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For some reason, the streets of Kyoto were infested with strange zombie-like creatures. Fortunately, Kyoto wasn't particularly congested with civilians at the moment, so fewer people were at risk of dying. To mighty Raseri, it didn't matter where these creatures had come from for the time being, all that he cared about was eradicating them. However, this was not his only objective, he had something else in mind, something that he's been wanting to do for weeks. "Damn zombies. I guess I need to lay a whoopin' on these clowns before I can move on to more important things", the Nordic Tiger said as he ran around the city, blitzing every single creature at unimaginable speeds. Raseri was moving so fast that he was a mere blur to those around him, even the creatures with their heightened supernatural senses could not detect his movement before being rammed to infinity. "This is just like target practice", the Son of Thunder murmured with a confident smirk as he just had one more street to head to. Upon arriving, Raseri halted his rampant speed blitzing, noticing that the creatures in this particular street were vibrating like cell phones. "What the?", now normally Raseri would simply ram his fist through them however, he didn't know what would happen considering that these creatures were apparently different from others. The way they vibrated, it was like they were going to explode.

Ready for the worst, Raseri fearlessly stood his ground and suddenly, every single creature clumped together into a giant mass of grotesque twitching flesh. "This sh*t just gets weirder and weirder", Raseri thought as he silently watched the colossal mass of flesh transform into a twenty foot tall zombie-like creature. But this one wasn't as slow as Raseri had hoped. In a mere second, the large creature rushed the Ultimate Fighting God, attempting to blindside him with a powerful elbow strike. However, the master hand to hand combatant quickly slid to his far left, narrowly avoiding the creature's attack. Unfortunately, the creature's elbow struck a building, having missed a dodging Raseri. "Damnit.. I better end this quick", the King of Fists murmured, clenching his right fist as a wild aura of white lightning radiated around his body. Soon a static sound was being produced by the aura as Raseri's eyes grew devoid of pupils and irises as they began to glow a white energy. And finally, the Unparalleled Fighting Machine's hair grew lighter in color. With a quick dash, Raseri was already behind the creature. "Supercharging my body with kinetic energy sure does pay off with some awesome speed", Raseri chuckled, having moved so fast that the creature hadn't even noticed he had moved. With a quick Kinetiske Stil roundhouse kick on the creature's knee, Raseri had completely removed the kinetic energy from the beast's body, rendering it incapable of moving. In effect, Raseri had stolen the creature's speed and it was now no more than a statue to him. This move is something that has earned Raseri the nickname "Speed Demon".

And with no time to spare, the fierce Nordic Tiger pummeled the creature into the ground with an explosive Kinetiske Stil uppercut. Before the creature could even crash to the ground, Raseri had began his overwhelming blitzing. Utilizing his amazing speed, Raseri proceeded to repeatedly punch away at the creature from every direction at such great speeds that he had punched the creature well over a thousand times before it even landed on the ground. Once the creature had landed on the ground, apparently dead, it vanished in a black cloud of dust. Done with business, the kinetic energy in Raseri's body was no longer supercharged and thus the Nordic Tiger's appearance reverted back to normal. "Well now that that's taken care of. Let's move on to the more important things... I wonder why Ebisu wasn't dealing with those things", the Fighting Guru said to himself just above a whisper as he pulled out a small note from his black leather jacket. "Now where do I find this Gerad guy. I've heard he's been causing some trouble for aspiring heroes. Now I don't know what this guy's deal is but I wonder what he'll say when he has to answer to me", Raseri wondered after reading the little information of Gerad on the the note. Slipping it back into his black leather jacket, Raseri wondered where he could begin his search for his mysterious target. "Where to now?", he asked himself, calmly.

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It was difficult and maybe imposible. To someone like Gerad fighting with an army isn't hard, but these ones were heavily strong, and even if Gerad was able to hold the fight a bit, he couldn't against the whole guild; His best strategy now was a temporal retreat, but he cannot abort his mission; so he decided to temporally trap the whole site inside the conceptual realm. Gerad can send people to the conceptual realm without trouble, as he has a freely access to this plane, but to move a lot of concepts to the conceptual realm means a heavy mental charge to Gerad, so he'll only be able to maintain the site trapped in the conceptual realm from a short period of time. In the battle with all the members he received a lot of heavy wounds, he experienced a lot of differents pains; even if he can heal his whole body in only a minute and even a second, these guys were dangerous, they had even ways to anulate Gerad's powers, so he quickly retire from the site and trapped the guild inside the conceptual realm, to catch them later. About an hour passed, he was completely healed of course as it only took a minute. But he decided to not release the building, until he find a good strategy to deal with all the members. However what Gerad did was maybe and incredible feat or an stupid idea; Ebisu wasn't any guild, but an strong one with an enormous sense of justice, the members were very good trained warriors, everyone with an unique skill, even if Gerad may be able to defeat one by one, to fight all of them at the same time was a suicidal idea. But he had to do it, because Ebisu was one of the biggest sources of fictions in this universe.

He sat on a bank and started to read an old book while drinking a hot cup of coffee, one of his favourite hobbies; he had an idea; Ebisu members are constantly dealing with theire personal issues, so not all of them were in the building at the same time, so he'll just wait for any member to arrive, and he will hunt them. But why did Gerad choose Ebisu as his target, when he is in favor of justice?, that is one of the mysteries about Gerad, his desicions are alwasy unpredictable.

There was some kind of big conmotion in the world, So, it had started, murmured Gerad; it seemed that some crazy jerk released an enormous invasion over the world, it would take a bit of time before the people realize what is happening; In a moment like that Ebisu would be necessary here, said Gerad taking a look to the building, He he, but they cannot do too much now. murmured Gerad with a bitter smile crossing his face.

The site were Ebisu is placed looked exactly normal, but those with abilities to feel the supernatural variations of the environment, would probably notice, that the energy that filled the place dissapeared, and even if it maintained it physical properties, Ebisu without the presence of its concepts, was now just a big gray empty shell.

Gerad drank all his coffee, so he made appear a cigarette from nowhere and pleasently started to smoke.

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Not completely certain where he should set his sights on first, Raseri took a deep breath. "Gerad seems like a fairly dangerous person. From what I've heard, this guy's got some weird power set. I wonder what he can do", the Nordic Tiger murmured as he began to walk around Kyoto. "I think I'll go get some tea first", Raseri thought with a light smile. Making his way over to the nearest coffeehouse, the flawless combatant sat on a table and waited to be attended by a waiter or waitress. All the while hoping not to attract any unwanted attention. "Being this good at fighting sometimes just doesn't pay off. When the hell did I become some kind of celebrity anyway? I don't remember doing any kind of commercial or whatever", the Ultimate Fighting God sighed. Soon a waiter had approached him, "May I take your order.. and get an autograph?", the waiter asked with a cheerful smile, he couldn't even hide the excitement in his face. "An autograph? Sure. Do you have a pen?", a calm Raseri asked. "Yeah I got one. Here ya go", the waiter said handing over the pen. And once Raseri was done signing the waiter's autograph, he made his order, "Now about my order. Can I get some chamomile tea here?", Raseri asked patiently. "Yes of course. I'll get right on it", the waiter replied, almost obediently without question. "Now that's some awesome service", Raseri chuckled.

