Welcome to Inazuma City (RP)

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Stasis came flying across the night and gracefully landed in a alley located in large city of Inazuma where his beautiful pure white wings turned into energy and faded from existence. He casually slipped his shirt on the his jacket. He was just about to strap his sword on when he heard the heavy footsteps of a person behind him. The balance angel turned around and came face to face with a huge man who was about the size of the alley with dirty black hair. "That's a nice sword you have there how about I take it off your hands along with all the money you have." the man said as he brought his fist up to strike. As if this was a everyday occurrence Stasis brought his hand up and blasted the man in the chest with a beam of yellow energy sending him crashing into a small bakery. Stasis then strapped on his sword and walked into the busy streets. The sights and smells intoxicated him as he explored the city trying to waste time till day where he could enter the tournament he had made the journey for. He steadily releasing more and more energy till the power was enough that even the most strongest people with energy sensing abilities would be a bit worried. He wiped the small amount of sweat off his forehead and walked into a cafe where he sat down and waited for a challenge big or small.

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3 years ago: Somewhere under Nevada

The temple was the sort that belonged upon some mountain on the other side of the world, its slanted red roofs and white stone walls were utterly out of place in the cavern, a good 2000 feet bellow the ground. Still it stood there resolute in spite of logic and reason, it’s gates open to those who temple itself called to.

Jack walked past the empty court yard and through hallways with red doors rotting and ajar, opening into rooms filled with dust and rot. The floor boards creaked as he walked forward towards his charge. She was in the court yard, practicing a complex martial arts form, her back was to the door. Jack drew his sword and silently walked behind her, he aimed his sword down with all his strength. Her arm, still faithfully working despite nearly half a decade without maintenance, came up to meet it. A single long note rang out through the temple at their clash.

The temple belonged within a computer simulation somewhere, not in the earthen cavern deep bellow Nevada. Blue and orange lines made up the structure, falling grey symbols made up the substance. A gentle hum emanated from the walls as they loaded themselves into existence Jack saw Lan Fan’s eyes within the neon orange lights and nodded. Abandoning her here had accomplished what it needed to. The sword vanished, the temple became ancient again. “Time for us to go,” he said, she followed silently.

Highwire- Present

Lan Fan rolled up her sleeve and took off her left glove, revealing the mechanical arm underneath. A large curved blade extended outward over wrist and hand. She put her hood back on and walked forward, Cross put a hand on her shoulder. “Slow down girl, I’ll handle these clowns,” she stated.

Lan Fan turned to look at her, Cross noticed two things, the first was that she was no longer shaking. The second was her eyes, they were no longer the eyes of a scared little girl, these were the eyes of a dead man. Cross’s grip weakened as she looked into eyes that belonged to a war veteran to someone that had seen the depths of hell and could no longer be intimidated. She tried to ask what had happened but by the time the words came out Lan Fan had already walked towards Claw Scorpion. There was no banter, no warm up, nothing that characterized a true metahuman battle, Lan Fan simply attacked in silence, a series of jabs with her real hand while her mechanical one was ready to defend.

Cross shook her head and jumped over the pair, putting her in front of Eagle, among the many things that had been beaten into her at a young age acrobatics had been the most enjoyable. She shifted her weight slightly, trying to see how much tension she had to work with. She smiled. “Hey pretty boy,” she started, smiling and sounding what could only be described as chipper “You sorta made me mad so…” She raised her arm, a cross bow bolt shot forward towards his chest, within the same moment she rushed forward,aiming a basic palm strike at his stomach, the knife that sprung out of her wrist made the move deadly. “Die.”

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