resistance or durability on his own as he was never hit, but he still wears clothes that are reinforced making them bulletproof and even capable of withstanding explosions at close range. There is also something which could be called "potential" something that certainly would push Willard even deeper into the supernatural territory, something that is much more powerful than his current set of powers and while it is something that is directly tied to his marksman skills, due to neglect in his youth that potential was lost. When asked about the nature of his current supernatural and unexplained abilities he simply says that he sold his soul to the devil, but that is most likely a lie and the true origin of his powers is yet to be revealed. While he favored any kind of weapon to get the job done in his mercenary days, as Willard he has settled for two special weapons:

Bohemian Rhapsody

A revolver which Willard can make appear at will (he still keeps it in a holster on his hip though). It's his most used and trusted weapon. It has no need to reload and as soon as the empty shells leave the drum new bullets are generated (something which enemies don't even notice as Willard can empty it in less than a split-second). The bullets pack quiet a punch and have no problem with piercing tank armor and other kinds of heavy armor thus allowing the revolver to be classified as an anti-tank rifle in sheer power output. The gun is very heavy and most humans need two hands to even lift it and most of them let it fall after the recoil of a shot which shakes one's entire body, yet Willard has no problem with wielding the gun with one hand and shooting it continuously non stop. The gun also appears to have both the range and accuracy to match Willard's skill making it feel more like a long range rifle than a handgun. The speed the bullets achieve can also be called impressive as sumperhumans that dodge machine gun fire with ease have trouble with even reacting to one of the bullets fire by Willard.

Killer Queen

A giant coffin which just like Bohemian Rhapsody can appear whenever Willard wishes so. It's a black coffin with a golden outline to it, extremely heavy with a chain warped around it and attached to it on a few spots. It's main use for Willard is to us it as a melee weapon in the form of a giant flail, by spinning it using the chain. He mostly uses it to crush enemies that can resist the piercing power of his bullets and also to catch them off-guard. The coffin has a dozen tones or so in it, yet it's unclear how it can achieve that mass. When summoned Willard will either just use it for combat or sometimes when he has to wait carry it on his back. The coffin also has the function of a rocket launcher. Willard uses it by warping the chain tightly around his arm thus "mounting" the oversized coffin to it and then firing it. Out of all his weapons it's the most destructive one. It's said the it has another purpose which is revealed when the coffin is opened but that has never happened and the effect is unclear.

Willard besides his skill and weapons has access to two other abilities which he uses in tandem with Bohemian Rhapsody:


An ability used very often by Willard. It can only affect the bullets shot by Bohemian Rhapsody. It allows the bullets to bounce off any surface but also it allows Willard to summon small platforms in form of seals in mid air which are also used to redirect the bullets in the direction he desires (they disappear as soon as bullet is redirected but there is no limit to how many of them can be created nor is there a cooldown to them). The platform will only affect the bullets and other objects will pass through like it's not there. The whole process is achieved without any speed or power being lost by the bullets. Willard often uses this ability to suspend bullets in mid air by making them bounce off in circles, often creating a storm of bullets around himself to use it as a close range shield or simply to accumulate a great amount of bullets and then release all on one target. It is also used to redirect the bullet back at the target when it dodged the first coming of it, or simply to change the course of the bullet to confuse the enemy and then to attack from a different angle.


Willard's second ability also only used on Bohemian Rhapsody and it's bullets. It allows Willard to "imagine" the number of bullets he shot. If he fired one bullet, he is capable to change that number to any between 1 or 6 (exactly how many bullets the revolver can hold before having the need to be emptied so that it can generate new bullets) which will all appear as if shot one after another even though there was only one real shot. This ability is used to confuse the enemy, to counter a greater number of enemies that appeared from an ambush or to simply increase his general power output. It is used in combination with Refraction to create massive hails of bullets approaching the target from many different angles.

Willard himself claims that he has many other abilities, but non other have been revealed yet.


Coming Soon...

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Finally got myself to create that third character.

Brace yourself Crow, 'cause there's a new gun in town.

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