After some time, the waiter returned with Raseri's tea, "Here ya go sir", the waiter said, "Enjoy", he continued before bowing. "Uh thanks", a modest Raseri replied. Once the waiter left, Raseri began to drink his tea. "I'll find you sooner or later Gerad", the King of Fists whispered. Soon out of nowhere, Odin popped up, sitting right in front of Raseri. "Ras my boy! How are you doing? Long time no see eh grandson?", the jovial skyfather greeted. Almost spitting his tea in surprise, Raseri wondered why Odin had come. "Odin?! I don't mean to be rude but what are you doing here?", Raseri asked, curious and surprised at the unexpected visit. "I should be used to this stuff by now", the Nordic Tiger thought with a sigh. "What? A grandfather can't just pop in to say hello to his favorite grandson? So how goes life in the mortal plane? Not as pleasing as Asgard I assume eh? Wink wink nudge nudge hehehe. Isn't it about time you come home and become a full god?", Odin suggested with giant cute anime eyes. "First of all, those eyes don't look good on old people.. its just downright creepy O-dawg. Anyway, you know becoming a full god is the last thing I wanna do. Hell don't even call me Son of Thunder. Call me Son of Man", Raseri replied, making his intentions clear. "Oh come on, being a god is fun. You can do this thing, see!", Odin said as brought the forks and knives on Raseri's table to life and had them fight each other. "Anyway, why would you want to live in a world full of divine explosives..", Odin said as he squinted. "Wait, you rigged the Earth with explosives?", Raseri asked, a little alarmed. "I don't recall saying explosives. Well you'll change your mind later. See you on the flipside homes, that's you young people say it right?", Odin said before disappearing in a discreet portal.

Shaking his head in amusement, Raseri finished his tea and quickly paid for it before leaving the coffeehouse. As he walked out of the coffeehouse and began to walk around the streets of Kyoto, he spotted a man smoking. He looked very familiar. Or at least he looked like the man in the picture that Raseri kept in his jacket along with the note. "Say what?", Raseri murmured as he pulled out the small picture from his black leather jacket. "That's Gerad! He looks just like the guy in the picture. Time to see what's up", the Son of Asgard thought after instantly burning the picture with a quick flame. Walking up to Gerad, Raseri calmly greeted the man, "Hey, are you Gerad? If so, I've got a few things I'd like to ask you".

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A tall man appeared disturbing Gerad's relaxation moment; this man asked an strange question to Gerad. First the existance of Gerad is unknown to almost all beings, it's no normal that a man like that knows about him; second, to directly ask him about being Gerad is more strange, to that the man must have a reference about the physical description of the physical manifestation called Gerad; all this thoughts crossed Gerad's mind in less than a second; then he slowly stood up and without putting of his cigarette, he gazed at the tall strong man. Even under that night, moonlight was enough for Gerad to recognize the appareance of the man, not only that, but also The Raven told him about the fictional constitution of the man, this was enough for Gerad to determinate the identity of the man. Gerad'll always do a detailed investigation about his preys, cases were he don't investigate about them are very rare; this wasn't the exception, before attacking Ebisu he gattered information from the Library of Fiction. Raseri, the son of the thunder's god from norse mythology and a mortal woman; he is a member of Ebisu, and a high ranked one, this is just perfect. Thought Gerad without showing any change of his expression.

Gerad decided to follow the man's game, soon or later the man'll probably notice the alteration of Ebisue, but now Gerad will just play a bit. Yeah, I'm Gerad; who might you be, you seems familiar to me, have I seen you before?. Against a famous person like Raseri, Gerad must show a bit of knowledge, but he's always ambiguous, so he showed only a neutral knowledge. Oh, what do you want to know?, I'm listening. Also Gerad was curious about what this man wanted to asked him, so he continued the act with no problem.

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The moment that the mysterious man identified himself as Gerad, Raseri no longer cared for the other words that Gerad spoke. He had found his target and it was time to act. But of course, he wouldn't rush the reality-distorter like a bull, no he was far more honorable than that considering that he had no intention of killing Gerad but simply to in his own words "Teach him a lesson". "So you are Gerad", the Nordic Tiger smirked. Every other word Gerad said after identifying himself fell on deaf ears. "Well if you're the Gerad that I'm looking for then I know that you've seen me before. In fact, I'm almost sure that you've been hoping for this kind of thing to happen", Raseri spoke without fear. The note in his jacket contained a degree of information about Gerad. Coupled with a picture, it explained the man's odd occupation somewhat however, it did not have a hint of any kind about his powers. This is a disadvantage that Raseri would have to live with, however, Gerad most likely knows a great deal about Raseri's powers. "Alright Gerad. I think that by now you know why I'm here. You can't be that stupid anyway", the Ultimate Fighting God said, taking a few steps backwards as he began to supercharge his body with kinetic energy. Suddenly, a white aura of lightning began to radiate from his body, generating a static sound as thin cracks formed around Raseri and soon some of the ground beneath his feet began to tear off.

In an instant, the King of Fists' eyes grew devoid of pupils and irises as they glowed white and finally, Raseri's hair color became lighter. "Word on the street is that you've been causing some problems for anybody with super-powers, including the good guys. Now I don't know what you're deal is but this sh*t can't go on any further son", Raseri said fearlessly and confidently. "Now then, you gonna stop or not? But I'm pretty sure what your answer is so.. why waste my time with questions? We both know where this is going", Raseri smirked as he clenched his fist and instantly performed a ridiculously fast barrage of punches that quickly generated colossal supercharged fists of kinetic energy that were flying straight towards Gerad. "I wonder what this guy can do..", the Son of Asgard wondered silently, hoping that his attack hit so that the fight would end quickly.

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Raseri was quick, usually people tend to follow Gerad's play some time, because they don't know about him; but in this case, Raseri seemed to know about Gerad, so without any worries he asked to him about the reasons behind the fiction hunting; after that the guy started to charge up some kind of energy; Gerad's Raven eye revelaed how much the energy inside this man's body changed; then a fierce barrage of strong blows enough to break apart a body flew toward Gerad, who just expeled a piece of smoke from his mouth careless, it was fast; the fists literally destroyed great part of Gerad's body, then he was send flying toward a wall, he crashed and lied in the floor.

All this in a few seconds, but also in less than a second, Gerad's body was completely healed, so without trouble he stood up; he waved his neck to both sides making a cracking sound, and after that he just cleaned the dust of his clothes with his hand. Just right in the time between Gerad expeling a piece of smoke, and the barrage of fists, he imbued his body with the concept of healing only by his whim, this allowed Gerad's body to regenerate in a ridiculous fast speed.

Hey hey calm down big guy said Gerad pointing with his hand the empty shell that was Ebisu now; the wall in the one Gerad crashed was one of Ebisu. You know? a concept can easily return to this plane, but if you destroy its vessel the concepts won't have a place to return, said Gerad in a calmly way, then with a fierce gaze at Raseri, he said, And without a vessel to return, they'll just stop existing. Gerad made his black sword to appear from nowhere and pointed Raseri saying with an authoritary and high tone, You're the culprits of your own punishment; yeah soon or later I was going to end all of you, but for this to happen so soon is because of all of you.

With a very fast move, Gerad sliced his sword multiple times toward the man's body, but even if any hit connected without problem, the body of this beast was so hard that not even an scratch was done, Tschhh. Gerad jumped a distance of ten steps back, and he eliminated his sword. A whim was enough for him to imbue his body with concepts of strenght augment and armor pierce augment; the first one enhances his strenght to enourmous levels, the second one gave him the ability to easily break any armor, and to wound inner organs by his strikes. He ran toward Raseri, and this time he was the one who dealt the barrage of blows; but not only that, he also used his conceptual magic to surprise Raseri from behind. The plan was to distract him with the fist barrage, while a column of fire was going to be sended toward him from behind; Gerad would be burned by his own fire, but he didn't care, a bit of fire won't kill him.

