Welcome to Inazuma City (RP)

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The sound of the crowded city was the song that Inazuma City sung. An orchestra of cars honking, millions of rhythmic steps and people talking, the song of a busy metropolis. Inazuma City was this and much more, as Capital of Shin Nihon, the country that surged as a phoenix from the ashes of Japan. The afternoon was just starting and thousands of men and women were leaving their jobs and going towards their home. The public transportation, unlike other cities, worked like clockwork, and there wasn’t any bus, train or subway crowded with people travelling like cattle. Inazuma City was the pinnacle of technological development and urban planning, with a school for every child, an hospital bed for every sick, and a policeman for every crook, or so their City Hall Public Relations office announced it. They weren’t really too far from reality, but this perfection was only achieved by the hard work of the public officers and the advanced network of communication connected to the main computers of the City, the Benkei Network, named in honor of Musashibo Benkei, Japanese feudal Hero. As it namesake, the Benkei Network won’t fall down. The city isn’t all roses, as there are some patches that can be considered shady. The Garyuu Zaibatsu is in charge of the distribution and the sale of the goods in the, sometimes accused of being monopoly, Toyotomi-Mart, in reference to Hideoyoshi Toyotomi, one of the warlords in the Sengoku jidai, a mega-chain of shops of every size that populate every city in Japan, and even in some of the 7 cities. The police forces are considered the one most disciplined and effective in the whole world, with high tech armors created in the Shishido Research Labs. But not even them can face criminals that are skilled in the ways Ki, Mystical arts or just plainly superhuman men and women, or even monsters, so there is when the Private Senshi enter, they’re independent experts in taking out super human enemies , that live all over the city and are registered. Illegal Vigilantes exist, but aren’t really penalized except if they start behaving like judge, jury and executioner.

-Here live from the Shin Nihon Broadcasting Network, we come with the news for our country, our first story takes us to the Business District, were a group of inhabitants is starting an anti-human riot in front of the Sakura Supernatural Affair Office, home of the register of superhuman, as they asked for the public release of the Private Senshi register, the public officers of the Sakura ministry don’t have any kind of reply for the claims of the rioters, that work under the banner of the Anti-Senshi Organization, or ASO.- The camera changed and the newsman turned to face it with an impeccable smile.- In other news a gas line leak caused an explosion in the Central District, luckily it was detected with time and the sector was evacuated, stopping the loss of any life, but some property damage was caused and is already in repairs.- The voice of this newsman and his report was sounding in almost every TV that was turned on in the city, but somebody had the device turned on and wasn’t listening. The dark room only illumination was the dirty screen of the TV, a man sitting on a dusty bar was drinking cheap beer with his eyes staring at the void of his own soul, which as he discovered 10 years ago was empty and useless. He had sunk in his own depression and lack of use in this new world. He took another long sip of beer while he hoped that his surroundings would blur away, the booze knocking him down, but the implants that once made him so lethal and efficient now were stopping him from drinking his ass to sleep. Another day, another part of his immense fortune spent on booze. Hundreds of letters, job offers lied in the entrance of his bar, never opened, forming a pile that almost obstructed half door.

-In other news the inscription for the City Martial Arts Tournament, in tribute to the 10 anniversary is open for anybody that want to participate, you should visit the Tsubaki Sports Ministry and sign the papers and fill in your information sheet. There are several categories that include a division for Post-humans and regular humans to avoid any problems. All participants will have to fill a permit that will take away the responsibility from the City Hall in case of injury, but they will receive free medical attention for their wounds during the tournament.- Another Tv, another place, a rugged man, with a white mane of hair and a muscular body. His body was full of scars, and covered in strange tatoos. He was a Kaiju Hunter, a specialist in fighting the giant monster that were created by the devious Mangetsu organization. He heard the TV but didn’t watch the screen; he was busy checking the straps of his armor. Alongside him a massive Nodachi, of modern design, built to withstand constant use and to be kept razor-sharp with ease. Batsu was a Private Senshi, but he wasn’t permitted to take jobs inside urban spaces thanks to his tendency to cause more damage than the ones he hunts. But thankfully he found his place in the world killing the monster that came from the pacific. He stood up and grabbed the blade with one hand, lifting it with ease. – Let’s go Kyotansen, the Kaiju are waiting for us.- The Modern Samurai left the dressing room and joined the others in the main ship of the Shin Nihon Fleet, the Yamatogawa. The wind speed increased as the Flying cruise hovered over the Pacific Ocean in route to a massive figure with faint resemblance to a Bear.

-The last piece of this segment is about the Hero Exchange program, that brings different registered post-humans into Inazuma to help them train, as we also send our young ones and not so young to train in other cities to reinforce the bonds between cities and increase the approbation for the Heroes that helps us and protect us from groups as the Raimei Rebels or the San Yama Gumi.- A young girl was suiting up in the department given to her by the government. She was preparing for her first day as a hero in Inazuma City. She worked in Europe before, and when the exchange program was proposed to her she decided to accept to visit relatives she had in the City. Young Ariana was taught by her father, the use of a style of combat using something called “Ferveur” a type of spiritual energy analog to the oriental Ki. Her father was part of an order of knights that existed since the crusades but always tried to act in secret, as they didn’t wanted to be used as the kings and popes weapons. They’re demon hunters, using spears infused with “Ferveur” to slay the mystical monsters. Ariana was young and new in this job, but she wanted to do the best she could. With evident enthusiasm, ignoring the TV while humming a French song, as she grabbed her spear and jumped from the high floor. The best part of her new job was this, she loved the feeling of the wind in her air as she dropped from a high altitude. –Let’s go! Inazuma City get ready to meet your new guardian! Demons beware” She shouted with evident glee

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Inazuma City the heart and prize of Shin Nihon; even though it is relatively young for a city at 10 years old it has blown up like a glorious supernova and now stands as a world power house along the Union of 7. Inazuma City was a metropolis brimming with life and activity from the daily every day life of the normal citizens to the extraordinary heroics of the city’s own police force the Private Senshi who battled the worst the city had to offer, to the efforts of the rebel forces within the glorious city who wanted to undermine the government’s efforts to integrate the super-human and normal human population. Every one in the city had their own stories, their own secrets, their own dreams and desires that added to the cities own unique personality; it was truly the premier place to live no matter if you were a super-human or a normal person. With the news of the city having a martial arts tournament to celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary visitors from all reaches of the world came either to witness the display of skills or participate to cement their own spot in history. It was rumored that at least 1 champion from each of the counties in the Union of 7 will participate in the fight also the representatives from the will be visiting and watching the tournament. One particular individual said to entering the tournament was a extremely famous registered hero and fighter from the United States, Hoyt “Cowboy” Von Thortonberry simply called The Cowboy, Hoyt was a 30 year old who in the past few years had created a name for himself as a hero in the states especially for his some destructive nature and unique appearance. Hoyt similar to another, now infamous, hero from the states connected with the heroes of the Wild west and therefore taken an ideology similar to them; The Cowboy appearance in a tournament like this would be quite a show.

With all the people entering the city no one would notice a single person enter the city the city who almost seemed out of place and was not suppose to be in Inazuma City; a stranger with a slight tan and short straight brown hair made his way tough the crowded streets keeping his head lowered and his cowboy hat tilted low to cover his cobalt eyes. The Last Gunslinger Crow Cementerio had entered under false identification and disguise, Crow was now an outlaw, and a fugitive for refusing to register in any of the 7 Cities. The Gunslinger had taken the life of a true gunslinger being a wanderer and drifter going from town to town and only staying where he was welcome or had allies mostly in Mexico. But Crow was searching for something, actually someone and it was only after a recent tip the Rail-gun had track the person he was searching for the . As the gunslinger made his way though the city he made sure not to meet anyone’s eyes directly and made sure to stay away from the police or Private Senshi for once he was uneasy somewhere he didn’t like being in Inazuma City despite it probably being better than the 7 he just felt like something was wrong. Crow was wearing a dark brown jacket with a yellow stripe on both sleeves over a sleeveless gray vest with a zipper down the middle. Crow also had dark brown jeans and cowboy boots along with his trademark cowboy hat that now had two crimson eagle feathers attached to the back that hung down. Hidden by the jacket was holster around his waist that held his two trademark weapons. Every little bump he made into someone made him worry they would feel his weapons; Damn this city I feel so out of place but I know this is where I need to be. No matter what happens I have to get the answers I been searching for I am not coming all this way just to get a god damn no! As Crow move on the crowd began to grow smaller and break apart bringing a sigh of relief to Crow as he headed towards a shaded area where someone was standing.

Hidden in the shade of several building was a shady looking individual he looked to be 25 wearing an black long sleeve shirt that red arrow pointing downward in the center, a popular video game logo, and jeans around the young man’s man was a custom device that appear to be high tech collar. The young man eyes were wide and almost bug look that seem sunken in to his gaunt face the pale skin gave away his recluse nature and was a contrast to his jet black hair. As Crow got closer he heard the distinct click of him cracking his neck, a tick, before he spoke; “Your late that’s not a surprise my calculations said that there was a 3.0867 percent chance you would be on time, a 67.564 percent chance that you would be over 10 minutes late.” Crow just ignored the young man’s comment he hated working with him but when you were an outlaw your choice was limited; “Shut up Izaya I told you I get here when I get here I never gave a time.” Two clicks this time as Izaya Rundo tried to remain calm, “I told you not to call me that! I told you to use my true name Chrome Ghost13.” Crow sighed again as he pushed his hat up not having time for Izaya egotistical mannerisms; Dios Mio why do I have to use this gamer nut case as my informant; better yet why did I look on a gaming site for a informant? “Whatever Iza…Chrome you know why I am here so what information do you have?” The super genius level hacker smirks then begins hysterical laughter that drew a few people attention causing the gunslinger to reach for his revolvers. “First thing first REvolverXreVolver where is my payment?” Crow reluctantly reached into his pocket and pulled out what would to be a credit card; “Here your payment 800$ converted into 64,000 Microsoft points.” Chrome smirked as tap a button on the collar and accessed his Xbox Live account wirelessly he quickly added the points to his accounts and smiled a creepy manic smirk. Once the transfer was finish he click his neck again; “Okay there is a 82.8678 chance he is at the Hollow Bullet bar and a 96.8547 chance that he is drunk at the moment.” Crow smiled despite Izaya being an egotistical, arrogant, reclusive, video game addicted hacker his information was nearly always spot on. “Gracias Chrome..” Two more clicks of the neck; “Wait Crow I have to ask why are you so determine to found him?” The Last of the Gunslingers smirks as he turns away; “You never asked questions before Izaya; so what makes this time different? If you have to know there are a few reasons one of them is I need the answers I been looking for. I didn’t come all the way to , waste 800 dollars on you, and risk getting caught as an unregistered super-human just to get turn away by him. Also we have a few unfinished scores to settle.” The gaming genius had a smug look on his face as he clicked his neck 3 times, “Don’t get the wrong idea I could care less what happens to you but my calculations say there is a 99.84787 percent chance that he will not be happy to see you. I rather not have my best paying customer dying on me before he gets to the final boss.” The Thunderbolt Gunslinger laughs a little as he waved good-bye to hacker heading towards the Hollow Bullet bar to meet the man once known as the Dual Wielding Angel of Death.

It didn’t take long for the Lightning Revolver to get to the Hollow Bullet he pushed his hat up and inspected the place; it was a run down shelled of its former self acting a symbolic representation of the man inside. Crow took out his signature revolver and checked to make sure it was fully loaded preparing for what may be a conformation with the former deadly mercenary; he holstered the weapon and took a deep breath as he pulled open the door. The Last Gunslinger could smell the rotten stench of booze and filth, it was a complete mess the last time the place was clean was probably 10 years ago, and beer bottles littered the floor of the dimly lit room. The brightest thing to enter the room was a single strip of light from the door being open creating a shadow silhouette of the gunslinger across the floor. Dios mio Falcon Eye Killer what have you done to your self? Where is the mercenary I encountered on the border fighting against the Numbers, or on top of the Ver Voler in the sahara desert? Where is the Angel of Death? Where is Falken? Crow had a look of disappointed as he stares at Falken, or what was left of him, drowning his pity in a bottle of booze with the TV on but dead to the world around him. “You won’t found your answers at the bottom of a bottle amigo.”

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At one point the limo had been a novelty, now it was routine but if Rowan wanted to insist who was Lan Fan to argue. She slept on the plush seating for the entire ride to the Taiki Tower. The driver awoke her and she went in through the familiar glass doors, the receptionist greeted her and informed her that Jack had already arrived. Typical. The elevator didn't have buttons but as soon as she entered it took her to where she needed to go.

"Hey Rowan," LanFan greeted entering the workroom, waving to her pale, dark haired friend. The room true to its name had many work benches covered in tools and half finished robots. Lan Fan felt something brush against her leg, she looked down to see a half finished robotic cat. The back wall was one large computer screen, covered in schematics and data. The room had two other oddities, one was a cot like device in the back that Lan Fan they referred to as the cradle, the other was the blueish hologram of another friend from Virtous with curly blond hair. "Hello Anya."

"Hey Lan Fan," Anya said excitedly, giving her a holographic hug. That was something she would never get used to. "Here for maintenance?"

"Sorry I don't ever come for a normal visit," Lan Fan replied with more than a little guilt.

"She's just teasing you," Rowan assured with a smile, "We know you're busy." He was tinkering with a miniature helicopter, as a technopath he could hear the sounds the machines he was working on made, the more melodic the sound the better made the machine. He was apparently satisfied, he whistled a tune and the machine rose, the propellers not making a sound.

"Will the full scale version be that silent?". Lan Fan asked.

"It should, my dad'll love this."

"As will the investors and the police." Anya added cynically.

"True, true, but thats not important right now." He shooed away the small metal bird that had made its nest on the cradle and gestured for Lan Fan to lie down. The two of them worked together to strap her into the machine. “Nervous?” he asked.

“Even after doing this for so many years? Yeah,” Lan Fan admitted. “Just put me under already.” Rowan plugged her into the machine and Anya sent a piece of code that knocked her straight out. The first time when they had neglected to do this things had been rather painful.

The two of them began their work, Rowan on the hardware and Anya on the software. Only recently had they begun to have enough of an understanding of Lan Fan’s cybernetics that they felt comfortable making upgrades to her. “Say Rowan?”

