When the Phantom Strikes [RP]

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Aleister stands atop a building. His face obscured by a mask, warm summer wind making his hair and cape wave through the air of the moon lit night. "My, my, they really didn't try to make it hard for me, did they?" he says as he holds up a blue gem right into the moonlight while observing it with his sharp eyes, smiling while doing so. Just ten minutes before that he was standing in front of that building, which in fact was a museum. In only those ten minutes he had gain access to the building, bypassed the security system, found the object he desired, removed it from it's rightful place and then disappeared leaving no trace behind. Well then expression "only ten minutes" was probably wrong. The time he usually need when he was serious was less than that. But fact was, that night he didn't come there after some elaborated plan, or because the building contained an item the would find interesting. He did play with the idea to break into that certain museum and even made some (very) rough (rough on the level of being drawn on tissues) plans at home and had a few contacts ready, but that he robbed it exactly at that time was nothing but an impulse caused by boredom. He didn't even visit his mansion, he always had a reserve outfit of Phantom at the theater ready and as soon as he finished some late night work he got the idea to visit the museum. In those few minutes he was inside he wasn't really searching for something specific, but rather was on a "sight-seeing tour" through the museum, trying to find something he likes. In the end, it was the blue gem that is currently in his hands, that became the object he added to his already impressive collection. He didn't even use magic to do it, the security was so laughable that it seemed like the director of the museum simply put his hope into the fact that someone wouldn't target his museum.

With both satisfaction because of the newly acquired treasure, but also a with a hint of disappointment about the lousy challenge that was put before him, he prepared to take his leave. Because of the enjoyable climate and the full moon above him, which made the entire night very enjoyable, he decides to walk home rather than just teleporting to the desired location. Who knows, he might even encounter something interesting on his way back.

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@ReliusClover: There was a click.
Then, a pale blue light spread through the entire museum, running along every single floor, every wall, every ceiling of the entire complex, even a blue dome covering the rooftops.
"You know, when most people visit a museum as famous as this, they spend most of their time gawking at the statues, or the dinosaurs, or the stuffed pangolin's." A voice behind the phantom pointed out.
The young man owning the voice picked up a fire extingusher he brought from inside. "So, when I happened to see someone who spent most of their time checking out the windows and security, I decided to have a nap in the fire escape. I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed, but they're probably elsewhere in the museum."
He slammed the heavy metal into one of the roof's windows, as hard as he could, the extinguisher making a loud bang as it bounced harmlessly off the glass.
Not even a scratch.
"Who needs security when you have a magic sword that can metaphysically lock anything and everything?" SamJaz sneered, flicking out his keyblade as the fire extinguisher rolled off. "Teleporting would bang your head against the unbreakable walls, and the doors wouldn't move if you crashed the titanic into them. Oh, and I'm immune to headshots, with healing magic for everything else."
SamJaz slapped his blade against the roof's window, opening it with a pleasant smile. "So how's about you return the goods and we can all go laugh about this over pizza. Or, you can waste everyone's time trying to escape from an unbreakable lockdown that's really not a matter of power or strength, its the fact that I've got a keyblade. You only get out if I say so. So start convincing me to let you go or you're gonna run outta air."
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@SamJaz: "Oh? A spirited one?" Aleister replies to the speech of them man in front of him, a bored tone to it. He walks a little bit around, making small circles. He turns around and then starts a speech of his own. "You see, i'm actually happy that you showed up my friend, because otherwise this night would have been sure as hell damn boring. But one thing makes me sad though, looking at how you put the things, the only way for me to leave with this little pretty stone is to force you to let me go. And as i see it, the only way to do so is violence, lots of it and usually i don't like excessive amounts of force, but i guess you leave me no choice."