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The attack was a success! Or was it? While Gerad was temporarily injured by the attack, it took him less than a minute to completely heal from his devastating wounds. Standing to his full height, Gerad spoke to a surprised Raseri. "Damn.. I didn't expect him to survive that", the Nordic Tiger murmured to himself as Gerad spoke, "Hey hey calm down big guy", the mysterious man said. Mighty Raseri was stunned to discover Ebisu's current state. "What a douche", Raseri thought as his energy-senses fed him information on the alteration of Ebisu. Not yet uttering another word, Raseri patiently listened to Gerad, still with his body supercharged with kinetic energy. "You know? A concept can easily return to this plane, but if you destroy its vessel the concepts won't have a place to return", Gerad spoke in a calm tone and manner. He gave off the aura of an arrogant manipulator. However, soon the man's eyes became intense as he looked Raseri in the eye, "And without a vessel to return, they'll just stop existing", Gerad said, he was trying to make a point. Although he was being a little discreet with his choice of words, Raseri did understand most of what he said. "So I see I can't just blow you to bits like I first planned", the Ultimate Fighting God replied confidently, almost as if he didn't hear what Gerad had to say. "You're the culprits of your own punishment, yeah soon or later I was going to end all of you, but for this to happen so soon is because of all of you".

Oh how Gerad's words got on Raseri's nerves. Simply shaking his head in disagreement, Raseri replied with unquestionable certainty, "No you're wrong. Since when do you get to decide everyone superhuman's fate? It's not up to you. You have no right. And I'm here to prove it by beating your sorry ass to the ground", Raseri said however, before he could attack, Gerad had formed a black sword and unleashed countless slashes all aimed at Raseri. Unaware of Gerad's capabilities, Raseri wouldn't take an insane gamble and decided to dodge the sword slashes. However, soon Gerad jumped back and suddenly, the sword disappeared. And without warning, Gerad dashed over to Raseri, confident that his strikes would do harm to the Unparalleled Fighting Machine. Little did Raseri know that there was much more to Gerad than the eye can see. Dodging the first set of blows, the Nordic Tiger was soon hit by the last three strikes, they each struck him with incredible force. However, while Gerad launched his own blows, Raseri didn't hesitate to counter with his own. As he was struck by Gerad's last punch, Raseri went for a quick devastating flurry of pressure point Nor Way strikes. The first would hit a point in Gerad's body so vital that it would force his nervous system into a hypersensitive state, making even the lightest touch extremely painful. The second would cause all of the blood vessels in Gerad's arms burst and finally the last three strikes would cause the muscles around Gerad's spine to contract, effectively snapping his back. "This guy's good", Raseri thought as he spat some blood from the injuries he had sustained.

However, Gerad's onslaught was not over, Gerad had conjured up some a column of fire that he shot at Raseri who was quickly engulfed by the flames. Was it over? No, not by a long shot. "Fire? That's nice. But I'm immune to it", the fierce Nordic Tiger uttered as he emerged unscathed by the flames. His only injuries being three deep wounds on his body. One on his thigh, the other on his abdomen and the last in his right lung. "You hit pretty hard son", Raseri smirked. "You managed to puncture my lung, pierce my thigh and punch through my gut. That's impressive. I can see holes through me", Raseri said, slowly walking towards Gerad. Suddenly, his wounds began to heal, "But it'll take more than that to take me out", he continued as his wounds were almost completely healed. In an instant, The Greatest rushed straight at Gerad at unimaginable speeds, around 90,000 miles per second as he attempted to completely steal his opponent's speed by removing all of the kinetic energy in Gerad's body. "Lets see how you handle this", Raseri said, still confident.

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A fierce exchange of blows happened between Gerad and Raseri; the pressure generated by the blows were so strong that enormous vacuum of wind was released, strong enough to easily crush tress and walls; some of the Ebisu's walls were damaged, but it seemed that Raseri carefully placed every blow in a way that Ebisu don't recibe too much damage. Some of Gerad's fists pierced through Raseri's bodies, while some of Raseri's strikes wounded the inner fisiology of Gerad. After the barrage of blows ended the big column of fire burned Raseri, and Gerad managed to avoid the fire, however by some reason he wasn't able to move his arms, and also only the heat of the fire was enough to make him feel and intense pain. Raseri walked through the fire like nothing, it seemed that he was inmune to it, also his wounds healed; without hesitation Raseri prepared to rush toward Gerad, who moved by instinct imbued himself with speed augment, quickly avoiding the man's rush; Gerad's speed was now very high, he was able to see every perticle of light slowly moving through all, but he suddenly stopped.

Gaaaaaaaah!!! screamed Gerad because of an intense pain, his body was hypersensitive, and the friction an pressure generated while he avoid Raseri were a heavy charge to his body, normally he is able to withstand the pain of an speed faster than the light, but this time it was horrible; also his back started to turn against his will, and crushed him in an strange position. But as Gerad's powers depende mainly of his whim, this was just a bit of pain that can be easily solved. He activated a conceptual spell of water and air; then he trapped himself in a water bubble, with enough pressure to crush his own body, and also the gust of wind inside the bubble were strong enough to slice his whole body; this way, Gerad desintegrated his own body to small fragments, that couldn't even be called lumps of flesh.

But with just a second, his whole body regenerated; Gerad idea was to destroy his own nervous system, and to regenerate it again, this way his sensorial response restored to a normal one; about the vessels crushed in his arm, while he was moving they instantly recovered due to the heal augment, and the same happened with his back crushed while he was in the bubble.

Because the augments were conceptual skill, even if his body was destroyed he still maintained it, in fact they'll stay with him until he decid to deactivate them, or until his whole concept is eliminated. He looked at Raseri and said, The world is in chaos, and it's fault of the fiction; using his conceptual magic, Gerad charged his fists and his whole body with the power of the four elements, then he pointed Raseri and said, An example is you Raseri, wasn't that invasion of explosives zombies over the world because you exist?. This time Gerad hold the power of the elements in his body, a fist that can destroy almost anything, an speed that ridiculizes the particles of light and a healing factor that allowed him to be reconstructed in a second or less. It doesn't matter if they are good or evil, all the disorder is because of all of you. He adopted an strange battle stance, and replied one more time, You should know it by now, both you and I aren't something that should exists, we are just fiction, the difference is that I recognize it.

An enormous quantity of Gerads surrounded Raseri, every one dealing endless destructive blows; the floor ignited due to the fire, the earth started to tremble due to the force generated, also rocks started to elevate and crushed one after other; winds fiercely created an enormous storm, and a fierce hail started to fall, a hail that even crushed the floor. It was just one Gerad, but the speed generated afterimages of him, however this didn't mean that the blows weren't real. Gerad didn't knew what kind of fiction sustained Ebisu, but if this continues it will end ruined, due to the enormous clash of elemental forces.

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Well it looked like Gerad couldn't handle himself against the deadliness of Nor Way pressure points. Oh but how Raseri was proven wrong on that assumption. Though the pain did in fact impair Gerad's performance, even if it was for mostly a minute, it meant that without the aid of his powers, Gerad was indeed physically vulnerable. Fortunately for Gerad, he was quick to trap himself in a water bubble where he quickly reconstructed his body. "This sh*t is ridiculous", the Nordic Tiger thought as he watched his opponent fully regenerate and emerge from the water bubble. Maintaining his confident and firm stance, a calm but focused Raseri patiently listened to what Gerad had to say. "The world is in chaos, and it's fault of the fiction", Gerad was clearly certain of himself but so was Raseri. Their views were quite contrasting. And without warning, Gerad's fists and his entire body were charged with the supernatural power of all four elements. Pointing at a focused Raseri, Gerad continued voicing his beliefs, "An example is you Raseri, wasn't that invasion of explosives zombies over the world because you exist?", this was a question that the Ultimate Fighting God would gladly answer. "Fiction? Your in way over your head. The invasion of those things happened because they crave human flesh. This place was lucky enough that I was here to save them. So you should rephrase your choice of words, the invasion was stopped because of me", Raseri said without a doubt in his mind.