“Yes Anya?”

“Does it ever bother you just how much more blood you have to clean out?”

Meanwhile a few floors up Jack was doing experiments of his own, the senior Taiki was watching with intense nervousness. “Jack we are well beyond the point of research, we are taking a stab into the unknown, are you ready for that?”

“A few years ago I would have considered this impossible, but after what I saw in central park I know its possible.” The goal here was to blend technology with magic in a way that had never been accomplished, enchantment was one thing but that tended to break down the more complicated the thing being enchanted was. This was something entirely new, Mr. Taiki was more than happy to partner with Jack in this research, the fact that as a weapons dealer he had a lot to gain from this research was one thing, but to him the knowledge and discoveries they had made together had their own rewards.

The project this time was a simple gun that could shoot fire, it had taken months of trial and error to arrive at this point. Intense research into both the science of synthesizing metals and experiments in different type of magical arrays. But now they had a prototype ready for its first test shot. They stood in a separate room, the gun would be fired remotely.

It exploded spectacularly. “Well thats a result.” Jack commented.

“Indeed... Alright I have the footage of the explosion queued up, this is the last frame we have.” Mr. Taiki said. They spent the rest of the afternoon going through the footage, frame by frame, trying to piece together what happened.

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“I’ll find answer wherever the fuck I want Gunslinger” said Falken with broken voice and bad attitude. He didn’t even turn around to face the newcomer, taking another sip from the beer bottle. The sound of the old ceiling fan engine mixed with the rolling bottles in the ground that were pushed by the door. Dim light, coming from dusty fluorescent tubes and from in-between the curtains. The whole place was covered by a heavy cloak of dust, silent testament of how nobody had cleaned it in almost ten years. The same could count for Falken clothing and body, which was completely dirty, with long messy hair covering his face and shoulders. He lacked his left arm, and the sleeve of his filthy black shirt hanged empty from his side, while his right arm was leaned over the counter and his hand grabbed the wet bottle firmly. “What the hell does the World’s most Wanted Outlaw want in my humble bar? A drink? Remembering nostalgic memories? Or you come here for another duel? You need some reassuring to your skills and you’ll use me as target?” Falken sounded delirious; the once deadliest man on Earth was drunk beyond belief. He had drunk more than enough to kill a couple of dozen men, as his implants managed to avoid the effects of the booze, but after so much even the advanced bio-technology that granted him abilities over the mortal men failed and he was completely and utterly wasted. With shining eyes, barely visible under his dirty hair, Falken barely stood up using the counter to lean into, with evident effort, thanks to his blurry vision and lack of motor skills he went for the back of his waist with his hand and pulled a rusty gun, it was his old Aznable Particle Handgun, now in so bad shape any could barely recognize it. He aimed with trembling hand towards Crow, with madness imprinted in his eyes “So how it’s going to be Cementerio? One last duel to put me down and take me out of my misery? BWEHEHEHEH *cough*… With a mad fit of laughter Falken waited for Crow reply.

Meanwhile is a better neighborhood of Inazuma City, a young man, working his first day as government officer. Ichiro Jigen was one of the first graduates in the Inazuma College, and worked for the Research and Development crew as a junior accountant. He was under the orders of the department Allison Hawkins, a genius scientist and main designer of the Elite Forces equipment. Ichiro walked from the bus stop towards the Taiki Tower as he was instructed. “Man, what a drag I wanted to stay more time in the office, I hate field work” he said while the elevator moved towards the top floor. Ichiro only hoped a stable job and getting a girlfriend, he liked his office it was neat and tidy, just as he clothes and attitude. The streets and the “outside” was something he disliked. The elevator door opened and Ichiro entered and said “I’m looking for the Private Senshi Rank 1 known as Lan Fan, I have a request from the R&D Department of Inazuma City to act as courier for an important package” He took a papaer from his folder and a pen " If you agree sign here and report to the R&D Department"

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"Inazuma City", it was unusual for him to pronounce it, even after trying it for several minutes. "Ina... zuma" the man mutters the word under his breath, so low that only he could hear it. It wasn't like someone would notice, even if he said it out loud. The street he was walking down was full of people, all of them in their own little world, talking to themselves or into some strange device. Besides the voices of humans, there were many other sources of noise, many of them new to the man, who was walking slowly down the street, doing his best to avoid contact with other people. The man was by no means shocked or struck in awe by the sight, he was unfamiliar with. His mind was sharp, and even before coming here he expected something he would consider "different". Rather than going through a culture shock, he was relieved that the new world he found himself in wasn't a barbaric one, but was civilized with an organized society. While it did make him feel at ease, he knew that it wouldn't make him reach his goal faster, nor did it make him feel sympathy for the city itself. It was too big, too loud and too bright. The man was already used to the dark cloudy sky and damp lights of his home world and this was the exact opposite of it. He had visited many large cities in his world. All of them he considered to be big, loud and lively, but that was nothing compared to this. To see so many people, that was something he only expected to happen if there was a festival or event of some sorts, yet here it seemed like a normal day. The buildings while very big and tall lacked the elegance and beauty of those in his world, or perhaps it was just the difference in style that made the man think so. No matter how many times he thought about it, the man simply could not find anything he liked about the city. It doesn't take long for one to realize that just as the man was unfamiliar with the world, the world was unfamiliar with him as well. The masses wore all the same black business suits, but the man's clothing didn't even look like it was from that time. And even though he did not fit into the image of the city, the people did not stare at him, as if it was normal for him to be different.

"To think that she would end up in a place like this." the first sentence the man spoke, this time with a clear voice unlike his earlier try at saying the city's name. He increased the speed, with which he walked down the street. Occasionally he would make his sight swing, left and right, looking at the flashing lights and objects still strange to him. He wasn't really interested in it, but rather believed that it will make his life easier if he learnt as much as he could about the world around him. It was something he considered sad, some years in the past he would have been amazed by this new world before his eyes and he would study every single detail he could find, yet now he barely payed any attention to it. He just viewed the knowledge as useful, his curiosity had died out. He stopped and looked up. In front of him was a large skyscraper, a hotel.

It was one of the things his informant organized for him. While the currency was different, even in this world they did not deny the worth of gold. The second he stepped in an old man approached him. "You're here, good.". It was the same man who instructed him to come to that building. He was old, his hair already white, a messy beard hiding his chin. They went up to the room, as all formalities had been already take care of. "Well then, i did as you asked and you paid me, i wish you good luck and bid you farewell.". The old man made his way to the door of the room, not wasting any time on pointless chat, but stopped for a second and opened his mouth once again, "It's unlikely that you'll see me again, but considering the way you are goin' to make a living with i might see your face on the news." the old man gave an honest and loud laugh at the end and then quickly left the room as if to avoid listening to the other man's answer. But there was no answer. The man just looked at the door.

The man, now standing alone in the hotel room was named Frantz Godwin and it was his first day in that world. It wasn't by the means of transport humanity used in this world that he arrived, but something that would be called "magic". Just a few moments after the other man left Frantz smirked. It wasn't a reaction to what the old man said, he didn't even pay attention to it, it was a realization that made him twist his lips. Even in this new world, his objective and job would not change. It looked like his life was constant, but that was not exactly true. Before coming there he had many things that could be called an advantage. The military force was on his side and as a nobleman every door was open for him and he was welcome everywhere. But here it was more likely for to earn the military's scorn than support. And no longer would people face him respect, he was a nobody. He took off the coat, that spent the whole day on hanging on his shoulders and placed it on a chair. It revealed a white shirt and a dark red vest covering a good part of it. Placed his sword on the table shortly after. He sighed at the thought of the new difficulty his journey had reached. Having nothing better to do Frantz laid down. In fact "Having nothing better to do" was a lie. He could do many things, from learning about the city to starting his search. But it wasn't that he was a lazy man, rather patient and calculated. He knew that he could not make progress any time soon, that was something he learned as soon as he started his quest, back in his own world. There was no need for him to rush, he would approach things slowly. And after all, searching a for just one person in a world completely unknown to you was a challenge to behold. He didn't doubt that he will make many enemies on his way, no matter how hard he tries to avoid it. In turn he thought that making some friends then wouldn't be a bad idea. He stood up and walked to the chair with his coat. Out of it he took out two objects. A small book and a pair of glasses. Those were the only belonging he brought to this new world, other than some gold, which he exchanged for many as soon as he arrived. He returned to the bed and put the glasses on, book in hand, warped in leather with a golden outline.

Deciding that he'll start his search, his new job and the making of connections the next day, he cut off his thoughts and devoted himself to the book.

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-A city where superhuman and human live in peace? This is bullshit! Complete and utter bloody shit! - Rigel thought to himself while walking through the crowded streets of Inazuma’s business district. Inazuma was bursting with activity at every hour of the day. The crowded street seemed to be a single organism, breathing and walking at the same time, undulating and shifting with every step. A schedule revision of the trains was currently happening, so most of the passengers were now walking to work. The clear and warm day was helping, and most of the inhabitants took this event, that in other cities would bring discomfort, as a good opportunity to walk and enjoy the climate. They’re promised to have free travel for a month in exchange of this one week each semester. The schools educated the children into the notion of the advantages of physical effort and not to completely depend in technology. Most of the office employees were young people raised in the city and were completely soaked in the Inazuma Philosophy, sometimes known, as a nickname, as Usso’s Zen Path. This and more useful information, such as the map of the city and the status of other super humans were being loaded into Rigel brain, one of the perks of the Trinity Gate enhancements grafted into his body. And speaking of which his target carried enhancements from the same group.

Falken Degiraz was once known as the best Mercenary in the world. A Genius, able to kill almost anyone with anything he had in hand. He was the best weapon smith, or at least one of the best in the world, with creations that ranged from the simple to the complex. His skills were top notch, enhanced by Implants and Nanites such as the ones that gave Rigel his own skill set. The difference was that Rigel enhancements were 8 years more advanced than the ones inside of Falken. Even if the once deadliest man on Earth had made personal improvements it wouldn’t match the ones that empowered Rigel. Falken was retired, but still the Council asked the Crusader to destroy Falken, only because of the potential threat he could become if he was talked out of his retirement. Rigel didn’t think that would happen as he saw the information about Falken activities, and knew that the former Twin Barreled Grim Reaper was broken. – This is stupid, I could be hunting those Kisekian fu***** that are still hidden instead of a washed out Mercenary- The Zealot said to himself while moving in the city rooftops, as he climbed up from a secluded alleyway once the city map was loaded into his mainframe. He dashed barely under the speed of sound, trying to stay stealthy, in-route towards the Hollow Bullet Bar. He landed in a rooftop just in front of the bar, with his long coat flapping behind him.

Rigel wasn’t worried of detection by the City security, as he was using a useful trick he developed to work under the radar. He managed to get his hands upon one of the chips used by the registered scum he hunted down, and tampered it to work on him, so the blip in the screen the security got was from a super human from another city, and thanks to the exchange program in Inazuma City this was easier to accomplish, as most of the newcomers had less vigilance over them and were less known. Rigel stood in the ledge, looking down just as somebody entered the bar. His sensors went mad as he discovered one target that eluded him for years. – The Infamous Crow Cementerio, this is getting better by the minute- The Mad Crusader eyes grew malicious, and a horrible grin suddenly popped in his face, giving him the look of a madman. Rigel had to make use of his full willpower not to jump and attack. He had wanted to kill Cementerio for a while now, and the opportunity just presented. –I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient- He repeated himself like a mantra as his clawed arm slashed the bare skin in his arm, trying to stop the blood-lust from overcoming him. His voice was getting crazier and like his eyes they were a doorway to the madness inside him that was waiting to burst.

But this act, attracted some attention from a passerby –Are you okay Mr?- asked a young feminine voice behind Rigel. As the Cyborg Zealot turned, his eyes met the person asking. A young Girl in red clothes carrying a spear was in the rooftop alongside him. Rigel stopped his mad mantra and looked at her. She couldn’t be more than 15 years old, so innocent, so naïve, such an easy target. He was about to kill her in a single blow, but something buried deep in his subconscious stopped him from acting. Her eyes, her young eyes were the same color as the ones of his wife and his daughter. The Mad Crusader felt a second of sadness in that eternity of everlasting hate that fueled and consumed him. That split second was pure bliss and heavenly judgment. Memories of his family rushed to him, and his clenched fist softened. But that moment wasn’t enough, nothing would be enough for Rigel, no memories, no feelings. His body was only fueled by vengeance and hate, pure and undiluted wrath. Ready to be unleashed into anybody, his blood started pumping furiously across his veins. The Mad Crusader fist clenched again, and he mentally repeated the Mantra–I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient-

-I’m doing a job for a private contractor, only doing a stakeout, so please search another place to patrol- He said with the most neutral tone he could. This faint façade wouldn’t fool any expert, but this young and naïve “Heroine” didn’t see through the Genocide Knight lie. –Okay Mr. have a good hunt- Ariana left with a smile as the energy she commanded allowed a massive jump that sent her to a far away rooftop. She didn’t noticed that once she turned back, a tracker beacon was threw to her back. Rigel would find her after this and kill her as well. No weakness were allowed when your cause is a cause of Justice, was the Mad Crusader motto. Rigel was getting his weapons ready, waiting for the perfect moment to attack. He noticed the commotion inside, but it still wasn’t the right moment –I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient, I’ve need to be patient- continued to mumble while waiting for the perfect tactical advantage. In his mind he was imagined how he would torture Falken and Crow, hoping to make them suffer as much as their kind made him suffer.

Completely immersed in his blood lusted fantasies, Rigel didn’t noticed the pair of eyes looking at him. And even if he was completely alert, he wouldn’t have noticed either. The man in the black suit and the high tech monocle was standing in a nearby rooftop, leaning against the rooftop entrance staircase. His Hi-tech monocle was detached from his face, leaving a hole instead of an eye, and floated on the edge of the wall, watching the scene. – Tell our Master that the targets are all in the same place, I’ll wait for the orders… Glory to Neo Trinity Gate!- The mysterious man spoke with fanatic devotion to the communicator in his watch. He lighted a cigar and stood waiting, just as Rigel, for the perfect moment to attack.

