what would you do if you got your powers?

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Depends on which of my characters's powers I get:

Aria: Sweet plant and light manipulation, but don't want the regeneration.

Alex: Chains and portals are awesome, but I can see all the people making BDSM jokes. Portals in particular I would use for just about everything.

Haruko: Knife throwing and ki control...decent. Not sure if there is a practical use besides being really good at darts.

The rest of my characters don't have much practical use for their powers.

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Warden: Basically unlimited control of my body. Most likely I'd just cause myself incredible pain until I figured out how to turn my nerves off. After that, I'd work on looking as good as possible, figure out some chemistry so I can do things like digest food more efficiently, and eventually work my way up to basically being perfect. After all, I can change anything that's not perfect just by willing it.

Huntsman: Same body control, but also illusions, barriers, and teleportation. I'm also immune to magic, but that's not exactly a huge factor in my life. Same as Warden, I'm just lazier, teleporting everywhere I need to go. Of course, I'm not going to get into the powers those will be replaced with soon, because that's an entirely different matter.

Dan: Not use my powers as a roofie, because I have more taste than some people, and make a killing as boxer.

Queen of Hearts: Emotion manipulation just leads me to creepiness and politics. No thank you.

Master of Games: I can create any rule I want. This is so phenomenally useful in day to day life that I can't even begin to comprehend it. No aging, no pain, no lines. It's kind of broken, really.

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Smith just because i would have the abilities of a genius.

Chase no thanks

Leora that would be very helpful to a lot of people

Compassion - .........?

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Going with multiple characters, eh? Very well.

Arthur: The time manipulation, plus ice manipulation through magic, plus generic RPG magic... My life just became bliss.

Matt: Turning into monsters and traveling through computers by using the internet. Also, seemingly unlimited storage space. Though those aren't really his powers, but powers he need the digivice to use. Also, can heal people by looking at them. yeah, very useful. The best part is that I would be living proof that Digimon are better then Pokemon.

Mephiles: I could do oh so much stuff... if Arthur's powers would give me bliss, Mephiles would take that bliss and crank it up to 11.

And as a bonus, NPCs.

Loveline: Basically Huntsman's body manipulation on a lesser scale and can be used on others. Also, illusions and perfect memory that helps me make those illusion all the more real. I could find many uses for that.

Elizabeth: Immortal unless you kill me enough but I can make your efforts worthless by going swimming. Also, can create anything by using my own life, but can still heal myself up by bathing. A life of leisure, laziness and... Other stuff, awaits.

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Strange, a user asked me about this thread after I lock MrWhiteX's thread. I saw non RPG and staff members posting in the early pages. The user ask me if this thread was inclusive to the RPG community. I wasn't sure what to answer.

I decided to move this thread to General Forums to make more open to everyone.

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Sorry everyone, I was searching the site for the power thread. I almost thought we didn't have one. I finally found it.

Folks need to spell their titles properly. I'll move this back in the RPG forums.

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Gen: Punch People and fight whole armies Hanma style

Callis: Brood from rooftops....Xd No, I wouldnt like Callis' powers, to many weaknesses and the inability to eat anything but very mild tasting food.

Falken: I would do what Falken does.


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Hitomi- not much to be honest. Though Kaspa would be cool.

Alvin- Ka beach is awesome, but not sure about the internet connection.

Hagane- What WOULDN'T I do?

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I have hundreds of characters lol, but I'll name some of the most known ones.

Kita/Yin Sonata: I don't see how a being a powerful Anti-God could not be useful. Though I would embrace the power more and not let my anger and pride blind me as much.

Sicily: Cool abilities, but too much psychological trauma behind them.

Manami and the FABLE Special Forces: A lot to choose from here , from Super Soldiers, Demigods, Sorceresses, Specters,and powerful metahumans would definitely change the world or have a ton of fun.

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