Taking an unorthodox fighting stance, Gerad spoke once again, "You should know it by now, both you and I aren't something that should exist, we are just fiction, the difference is that I recognize it", Gerad said. This was something that mighty Raseri found a little laughable. That Gerad believed he had the right to decide what was allowed to exist and what was not. "You're crazy boy. Now if you and I, not to mention thousands of others shouldn't exist then we wouldn't but we do. The fact is that you don't get to decide who is allowed to exist and who isn't", The Greatest replied with his usual confidence and assurance. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, countless copies of Gerad surrounded a surprised Raseri. Every single one of them instantly went for the attack, shooting for an infinite number of powerful strikes. The ground somehow ignited and it began to quake as a result of the immense force of the blows. The rubble and pebbles around them began to levitate in mid air as unforgiving gusts of wind infested the air. And this wasn't the end of it, a merciless hail storm that pierced even the ground occurred. This would be overwhelming for most opponents. But Raseri was no ordinary opponent. Before any of the attacks could touch him, Raseri vibrated his molecules at such a speed that he instantly turned intangible. Quickly leaping out of the center of the Gerad copies and landing behind them. Raseri back physical once more.

"This guy's no joke", the King of Fists thought, observing his environment at incredible speeds. His energy-sensing abilities quickly detected the location of the real Gerad as opposed to his numerous copies who possessed a much lower energy-signature. Still supercharged with kinetic energy, Raseri locked his sights on the real Gerad and he unleashed a barrage of colossal fists of kinetic energy, "Atatatatatatatatah!", Raseri's gigantic projectiles flew straight at Gerad at amazing speeds. And just so that the Gerad copies would no longer bother him, Raseri thrust his palms forward and discharged an immensely massive wave of kinetic energy, ready to remove the kinetic energy from every single copy and Gerad himself.

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"You're crazy boy. Now if you and I, not to mention thousands of others shouldn't exist then we wouldn't but we do. The fact is that you don't get to decide who is allowed to exist and who isn't" Screamed Raseri while Gerad was reconstructing his body; then Gerad send his afterimages to him, but he became intangible, avoiding the move. Tsch, Gerad looked at Raseri and calmly but in a high tone replied, I'm not the one who decide who isn't allowed to exist, I'm just the executioner; to me this is a noble task.

Then suddenly with an amazing speed the big man unleashed a barrage of mighty blows, but the man commited a mistake; in the moment when he became intangible, equalizer, one of Gerad's conceptual magics automatically activated, this magic allows Gerad to fight in the same level that his oponent, if he can fly, Gerad can fly, if he can multiply himself, Gerad can multiply himself, and in this case..... Gerad became intangible against all the blows of Raseri, however it was just a temporal intagibility, but enough for him to avoid all the attacks, Ha ha, that intangibility sucks, long time ago when I killed Dracula he was able to stay hours intangible, said Gerad in a sarcastic tone. Gerad's intangibility was exactly the same of his oponent, but with the difference, that he became intangible only because of the concept of intangibility capted by equalizer, so he didn't had to make his molecules to vibrate like Raseri,

Too much blows, its time to level up a bit thought Gerad. Is like when you write an story about a man who loves basketball, replied Gerad in continuation of his response to Raseri statement; You write him to be passionate about the basketball, thus you don't write why, so he is just passionated because he was born like that; it's the same to me, this is just a noble task that I must execute, because I'm sure of its noblesse. Gerad jumped about five meters, and screamed from the height. Explain me, what's the difference between you the good fiction and the evil fiction!!!; Tell me, what good do you all do to the world!!!!. This time Gerad send a barrage of blows to the empty air, but his fists were so fast and strong, that generated giant blades of wind sended toward Raseri, of course this wind was also charged with the fury of the elements.

But that wasn't all, when he fell, he striked with might his fist in the floor, creating a great earthquake, and then he throwed more winds slices toward Raseri, this time from the floor; the idea was to force Raseri to protect in some way against the flying attacks, then to stun him with the earthquake, and in that moment to finish him with the heavy wind blades.

This is your demise!!!!! Raseri!!!!!!!

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Ah so Gerad denied being the one who is giving all fiction eternal judgement, he claimed to be merely the one who carries out the death sentence. So what did this mean? Was Gerad implying that he was simply a pawn of an even greater force? Was he being manipulated? Did he believe he was sent on a mission by God? Or was he simply not trying to shoulder the blame for his past actions. "I'm not the one who decides who isn't allowed to exist, I'm just the executioner; to me this is a noble task", Gerad said, yet again voicing his opinion on the subject matter. With a raised eyebrow, Raseri maintained his focus as he replied to his opponent's words, "You're not the one deciding? So what? You're just a puppet then? Or maybe you just don't want to be found guilty for your crimes", the Nordic Tiger said, calmly but with absolute certainty. And as mighty Raseri expected his explosive strikes to smash through Gerad like a battering ram, the mysterious man was somehow, almost miraculously immune to Raseri's attacks. "The hell? Did he just turn intangible?", Raseri asked himself in silence and slight surprise. Little did Raseri know, that his opponent's supposed intangibility was temporary. "Ha ha, that intangibility sucks, long time ago when I killed Dracula he was able to stay hours intangible", mocked Gerad. While Gerad may have escaped the wrath of Raseri's attack, he had revealed a fatal detail. "Well that was pretty stupid. Outright telling me that you can copy my abilities is as dumb as your ideology", Raseri replied, calm and unaffected by Gerad's childish taunts.

Not many minutes after Raseri's response, Gerad chose to reply to some of Raseri's previous sentences. "Its like when you write a story about a man who loves basketball", Gerad continued, "You write him to be passionate about the basketball, thus you don't write why, so he is just passionate because he was born like that; it's the same to me, this is just a noble task that I must execute, because I'm sure of its nobleness", Gerad said, voicing his belief. At this point, Gerad almost sounded delusional. "So you're under some crazy delusion that what you're doing is right? Your judgement is so corrupt it ain't even funny. Lemme tell you something clown. What you see as noble is seen as murder and a crime by many others. That's why I'm here. To fight for those you're unjustly pursuing. To defend them and fight for their rights. To fight for their freedom", the Ultimate Fighting God responded with flawless certainty. A revolutionary who believes in equality and freedom, Raseri will not stand for what Gerad does. Leaping five meters into the air, Gerad now began to shout, "Explain me, what's the difference between you the good fiction and the evil fiction!!! Tell me, what good do you all do to the world!!!!, Gerad shouted. "See how clouded your judgment is? You can't even tell the difference between good and evil anymore. Your so called noble quest is based on the ridiculous assumption that all fiction is the same. Isn't that like a divine being passing judgement on all of humanity as evil because one or two of them are destructive? It's ignorant! We're not all the same, most of us do a lot of good. How many times has this world not been destroyed because we were here to protect it? How many times has an innocent life been saved because we chose to sacrifice ourselves? We do a lot of good as heroes. Minutes ago, those zombies didn't do sh*t to the people here because I was here to protect them! Now don't you stay there and ask me what good we do to this world.. because if it wasn't for us, there wouldn't be a world!", Raseri shouted, strongly voicing his own beliefs.

And no less than two seconds afterwards, Gerad sent a plethora of blows through the air. His attacks they were so fierce and fast, filled with such power that they generated colossal slashes of wind towards Raseri. But that wasn't the end of it. The wind was also enhanced by the power of all four elements of nature. Bracing himself for the attack, Raseri erected a strong barrier of kinetic energy around his body, protecting him from Gerad's projectiles. "While I could have dodged those, this conserves more energy", the King of Fists thought as his barrier disappeared. Soon however, once Gerad had landed, he struck the ground with such a monstrous blow that he had instantly generated a powerful earthquake, but Raseri remained motionless as the ground shook with terror. But more wind slashes were shot at Raseri who though dodged the first few, he was deeply cut by the last three slashes. While the earthquake would have somehow affected him if he were not a master of the energy of movement, it was sadly for Gerad useless against him. Quickly placing his hands on the ground, Raseri used his freakish physical strength to rip out an enormous section of the road and quickly hurled it at Gerad. It was a simple attack, designed to distract his opponent as Raseri quickly discharged an immense fast blast of highly explosive kinetic energy at Gerad that would not only severely injure him but also remove the kinetic energy from his body making him incapable of movement. And while his opponent was busy tending to those attacks, the Son of Thunder used his blinding speed to get a few meters behind Gerad unnoticed by even supernatural vision. Behind his opponent, Raseri thrust his palms at Gerad and quickly projected a truly humongous stream of blazing hot white fire so massive that it could engulf entire buildings. "Lets see how well Gerad can handle my flames and soon the other unique ones", Raseri thought as the deep cuts on his skin began to heal slowly with time.