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While the Most Wanted Outlaw and Deadliest Man Alive encountered each other in the Hollow Bullet Bar, a scene of an entirely different nature took place. A scene of complete chaos and humor took place in the streets of Inazuma as a man rode a large white stallion though the streets like he was in some sort of western movie. The man on top of the house made a made a slow and subtle whistle the tone also similar a scene from a western movie, specifically the scene where the hero shows up, this was to drawn attention to him. Fortunately for the strange individual gaining attention was easy, not only because of the large white horse, but because the man attire was also strange and overly ostentatious almost to the point of being obnoxious. Wearing a duster coat, that was white enough to make the house he rode in on appear gray, over a red t-shirt with a gold star reminiscent of a sheriff badge. The duster coat had a few straps held down by gold buttons and high collar. The strange man also wore blue jeans and silver cowboy boots; white gloves. The gloves and the sleeves of his duster hide a devastating secret that hinted at his ability. The stranger’s blond hair was obscured by a white and gold cowboy hat, the man was walking image of what many considered the cowboy. The man was the American boxer, turned registered hero and star, Hoyt “The Cowboy” Von Thortonberry.

Once Hoyt knew all eyes were on him he quickly leapt from his white stallion known as Star Blazer and landed on his knee his duster blowing around him. Then he stood up with a triumphant fist in the air; “Citizens of hear me! There is a new sheriff in town and I’m going to wipe the streets clean. I’m the Blazing Knuckle, the Burning Cowboy Hoyt Thortonberry.” Suddenly 4 buxom beauties wearing sexy cowgirl outfits fired out confetti cannons in front of Hoyt. The crowd became frenzy as they realized such a famous and well known American hero was here in front of them. They swarmed him asking for autographs and random questions while the movie star laugh cheerfully; when someone asked him what he was doing there Hoyt loudly replied. “Well of course I am here to sign up for Inazuma martial arts tournament. I going to show some of those amateurs what kind of fighters breeds. And while I am at it I will help the local police with any delinquents who dare try to ruin the city’s 10 year anniversary. I will show them the power of my Blazing Knuckle!” The crowd cheered loudly for the famous hero who was telling the truth, not only was he there to represent America in the tournament he was also taking part in the Hero Exchange program. It was then that the Cowboy took notice of a young girl dressed in red and carrying a spear just a few feet away. Hoyt smirk as his luck couldn’t be better the girl was another hero in the program he knew this because he look over the files he had gotten before coming, the girl looked to be 15 even better someone young made him look like a role model and mentor. The Blazing Knuckle performed an impressive leap doing a back flip as he landed in front of the girl. “Look here a young girl who has decided to take up the spirit of justice and strike villains down with her spear! Nice to meet you young lady, let me introduce myself I’m the Blazing Cowboy Hoyt Thortonberry.” Suddenly hundreds of cell phones and cameras taking picture and video of the two heroes assaulted the young girl.

In the Hollow Bullet Falken refused to turn and face the gunslinger still burying him self in the bottle because to face Crow would mean the Double Barrel Grim Reaper had to face the present and the reality of what he has become. The Last Gunslinger did not feel anger or hatred to his former rival instead he felt pity and sadness for the man he once considered his equal. The Most Wanted Outlaw not longer considered going for his weapon he didn’t sense a threat in fact he felt like Falken wanted to die. Crow stands still as he took in the sight of the shell of Falken who reached for another bottle like his life depended on it addressing the gunslinger; “What the hell does the World’s most Wanted Outlaw want in my humble bar? A drink? Remembering nostalgic memories? Or you come here for another duel? You need some reassuring to your skills and you’ll use me as target?” The Rail-gun face was devoid of his usual smile he was seldom like attending the funeral of a fallen friend, “Well I certainly didn’t come here for a friendly visit Falken and as for the drink I doubt you have any left. I use to hear the deeper you swim in the bottle the easier it is for you to drown. Look at yourself Falcon Eyed Killer! Where is the man I fought on the border of or in the desert of the ? I’m not here to fight you because it would be a disgrace to the battles we shared in the past!” That last part Crow said with a bit of venom in his voice as a small bit of anger boiled in him that his once equally deadly rival had let himself fall into this state, “You lose to me a few times and you give up! The Falken I know is better than that and you aren’t worthy of loading his guns!” As the Lighting Revolver’s anger grew electrical sparks surging around his hand and legs, damn you Falken! You are going to show me the man I knew or I am going force you even if that means I have to drag you out of the bottle myself. It seems that Crow’s insults may have hit a nerve as the once deadly mercenary got up, but just barely, the alcohol had beaten him far worst then even the Gunslinger could. The eyes of the Falcon no longer held that fierce killer instinct that could make most men look away for fear of their lives instead they held a dead gazed over appearance. Like the soul, the heart, the drive that once drove the man behind their gaze had died long ago and was not coming back, this was not far from the truth. It was brutally ironic the eyes that had witness the deaths of so many were now dead themselves. Falken reaches back towards his waist and drew his signature weapon now in so bad of a shape Crow doubts that it even works. The former Deadliest Man Alive was delirious as he made a drunken challenge to the Most Wanted; “So how it’s going to be Cementerio? One last duel to put me down and take me out of my misery? BWEHEHEHEH” He coughs a little as he waited for the stotic gunslinger’s response.

The Last of the Gunslinger didn’t say a word for what seemed like an eternity only silence and dust hung in the air, the sight in front of Crow was nearly heart breaking but he was determined to reignite the fire inside of Falken, bring back the eyes of the Falcon, before he got the information he needed. “I told you Falken I am not here to fight you so I’m not going to. But if you want to shoot me go right head. I’m standing right here shoot me Falken. I dare you amigo.” Suddenly the Rail-gun began to walk towards the Dual Wielding Angel of Death his hands at his side, moving slowly so that he gave Falken a perfect shot at his heart or head. “How many beers have you drank Falken? 10. 20. 30. 50…I wonder how many doubles you see of me? Maybe even triples? Shoot me Falken what are you waiting for?!” The Gunslinger continued moving forward slowly still leaving himself open to a direct kill shot, he continued his taunts; “I can see your hand trembling Falken I guess that gun most be heavy. Is it heavy with the shame you feel towards yourself? Is it heavy with the self loathing and self hate? Or is it heavy with the past?!...What’s wrong why can’t you shoot me? VAMOS! Shoot me! Shoot me damn it!” Crow was stopped as he was now standing in front of the once fearsome mercenary the barrel of the gun pressed against his heart, his tone when he spoke was now soft and filled with pity; “I said shoot me.” Crow swatted the gun away towards the pile of empty bottles, then the gunslinger grabbed Falken’s collar forcing him to meet his cobalt eyes.

“Are you going to bury yourself in the past! You know who else took that path you good buddy Wolf and things worked out for him you see!” Saying that brought pain to the gunslinger as he remembered what happen in his fight against the deadly Eastern Wolf; Crow let go of his drunken rival, “What about Dragon, Devil, or Fairy they let their past consume them! Thankfully Fairy was the only one who still had a choice and decided to move forward. I may not have agreed with any of their morals or ethics but I respected them! I respected you when wouldn’t let that past consume you.” Every word the Gunslinger spoke was charged with electricity like was trying to jump starts the Falcon Eye Killer similar to how you defibrillate a dying man’s heart. He was trying to bring life back to Falken. “Get up Falken move forward on your path and never stop even if a river of blood lies ahead. You may have one arm but you got to fine legs damn it!” Those words to his rival were the words he lived his life by his own motto of never giving up they were past onto him by the person whom he considered perhaps the greatest gunslinger alive his grandfather, Alcide Cementerio. Crow turned around and began walking away leaving Falken to choice for himself who he wanted to be, a failure who clung to the past like a life saver as he drowned in a bottle of whiskey or the Falcon Eye Killer who choice to move forward. As Crow pushed open the door again he had one more thing he needed to say; “The reason I came here amigo was because I was looking for information. I thought that Wolf may have told you something about the Numbers that I needed to know but I may have wasted my time. I am looking for the Altar of Bullets Falken and I may have lead.” With that shocking revelation Crow pushed open the door unaware that a hidden predator was watching him from above.

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An excerpt from the blue journal, minutes before the bank incident:

At 8:00 a.m., the doors opened. The jam of clients bustled into the black and white checkered floor of the lobby, shoving one another-- young blood and old-- waiting in prolonged lines. Children sit on red lounge couches, waiting for their parents to finish business. The sour smell of sweat swells the humid capacity. And loan officers play the game of usury with their urging customers, approving and refusing applications. Some smile. Others leave with saline tears, dripping off their reddened cheeks and forming small pockets of bitter oceans on the hard cement. I have observed this routine for a week now, behind the white curtains of heavy clouds, meticulously planning the downfall of another tyrant--an emancipation. I have written this passage, so that I may never forget this day. And my fight.


A rumbling explosion drove the security guards near the front entrance flying across the Neo-Gothic-architectured setting. Wailing cries triggered a collective spring of hysteria and perilous awareness among the occupants of the Yoshino Bank. From the debris and dust, three black ski-masked individuals in black jackets and blue jeans entered the wrecked establishment through the makeshift crater on the crumbling wall. Warning gunshots were fired at the ceiling, to rally attention from the aroused hostages. "Co-workers to the left and clients to the right!" barked a feminine voice amid the terrorists. She took a single step in front of her accomplices, waving her sidearm at both corners in the room and watching them begin to fill-in the instructed voids. "These are the orders, and I'll only repeat them once, so you better listen up!" She began. "In about ten minutes, this one-story building will be sitting in flames. That gives you all a ten minute window to escape." The cloaked gunman paused and pointed a clenched fist at the frantic assembly on the right. A faint tear slid under the woman's exposed lower eyelid, taking notice of a young boy's clinging embrace of his mother's waist in the group.

She took a few seconds to clear her clogged throat, before resuming the arrangement,"You people on the right are free to go." Almost Immediately, parties of captives made their way out of the bank with haste, running towards neighboring streets in Central District for refuge. "Don't try to be a hero!" wirily chuckled one of the masked men, mockingly pointing his bazooka at the remaining castaways. "You know what they do to heroes? The government puts chains around their necks!" Once the clients had vacated, the woman in command of the operation signaled at her two cohorts, to sabotage the round vault doors and to hoard the billed contents inside duffle bags. The brute-statured thieves managed to systematically break the safes, through the use of strength and crowbar action. Distant, blaring sirens coming from outside denied the trio from recovering all of the currency within the foundation, in fear of being captured by police forces or Imported Heroes. "You may all leave!"

Shin Nihon law enforcers managed to form a sizeable perimeter around Yoshino Bank. Armed to the teeth with armor-plated attire and machine guns, they vigilantly gazed at the burning building behind the cover of their vehicles. Opened windows vented black smoke and crackling flames. The entire bank staff were able evacuate the vicinity, including the wounded security guards. "Come out with your hands up!" commanded a negotiator over an intercom. The three culprits rose from the bank and stood casually on the sidewalk, with their arms raised above their heads. "Don't move or-" a powerful gust muffled the chief enforcer's comment, and knocked the blue cap off his balding head. The Judgement gradually made an airborne descent, casting an unforgettable shadow and presence upon the people of Inzuma City. Its shipmaster, Captain Rio, serenely stood at the helm, with a hand on the wheel. Raising Oceanus towards the heavens, the pirate king hydrokinetically forced a fire hydrant below to burst apart, resulting in large bodies of water to gush skyward.

Fukamachi mentally directed a suspended stream of water from the deposits of the geyser and increased its volume, to shower the police forces with. Dozens fell to the moist ground, after being buffeted by the dark-haired outlaw. While the enforcers were distracted, Rio dropped a swaying ladder to his entourage of swashbucklers. They quickly climbed aboard the advanced vessel, carrying the stolen goods from the bank heist. "Do not be frightened, Inzuma City!" announced the charming Captain to the common spectators. "I'm only a mere citizen, like you! You are me and I am you!" He unfolded the crumpled bank statements that were stached in his blue coat pocket. "The Yoshino Bank has committed injustice against you! Homes are being stolen! Your life savings are being reaped! All your sacrifices for nought. So, what do we do about it? What do we do in an age where the good are punished, and the bad are left unpunished?" The human-Aquarian hybrid slowly strided away from the helm, and approached the ship's bow-- picking up a duffle bag along the way. Having a better view of the masses, he dumped the cash inside, allowing it to drift over his audience. The other crew members imitated their leader's compassion and bathed the citizens of the city with currency. The generous gesture was met with immaculate reception, as bystanders cheered and applauded. "We take everything back!" Rio boasted, returning to the helm victorious and overwhelmingly accepted, for the moment.

The anchor was lifted, and The Judgement began its ascension to the clouds. One of its rogue sailors shot salvos of bullets at the incapacitated law officers from the deck, almost recklessly harming innocent onlookers. His actions were met with a teeth-gritted countenance and a furrowed glare from Rio Fukamachi's raven blue eyes. The Captain violently steered on a sharp turn, causing the aggressor to collapse backwards on his side.

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Even while being a beacon of development and justice, Inazuma City had a darker side, a place where a century old criminal organization still managed to survive with cunning tactics and careful planning. The Saiko Clan was an old style clan that embraced technology and didn’t lost their spirit in the process and was smart enough to be overly secretive with their activities and their hideouts during the first years of Shin Nihon. In the limit between the Business and the Residential District they have their den, where illegal gambling and whorehouse exists. The authorities now about them, but they turn a blind eye about it, as the Saiko Clan stops more crime in a month than they do in a year. The Clan only commits crime against the people that endanger their turf and most of the time the ones that do that deserve a beating or even worse. The Saiko control 10 blocks square in a neighborhood called Jigoku no Kinjo by the media, but truth to be told their territory couldn’t be more far from hell, as they have tight honor code and enforce it with swiftness and no second-guessing. The Saiko Yakuza only follow three rules. “This town is my home and I’ll protect it” meaning that they would even give their live for the protection of Jigoku no Kinjo. “My comrades are my life” swearing to protect the members of the clan. “I always pay my debts and I collect theirs without fail” A declaration of their main income and their impeccable honor. There are 7 core members of the family, Minamoto-Sama, the leader of the Clan and master Aikidoka. The Yoshida Brothers, Akio and Akito, the marksman pair of the group, each with a different approach. Saitou-san the second in command and former Karate Champion. Roberto, a half Brazilian half Japanese suave guy that is in charge of the organization “Public” relations. Yamagiri, the not so dumb muscles that runs the Clan finances and Karasu a swordmaster with the worst attitude ever.