He already made his cane appear in his hand as well as a few cards floating around him. "But as this stone, while pretty, has no... emotional value for me, i'll let you have it. If you entertain me that is, for let's say twenty minutes?" Saying that he makes two cards race towards the man. One of them only meant for cutting the other one a TNT bundle, the lowest setting yet it alone could tear down a house. He was gonna get get some entertainment out of this man, "And oh, swords are overrated anyway, too mainstream if you ask me." he mocks the man as he jumps to the side to and prepares another attack.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz rolled aside, one card nicking him against the cheek as he caught the other card in his free arm, keeping it close to his chest.
His eyes glowed blue as he quickly switched his Persona to Pyro Jack, one of his stronger ones, and one that took no damage from any flame.
Indeed, he took a grenade to the chest, thankful that persona resistances extended to his clothing, before making a realisation.
Either this phantom didn't care about collateral damage, or he wasn't aware that making holes in ceilings would tear down large open-plan buildings like this, whose whole weight was carried by the roof.
Or he was paying attention when SamJaz mentioned the walls were now unbreakanle.
That, or he was just some punk kid playing catwoman who knew a few magic tricks.
Still, he knew a few card tricks himself.
"Pyro Jack." SamJaz said, rising up to his feet as he held the glowing blue card above his outstretched hand. Clenching his fist, the card smashed, unleashing the pumpkin-headed sprite to unleash his flames on the rooftop, spreading quickly to cover the surface.
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@SamJaz: Aleister didn't expect them man to go down from such a weak attack, but he was still slightly impressed. Soon after, the man seeped like he was going to use a card trick of his own. Instead of throwing it or using it the card as a weapon it got crushed. Out of it came something that is at best described as a spirit, a pretty generic locking one on top of that, after all who would use a pumpkin-headed as a servant? But rather than bothering himself with the looks of that little spirit Alesiter notices the flames it created.

It wasn't something special or a threat, but the idea of ash staining his suit worried him. A moment after his feet lose touch with the ground. Using his power of levitation, Alesiter now stands above both his enemy and the flames that threaten his clothes. He makes a circle of twenty cards appear around him. The cards change their angle so that they are facing downwards to the man who's still on the ground. Then they start spinning and expanding with a blinding speed, at this rate they can't be precived as singular cards, but just as a bright ring of red. The wind produced by them pushes the flames aside, their goal is the man who was the cause of those flames. Anything that comes close would be ripped to shreds about because of the angle and spinning, expanding motion the only way to avoid them would be a jump up into the air. But even the slightest error would result in one's leg being ripped off.

Aleister smiles, by now a few dozen cards had already used their magic properties and changed into the form of a throne for him. Just like him it's suspended in mid air as if carried by an invisible hand. The Phantom takes place in the throne and crosses his legs, even more cards appear besides him, now the only thing for him left to do is sit and wait to see what the promising opponent will do when faced with the razor sharp tempest of cards.

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@ReliusClover: SamJaz looked through the flames, seeing his opponent sat in a floating throne as a ring of red began expanding towards him. Judging by the spinning of the flames around it, he quickly decided that this red ring was one of the death variety,

Still, there's always time for a brief psychoanalysis.

This young man thought a lot of himself and his appearance. He went to a lot of effort to steal a diamond he wasn't even that bothered about, while wearing a fancy suit and a pretty impractical mask. He's also lording over the situation, even sitting on a floating throne to better establish his position in the pecking order,

But SamJaz could tell who was the better straight-up brawler between the two of them, so why not hide amongst the flames and use this attack-

The ash.

This guy didn't want to mess his suit up.

Man this guy was arrogant.

SamJaz smirked.

These people were so easy when it came to getting at their goat.

Spinning a floating card that formed before him, SamJaz changed Persona.

"Ghoul" SamJaz said, smiling as the flames vanished and a few dozen walking corpses materialised around him. "TRAMPLE!"

The zombie's charged, rushing towards the ring of red cards, more materialising behind them as the front lines got shredded-

Splattering rotting blood, flesh, and other liquified body matter all over the enclosed space.

Impending doom, SamJaz can deal with later. Right now, he needs to rack up a large cleaning bill for this thief.