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Gerad attack was fierce, and even if Raseri was able to avoid all of them, he was cut by some of the slices. I'll release all the augments, murmured Gerad he didn't care if his oponent heared or not his babbling, Three more augments, then with only his whim, the body of Gerad imbued with the concepts of resistance, barrier and evation, he now uploaded the defensive part of his concept; and not only that, as he now was charged with all the augments, an enormous amount of conceptual energy emanated from him; all this happened in seconds, at the same time that the big man throwed an enormous piece of the road an throwed it against Gerad, he just received the piece of road like nothing, as the concept of resistance enhanced his physical and energical defenses, so it only crushed in him like nothing, but the road was followed by an enormous blast of energy with only nanoseconds of difference, however Gerad also was imbued with evation, and by that he instinctly avoided the blast in just those nanoseconds, thanks to both the evation and the speed augments; but it wasn't all, Gerad was careless and he could felt a pair of palms trying to pierce his back, but also the barrier concept protected him from every attack that isn't a very heavy one, so the palms couldn't pierce his body, however they started to send a white flame that engulfed Gerad turning him into less than ashes.

By this time, Raseri must already know that the whole body of Gerad can regenerate with no problem, so in a second, the particles that were dispersed joined to recreate Gerad again. The hunter smiled with the typical smile of a person when he manages to catch an animal in a trap, and a trap was precisely the slices of winds previously sended by Gerad; some of them hit the King of fists, though he regenerated easily, but inside his blood vessels, particles of high pressured air and water invaded his blood flow; as they were created by Gerad he easily maked them explode inside Raseri's body. By this time, Gerad already knew that Raseri body can easily heal from injuries like that, however the physical pain inflicted by air bubbles and water bubbles in blood vessels is one of the biggest pains. Also a bit of earth particles entered in Raseri's body, but Gerad didn't use them to damage the man's body, but to make them disturb the distribution of nerves in Raseri's brachial plexus, the plexus that inerves all muscles in the arm, thus this way Raseri's arms may end useless; Gerad carefully did that in such a way that no nervous structure in Raseri's body end destroyed, he knew that Raseri can heal himself, because of that he just move the inner fisiology of Raseri's body. But Gerad hoped for this to not end this ease.

To answer Raseri's replied Gerad only said, And I thought that you'll convince me to change my opinions, well, it seemed that you failed to protect your fellows partners Raseri. With his enormous speed, Gerad appeared at the side of Ebisu; due to the battle, the structure was a bit damaged, but it was impressive how it was able to maintain itself; The fiction that hold this place must an strong one said Gerad, but against this; Gerad made his black sword to appear, this time with a white trail in the middle, the sword now was in its anti-fiction form, it was the perfect sword that can cut any fiction. No matter how strong is the fiction, this building can easily be destroyed said with a sadistic smile, and crazed eyes. Then in seconds that seemed to be minutes Gerad recited the spell required to destroy the fiction. Fiction to fiction. Earth to earth; The fiction that holds the fictional building can only hold him in the earth but not in the fiction; then with a fast slice, Gerad cut the concept that supported Ebisu; and the building collapsed just like if all its columns were suddenly broken. Gerad destroyed the vessel in front of Raseri's eyes, and as he previously stated, without the vessel, Ebisu cannot return.

C'mon Raseri, unleash your fury, see how your beatiful Ebisu is gone; Cry that there is no joy.

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So close to removing the kinetic energy in Gerad's body, but alas it brought nothing. Raseri would have to wait to use such an attack later, at a different type of moment. However, the scorching hot white flames that he projected were far too much for even Gerad to simply brush off. They burned him to ashes, but he was however, not completely incinerated and Raseri knew that it wasn't over. "It's not over yet. No, it can't be that easy", the Nordic Tiger murmured. And within a matter of seconds, his guesses were proven oh so correct. As Gerad's body regenerated itself, mighty Raseri jumped a few meters back and almost launched another attack however, he decided against it. And as he stood firmly, still very strong as he focused his vision on Gerad, Raseri kept his mind cool as Gerad smiled. Mind games and taunts don't have much of an effect on him. However, little did Gerad know that the particles of high pressured air and water in his blood were rendered useless as Raseri was all too familiar with this type of attack. His cousin, Rock Li was infamous for utilizing these attacks in combat and thus, Raseri knew how to counter them with an enormous amount of precision and very little effort. A master of his own body, inside and out, Raseri destroyed the air bubbles and water bubbles by simply flexing instantly. But it wasn't over. There were also some earth particles that had entered the demigod's body, particles that attempted to disrupt his arms. "Hmm so that's what he's trying to do", Raseri thought. A master of pressure points and the human body, Raseri knows the human physiology better than most surgeons and practically anybody. Internal attacks will not work on him.

With a deep breath, Raseri calmly shut his eyes and used his right leg to tap his left ankle. What was that? He had struck a specific pressure point, a point that's only purpose is to render any internal attacks on the user useless. The Nor Way was quite beneficial in that aspect. Cracking his knuckles in a menacing manner, the Ultimate Fighting God's deep cuts were almost healed. "And I thought that you'll convince me to change my opinions, well, it seemed that you failed to protect your fellow partners Raseri", Gerad said, taking yet another shot at taunting the determined demigod who replied with cool and collected confidence and certainty, "Convince? Where'd you get that from? I was never trying to convince you. No you're too far gone. You can't convince a crazy person to stop being crazy. Your insanity is way too much for you to handle, a few words ain't gonna change that", the Unparalleled Fighting Machine said. He continued, "Besides.. you're going to fail here. I'm sure you have before. But you keep on trying don't ya? Trying to erase all of fiction? Well.. a great mind did define insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results", Raseri said, locking his eyes on Gerad who in a mere second, appeared beside Ebisu. He was fast but Raseri with his inhumanly fast eyes could still follow his movements. However, after this, Raseri ignored every single word that came from Gerad's mouth. He was however, stunned when the mysterious man destroyed Ebisu with his sword and taunted Raseri to unleash his rage so that Gerad may bare witness to his true might and terrifying power. Many have made this mistake.

Now normally The Greatest would gladly let his rage overcome him and his power would make the very Earth tremble in fear but this wasn't the case. Mighty Raseri remained calm, "Nah I'm not gonna do that", Raseri shrugged off Gerad's taunts despite being fully aware of what his opponent had done. "See I've done that too many times. I know what I'm doing here. I don't have to get angry to beat the living sh*t out of you. I'm gonna defeat here and now and save Ebisu while I do it, cause that's what Raseri does", Raseri replied as he took an unorthodox fighting stance. Was he preparing to unleash the Fist of Life?

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Raseri calmly replied to Gerad's act, but The Tell-Tale heart, Gerad's right eye, observed some drips of worrying inside a sea of calm in Raseri's behaviour; It doesn't matter if he was angry or not, he was truly worried about his Ebisu's partners. And now Gerad destroyed the only possible vessel that sustained them. In the moment when he destroyed Ebisu's concept, his facial expression became a sadistic one, however all this was Gerad's act to ingnite the rage of Raseri; When Gerad murder a concept he usually stay calmly as always. Gerad's act now was unnecessary, so this time with his real behaviour he asked to Raseri. What do you plan to do to bring Ebisu back?, even if you eliminate me it won't be enough; his expression turned dark an said, Understand that there is no way for them to came back, they're gone Raseri, you failed them.