They survived the criminal purge after the Kisekian Conflict by having a low profile and laundered all of the money thanks to the legalization of gambling and bets in Osaka, and hid their assets until they could find and new HQ. They took over the shady part of Inazuma and from that moment they act as self appointed guardians of Jigoku no Kinjo as well as jury and executioners. They keep the crime in the city to a minimum as they declared that the city is their turf and thieves and other criminals think it twice before trying to make a move in their town. To take care of some of their troubles they usually hired independent mercenaries, and sometimes even Private Senshi, but this time they were searching for somebody that would accept taking an Assassin’s job. Captain Rio, a known thief and modern day pirate planned to assault the bank of Inazuma city, and as they lacked the resources to get him, the Saiko Clan decided to hire an unregistered super human to do their dirty job. Anybody that would go near Jigoku no Kinjo and get detected through a scan they managed to get from a government facility will be detained and subtly offered the job. Also job brokers in town will also be vigilant for the type of guy the Saiko are looking for.

In other zone of the city, a much brighter and secure area, a man just jumping off from his horse caused a sensation and gathered a crowd. Hoyt was a charismatic and popular hero, even in the other side of the world. The media was all over the place, taking enough pictures to cover the side of one of the futuristic spires of glass and steel alloy that formed the city skyline. With only a phrase coming from the Famous Hero a young girl was also part of the media circus, with flashing lights and snapshots over her. Ariana blushed, she didn’t like so much attention, and being near somebody that was almost known as a living legend was more that she could handle. –I..I..- She stuttered shyly while fidgeting her fingers over her spear shaft. The young squire wasn’t ready for a situation such as this one, as she was only a amateur in this job, taking over for his dad only months ago after extensive training to harness the power she used to fight against criminals. The cameras and the lights started to move faster. She was feeling the pressure of failure, she didn’t want to say anything with fear of screwing up, luckily for her a sudden blast and the appearance of a flying battleship interrupted the situation, and all the cameras suddenly turned to the skies. Ariana thanked God for giving her a break and jumped away from the crowd, lifting a gust of wind from the shockwave of her jump, that left a pair of feet shaped dents in the street. With swiftness and covered in a blazing aura she used her spear to pole-vault from a tall rooftop and jumped into Rio’s ship – Stop right now by the power given to me by the Inazuma Government- Ariana shouted at the thieves.

In the Hollow Bullet Bar, Falken could barely stand, swaying from side to side with the hair covering his eyes in dreadlocks caused by the lack of cleaning and the dust. His right eye could be seen in between to dreads, shining with a mad and sinister glow. Crow replied to Falken drunken banter with pity and sadness. The former Falcon Eye Killer was being insulted and pitied by the Lighting Gunslinger. In his drunken ears the voice of Crow Cementerio is a faint echo reverberating inside his skull. Falken fails to focus his aim, with his hand shaking and his vision blurry. Pain engulfs the former Mercenary mind, as he realizes how gone are his skills. “I told you Falken I am not here to fight you so I’m not going to. But if you want to shoot me go right head. I’m standing right here shoot me Falken. I dare you amigo.” Crow started moving forward, while the Twin Barreled God of Death shook without control. Even with a target so close as Cementerio was moving to become, Falken couldn’t shoot. “How many beers have you drank Falken? 10. 20. 30. 50…I wonder how many doubles you see of me? Maybe even triples? Shoot me Falken what are you waiting for?!” Crow moved forward with his arms open, in any other situation the former Best Assassin in the world would shoot without doubt, but as his hated enemy noted he was too drunk and too broken to shoot. Crow didn’t knew the truth about Falken retirement, almost nobody did, nobody but one man. Falken could remember the reason of his retirement; it haunted him in his nightmares, and the booze was the only way to stop those horrid visions.

“I can see your hand trembling Falken I guess that gun most be heavy. Is it heavy with the shame you feel towards yourself? Is it heavy with the self loathing and self hate? Or is it heavy with the past?!...What’s wrong why can’t you shoot me? VAMOS! Shoot me! Shoot me damn it!” -Cementerio got it all wrong..- Was the phrase that lingered on Falken mind as he heard these words. He was ashamed of himself, but not about losing against Crow, nobody could get as good as the Falcon Eye Killer was without learning to cope with defeat. Something completely unrelated that just happened at the same time was the reason behind Falken trying to booze himself to death. Thanks to Crow continues banter about his reasons, the horrible images he saw on Mangetsu satellite about Kuro-san plan were more than enough to traumatize him. And the worst part is that he knew, against the common knowledge of the world that Kuro-san was still alive and that his plan was about to get bigger. “I said shoot me.” Crow swated the gun out of Falken hand, but in the state the former Mercenary was he could have easily took it from him. The brightness in Falken eye died, as Crow kept his verbal beating. “Are you going to bury yourself in the past! You know who else took that path you good buddy Wolf and things worked out for him you see! What about Dragon, Devil, or Fairy they let their past consume them! Thankfully Fairy was the only one who still had a choice and decided to move forward. I may not have agreed with any of their morals or ethics but I respected them! I respected you when wouldn’t let that past consume you.”

Falken fell into the ground incapable of keep standing up “Get up Falken move forward on your path and never stop even if a river of blood lies ahead. You may have one arm but you got to fine legs damn it!” Crow shouted at him as spark filled the air. The electricity sudden spike caused the only light bulb in the bar to suddenly switch on and then exploded, the TV did the same. The Nanites in Falken also reacted, going into an overloaded mode, that started to metabolize the alcohol much faster, reducing greatly the Falcon Eye Killer numbness. Crow moved to the door and turned around for the last time “The reason I came here amigo was because I was looking for information. I thought that Wolf may have told you something about the Numbers that I needed to know but I may have wasted my time. I am looking for the Altar of Bullets Falken and I may have lead.” Falken sudden clarity was almost shattered by the shock of hearing those three words. This time much nimbler, he stood up, still shaky on the legs. -Wait! Cementerio! You don’t know what you’re dealing with!- Falken finally managed to stand up tall. Even if his main reason to retire was about Kuro-san plans, he had to admit that losing to Crow was also a main factor. The Falcon Eyed Killer moved towards the Lighting Gunslinger. This time without any trace of malice, maybe it was because of the sparks, or maybe something else was taking cards on this matter, but for some reason Falken mind slowly drifted away from the depression and saw in Crow a small light of hope that could stop the incoming storm.

The Armless Mercenary stopped meters away from Crow. –I’m not sinking in my past mistakes Cementerio, if I was a man like that I would have already shot myself long ago. What leaves me sleepless and makes me drinki until I can remember how to hold a gun- Falken glanced sadly to the gun lying over the bottles – Isn’t the past, Wolf himself would come back from the grave to bite me if I did. What worries me, and you should worry too is the future- Falken moved heavily towards the counter and sat down. – Wolf didn’t know shit about the Numbers, that nutjob Dragon was also wrong if he spoke. The Real Numbers are something completely different than a group of crazy killers with showy gimmick Cementerio, and the Altar of Bullets isn’t a cabal of old men searching for the perfect killer…- Falken grabbed a beer bottle but when he was just about to sip he took it and launched it against the mirror behind the counter, that shattered leaving a fragmented image of him. –The Real Numbers are something else, and the Altar of Bullets is a lie, a ruse, a fairy tale, a myth. Call it what you like, but the point is that the Numbers never got their orders from the Altar of Bullets, and the sad thing is that all of them believed it. HEHEHEHE…- Falken laughter was empty and emotionless, almost as if he lacked any feeling or spirit, as if his veins didn’t pumped blood at all, he seemed deader than before. When this sinister chuckle ended he looked right into Crow eyes. – There is only one man that can tell you the truth Cementerio, and he is in this city. The man that holds all the answers you seek is the same man that five years ago, was thought to be dead.-

Falken voice got grim and his eyes went sinister. –You’re looking for Kuro-san, or to be precise and correct, you’re looking for Usso Namae, the leader of Shin Nihon and founder of Mangetsu and of the Numbers.-

In the other side of town, in the top floor of the highest building of the City, a massive window gave the sole inhabitant of the floor complete view of the city. Garyuu Tower stood like an obsidian spire over the shining glasses of the nearby buildings. All the windows in the building absorbed the solar light and turned into energy as lot of buildings did. An old man with long black hair with white streaks, stood besides the window thanks to a cane. His face seemed tired and bored, he his eyes glanced all over the city. Soft classical music was playing in the room. Wagner. One hand of the old man moved like the conductor of an orchestra, following the perfectly timed streams of cars and buses, the people and the aerial transport moving in his city. – Aniki, aniki I have troubling news- a voice came from the television, as the music automatically was turned off. Kuro-san turned around with some problems, moving with the cane through the room up until he reached a comfortable black chair. –What is it now Tsukimori-san? Another so called hero discovered Mangetsu? Or another of your sons got in jail? Be quick I don’t have all day- The old Emperor lied, he did have all day, but he talked with a bored and empty tone as if he had nothing to keep being alive anymore. Tsukimori-san gained a lot of weight in ten years, having an office job didn’t really do him well as he now needed help to stand up from his chair – Falken opened his mouth to the wrong guy- Kuro-san felt intrigued for first time in years, he knew for a fact that his former employee was too broken to do anything, and he knew that because he broke the once proud mercenary. – What did he say? He spoke of the killings? The theft? The coup?- A sinister smile, as the ones he usually had ten years ago slowly started to form on the Inazuma Prime Minister

-No, he told Crow Cementerio about the real you….- Kuro-san changed from cold smile to a single second of shock, but he wasn’t afraid or angry, only pleasantly surprised. –Oh Falken, Falken, even without getting payed you still work for me- The Old Emperor smile grew bigger –At last something to do that requires my attention. Tsukimori-san! Get your boys ready, tonight the old days are back, the good days, when making somebody disappear wasn’t so hard.- Kuro-san stood up with a sudden burst of energy –Call the Four other Generals of Mangetsu, at last a good foe to fight against, prepare a meeting right away.- Tsukimori was extremely surprised from this sudden energy, as he had been the closest witness to his boss decadence and decline this past ten years. – Right away aniki!- The comm. Line closed and Kuro-san looked at the window. –I have nothing left, I’m an empty my goal was shattered, my dreams smashed and my heart and soul were lost *cough**cough*- a line of blood dripped from his mouth – But nothing will stop me from taking my revenge upon you Cementerio, you killed my hopes 5 years ago, and now you made the last mistake you’ll make in this life. You came to my city *cough*- This time much more blood come out from Kuro-san mouth and he checked his jacket for a pill bottle –There is no*cough* place you can hide now…- The Old Emperor barely managed to stay standing, leaning over the window railing – Even if my body shatters I’ll have my revenge Cementerio! You destroyed my last chance to bring back my beloved Tsubasa, I’ll shatter your life!-

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Frantz was walking down the street. A few minutes had passed since he left the hotel and made his way to his "job". The city didn't change much from his last stroll through the streets, it was as bright and as loud as it was before. That was something that made Frantz feel uneasy. It didn't make it better that he was coming closer to his destination. He was in a part of the city known as Jigoku no Kinjo. Even an outsider like Frantz, someone who was not familiar with the city, could tell that it wasn't the most legal place around. That made him walk faster, not because he was scared, in fact it didn't feel dangerous at all (not that he couldn't defend himself even if he had the need to do so), but he thought that it wasn't good for a nobleman like him to be in such a place (ignoring the fact that he did not hold a position like that in this world). Even though he didn't want to linger in that area too long, he couldn't help but wonder about it. All around him were people gambling away their monthly salaries. All of them crying or laughing, depending on the outcome of their little game. Prostitution seemed to be quiet common in that area as well, he even noticed some of the "ladies" trying to attract him. Both those things were not new to Frantz, of course he already encountered them in his world. It could even be considered a lie if said that he had not at least some experience on both those fields. But it was different. In his world people would do it in closed circles, in private. People did not expose themselves to the rest of the world so easy, yet here none of those around him seemed to feel any shame at all. While it did awaken some fascination in Frantz, to see people fall so low because of their impulse and lust and money, that feeling was overshadowed by the disgust he felt right now towards all those people. He was about to start yelling and call them pathetic, but he knew that it wouldn't do much other than make him look even more out of place than he already was, so he passed on that. He continued making his way to the location where he would receive his job. He ignored many lights, signs and voices that called him out, to end up behind an empty warehouse. Frantz notices a small burning dot moving in the shadow. A man steps out, holding a cigarette in his hand. A white suit, matching trousers and a red shirt. His hair, black and slick, combed back. "Are you that Frantz guy?" the man asks through his teeth as his lips are occupied with the cigarette. Frantz while not being happy with the way the man spoke, just nods. "The listen carefully, here's a picture of your target. His name is Rio Fukamachi, also known as Captain Rio." the man tossed a piece of paper to Frantz, who caught it in mid-air. "He's a wanted criminal and he's been causing trouble in our turf lately. Long story short, we want you to eliminate him, i don't care how you'll do it, just get the job done. We'll know when you finish the job, come here again after that, someone will be waiting." The man was about to take his leave, having said what he had to say, but Frantz stopped him "And then you'll tell me what i want to know?" The man turns around again, his body already half-vanished in the shadow, dropping his cigarette to the ground. "Eh? You don't trust us? Then, let me tell you something, the Saiko Clan always pays it's debt, always! So there is no need for you to question weather we are trustworthy or not, that is a principle of ours. Now go." The man leaves with that, not giving Frantz a chance to reply. Frantz stood there for some time, looking at the darkness the man disappeared into. Certainly there were more way than this one, for Frantz to gain what he wants, but right now this was the best lead he had. He starts tapping his foot against the ground, as he looks at the picture. A man probably a few years younger than Frantz himself, with black hair and blue eyes. His coat and other clothes matching the color of his eyes. Frantz doesn't think too long about the appearance of the man, but focuses on the back of the paper. It says "Yoshino Bank robbery, today.". While Frantz wasn't impressed by the simple way of expressing he was satisfied that he at least had a clue where he could find his target Deciding that he has no time to wast Frantz, dashes off with light steps.