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@SamJaz: The sudden change the man had undergone made Alesiter rise an eyebrow. It didn't really matter though, whatever he did Aliester would just continue to press him, sooner or latter he'd give in. But till that came he would have some fun. Then he actually remembered the promise he made, by now already ten minutes have passed. Ten more and he would have to give his dear treasure away, something he rarely did. But this little fight here was more worth than a jewel of which he had thousands upon thousands lookalikes, all of them probably more worth and more famous than this one on top of that. Suddenly it came to his mind, he wondered what kind of person his enemy was. Was he after some kind of reward (without a doubt he must have heard about the great Phantom) or was he just trying to enforce some kind of justice upon him?

Or perhaps the man was bored as well and he was just trying to find a way to kill that boredom, maybe he would ask him that. Lost in his thoughts Aleister didn't even notice what was happening and before he realized it there was a mixture of rotten flesh and filthy blood flying in every direction including his own. He brings up a giant card around the size of a car in front of his shielding him for the wave of dead tissue, but it was already too late, all over his suit he could notice both small and big stains. And the stench was something many men couldn't take. That suit was without a doubt ruined, it could probably be washed but he still didn't want it, it was to be burned. Normally he wouldn't be so drastic when a stain is in question, but these being produced by the liquified bodies of the dead were another story. It wasn't that bad, it was one of his worse suits and luckly not his favorite one which was still safe and untouched in his mansion. But still, this annoyed him to say the very least. He grips the cane with all his strength and slowly opens his mouth, a sour look on his face.

"Say my friend, could it be that you done this on purpose?" it's spoken in a voice not so different from his usual one, nothing suggesting anger. But truth is he already played with the idea to forget about the deal conserning the gem in his possession. Around thirty cards, all of the for the purpose cutting only are materialized. He spreads them wide so that he cover a great area. He wasn't aiming for a kill, he rarely done that, but he sure as hell will make that guy pay. They are all released at the same time, the zombies that they pass are sliced to bits just by the pressure created. It's one of those rare moments when he was annoyed, which means he wasn't as playful, he would still try to enjoy them fight, but it would hardly work out for him.

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SamJaz grinned.

An enemy infuriated was an enemy he could lead by the nose.

He span a card in front of him, and the wave of ghoul's stopped production, leaving pools biofluid as the only evidence to their existence.

"Me? Do what on purpose?" SamJaz asked innocently, his keyblade glowing as it led his hands to deflect the roaring cards of death, his Persona guiding his body to dodge more slashing strikes from his enemy. "You're the one who shredded my ghoul's."

Within moments, his keyblade lowered itself as he stepped within the circle of death. "But I'm sure you know a good cleaner, so I'll let you pay for it." He grinned, charging up his magic as he stepped closer to the floating throne. "Actually, I reckon you could even just buy me another suit. I've been wearing this one kinda thin lately."

Before he could reply, SamJaz squatted down, casting two spells that formed a defensive dome around him.

The first was a Reflect spell- this dome would take any projectile attack, physical or magical, and launch it at double the velocity towards SamJaz's nearest enemy.

The second was Magnet- creating an orb of light in the centre of the dome- between his chest and knees, that attracted all metal object or loose magical attacks or artifacts, bringing the cards flying rapidly towards this reflective sphere, only for them to bounce off directly towards the thief.

A man with a cool head would be able to deal with this.

A man with rotten corpse goop stained into his suit is not a man with a cool head.

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@SamJaz: "Huh, i see." a rather casual reply to the man's snarky comments. Words didn't affect Alesiter, actions did. And while the incident with his suit indeed was frustrating, there was nothing to be done about it, what's done is done. As soon as he gets home he'll ask Wordsworth to get him a new suit which will serve as his theater reserve costume and that's it. Having come to terms with the loss of the piece of clothing Aleister decides that he'll get back to the fight even if it wasn't as sweet as before.