Then Gerad adopted his own battle stance, this time with the sword in hand; he can easily use the sword to kill a concept, but to that he must recite the right spell, and in the intensity of a battle, that's a hard task, however the sword was in its conceptual form, and the damage that this sword does is directed to hurt the concept that sustain his oponent, so if his oponent were to block his slashes with only his body it would be a very dumb idea. The sword just need to touch the body to eliminate part of his oponent existance.

Gerad still maintained all the augments, as his elemental attacks failed he decided to use full conceptual energy, an energy that similar to the sword deals conceptual damage. Here I come Raseri. Gerad suddenly dissapeared, and filled the whole field with spheres of conceptual energy the ones that quickly fired one after other toward Raseri; almost at the same time, Gerad appeared behind Raseri, to deal the first slash, if that slash were to touch Raseri's body, part of his past will be erased.

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So it seems that Gerad's attempts at provoking Raseri's rage would not end just yet however, unfortunately for the fiction hunter, this would not be the case. Gerad's words were at the very least annoying since the Nordic Tiger had already devised a plan that he was certain would work but he would not to use it only when Gerad's guard was lowered and his opponent's arrogance was at an all-time high. "What do you plan to do to bring Ebisu back? Even if you eliminate me it won't be enough", Gerad taunted, adopting a more serious and aggressive tone, "Understand that there is no way for them to come back, they're gone Raseri, you failed them", while this would have truly worried Raseri if he didn't already have a plan to test. Not to mention that there was probably maybe one Ebisu member in the headquarters or none since its highly unlikely that they were all there together, they are usually always out attending to their tasks. "Hush boy", Raseri replied calmly silencing Gerad's taunts. "I didn't fail anyone clown. I can bring them back, I know how to. It's real easy. But who says I can't have some fun beating your ass before I save them?", Raseri smirked confidently, mocking Gerad. This was some amazing level of self-control and composure that the Ultimate Fighting God had.

Maintaining his unorthodox fighting stance, he waited for Gerad to attack first. Gerad held his mysterious sword tightly in his hand, "So you're gonna use that butter knife on me? I think you should reevaluate your choice of weaponry fool", Raseri mocked, his bravado was truly never ending. For most people, facing an opponent with abilities as deadly as Gerad would be quite a fearful situation however, Raseri was a man without fear and he has faced far far worse. And he is destined to face worse. "Here I come Raseri", Gerad warned as he suddenly disappeared. In an instant, Raseri powering up his supercharged lightning aura of kinetic energy, kept his unique fighting stance. Soon the entire battlefield was infested with spheres of mysterious energy that were quickly fired towards a focused Raseri. In a flawless display of incredible speed, the King of Fists dodged every single energy sphere with ease. "Slow", mighty Raseri thought as his energy-senses quickly detected Gerad's energy-signature behind him. Spotting the incoming slash from Gerad with his god-like eyes, Raseri dodged the sword's blade by quickly ducking underneath the swing. Due to the swing, Gerad had left his body open. Seizing the opportunity, the fierce Nordic Tiger went for an immensely powerful Kinetiske Stil punch aiming at Gerad's gut. The strike contained enough explosive power to split Mount Everest in half with its sheer might. The second attack was a powerful thunderclap that vaporized nearby buildings. "This guy's going down", Raseri thought as he quickly generated a colossal ball of white fire that he shot at Gerad. So he was preparing himself for "The State of Fire".

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He he, of course my attack was going to fail, replied confident Gerad at the same time he was striked by powerful blow, that splited everything behind him only by the pressure generated, however it didn't hurt Gerad, not even in the minimum; then it came Raseri's second strike, but Gerad with a graceful move evaded just if it were some kind of dance. A lot of building dissapeared in an instant, but Gerad didn't suffer any wound; finally a giant ball of white fire was sended toward Gerad who just staid quietly; the ball just passed through him as if he were some kind of ghost, and ignited all the area behind him. Fool, fool, goddy boy, did you forget that I can became intangible just like you; the only difference is that I can do it in a more freely way. Then Gerad looked at the surrounding area, Buildings desintegrated, fire all over the place, the streets splited in two; Gerad laughed and said, And then you have the nerve to tell me that all of you are a good to society?, Ridiculous!!!, then he calmly walked at the side of Raseri, and replied near his ear. You know?, when I came here there were about seven persons, they really gave a hard time, but now they won't came back. Gerad dissapeared with his speed again, this time he was near the ruined Ebisu.

Oh! but they still can came back, look here. Suddenly Ebisu appeared completely structured, and it was possible for both Raseri and Gerad to observe seven unconscious persons somehow trapped inside Ebisu. Look Raseri, these seven are the concepts of the seven persons that fought against me. But how was possible for Raseri to directly observe a concept?, the answer was simple; both, Raseri and Gerad left the normal plane and now they were in the conceptual plane, thanks to Gerad's free access between the planes

The whole reality looked distortioned, yet at the same time structured in a very solid way; they were under the place of the fight, they were over the place of the fight, they were behind the place of the fight, they were in front of the place of the fight, they were in the place of the fight; all at the same time. It was a dimension over all other dimensions. Here the concept of time lost all its meaning, so time wasn't flowing, also the whole reality was covered by an unknown color that Gerad was able to comprehend, but Raseri probably not.

And this is what happened, said Gerad and snaping his finger, the concept of Ebisu suddenly dissapeared, and with that the seven concepts slowly started to disperse. Get ready Raseri, fun has barely started. Another snap of fingers, and suddenly both Gerad and Raseri were levitating over some space. I'm not like you, said Gerad, I have changed the battlefield, he continued; our colossal power would destroy the universe in just a blink now, so we are far far away from it. See? I'm protecting what should exist, not like you who indiscriminately blowed great part of the place. To state one of his points, Gerad said I'll repeat again so you can understand it easily; suddenly the whole reality turned red at the same time that Gerad spoke, You and I are fiction. It was the Red Truth, a conceptual move that allows Gerad to say the absolute truth without requiring any proof. The plane returned to its unknown color at the same time that Gerad's sentence ended, however even if the red truth ended, the truth is something that cannot be avoided in any way.

Let's continue this, then Gerad sended a mighty blow impossible to evade that the big man countered with his own mighty blow also impossible to evade; the only clash between both fictional beings was enough to make the whole space vibrate, a lot of asteroids crushed into million of pieces, and these million of pieces turned into less than dust; stars started to blow one after another creating enormous supernovas followed by giant black holes that sucked into its dark vortice a enormous quantity of planets. Even if this all happened in the surrounding of Gerad and Raseri the strenght of their concepts were strongest so they weren't affected by the colission of the space, and even if it happened at eons of distance, both were able to see the whole colission; all this with a time that didn't even move; and all this due to the energy and pressure generated by the clash of both's blows. Then with and incredible and undescriptable speed and strenght, both fighter's exchanged multiples blows, that ridiculized all existing forces. Raseri probably didn't understood what was happening, but this didn't stopped him to continue the fight; after the blows ended, no warrior was tired or damaged. But the whole quantity of universes that surrounded them were constantly collapsing. Gerad moved the battle to a place were the world don't end destroyed, due to their power

So, do you like the spectacle Raseri?, entertain me, I enjoy when fiction made me reach this level.