It didn't take him long to leave the unpleasant district and find himself in area more suitable for a man of his status. He had lost some time till he found the right direction by asking random passengers, but he slowed down as he was drawing closer to the bank, which's name he still couldn't pronounce right. He was passing through a back alley, when suddenly he felt a chill go down his spine. He turns around, the speed producing a gust of wind, his hand already tightly gripped around the hilt of his sword. In front of his stood a girl, a white and red dress. Her golden locks reached down to her shoulder. She can't be older than 10, completing her image of an innocent child with her little hand holding onto the limb of a stuffed bear. "You..." Frantz glares at her with eyes full of hate. "Oh my, could it be that you are stalking me, a little innocent girl?" she giggles as she says so, twisting one of her locks with her finger. "Cut the crap, just tell me why the hell are you here, or you'll end up in pieces." Frantz already drew a small part of his sword out as if to demonstrate that his threat is for real. "Watch your tone insect, or do you want to to send Fluffy to play with you? And besides a mere bug like you has no right to ask about the intentions of a lady like me. Even though, i'm sure grandfather will find it interesting that even a beast like you found your way here as well. If you excuse me now, i have things to do." she waves goodbye as she fades away into mist, completely disappearing a few moments after. "Wait, you little..." she was already gone by the time he finished his thought. Frantz calms himself "I hope there are no other of those suckers around." he says as he makes his way out of the alley. "But then again, if they are here, i might find her as well." he thinks to himself as he makes his way to the bank.

As he draws closer to the location of the bank, he notices that there some commotion going on. It doesn't take him long to realize what it is, so he increases his speed. When he turns around the block, he sees it. The bank is burning and several police cars are at the location. People have gathered around as well. He was about to jump over the blockade and rush into the bank, but stops himself. Not because he is hesitating or because he is scared or not sure, but because there is no point in it. The bank was already empty, void of all life. Frantz looks up to the sky. There he can see a ship, floating in mid air. Without a doubt that is a sight that amazes Frantz at first, but right now there was no time to wonder about it. He could clearly see his target aboard the ship, the man called Captain Rio. It pissed Frantz off, his target was directly in front of him yet he couldn't do anything from his current position. He could only watch as it disappeared in the distance. "Great, this day is getting just better and better with every passing minute." he says while placing his hand onto his forehead. He writes the day off as a wasted one and heads back to the hotel. Back in his room he places his coat and sword on the same place he left them the first time. "I guess i'll just wait for him to make a move. Or perhaps i could find something with which i could lure him out" Frantz thinks as he returns to the book again, but not so focused as he was last time.

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The Judgement descended from the crimson sky, abruptly coming to a sudden halt fifty feet above an isolated tropical island, just beyond the limits of the Shin Nihon city. A rope ladder was dropped from the ship's rear, softly digging into the beige sand. Rising to stand on the ledge, the Captain stretched his slender index finger towards an imaginary marker on the twilight-lit beach. "Underneath that yellow sand, you will find an endless bounty of riches. Enough to grant you materialistic immortality." In an instant, the young man's promising fabrication rendered the two brutes from his crew of outlaws vanity-struck. They retrieved shovels in the supply room and headed towards the rigid extension, stomping their way down over the the wooden bars. Once the deceived ignorants began to excavate, the ladder was quickly reeled up and the legendary vessel retired into higher altitudes, setting sail to a new berth. The cries of anger were drowned behind the roaring sounds emitted by the fuming afterburners. I will not have octane-fueled apes aboard my ship. The Judgement needs believers of true justice.

Rio Fukamachi sluggishly leaned against the maple-crafted wheel on his side, cradling the steering instrument under his armpit and appointing The Judgement to imitate his idle trance by making deviated flight patterns over the still ocean. Using a free hand, he flipped through the abundant papyrus pages contained in the Blue Journal with a thumb. Performing the daily routine, the dark-haired adventurer revisited older catalouge entries and updated the memoir with the current logs for today. "Captain." Erica, Rio's only remaining comrade, hesitantly approached the helm. She tossed the black ski mask that was worn earlier during the bank heist near her leader's boot. The book was smacked shut. Sensing what was to come, the Captain simply closed his dimming crystal eyes, until they took the dark shade of his navy blue coat under a subsiding sun. Still wearing the theft getup, the red-haired mother of one placed her small hands on Rio's tightened shoulders and perked her long neck beside his ear, nearly grazing it with her rosy lips. "I told you that when I had raised enough money from our expeditions, I would return home-- to reunite with my sick son." Opening his eyelids, the vigilante gently responded, "I am no one to break a mother's promise to her son. You will go to him, as promised."

"Though I will not be there to watch your goal realized, I will always believe in Captain Rio." Lifting an expressionless peer skywards, the soon to be the-crew-of-one counted the shimmering stars, that were unfolding before him and millions of other star-gazers on the Earth. "Like the stars, they must wait for the departure of the sun, before they are given the chance to shine in their respective place." The sun had finally set, as The Judgement prepared to set for Inazuma City, a final time.

Managing to conceal his despised presence from the general public in the night clouds, the shipmaster quietly slipped past a community of shanty houses and docked the aerial transport conveniently inside a dense thicket at a residential park. The Captain's attention was drawn to a torn wanted poster, sloppily pinned diagonally to a tree, labeled with a reward for his capture or execution. He took the time inspecting the crumpled notice, while feeling a spine-chilling ambience creep beneath his pale skin. That sensation compelled him to fall into a crouched posture and spun 180 degrees, to face his surprise assailant. An elongated watery funnel scraped a thin amount of black strands of coarse hair from Rio's scalp, capable of impacting a punishing blow had the pirate's uncanny reflexes failed to safe him. The tree before him bursted apart, taking the hit. Oceanus was unsheathed from the belt; the human-Aqurian's tailored coat breezily flapped in a loose manner, when the sword's shrewd blade was brought to a protruding straight angle. Though donning heavily-refined blue and silver armor-plated attire and a visored helmet, the agile attacker dashed at Fukamachi at a defying speed. Aquarian calligraphy was beautifully gold-encrusted across the busty chestpiece, pertaining to the ranks of an Aquarian Knight.

The water-bender pounced in mid-air, readying to reach close enough to the target and jab him. Rio swung Oceanus in a horizontal arc, only to have the blade caught by the Aquarian's gloved hand. Gritting his teeth, the Captain struggled to pull his signature gunblade from the locked grip. During the tussle, the Knight took the advantage to close in and roughly drive a knee against the unattentive 21-year-old's unguarded abdomen, sending him skidding across the grassy terrain. Lying on the ground, a stunned Rio noted a duck pond some yards away. Utilizing what limited use of water-bending abilities that was inherited from his mother, Rain Caerulea, he tapped into the remote Aquarian genetic makeup inside him. Waving his hand around, the Pirate King siezed a green water sample from the pond and hydrokinetically structured it in the shape of an animated snake. As it gradually slithered in its designated path, its designer was preoccupied retaliating the Knight's oval-molded aquatic projectiles, which were preceded by graceful side flips-- resembling a rhythmic dance performance. "Aquarian, why are you here?!" exclaimed the furious Fukamachi heir, flipping the toggle-trigger on Oceanus, activating its Gun Mode. The gunblade whirred and took the silhouette of an automatic rifle. Its heating barrel hummed, before blasting a barrage of metal salvos at the wave of water-based missiles. On contact, the bullets would vaporize the water into hot mist; while the volume-hardened liquids would stop the ammo dead in its tracks, resulting in a stalemate for ranged-attacks.

With the stalling successful, the lively serpent projection binded itself around the Knight's legs in an intricate knot, causing the wielder of the armor to collapse backwards. Immobilized, the outlaw cautiously marched next to his fallen adversary, setting a foot on the upper torso, keeping the person pinned to the soil. In one perfect kick, Rio flawlessly removed the helmet off, unveiling the olive-skinned woman behind the mask. "Marina?" She reacted to her older cousin's dumbfounded expression with a tender half-smile.

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Inazuma City located in the proud and advanced country of Shin Nihon, while this place is not about of the UOS it does obey it’s law and often promotes cooperation between Shin Nihon and the 7 including it recent Hero Importation idea. There is one law this metropolis fails to enforce, the key stone of the Union, the Registry of super humans while living in Inazuma City one does not have to register like they would in the UOS this has resulted in this place being called a haven for super-humans I call it a nest of maggots hiding from the light. The enforces the registry for the safety of all and yet the residents of this city feel they do not need to register because of their own protection. Their rights of privacy out weight those of the world, why hide your face when you have nothing to fear?! Criminals can remain undetected while they hurt innocents and it allows wanted criminals of the to flee and remain undetected the worst scenario possible. That damn gunslinger, the Most Wanted Outlaw, Crow Cementerio has weaseled his way into Inazuma City for whatever reason he is probably plotting against the UOS using the “freedom” that some seem so hooked on. If allowed I would turn this damn city into a wasteland, I would turn the buildings into rubble, the streets would run red with the heat and intensity of magma, and I would burn all who stood in my way into nothing to get Cementerio. I would do all that and more because Inazuma City stands in the way of the Union’s Justice and it stands in the way of my justice it is as guilty as the criminals who live here hiding their intentions from the Union, from Gungnir and from me. Despite my rage my job is not to pass judgment on and its residents; I’m here to find Crow Cementerio and bring him to justice one way or another. Cementerio you made your last move while the may have had trouble tracking you down you exposed yourself and now you feel fall to the forces of Gungnir after all we never miss our mark like the legendary spear we are named after. I’m here to burn you away Gunslinger, you will fear Miguel Ortega.

The Volcanic Herald stood on top of a medium size building within Inazuma City observing and watching taking in all he could see, despite the fact he did not have super enhanced vision, he was merely taking everything in. Pondering where in a city of millions could the Most Wanted Outlaw, Crow Cementerio, may have gone or is hiding. Miguel sighed in frustration as his crossed his gold bracelet covered arms; the warrior from was wearing his large white covered over his massive body, no shirt was underneath revealing his hulking physique. He had on dark tactical cargo pants and a large gold belt around his waist attached to a sarong, one leg was planted on the ledge of the roof as he took a deep breath sighing again. Damn you Saito how are we supposed to find Cementerio in this city he might be anywhere doing anything. The sun was beginning to set in Inazuma City causing a orange glow to be cast over the Embodiment of Destruction; Miguel and the others members of Gungnir were suppose to be in the pride of Shin Nihon looking for the Most Wanted Outlaw, a target the Union of Seven considered a real threat to them and for Miguel the Gunslinger was a threat his justice that should be done away with instead of a being forced to register. Unfortunately Colonel Saito and some other members of a higher ranks decided it would be best to convert him to their cause because of his strength and skill. Despite his feelings towards the super human haven being on top of this building cause a slight calm to settle into the proud Hawaiian warrior but his single moment of peace was interrupted by the buzzing of the ear piece in his ear. Bzzzzttt...”Vulcan this is the SkyRaven do you copy?” Miguel sigh in frustration, now what does Saito want me to do damn it, as he replied into the communication link; “This is Vulcan SkyRaven I have no reports on locating the Most Wanted yet. This city is so massive the target could be anywhere.” “Understand Vulcan but you are being reassigned as per Colonel Saito’s orders.”

Suddenly the ledge the Miguel had his foot on was smashed in to pebbles as his anger erupted. “What do hell do you mean I’m being reassigned! Colonel Saito put me on the tracking down the target mission herself with the others members of Gungnir! I refuse to be reassigned anything other then tracking down Cementerio!” There was a brief silence as the voice from the SkyRaven was quite terrified of the man known as the Volcanic’s Herald infamous temper when the voice returned there was slight quiver and tremble to it. “We…We are sorry Vulcan…There seems to be some disturbances coming from the harbor the Private Senshi believe it may be a Kaiju of great power…Colonel Saito has ordered you are the only one of the members of Gungnir capable of taking on the Kaiju along with the Private Senshi” The Vulcan Behemoth fumed in his anger knowing that he could not disobey a order from a higher rank but at the same time dealing with the Most Wanted Outlaw outweighed dealing with some oversized creature that the protectors of Inazuma City couldn’t handle. “What about the target damn it?! The Private Senshis are meant to handle this problem the forces of Gungnir are not their back up!” The voice replied trembling even more terrified to upset Miguel; “The others members of Gungnir can handle the target besides…you…um said the target could be anywhere so it would be a waste to have the members of Gungnir overturning rocks…Besides Inazuma City has gone out of its way to show cooperation with the UOS it would only be fair if we should them the same respect when it comes to their problems.” The Volcanic Herald’s anger was at an all time high apparently the little messenger talking to him got some advice from someone of a higher rank probably Colonel Saito herself. He had no choice to follow orders but he was going to get some entertainment out of this; “Fine I’ll go help the Private Senshi but you tell Colonel Saito if an a hair of the target is found I’m am done with this immediately and he becomes my priority again. Tell the colonel she owes me one for this!”

With that the Messenger of Pele cut off his communication link before the low rank messenger could reply; the ground under his cracked into several pieces as the massive warrior pushed off the ground moving one building to another. Despite his massive size the Volcanic Herald was surprisingly fast and agile pushing off the ground with his powerful leg muscles going from one building to another smashing the ground and creating dents in the steel roofs. Miguel was heading towards the bay where the strange readings were coming from all the while one thing was on his mind; Damn you Cementerio I know you are in this haven for the injustice. You can’t escape the UOS and you can’t escape Justice. Especially not my Justice. I will burn all who stand in my way into nothing

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“Alright is everything connected?” Anya asked, having already finished installing the software upgrades.

Rowan was reinstalling her right eye, sliding the last of the connections into place using a pair of tweezers and goggles that magnified his vision to insure perfection. “Alright wake her up.”

Anya did so, Lan Fan’s eyes shot open, she screamed in panic and struggled against the restraints keeping her strapped to the cradle. Rowan stood back just incase she managed to break out again, Anya had a pacification program ready. Eventually she calmed down and with deep breaths said, “Thank you, both of you.”

“Not a problem,” Rowan answered, undoing her restraints. “Everything working as it should?”

Lan Fan tested her mechanical limbs and eye, everything moved more smoothly than before. “You guys did an excellent job,” she said with a smile.

Rowan’s phone received a notification, it was from the elevator desk, telling them that someone was coming for Lan Fan. Lan Fan put her usual hooded sweater and gloves back on, Rowan very quickly found something else to work on so he wouldn’t have to talk. Anya rolled her eyes, “Why am I the least socially withdrawn of the three of us?” she complained,

Lan Fan shrugged, acknowledging the irony that Anya, a superhacker lived alone in an island in the pacific, was indeed the one with the best social skills.