"Begging for clothes are we? Sorry, i see that you are in desperate need of some decent robes but i can't help you out. While i do have a heart for the ill fated and poor, you are too much of a bother for me to care." a statement that contained both mockery and actual facts about Aleister's feelings.

As Aleister says so the young man starts casting a spell as it seems. A dome forms and the swarm of cards is drawn towards it, as soon as they make contact they are redirected making Aleister their new target with increased speed as well it appears. "Oh, interesting." contradicting the statement it's said with bored sarcasm. Aleister needs no more than a mere gesture with his hand and the cards disappear in mid flight. He he switches his legs while on the throne, throwing the lower one now on the upper position, so that they're crossed again.

He takes up his cane, pointing at the shell. "Come on now, you plan on hiding all night long?" another mockery. "And how 'bout you finally say your name, labeling you "young man" is getting tiring."

He prepares himself to charge at the shield if he hears no response or sees no movement.

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@ReliusClover: The shield dispersed, and SamJaz could tell that this thief was trying to taunt him.
So, he's recovered from the previous attacks on his ego then, and he can disperse the cards at will.
"Give me your name, horse-master, and I shall give you mine." SamJaz grinned, before cracking up laughing. "Haaa... always wanted to use that quote." He sighed, stepping away from the throne so he could look at his opponent. 
"Name's SamJaz, Keyblade master and Persona rocker." He said, holding out his right hand to shake. "Nice to meet you... ah crap I gave you my name for free. Whoops."
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And the man, now known as SamJaz makes him rise an eyebrow yet again. But Aleister was happy about it, it was nice to see that his enemy had a sense of humor. Beyond that, he also liked people who could laugh at insults and taunts thrown at that and were not affected by them.

"I wish i could reply with "I would cut off your head, Dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground." but sadly you ain't that small." Aliester comes down from the throne to meet him on even ground, ironic as just a moment ago he was in the position to question the man's height when compared to his own. Perhaps it was foolish, not only because the whole thing seemed like it was a bitter mockery towards him, but to just come down to shake hands with his enemy as well, but he was gonna risk it, it's not like he doesn't have many ways to avoid any threat or a dent in his pride.

He takes his hand and shakes it firmly. "My name... is something i cannot tell you. You know, i don't wear this outfit and mask because it's fancy, it has a more practical purpose. If my identity came out, it would be most troubling for me. But i suppose you can call me just like the rest of the world does. I am sure you heard of the thief of all thief, Phantom." he finishes as he releases Sam's hand his stance holding a certain amount of pride in it.

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"Nope." SamJaz shrugged. "Never heard of you. I'd call you a copout, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't get me anywhere."
SamJaz flicked the keyblade in his hand. "I really wish I'd got you to agree to something, Phantom, because I can lock that kind of agreement as binding. "
The Keyblade flashed gold, and the light swam up SamJaz's arm and into his eyes, which tightened into a determined glare.
"But that doesn't mean that I can't unlock other metaphysical things, like identities." SamJaz said, bracing himself in a loose, liquid stance with his keyblade between him and the Phantom. "Aleister."
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@SamJaz: A little bit confused Aliester looks at the scene in front of him.

While he wasn't exactly sure what happened, he didn't have to. All he knew is that the man knew who has was. On the other hand it didn't seem like he knew who Aliester was anyway, so i might not be such a big problem. Still he had to make sure, one way or another.

"You had to ruin it did you, did you? We were having this nice little chit-chat and were all buddy-buddy, but now there is no way around it. Being reported to Union of Seven would be the end of my normal life and to be frank, i don't want that, which means i have the stop you from getting a chance at exposing me, that is i have to make sure you don't leave this place."

Aleister points his cane at his new "friend". Disappointed because of the turn of events, but perhaps he doesn't necessarily have to kill him, he'll wait for his reaction, maybe the whole situation can be solved in some other less violent and bloody way, but he already prepare himself to defend both his name and his life as a normal human being.