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It wasn't really surprising anymore for Raseri to hear Gerad's ineffective taunts. It was almost like mighty Raseri could predict just what would emerge from Gerad's mouth. After his opponent openly mocked his so called intangibility, Raseri simply sighed calmly and replied with his usual amount of certainty and self-assurance, "I don't use intangibility fool. This is something different, you can't even tell can you clown? This version, my version is better, you just haven't seen it yet", the Nordic Tiger smirked as he maintained his fighting stance. Soon Gerad began to laugh after noticing the amount of damage that their battle was causing. Quickly without warning, Gerad began criticizing fiction once again, "And then you have the nerve to tell me that all of you are a good to society? Ridiculous!!!", Gerad said. This of course, only made Raseri roll his eyes because at this point, Gerad was no more than a confused delusional person to Raseri. "Of course I have the nerve to tell you. This damage was caused by you, not me. You started this fight which is the cause of this damage. So don't be stupid blaming others for this. You caused this, clown", Raseri said, still calm and focused. Instantly placing his palms together and then spreading his arms out wide, the valiant demigod enveloped the entire damaged area in white flames that quickly repaired and reversed all the damage caused. Once the flames vanished, Raseri simply dusted his hands off. He could heal more than mere injuries with his flames, he could also heal objects. Minutes afterwards, Gerad walked over to Raseri, having some words to share.

The mysterious man spoke near Raseri. "Damn son, are you talking or shitting?", Raseri mocked, poking fun at Gerad's breath and calmly ignoring Gerad's remarks about Ebisu.. well for at least a few seconds. "And I told you, I can bring them back right now if I wanted to", the Ultimate Fighting God's light blue eyes remained lock on Gerad as he returned the team building to its undamaged state. So what was Gerad planning next? Remaining silent and patient, Raseri listened to Gerad's continuous babble over concepts, truly things that Raseri's couldn't care less about. "Listen fool, I care as much about concepts as you do about saving fiction. So just shut it", Raseri replied, still calm and not unleashing his rage like Gerad would wish. It didn't really come as a surprise when Gerad transformed the field of battle or rather transported both fighters to an undisclosed location. This was something that the King of Fists has seen before. An experienced fighter such as Raseri finds thing like this a little common, having fought divine beings of immense power who attempt these exact same acts, most recently Hades who once transported Raseri to a demonic plane of existence of his creation. A calm silent Raseri simply listened to Gerad's words as they were suddenly floating in an empty space. "I don't care about fiction. I don't care about your beliefs or your delusion. As far as I can see, you're just some nut-job who thinks he has the right to decide for anyone extraordinary. Lemme guess, you think you're on a mission for God or some sh*t? I think you've been watching too many movies son. Lemme knock you back to reality", Raseri said, before cracking his knuckles in a menacing manner. However, suddenly, in a heartbeat, both fighters began to trade blows at ridiculous speeds, generating an unreasonable amount of power. It wasn't really anything that The Greatest hasn't seen before, he's engaged many beings of this power level in battle.

"Now before I whoop this fool's ass. I'd like to know who traumatized him so bad that he thinks this way", a calm Raseri thought as he observed the odd looking environment he was in. He was unaware of the fact that his imagination can turn into reality in this plane of existence. But he would soon find out. As he looked around, Raseri asked himself, "So where the hell is this place? I wish I knew. I wish I had the power to know where I always am", he thought calmly, and suddenly, his imaginative wish turned into a reality. "Hehe.. so this is where I am", Raseri smirked, having discovered where he is and the dimension's properties. Roughly a nanosecond after realizing it all, the fierce Nordic Tiger used this new location to his advantage. But Gerad having visited this place countless times knows it much better and most likely knows how to use its properties better however, how far would Gerad's experience with the place fare against the imaginative skill of a master combatant? Suddenly, in a nanosecond, trillions of Raseri appeared surrounding Gerad. And without a single warning, at a speed almost infinitely greater than light, all the Raseris simultaneously discharged colossal blasts of divine energy, each blast powerful enough to eradicate entire universes. "This is like an acid dream", Raseri joked, wondering what his opponent would do next.

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Raseri countered any argument of Gerad with a rude way of stoicism, still Gerad admired Raseri to be so able to hold his emotions in a battle; This guy is truly a fighter thought when both exchanged blows. And he doesnt' seemed to be so amazed at the fact that both were destroying and inmense number of universes. Suddenly Raseri said in a low tone, "Hehe.. so this is where I am", at the same time the Tell-Tale heart revealed to Gerad Raseri's inner sensations, it wasn't mind reading, but Gerad knew how to interprete emotions. Hehe.. this guy thinks that all kind of imagination work here, but he still hasn't understand how this place works, though Gerad.

Suddenly a big number of Raseri's surrounded Gerad all of them charged a colossal blast of enormous proportions; it doesn't matter what were the power of the blasts, in this place these blast held the maximum energy. But Gerad had the Raven, his left eye that was able to see the uncoming of situations and inconscious order Gerad concept to act in the more adecuate way. So an enormous amount of Gerad also appeared just before the blasts were sended, just like if Gerad were to know what's gonna happen; all the Gerads fired a conceptual energy blast, that countered the man's blasts, however Gerad's blasts were superior, not due to the power, but because of its properties; Gerad's conceptual blast erase existance, and thus erased the existance of Raseri's blasts.

Gerad dislikes to argue with rock-head people, so he felt aliviated to be fighting in the conceptual plane, because here Gerad can use the Red Truth; he made the whole reality to turn in red again and exclaimed. This Raseri is the Red Truth, all that I express with the red truth is true and no questioning about that truth is possible. It was Gerad turn to counter Raseri's arguments with a perfect claim that don't require evidence. Then a red bow appeared in Gerad's arms, he pointed at Raseri (not really needed though), and fired his truths. Truth is something unavoidable, something that no person can escape from, so it was natural that Raseri wasn't able to stop the red arrows to pierce him, however, this arrows didn't cause physical wounds, not even spiritual, they were harmless arrows. The only function was to made Raseri to understand that is true. Gerad's first statement: I do not work for a God, I do not work for anyone; first arrow sended, as a truth, it wasn't bounded by the concept of speed or distance, so it instantly appeared impaled in Raseri's body. Gerad's second statement: You started the fight, not me; another arrow appeared in Raseri's body. Gerad's third statement: You don't understand the laws of this place, your imagination is powerful but limited; then with a third arrow, Gerad expressed his knowledge about Raseri's inner mind with only reading the change in his emotions. All the arrows that pierced Raseri's body dissapeared without leaving any mark; I'll be generous, you deserve it said Gerad, this time without red, but he now used red and said: Raseri, you're a good fighter, I recognize you as a good fighter. A new arrow appeared. Then using red again: As you probably guessed, imagination is the source of power of this place, however there are restrictions; first, you can only concept stuff that you're able to comprehend. Second, you cannot create something that had never existed before. Third, you cannot call forces that surpasse the power of your concept. Fourth, you cannot modify your concept....; Gerad gaze turned one that showed a bit of fear before saying the rest, then he continued;...if you do that, your existance will be modified to a point that it will became uncontrolable even by yourself, with a very inestable concept. Gerad stopped using the red, and said with normal words, but a sincere expression; I don't want to kill a fighter like you, if he were to enter in that kind of existance. Normally these existances even desire their own elimination. Gerad sighed and returned to his normal self saying, Now that you understand a bit more, let's continue this fight.

There was one thing that Gerad didn't say though, because he wasn't able to notice it. Raseri's whim allowed him to knew about the place, however it wasn't really his whim, but it was the will of this plane of existance, this because is impossible to Raseri to gain knowledge only by his whim, even in this place.

Gerad's whim formed an enormous amount of little blasts surrounding Raseri. Every blast was about 5 cm of diameter, and there was more than quadrillion of them, all of them ready to erase Raseri's existance. Because they were small, the amount of existance erased will be low, however the strikes of all this beams will completely erase Raseri's existance in the past, present, future, and in other kind of realms. But the God of fight wasn't weak, and he found a way to save himself of such threatening skill.