The civil servant entered, “I’m looking for the Private Senshi Rank 1 known as Lan Fan, I have a request from the R&D Department of Inazuma City to act as courier for an important package” He held out something for Lan Fan to sign. " If you agree sign here and report to the R&D Department"

She took the pen, she gripped it much too strongly and it exploded on her shirt. She froze, embarrassed at the mistake that forgetting to calibrate her grip had caused. Rowan handed her a steel pen, she quickly signed it, not looking at Ichiro as she did so.

Mercifully Anya took control of the situation. “If that will be all Mr. Jigen, as Lan Fan’s doctor I’ll have to ask you to leave.” She pushed through him in the way that only a hologram could, the unnerving effect that created tended to make people leave quickly. As soon as he left Anya turned around and said, “I don’t like it.”

“Look Anya, I have to do these jobs,” Lan Fan said. “Its what I've been trained for.”

“This city is too dangerous, let someone else handle-”

“Look Anya, there is no one else. ” Lan fan interrupted curtly.

"There is the world famous mage ten floors down," Anya pointed out.

"People get killed when I start thinking like that,'' Lan Fan answered, her eyes making it quite clear that the discussion was over. “Now can we please just calibrate my arm.”

Anya smartly decided to be quiet about her concerns, the quickly calibrated her grip using a special stress ball, Lan Fan changed into something less ink stained and left for the city R&D Department.

“Say Rowan...” Anya started a few minutes after Lan Fan left.


“What made her start to talk like that?”

“Its better not to ask.”

One benefit of having the son of possibly the richest private tech firm as an ally was that Lan Fan rarely had to walk anywhere. A short limo ride took her to the deceptively small, white R&D building. Lan Fan walked through the doors, leaving the slightly cool,crisp, air outside for the warm, dry air of a weapon testing lab. She walked up to the reception desk, trying to ignore the sounds of weapon’s testing leaking through the walls. The receptionist directed her to where she was meant to go. She swiped her id card and entered the office of Allison Hawkins.

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The Eastern Seafront of Inazuma City was heavily fortified, contrasting to the western side that was open and allowed easy access. A series of floating fortifications and several interconnected static pillars of steel and concrete that served as the main wall to protect the city from the Kaiju, giant monsters created by the defunct, at least for everyone, Mangetsu organization. The Valiant Private Senshi fought against these monsters without knowing that the man they worked for was the one that was releasing them. When the Kaiju appear all the best of the best, or the ones that can’t use their powers in the city, as they can cause massive collateral damage, are called to fight them, leaving the city unattended and vastly unguarded. The Kaiju season is the way Kuro-san has to get his illegal business running smoothly; as his troops don’t need to work so hidden in the shadows and can go more in the open, making things faster. This also works as a population control, stopping the superhuman population to grow too big and taking out the most powerful from time to time, to shake up the Status Quo. This attacks also make the people feel more dependant of the Private Senshi and the government, thus less inclined to riot or cause trouble, and their prejudices against the Super human are reduced and thus the Private Senshi popularity skyrockets, and as the City and Garyuu Zaibatsu have half of the money earn by merchandizing this works as a legal source of money.

Today a new Kaiju has been spotted nearby, moving underwater and in one of the outposts prepared for the defense, a seasoned warrior and his crew wait with their blood boiling. The Kamikaze squad that owns this station, called Shurakai, is a group composed of the most aggressive and damage causing members of the Private Senshi, all ranked 5 or more, meaning that they cannot use their powers inside city limits, under risk of exile. The Kamikaze Squad haves four members. Their fearless and sometimes called insane leader, Batsu the Shura Blade, rumored to be an interdimensional warrior that once was human but during his time in other place he changed into something else. He wields Kyotansen, a shape shifting blade that can get wider or larger by Batsu orders. Nagare, the grim pilot of the Black Kaiser Armor, a silent yet blood crazed man that hunts Kaiju with fanatical drive. Kiyomasa, nicknamed by the other Senshi, the Best Soldier in the World, thanks to her Tag Eye System, she can analyze the battlefield and hatch the best strategy and last but not least the Leader of another squad that recently got shut down, Junpei Sagara piloting KenkaMAX “The Crimson Fist of Justice”. The group was getting ready for the confrontation, as the Kaiju was moving towards their location. Their station was a remodeled Oil Platform, with advanced defensive systems and fortification, even with a bunker that could survive a low intensity nuclear explosion.

-Come on! I’ve seen snails moving faster than you! Double time all of you!- Batsu was standing over the main building roof with both arms crossed in front of his chest and a slasher smile. Powerful gusts of wind blew against his imposing figure while he ordered his crew –Nagare, start your armor and do some recon!- The gruff man in tattered clothes grunted and activated the Crystal that allowed him to transform into the Black Kaiser. –Kaiser WING!- he whispered, and a tattered black cloak popped out from the armor shoulders and Nagare took flight towards the East. –Kiyo-chan, get yer beautiful brain to work and take the defense command system today. I feel like going to the frontline, this smells like a big one, and we don’t want you getting hurt- Batsu winked at the young soldier, that blushed for a second and the replied with martial seriousness – Yes sir, I’ll go right away.- The Kamikaze Crew Leader didn’t issued orders to the newest member, that was standing a top of his famous Mecha. Junpei was getting pissed by the second, and when he was just about to start shouting, Batsu turned to him and, with extreme seriousness in his face said, - Jun-chan, you have the most important mission today!- Junpei eyes turned into sudden twin flames of burning enthusiasm, -Tell me what you need boss! I’ll do anything- Batsu smiled slyly, - The HQ is sending backup, go fetch- the Leader said that with casual tone, something that only made Junpei angrier than before, but after sighing and trying to calm himself down, he left the base with KenkaMAX, going to the HQ to “fetch” the incoming backup, codename Vulcan.

As soon as KenkaMAX was out of comm. range, Batsu communicated with Kiyomasa, -Kiyo-chan, what do we got down here, be a good girl and tell me we got a big one, I need some exercise and unless is a big one Nagare will get all the fun for himself- The World’s Best Soldier, replied in a instant –Yes sir, the target is a class 7, meaning at least 50 meters tall and more than 100 tons, strange readings are coming from its location, some sort of radiation, HQ haves the data and is running analysis, preliminary scans detect a gravitational distortion. This target maybe the biggest in since the Yamiyokai Incident.- She stopped talking and a mysterious silence took control of the comm. channel. Kiyomasa thought that finally this was the point where her berserker and most of the times plainly insane boss would back away from a fight, but unluckily she was wrong, as a whisper that started in the comm. suddenly turned into a loud roar – BANZAAAAAAAAAI! Thanks for the good news Kiyo-chan, now I’m pumped and ready to shift into a higher gear!- The Female Soldier face palmed after that rant and hoped for the best. Nagare that heard the whole conversation only grunted. Under him, deep underwater, The Kaiju, a giant humanoid turtle started moving towards the surface….

Meanwhile in the Garyuu Zaibatsu R&D Department, Allison Hawkins, formerly known as Southern Golem, received in her office, the whole last floor of the building that had tinted windows all around, and was decorated with futuristic furniture and art pieces. Her desk was a floating disk, which was kept in the air thanks a complex magnetic gadget. She had an oriental style teapot and two cups ready as she greeted Lan Fan. –Thanks for coming Private Senshi Rank 1, thanks for taking your time to reply to my rushed invitation, would you like to take a seat, we’ll only discuss about the job, a simple delivery job from this place to a Industrial District Building. Nakamura Heavy Industries, near the East Coastline- Allison sat down and invited Lan Fan to do the same. – You’ll need to take this briefcase- She lifted a small leather briefcase over the table – Before 6 P.M, so are you in? the pay is great…-

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“Thanks for coming Private Senshi Rank 1, thanks for taking your time to reply to my rushed invitation, would you like to take a seat, we’ll only discuss about the job, a simple delivery job from this place to an Industrial District Building. Nakamura Heavy Industries, near the East Coastline” Lan Fan quietly took the invitation to sit.

You’ll need to take this briefcase before 6 P.M, so are you in? the pay is great…” Lan Fan looked at the briefcase, it was reasonably sized and the Industrial District wasn’t too far, this job was well within her abilities.

Lan Fan nodded and took the briefcase. “It shouldn’t be a problem.” She signed the papers required for her to accept the job and walked out. She walked the first few blocks normally, a few people shrugged at the incongruity of a girl in a grey hoodie carrying an expensive briefcase but otherwise she was ignored. Finally she reached the silver wire.

She tested the wire, it was as usual strong and unyielding. It extended from the ground to the roof of the building, nearly forty stories up. This was the solution the level one private senshis had found to the problem of needing to get around the cities quickly. Her mechanical hand closed around the wire, of course in order to use the wire you had to bring your own ascender, Lan Fan was never without her’s. She ascended to the top of the building.

The whole city was laid out before her, a large, shiny white playground for her to traverse. She ran. She jumped between the building, ran up crane, through construction work and across wires. Her hood flew off, the wind whistled through her hair, the city with its traffic lights and crosswalks lay unaware beneath her as she zipped over it. She laughed as she flew through the city, she ran across another thick wire, easily making it half way. And then she heard a small pop. Both ends of the wire broke simultaneously, her stomach lurched as gravity rudely reminded her that she was a 300 pound cyborg standing 50 storeys in the air. The ground accelerated towards her, she had nothing to grasp onto aside from the briefcase. She closed her eyes.

A force hit her in the side, she felt herself flying towards the building opposite. She desperately grabbed at her savior and to her surprise found herself grabbing leather. He opened her eyes to see the face of Demon Hunter Cross.

Jack: Bargain

“No reporter should be able to afford a place like this,” Medea commented, walking barefoot on a carpet so plush that she felt like it was going to absorb her toes.

“What can I say?” the goddess Athena replied, typing on her laptop and sitting in a bed big enough for 5 people. She was in the form of a thin reporter with with short blond hair and thick glasses that covered her piercing grey eyes. “I’m very good at my job.”

Medea smiled, it had been nearly a year since the two of them had seen each other. As two relics from the same ancient mythology they got along very well. “Most reporters aren’t immortal goddesses,” she pointed out, “thats almost certainly cheating.”

“There is more to journalism then fearlessly walking into the next scoop.” She hit a key and closed her laptop. Athena’s news company, The Owl’s Eye as it was called had become quite a force over the last ten years despite the constant attempts of bigger companies to buy it up. Part of that was because of its ability to get pictures and stories from the most dangerous of places.

Suddenly they both felt a heavy draft, despite all the windows being closed. They turned to see Jack, hovering just outside the now open window. He had long ago stopped needing wings for stunts such as this. “May I enter?” he asked politely. Athena waved him in, he entered and the window closed itself behind him. He bowed to Athena but it was not the bow of worship given to a god, it was instead a polite bow that etiquette dictated be given. He gave a similar bow towards Medea. “Shall I get straight to business then?”

“If you please,” Athena replied, only giving him a nod of acknowledgement instead of standing to shake his hand. Medea watched the powerplays with more than a little worry.

“Which of the other old gods are in this world?”

“Hestia and Demeter of course, they never actually left,” Athena started, “You’re already aware of Ares’s presence in the Americas, correct?”

Jack winced and involuntarily touched his shoulder, that had been a rather nasty surprise. “Continue.”

“Artemis is in Africa right now, campaigning for endangered animals apparently and Hermes visits very often...”

“And Dionysus?”

“We do not talk about Dionysus,” she answered curtly.

“Alright... how long will you keep me in your debt for this information?” Jack asked.

“Until I need you.”

“In that case thank you.” Jack turned towards Medea, “Now as for you...”

“What about me?” Medea said nervously.

“Why did Dracula order you to kill so many made men in New York?” He asked, barely hiding his annoyance. “That city was almost stable, now all the Mafia families are in all out war.”

“I don’t know,” Medea answered defensively, “I have no choice in the matter if you haven't noticed.”

“Fine.” Jack said in annoyed understanding.

“I can tell you for another favor,” Athena interjected.

“Keep it reasonable,” Jack requested.

“More likely than not it will be a long time before I use it,” Athena assured.

“That makes it worse.”

“Very astute of you,” Athena replied, “Anyway he ordered Medea to kill those men specifically to undermine your efforts to keep that city stable.”

Jack was silent for a minute. Then he bowed. “Thank you for the information.” He walked towards the window and reopened it. “I will be spending the foreseeable future in New York, tell the Count that if he orders you after me he will lose his best servant.” He jumped, Medea ran to the window to see where he was going, he had already disappeared.

Friendship Made 500 Feet in the Air

Cross and Lan Fan sat on a ledge fifty stories off the ground. Lan Fan sat with her hood up and her legs hugged to her chest. Cross was drinking, her head was leaned back as she swallowed down what seemed to be more alcohol than the small bottle could possibly contain. She eventually came up for air. “You want some?” she asked offering Lan Fan the bottle.

“I can’t jump around while drunk,” she answered, not looking up at Cross.

Cross put a hand on Lan Fan’s shoulder, “You’re shaking,” she commented. Lan Fan tried to hide her surprise. Cross handed her a bottle, not of alcohol but of water. “Drink it.”

Lan Fan found herself to be very thirsty, she took the bottle with shaking hands and drunk the cold water, not caring that some slid down her face.

Cross very suddenly pulled back Lan Fan’s hood. She saw a glowing purple line along Lan Fan’s cheek. Carmilla’s mark. She traced over the mark with her thumb, Lan Fan shuddered. “Tell me girl, why are you so bloody scared right now?”

Lan Fan very nearly choked on her drink. Once the coughing stopped she answered with a very measured tone. “I did just get very close to dying.”

“Well fuck thats true,” Cross admitted, “But that ain’t the whole story is it?” She took another long sip and continued. “Tell me girl, you scared of vampires?”

Lan Fan hesitated, “My best friend is one,” she pointed out. Cross stared at her, she very quickly cracked. “Yeah...”

“Let me tell you a secret,” Cross said leaning in close. Lan Fan could see her bloodstained teeth, smell the unholy mixture of alcohol and human flesh that was her breath. She whispered out her secret, “I am too.”


“Fucking terrified, and believe me meeting that purple haired bitch didn’t help,” Cross said, rubbing her arm. She smiled. “Don’t believe me?”

