What does your character look for in a mate?

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The title explains all. 
My character (Raseri) looks for a woman who is caring, intelligent and has nice eyes. 
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Someone with loads of stamina, and creativity. Usually those with a great perverted subconscious.
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Atlas likes appearance mostly for women. He likes dark skinned, strong women, preferably slightly older. He loves long wavy hair and blue eyes. His favourite features on a women are legs, neck/shoulders, and hips. It's a plus if the woman is a dominatrix.
For guys, Atlas likes smart and tall guys. He's got a bit of a scientist fetish, so... yeah. XD Altas like older men, and prefers brown hair and brown eyes. His favourite features on a guy are shoulders/neck, jaw, and hands.
Caius... anything that moves. But prefers the 'good-guys'. Caius likes older men (older being 20-40) and younger women (15-25).
Harumi likes guys that are strong, and sensitive. Nice smile and sweet sense of humour. She also likes guys that treat her like an equal, but also like a queen when it matters. She also likes spontaneous and adventurous men.
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Callis wants a kind and shy girl, that he can protect and care for, he looks for a peaceful place to rest between fights, so he forgets them at least for a while. In other words he wants a girl that makes him forget his fate as a warrior....
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Rose wants woman who doesn't just admire him for his beauty but for his personality also he wants a woman just as beautiful as him
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Ray isn't really looking to settle down. But if he was, then he'd be looking for a cheeky, and gorgeous woman with a sense of humor who is smart and romantic. 
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Sonata would want a guy who knows how to work hard and tries to improve himself. Who has a confidence about him, but doesn't turn to arrogance. Also giving good massages doesn't hurt either. As for looks she definitely likes the tall athletic type, but a sweet guy with a bit of a belly is OK too.

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Kaine likes girls with "interesting" personality. In short someone that can keep him amused. Looks and everything else is just secondary.
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Daizen is usually about Dat Ass, and if the girl is very feisty. Usually a  girl in 20-35 age rangeXD
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If they can beat him up, that usually turns Blindside on.
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energetic, strong, slightly eccentric, and not evil
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In terms of History & Personality 
 Firstly, if she is a complete 'Mary Sue', Hearse will not be interested. There is a certain extent that one can take their character to, but beyond that point, it's just plain and simply ridiculous. Overpowered female characters are fine, but if they're background can't be anything in relativity to a 'Goddess', it just kills plot development, and it's hard to work with characters of such 'potency'.  
 A forgotten past, a traumatic childhood, a troubled, and alienated youth is completely understandable, and accepted. Banished from heaven due to being a traitor, in fear of growing stronger than 'God' himself is retarded. Hope I got this point across.  
 Vampires are fine as long as you don't sparkle -.- Underworld type vampires are more my type >=] Lycans women are even better! Just as long as they don't turn into a giant dog lol. Anthro characters are also -okay- but should have an intriguing story! Elves, and other races are also acceptable as long as they come with a good story! =)  
 Now last but not least, Perversion is something completely based on Writing Skills; descriptive, literate, and experienced writers will always have top priority among my RPG partners. I'm very open to all kinds of ideas, and scenes, and almost always provide a fairly good sense of all round entertainment, comedy, mischief, darkness, violence, mystery, fear, romance, and adventure. Like I've mentioned on my profile here at the Vice; I'm an experienced Role Player, and can come up with great ideas, and go along with even greater ideas.
In terms of character
1. Intelligent
2. Adaptive 
3. Dangerous 
4. Fearless 
5. Bold  
6. Quick Thinker 
7. Innovative 
8. Creative 
9. Switch (Dom/Sub)
In terms of looks 
1. Above 5'7" ft.
2. Tanned skin is a plus 
3. Short - Mid Long hair 
4. Hourglass waist 
5. Heart shaped rump 
6. Great rack 
7. Mesmerizing eyes (color doesn't matter) 
In terms of Kinks 
*Cough* I'd rather not share in public xD
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@UnHoLy_CruSadE: Hearse got some pretty good criteria there:P

Post by UnHoLy_CruSadE (294 posts) See mini bio Level 11
@Sonata: Haha yeah... hope I didn't over do it :P
Post by Sonata (36,181 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@UnHoLy_CruSadE: Nah its fineXD

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