Gerad then decided to use one of his favourites and more powerful moves, the Blue Truth. As the Red Truth, the Blue Truth is something that no one can escape from in any way, however it works in a different fashion. Gerad pronounced the Blue Truth with the surrounding reality turning completely blue. "You must have a weakness Raseri. It doesn't matter if is a physical or abstract weakness; maybe a fear, or a situation that you wouldn't like to happen, all that are weakness too. As long as you don't reveal your weakness, I'll consider that you're weak to absolute all". An absurd statement, however powerful; it took the form of an stake that impaled Raseri's body in the shoulder; at difference of the red truth, this one impales the body creating a wound, and causing physical pain. Now that the statement was made there was two possible ways for Raseri to free himself from the stake; the first one to reveal the truth, the second one to accept the new truth proposed that indeed will became the truth, only after that the stake will dissapear leaving no wound or trace, and also if Raseri were to not give an answer, the new one proposed will prevail and the stake will carve his body. Raseri now must choose between telling his weakness or accept that he is weak to all.

One can avoid fate, but is impossible to avoid the truth.

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This battle was getting a little too repetitive for the fierce Nordic Tiger's tastes. And it wasn't really the challenge he was expecting, considering that countless superhumans have openly spoken of their fear of Gerad. As the two fighters continued to do battle with each other, Gerad continued in his relentless attempt to seemingly change Raseri's views on the matter in discussion. However, like always, mighty Raseri ignored Gerad's words. To him they were nonsense. The injustice and arrogance of Gerad's statements made him seem so ignorant that Raseri decided against arguing any longer, he would simply ignore and fight. "The truth? More like your truth", Raseri replied calmly, uninterested in arguing with Gerad while still maintaining his stance. Then suddenly, in an instance, a couple of arrows were shot at the unsuspecting demigod. However, almost miraculously, he felt no pain. What was this? Was Gerad's power weakening? Or was this something else? Gerad continued to speak of his beliefs. With his calm and coolheaded approach, Raseri simply brushed aside Gerad's words, regardless if they were true or false. "So you're not just crazy but you're stupid too? I told you that I don't care jack sh*t about what you say. Whether or not my imagination is limited or whatever ain't up to you. I know what my mind is capable of, just like I know you are the very thing you are trying to destroy", Raseri said, knowing fully well that there is no limit to his imagination.

"I may have started this fight but its for a just cause. Its to kill you. You're a menace, not the savior that you think you are or whatever. You keep talking about how you wanna kill fiction? And you sure think highly of your powers. Then if you wanna kill fiction, you'll have to kill yourself, the most dangerous of all fiction", Raseri smirked confidently. "Now then, shut the f*ck up and lets fight like men", the Ultimate Fighting God taunted, not caring of any continued arguments with Gerad. "You know I don't give a sh*t about debating with you. There's no use arguing with a crazy person who thinks he can pass judgement on everyone with powers. So what's my alternative? Beat your ass so bad you won't know your lefts from your rights", a calm Raseri said, cracking his knuckles, generating invisible shock-waves that traveled across the entire plane of existence. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Gerad sent a vast array of tiny energy blasts to vaporize Raseri's existence. Knowing that Gerad's attacks are extremely lethal and due to the properties of this place, Raseri was quick to generate a powerful barrier of kinetic energy around himself, a barrier so strong that he was completely protected by Gerad's attacks. "Soon I'll have to end this. The game'll be over in a few minutes", Raseri thought to himself, not taking his eyes off of Gerad. However, before the Unparalleled Fighting Machine could launch his own attack. Gerad decided to attack first. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, the entire plane of existence turned blue for some reason. "You must have a weakness Raseri. It doesn't matter if it is a physical or abstract weakness; maybe a fear, or a situation that you wouldn't like to happen, all that are weakness too. As long as you don't reveal your weakness, I'll consider that you're weak to absolute all", oh if only Gerad had fought Raseri months ago, perhaps then he would have been correct about his idea of Raseri's possible weaknesses. But now.. well it was a completely different situation.

Soon, without warning, the ruthless King of Fists was impaled in the shoulder by a stake. It caused him some physical pain but nothing significant. Holding the stake with his other hand, Raseri attempted to pull it out in vain. "Hmm.. so how do I remove this?", the Nordic Tiger asked himself, finding that all of his physical strength was useless in pulling out the stake. Next he struck the stake in what should have been its vital point that would have caused it to shatter to dust. But nothing happened. Never has Nor Way pressure point strikes failed him. "Interesting", a calm Raseri murmured. Chuckling a little, The Greatest decided to reply to Gerad's assumptions while he thought of ways to break free from the stake. "You know Gerad, if you had met me just a few months back, you would've been right about me having a weakness. But you don't know what I've been through these past months. After those events.. I became a man without weakness, of any kind. Weaknesses are for the weak. I am not weak. I am strong now. Before I was vulnerable, this is no longer the case", the valiant and courageous hero continued, calm but focused, "So to answer your question. I have no weakness. Your attempt was in vain", and suddenly, the stake disappeared. But how? All Raseri did what speak the truth. While he himself had no idea how he removed the stake, it was indeed with the truth of his words. After defeating his personal weaknesses months ago, Raseri was free of any kind of weakness, physical, spiritual, mental, abstract, he had none. This is something that countless men strive to be.. without weakness. Raseri was one of the few who had none.

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I see, so you don't have one, said Gerad when the blue stake dissapeared due to Raseri's statement; I wish I could say the same, but beings like me are bended to excepcional laws, so there will always be a weakness to me. Now that Gerad recognized Raseri as a good fighter, he felt confident enough to talk in a sincere way with the man. Then the hunter raised the sword and this one started to shine with an unknown color, this color was incomprehensible to Gerad, but probably Raseri could understand it. However Gerad was knowledgeable of all phenomena in this world, he said, Thanks to you I can observe this color, the color of no-weakness; it was the weakness witness; whenever Gerad has knowledge of his oponent weakness he can imbue it in his sword to directly strike his oponent with the force of his oponent weakness. However this time Gerad's oponent didn't had any particular weakness, so the shine of the blade was unique, and Gerad was amazed and pleased to at last see such color. This Raseri is the no-weakness that you carry with you, a particular feat of you. Normally the strike of the blade would make his oponent sucumbs to their own weakness, however this time the mechanism will work in a different fashion. If Raseri were to be striked by this blade, he will regain his past weakness; after that Gerad would have only to impale him again with the Blue Truth. You're an equilibred being Raseri, you fight to protect others, but you do not fear if all of them die, because you do not carry the weakness that is the fear. Then Gerad took a serious expression and asked. So why is your motivation Raseri, why do you fight to protect others when you don't feel something about it.

In Gerad right hand was the black sword imbued with the concept of no weakness; in his left hand an amount of energy started to appear. This was a dangerous plan that Gerad can do, his left hand was surrounded but not touched by energy similar to the one of the conceptuals blast; energy that can erase existance.

I'm not so crazy as you think Raseri; as I say I do not work to anyone, however I'm bounded to this task; even if I was created to felt it as a noble mission, I do not like to kill the beings that are similar to me. Gerad pointed his sword to the man, I am the being that can freely travel between planes, whenever my task is over I'll just abandon the real world and stay in the real of fiction. You'll see, I don't need to kill all the fiction, but only the ones that had crossed the barrier between fiction and the world. Adopting his battle stance he said, It would've been nice if I could just exist chatting with people like you.

Then with the undescriptable speed of this reality, Gerad moved at his oponent ready to engage again with him, this time he'll slash him with the sword of weakness, and punch him with the conceptual energy that surrounded his left arm. At the same time the space were both fighters were battling, suddenly changed to a place in the one endless dimensions started to collapse behind them. Now Gerad was fighting not only to eliminate, but also to enjoy the taste of a real fight; now he was the real Gerad, not the actor that tried to give birth to Raseri's rage; at this point, Gerad even forget about Ebisu.

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