“No I do, I think I understand,” Lan Fan said, looking at the demon hunter. She crushed the bottle in her hand and let it fall to the street. “How long have you been in this life?”

“Since I was a baby.” Cross answered. “What about you?”

“My memory only starts 13 years back, been like this since day one.” She held the briefcase that had brought her here. “Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be normal?”

“Yeah, fuck if I know what they think about though.” She took one last long drink before putting the bottle away. “Face it girl, we’re both stuck here.”

“After this could you buy me a drink?” Lan Fan asked, standing up.

“Sure, but first we gotta deal with the bastards broke your rope.” She stood up as well, her fangs extending slightly. “Come and get some you bloody cowards!” she yelled.

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The air was got thinner it was harder to breathe, the gravity had slipped away from beneath his feet it was harder to stand, the world got darker it was harder to see, a cold sweat formed on the body of the Last Gunslinger as his world had been removed from him with a simple sentence. Kuro-san is Usso Namea! Usso is Kuro-san! The Numbers, Shin Nihon, , Mangestu they are all run by one man! This can’t be! It’s not possible! He been here all along he been in front of me several times before! I LET HIM SLIP THROUGH MY FINGERS! Crow’s greatest rival and now possibly his new ally had just reveal the biggest bomb shell in the gunslinger’s life even more so then learning the truth behind his powers. Falken had revealed that Usso Namea the man who people adored all over the world was the same person responsible for nearly destroying it 10 years ago. Crow had slumped to the ground as his body, mind, and soul tried to comprehend the revelation one hand covered his right eye and the scar he received from the climatic battle on the moon. His moon journey back to that day remembering the crossroad that he encountered Kuro-san on:

5 years Ago. The Mangetsu Moon Base Tsukishiro.

The Last Gunslinger leaned against a wall in a corridor of the moon base constructed by the evil organization, responsible for all the hardships he had to suffer, Mangestu. The corridor was filled with smoke and some small fired were beginning to break out; flashing red lights were painting the hallways of the base an ominous crimson color. The heroes had won the day but with several costs the Tsukishiro base was now falling apart; everyone was fleeing from the base or finishing their respective fights. Crow was panting heavily he had suffered some serious injuries in his fight to stop Mangestu from killing the world; including a injury towards his right eye that was dripping blood between his fingers that were covering his injury. I need to get out of here this base is falling apart. I can barely move though my body is giving out on me. I barely know where in this damn base I am I just got to keep moving. I swore I’ll keep walking forward no matter what I won’t stop. The Gunslinger coughed up some blood doubling over in agony he was now sure he had suffered some broken ribs from his battles on the moon base. Crow limped forward when he suddenly notice someone far off in the distance down the same hall way Crow was in; the two were so far apart that neither would notice each other but the Last Gunslinger had eyes like a hawk and even though one could see only the crimson of blood the other worked fine for now.

He could just make out the person was a man but nothing else really there was one thing though; the Rail-gun could not help but feel a sense of dread from this person Crow could not put his finger on it but he knew something was off with this person. It was like the entire universe was giving him a sign that this person was evil he had hurt, killed, and ruin people and if not stopped he would do it again. The person had no clue that Crow was there it was the perfect opportunity but it was closing fast, the person was running away from Crow and Crow’s vision was fading fast he was on the verge of passing out from blood lost. The Last of the Gunslingers propped himself up as best as he could while slowly drawing his signature revolver; Crow loaded the weapon with one bullet his vision fading in and out with every heavy breath. He now felt like he had to put the fleeing person down no matter what he only had one shot though as he raised his arm his entire body was trembling he lined the shot up as best as possible. He just needed a little more strength, to last a second longer, so see just a little better to make the shot; he slowly pulled the trigger as his world faded to black. The sound of the gun going off was the last noise Crow heard before he woke up on the ship heading back home he never knew if he hit his target.

Present Time

Ten years after that fateful day Crow now knew it was Kuro-san or Usso Namea fleeing from Tsukishiro with this revelation came many more as the dots he longed to connect were making sense. It was like finding the last piece to a puzzle and understands the whole picture and for Crow this picture ignited an inferno in him like that was like the fires of hell. The Last Gunslinger slowly rose as he uncovered his right eye, the same one that hindered him on that day 10 years ago. The dark room made it hard to see but upon closer inspection the scars under Crow’s right eye had crawled and spider webbed up the right side of his face appearing to be distorted electrical current like burns creating an ominous effect as he slammed his fist against the wall lighting surging around his fist but instead of its normal blue color the lighting now had a red taint to it. “KURO-SAN IS IN ! THAT BASTARD USSO IS KURO-SAN, USSO IS KURO-SAN! DAMN IT HE BEEN UNDER MY NOSE THIS ENTIRE TIME!” The Most Wanted Outlaw was fighting to restrain against and kept in control against his anger and his own darker side. As the rage began to cool in Crow the scars slowly returned to normal like nothing had happen and to most it was like nothing had happen the change was barely noticeable. Crow looked up at his deadly rival and notice the change in demeanor it seemed that his words had gotten through now there was a new spark in Falken. “That Bazofia, Usso, has been hiding in his Ivory Tower in and spreading his lies all these time but no more!” Crow began walking towards Falken again but this time not with pity but with more respect for the Deadliest Man Alive then when they fought 10 years ago. “Falken you know I can’t just sit by and let this go. I’m going to go after that bastardo no matter what…but you know he will be prepared and have an army with him. I can’t do it alone Falken. I need your help amigo.” The Rail-gun met eyes with the Falcon Eye Killer, once they were rivals now the latter was asking the other for his aid; “I’m not asking for your help because I like you because I still hate your guts and I’m sure the feeling is mutual…I’m asking for your help because I respect you Falken. You said it was the future that had kept you up at night and turned you into this…well then face the future with me Falken. Let’s end Kuro-san’s evil tonight, let’s go to his ivory tower of lies and burn it to the ground!”

Crow offered his hand to the Dual Wielding Angel of Death a slight smile on his face; “Whether we like it or not amigo, our lives have been tangled together since the first time we encounter each other 10 years on the border. But tonight let’s end Kuro-san before he can hurt anyone else, spread any more lies, or ruin any more lives. After that we can go back to fighting each other for the rest of our lives but tonight let’s team up and face the future together.” The sun was starting to set on turning the shiny white buildings a brilliantly glowing orange the sky was beginning to turn from blue to a mixture of reds, yellows, and oranges appear to be more like a burning blaze of glory instead of a calm cool ocean. The few spots of light that were founding their way into the Hollow Bullet Bar casting a glow over the Gunslinger’s face as offered an alliance to the Falcon Eye Killer. Crow smirk as he walk back towards the door ready to face Usso Namea, who he now knew as Kuro-san, and whatever army that he may encounter. The Thunderbolt Revolver looked back at Falken’s missing arm and the rusted gun laying near the pile of bottles; “Falken as much as I need you t fight Kuro-san I need you at full strength. To put in bluntly I need you with both arms Falcon Eyed Killer. I hope you have some better weapons than that rusted gun of yours or else we may be in trouble. Meet me in an hour at the central district ready to take down Kuro-san once and for all.” Crow opened the door unaware that outside lurked a predator far deadly than Kuro-san who had been watching the Hollow Bullet Bar waiting for his time to strike.

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Frantz was running through the city as fast as he could "Looks like Lady Luck isn't that cruel to me after all." he says while smiling to himself. How did it come that a man who was peacefully reading a book in his hotel room a few minutes ago now has to sprint through the city at night like some wild animal that is being hunted, or more appropriately a wild animal that is hunting? It was Frantz's nature and habits that brought him into this unusual situation. He simply couldn't feel well in his room. No matter how he looked at it, he couldn't be at ease with how the room "felt". For a man from this time it might have not been a problem, he probably wouldn't even notice something and call it nice and homely. But for Frantz who came from another world and time, the room felt hostile. As soon as he had settled on his bed to continue with his book he felt uneasy. During the day he didn't even pay attention to it, but now the room felt hot to him and he even began to feel claustrofobic. It wasn't really that the room was anything like that, it was just that Frantz wasn't used to the room that made him wish for an escape. He would still sleep in the room, but right now he just wanted to get out. He decided that the roof of the hotel would be the best resting place for now, he could read in the moonlight, no one would bother him and the fresh air would do him good as well. He placed a chair on the very edge of the roof and sat down. From there he could see a good part of the city. He averted his gaze from the book and looked into the distance. The city full of bright lights in front of him and again all he could say is that he doesn't like it. It was the whole "concept of superlative" which seemed to be the core of the city that set him off. Just as he wanted to return to his book, regretting that he wasted his time on such a pointless sight, when something far more interesting caught his eye. A ship slowly gliding through the night, unseen and unheard by all, except for one man. It was nothing more than luck that Frantz found himself at the right place, at the right time and even then it was hard for him to spot the ship using Krov enchantment. It was without a doubt the same ship he spotted his target on for the first time. It didn't take him long to decide, if the ship was there, chances are good that his target is there as well. Before the thought even finished Frantz took a leap of the edge. Using Krov to defy gravity the best he good, he landed relatively softly, dashing off the second his fee touched the ground. And that is why the Nobleman of Ravensworth was running like a hunting dog. There was no way he would let a chance like this slip through his fingers. The sooner he gets the job done, the sooner he'll be able to move on. A few turns later and he could see the park, now he was sure that he will make it, his target won't leave just so suddenly. He slows a bit down and takes note of the situation at hand. In the shadows of the park he could see two figures next to each other. Or rather one of them was on the ground while the other one was standing. It was easy for Frantz to tell who his target was, the man known as Captain Rio stood still while looking at the person on the ground. This was a perfect situation, not only did Frantz find him but he was also distracted and Frantz was flanking him, a well executed attack from the side could end the battle in one blow, saving both time and effort. It took him less than a second to decide, enchanting his legs with as much Krov as he could get out in one go, he launched his body with all might towards his target, gliding, not touching the ground he drew his blade in a flash with all strength he had a placed it in front of himself like the sting of a bee. His favorite opening move, Spiral Stinger, was set in motion. He closed his eyes as he flew through the air, time slowing down, soon he would now if his target was as skilled as the information Frantz gained through his death was worth.

In a hotel room, many times the quality of Frantz's sat a man. His hair black, just like the suit he was wearing. Through the think glasses you could see his big green eyes. His hands covered by black gloves were gripping to a small notebook. The man's face was emotionless and expressionless, one could think that he's dead. Sitting in a luxorious chair he was looking through the window. "Melanie, arrived as well, you say?" he speaks barely moving his lips while doing so. "I expected as much, she truly is an inpatient child." he speaks again, without his expressionless face changing. It could be considered strange for a man to talk like the in a room where he is alone, yet somehow it suited him. A moment of silence passed "Oh, he's here as well? Could it be, he's following me? No, no, no, that is not possible, after all he knows nothing and even if he knew he wouldn't have a reason to follow me. But it is interesting that he managed to track her all the way here." Silence again, this time longer then the first. "Yes, i agree, it must be so. With that, three of us are present, no?" Now the man stands up turning away from the window as if facing someone. "You don't say, you really think he could fill that spot? If you truly think so i can't say anything that would go against it, friend." he moves for the last time, taking place in the chair again. "Rather than that, i wonder if the old man will show up, or rather when he will show up" he gives of a a faint laugh as he says so. He opens the notebook and starts flipping the pages, after a few moments he stops "Oh, good night to you as well." he finishes. He doesn't open his mouth again, letting silence take the room over again.

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Industrial District

Lan Fan was saved from certain doom thanks to Cross lucky intervention. The Demon Huntress was following the trail of certain demon, but as she saved Lan Fan, she lost track of it. Cross talked with Lan Fan for a bit, as the life of the Private Senshi is most of the time a life of solitude. She talked about her career as a Demon Hunter and her fears of being swallowed by darkness, something that almost happened some weeks ago, when she was bitten by a Vampire. Cross managed to take an alchemical antidote, but it was a tad too late to clean the tainted fluids of the undead kings. She managed to avoid fully converting into a creature of the night, but some traits got stuck with her, as her body as faster and stronger, her eyesight even sharper and she felt a thirst inside her, but thankfully her father didn’t raised a weak warrior and her discipline was more than enough to keep the Thirst of blood under control. Cross didn’t usually open up to others, using her drinking and man-eating as mask to hide her inner turmoil, always trying to be mysterious and boisterous in the same amount, but after the last weeks event, finding a Vampire she couldn’t kill and being almost turn into a Vampire herself, Cross masquerade was falling apart. Now after saving Lan Fan, and seeing her so scared, Cross saw her own insecurities reflected in the Young Senshi.