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Finally a reaction.
"There's an easier way out of your predicament." SamJaz pointed out. "Go downstairs, put the diamond back, I unlock the place and we both go home, laughing and joking about this whole deal. Otherwise, I might just have to break into your mind to find out just what a number needs a union for, and why it freaks you out so much."
The keyblade glowed menacingly. "I'm not here to ruin some kid's life." He said. "I actually wanted to achieve the exact opposite of that today."
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"Oh." the gem in his possession, he had already forgotten about it. He didn't mind, their fight lasted longer than twenty minutes and so was the deal. "Oh the diamond you say? Well a promise is a promise." he takes the jewel out and tosses it towards Sam. "Don't care what you make of it, might take it for yourself if you want."

" You know it's pretty ugly when compared to the other things i have. But i'm warning you, if some asshole shows up at my door you're the one i'm gonna make responsible for it. And i swear, even if it's the last thing i do i'll make your life as miserable as possible because of that, i lead too good a life to switch to running away and hiding all the time."

He still thinks about killing him to be sure, but it would leave a bad taste in his mouth to kill a guy he actually liked. So he's gonna leave it at that, so far his luck was serving him pretty good.

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SamJaz kneed the object gently, then rolled it down his leg and latched it onto his shoe, before pulling a cloth from his pocket and picking it up, careful not to get any fingerprints on the precious rock. "I know you've got skills, and you're just dying to prove them to the world and to yourself, but just because something has no worth to you doesn't mean it's worthless." He told Aliester. "I would have confronted you even if this was a child's rag."
He gave the young man one more look, before tapping the keyblade onto the rooftop of the museum, the blue barrier falling. "Where'd you put this rock anyways?" he asked, opening the rooftop window. "Look, come down and show me where to put this and the only jerkface that'll show up at your door because of this event will be me wanting to go out for pizza. Or wifehunting. You seem to have some expertise in that area." He grinned, before dropping down the window to find the diamond's exhibit.
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@SamJaz: "Hey now, i didn't say it's worthless, it's just not interesting for me." Aliester replies, a little bit insulted at that. Funny how actual insults are nothing to him yet this accusation actually gets a reaction from him. Aliester ignores the comment about women and looks as Sam goes into the museum. Right now he could just teleport away and be happy with an exciting night, after all it could be a trap of some sorts. But for some reason he decides he would rather end the night with helping his new friend and not looking like some Batman villain (hell he even has more in common with Batman himself than the villains). He jumps through the window, using his levitation to land gracefully next to Sam.

Aliester sighs, "You know you're making me be all good hearted and shit. Can't say i like that much, after all i'm supposed to be a badass thief, seen by none and feared by all." Saying that he leads the way to where he found the gem. Even if a bit strange as he was never in a situation like this, he was happy. He was no murderer anyway, you had to be one kind of a bastard to make Aliester kill you and this guy surely didn't deserve it.

"There." he points at the rightful place of the precious stone. "Even if it's nothing special, it's still heartbreaking to see it return to that prison. So better be quick with it, unless you want to make me cry." it was said with a half-joking and half-serious tone.

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@ReliusClover: "If you love it so much, come back tomorrow and pay for it." SamJaz laughed, then stopped. "Unless the police are swarming the place because of the break in. Or, much more likely, the stench of corpses. We should leave. Like, now." He smiled, leading the way out with the satisfaction of a job well done.
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@SamJaz: Aliester can't really laugh at the jokes. The night did end up better than he expected it to be, but he could think of better scenarios. "If you actually want to keep up that promise, here's a way pointer." he trows a card to Same, the adress of his mansion written on it.

There wasn't anything he could lose, his name was already revealed so it didn't really matter. With that he teleports out of the museum ending up on the street. He continues with the plan he had in the first place, which is to walk home.

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SamJaz looked at the card, then smiled, hopping out of a nearby window as well, sliding down the fire escape before walking down the street, keyblade vanished for the moment.
He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and put the card in. He could see this being fun later on.
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