The Demon Huntress spoke about her condition, waiting for Lan Fan to get her wits back, as she knew that they were being surrounded, and that somebody had cut down the Cyborg Girl wire. Cutting one of the Transport Wires used by the Senshi was also a crime, so these guys had two things to answer for. Cross had to keep tracking the Solar Demon, but this situation was also included inside the contract she signed to become a Senshi. – After this could you buy me a drink?- asked Lan Fan while finally stopping the shivering. Cross grinned with her Vampiric canines being shown, and replied –Sure, but first we gotta deal with the bastards that broke your rope- Cross fangs suddenly elongated, as did her nails turning into claws, her hairy got suddenly spiky and a otherworldly red glow flooded her eyes, showing her great rage. –Come and get some, you bloody cowards- the Demon Huntress roared and it wasn’t unheard. Two figures appeared in the opposite building rooftop, just a couple of stories over the Senshi pair. – Oh my, how unwomanly of you Huntress-chan..- A female voice, talked with arrogance – She should keep her stinking tongue inside her androgynous and unattractive mouth, don’t you think dear?- The other figure, a man, replied with an equal arrogant tone in his voice – Yes my dear, she shouldn’t go wearing pant, or everybody will confuse her and her younger friend as men, they’re really un-ladylike-

The pair of enemies jumped from the roof and landed into two wires, standing in a incredible display of balance and agility, over them. Both bowed and presented themselves. –I’m Claws Scorpion, the most beautiful member of the Suji-gun*- She was wearing a traditional kimono outfitted for battle and carried a segmented staff that ended into two Kamas with a hook blade, giving the impression of being a Scorpion tail. –I’m Sword Eagle, the most handsome member of the Suji-gun- He was wearing traditional Chinese clothing and armor, with an Eagle Motif. He carried a massive long sword sheathed in Jade, attached to his back. –And together we are the Scorpion and Eagle Combination!- They shouted together. Scorpion shouted next – Deadly in the Earth!- and was followed by her partner – And Lethal on the Air!- Both of them pointed at the briefcase carried by Lan Fan – If you don’t want to die surrender the case! Or face our combined Might! Scorpion on Earth and Eagle in the Sky! Perfect Combination!- They finished shouting with determination and ended up posing with only one foot over the thin wire while taking a stance with their respective weapons ready. But the air of seriousness was broken by them, as Scorpion jumped in Glee – Yes we did it right sweetie! I told you that if we practiced our entry would be incredible!- Eagle replied with his eyes drunken in love – Yes my dear! And now we should exterminate this pests and take the case if they don’t want to cooperate.-

Hollow Bullet Bar

Falken saw how Crow started piecing the whole puzzle in his mind, realizing how Kuro-san had played him for a fool. The Most Wanted Outlaw body started to generate lighting, red lighting, instead of the normal blue coloration, that showed the fury, anger and frustration he was experimenting. Kuro-san played the whole world as fools, showing one face to the whole world while hiding his real identity and taking advantage of the hopes and dreams of a whole country that he now ruled with faked benevolence and authority. Kuro-san identity was the last piece of information Falken thought that would serve as bargain chip if he was found by a Hero, but in this case it was his own decision to tell Crow Cementerio, as if he even felt some traces of hate for the Gunslinger, only embers of a former bonfire of hatred and anger, he felt that he had some kind of connection with the Electric Cowboy. Falken was still kind of stunned by the amount of alcohol in his system, more than enough to kill 3 grown men, and he couldn’t follow Crow angry rant, even as the lighting charged the air, and the whole bar was getting messier than before. Falken was de-attached of reality and even when the Last Gunslinger asked him to join against Kuro-san the Former Falcon Eye Killer wasn’t paying much attention.

But that changed when Crow offered his hand to Falken with a smile in his face. This single act carried much more significance to Falken than Crow could imagine, but The Greatest Mercenary in the world was confused – I fought against Cementerio, and got close to kill him a couple of times. I caused as much pain as Kuro-san by taking his side without even checking his objectives only because I was younger and cockier, he gave me jobs to prove my worth and he had pay me in spades. But I was too stupid and immature, to full of myself and the world almost was destroyed five years ago. Cementerio fought against him while I was drinking my way to a coffin…. And I called myself a warrior. Johann would choke me if he saw me in this state. He also extended his hand to me that day, so long ago. Maybe this is a second chance…- Falken took Crow hand, with his head and his heart clear for the first time in 8 years. –I’ll fight alongside you Cementerio, but don’t take it as a partnership, we’re just two individuals that happen to share the same objective, so stop calling me friend- Falken tried to save face, as he was really happy about Crow words.

The Falcon Eye Killer was raised by the Trinity Gate Agency, raised to be a weapon. He tried to hide that troubled past with a façade of professionalism, but thanks to the revelations of Kuro-san plans were more than enough to finally break the delicate balance that kept Falken functional. The programming he hated, but used to keep his act together was unraveled by Kuro-san real intentions and objectives. But now Crow had given him something to fight, or at least reminded him that fighting was the only thing he could do in this situation. Falken was raised for war, for being a weapon. He cannot deny that, but thanks to the Last Gunslinger intervention he know understand that if he cannot change his own self he just needs to adapt to it and use it for something that matters. This isn’t a quest for revenge, as Kuro-san never lied or wronged him; this mission is for his own redemption. Deep down Falken is a good man, and as the saying goes,” The only thing evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing” As the sun set down dying the city in orange light, Crow talked to Falken - Falken as much as I need you to fight Kuro-san I need you at full strength. To put in bluntly I need you with both arms Falcon Eyed Killer. I hope you have some better weapons than that rusted gun of yours or else we may be in trouble. Meet me in an hour at the central district ready to take down Kuro-san once and for all.-

Falken smiled and moved towards the bar –I have just the thing Cementerio, don’t worry-, he counted the bottles up to the 19 from the right and grabbed it. A mechanical noise sounded behind the shelves, and the bottles slid to the sides, opening a secret door to Falken vault. Meanwhile the Falcon Eye Killer clothing starting to get wetter and wetter, as the Nanites made him exude all the alcohol out of his bloodstream. The effort made them slowly start to heat, making the Alcohol turn into fumes coming out of Falken body, cloaking the secret vault from Crow gaze. The Mercenary changed his clothes while grunting a bit as he connected a Bionic Arm into his side. He took a couple of guns from his collection the ASUNO TWIN BARRELS XA3, a pair of Pistols with high powered perforation rounds. And with another grunt he attached the straps of a giant coffin-like object to his back, a secret weapon that was his last project before locking himself up in his bar. From the fumes he emerged, now even clean and shaved, thanks to the Nanites in his blood Stream.

-I’m ready Cementerio, but be warned, I don’t know if we’re going to get to the bastard in the Garyuu Tower, the forces of the City and from Mangetsu will come for us. Are you willing to die to complete this mission? Because I am- He cocked both guns with the side of the counter to give an emphasis to his determinations as his eyes got the same glow he used to have, now accompanied by something else. Crow opened the door and a brutal detonation shook the whole building, something exploded in the street and dirt clouds broke through the shattered windows filling the air with dust. Falken reacted sluggishly, yet to be 100% of his former self, something that he may never reach, but protected himself using the counter as cover. The detonation also destroyed the Bottles –A fitting end for my liquid shackles, destroyed in my second fire baptism- thought the Mercenary as he raised his head, spotting the cause of the explosion. A strange man wearing an armor and quite evident cybernetic implants was standing in the street with a crater around him and a couple of destroyed cars lit aflame besides him.

-Did this guy come for Cementerio’s Reward or Kuro-san already sent some cronies to deal with us?- thought the Twin Barreled Death, while he jumped the counter and walked through the door and asked –What the hell you think you’re doing bastard? Trashing my place like this! I’ll fill you up with lead!- Without any other warning Falken started shooting at the individual, that took the bullets as if they were wet paper balls. As the smoke cleared the mysterious man wasn’t hurt and Falken watched in awe, hoping that Crow was still battle-ready to give him a hand. –I need to update my stuff if I survive this- thought Falken while looking at the silent man with crazed eyes.

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The Pirate King sleekly spun Oceanus and slipped it inside the holster-strap on the backside of his leather belt. "What is your explanation for dropping on me like this?" announced Fukamachi coldly. As Marina rose from the grassy floor, she picked up a grey, ring-shaped elastic that had fallen off during their heated skrimish. "To scare you, obviously," lightly chuckled the Aquarian Knight, minding her older cousin's harsh tone and quickly tying a high-top ponytail. Two, brown-haired spirals loosely hung over her tanned complexion; one resting on each cheek. "That snake trick back there was very creative, I have to admit. I taught you well, Mr. Fukamachi." Ignoring the Princess of Tides's witty remarks, Rio pressed on for a more satisfying response, "Stop your jesting. Who sent you?" An answer was not uttered right away. Caerulea spent precious seconds examining her robust helmet, with no reply. She knew well, that the following words that were about to be spoken would further tear the fragile relationship among kin.

"Your parents." Marina's balmy countenance lost color, becoming feverishly pale. Releasing a reluctant sigh, she continued and braced for the worse, "They told-" Rio crudely interrupted, "I will not allow it." The Aquarii-native thrusted an open hand in front of the Captain's quivering lips, trading unfazed scowls with one another. Their piercing navy blue eyes met squarely, but neither buckled or flinched. <"Let me finish,"> commanded the irritated woman in the Aquarian language. Rio's eyelids closed; then he nodded. "When your family left Aquarii, it was tough for me to adjust. I've known you all, for as long as I can remember. Me and you played together--we trained together. To have to walk by your old house, knowing it was now empty, was difficult to accept. So, the council approved my request to protect the Fukamachi family, under a Knight-sanctioned mission. It was the only way I could come here, to see you all again. I found your parents, and they told me everything. Look, I'm not here to talk you out of whatever it is you're doing. You're stubborn, so you'll never listen, anyway. And I know I will be risking my status as an Aquarian Knight and the honor of the Caerulea name. I'm here to fulfill your mother and father's promise, and that is to keep you safe. I plan on keeping that promise, alive or dead."

All was quiet in the moonlit park. The proud vigilante overlapped his arms over another across his chest, intently taking this new revelation into consideration. A decision was made. "You are bounded to a promise and I with it," he began. "Make no mistake, I am honor-bound to Princess Lillian, not Sho Fukamachi." A soft smile forcefully stretched across Marina's face, but there was still a sign of disappointment present in her body language. "Rio," she said, shaking her head and staring down at her combat boots. She then looked up again, only to catch a shadow swiftly moving at her unwary relative from the corner of an eye. "Rio!" the Aquarian Knight repeated the name, and firmly yanked Fukamachi back by the collar of his blue coat. Jets of water dispelled from the young Caerulea's broad fingers in mid-air, precisely where Rio stood. Almost instantly, the temperature of the streams of liquid were manipulatively raised to a boiling point. Plumes of smoldering and hazy steam substituded the designated void for the Captain's assassination. While the temporary vapor-screen was in effect, the Aquarian and the Aqurian half-breed ran around it towards a lush-green thicket. They made their way up The Judgement, to begin a descent to the sky.

Reports of a hovering seafaring vessel in Center District, headed for a harbor, spread throughout the great metropolitan of Inazuma. Apparently, Shin Nihon security forces were described to be seen pursuing the alleged object. The Judgement's uncanny speed brew a trail of powerful gusts on its tail, causing debris below its torpedo-silhoutted keel to coast aimlessly all over the populated streets and filling them with unwanted trash. Illuminating windows from towering buildings seemingly stretched in the midnight background the faster the ship accelerated, giving the crew onboard the impression that the The Judgement was embarking in space travel. Its Captain found time to balance evading enemy fire on the helm and enganging in casual talk amidst perilous circumstances before him. "Such is your presence here, that makes me assume a fair-faced aristocrat has yet to ask your hand in marriage." The Princess of Tides stood on the rear fortified gunnel of the sterncastle, throwing jabs and hooks at the view of the bustling city in her line of sight. "No one has been brave enough to come forth and try yet." Massive, balled fist-molded water constructs emerged beneath and next to the swarm of armor-plated gunships trailing the rebellious airborne ship, mimicking the Waterbender's hand movements. "I don't think Aquarian men would like to marry a woman who can beat them at arm wrestling," Marina added with a genuine innocence, doltishly rubbing her chin and paying no attention to the scores of battered security gunships she brought down.

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Frantz cursed under his breath. Even though his target did not notice him, someone else did. He ignored the possible threat of the bystander simply because he was used to being outnumbered, but it looked like this time the confident nature had it's price, an easy kill was gone. While his habit to complain about his luck and life was about to kick in, for a contrast this time he actually saw a good thing in what happened. Even tho his target escaped, he did not know that Frantz could track him through the thick mist and because of that he found himself now on that behemot of a ship. It looked like now, Frantz wasn't the only one who was after the head of Rio Fukamachi. In the end that was good for Frantz, the more distractions, the better. But this time he decided that he would face his opponent in face-to-face combat as his last ploy failed and his target can't escape from this place anyway. Frantz even hoped that his challenge would make the other person, the one he identified as a girl by now, stand out of the fight. Sure, you could call him a hypocrite for trying a coward's kill from an ambush yet demanding a fair treatment and a one on one fight, but hey, he takes what makes his life easier. When he could see his target, it seemed like he continued the conversation with the girl, Frantz was so rude to bump in a few moments ago. While not grasping the whole picture, Frantz could still tell that his target was in some sort of family problems, or something along the lines of that at least. It was obvious that this would make him drift away from his usual professional attitude while on a job, but Frantz couldn't help but to listen in on the conversation. While doing so his peace would be broken by shots from the chasing gunships, shots that Frantz would either deflect of skillfully dodge. He played with his pocket watch, flipping it open and closing it again with a fast twist of his wrist.

It looked like the conversation was coming to an end, at least for now. Using good manners as a excuse for waiting so long, Frantz finally decided to make a move. His steps were heavy and confident, he wasn't trying to hide his presence. It might be a mistake to take his target head on as he didn't gauge his skill and power yet, but on the other hand if the person actually failed to notice Frantz approaching the first time, he should be able to match that person in combat. His sword was still seethed, but in Frantz's case that was no sign that he's not ready for battle. It was the other way around actually, Frantz fighting style needed him to seethe his sword before executing a technique, a style while not very practical, made it up with it's speed and power. He was going to give his target a fair chance now that his first attack failed, you could even say that Frantz was a little bit enthusiastic about it, after all he never witnessed what kind of fighting styles were present in this world. And to his joy it looked like his target was favoring swords in combat as well.

After making a final decision, he opens his mouth to completely reveal his presence to the two in front of him. At first he thought of a simple challenge so that he gets to the fighting fast, but as he already failed the missed chance for a kill, dropped so low to eavesdrop on them he could as well blow the whole professional cover for this one task. Opening with some non-serious line would suit his needs right now, but what would that do? Would it actually lose up the situation (a laughable thought as he tried to kill the man previously that evening) and give him higher chances for a one on one match with Rio, or would it just provocate them and earn him their anger. For a change Frantz was optimistic rather the his cynical and "realistic" self. It could be that in his sub-consciousness, he believed that his employers would not hold up their end of the deal so that he did not take the whole job serious anyway.

He was going to try his (usually shitty) luck and take a shot at it, "A fair-faced aristocrat? Perhaps i could help out?" he says while crossing his arms, still holding his sword in one hand and leaning onto the wooden surface behind him, a sarcastic smile on his lips. "It might have not been your own skill that saved you back then, but i'll let it count. My name is Frantz Goodwin, a Nobleman of the city of Ravensworth. I'm here to claim your head, Rio Fukamachi, but i guess you could already tell that. Please know it's nothing personal that i desire your death, nor do i hold any malice against you. It's just that what i gain through it would benefit me very much, you could even say that my life as a human being depends on it. Now, you got anything to say before we begin?" Frantz finishes with that, entering a battle stance the second he does so, returning to his professional self that wants to finish the fight as fast as possible, as well.

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