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A common trope in western movies is that, during a quick draw, the one that draws his gun first will shoot last.

While clearly written to give the hero a moral as well as a strategic advantage, there was actually some scientific fact to this trope, as muscles reacting move faster than muscles that act.

So, being the second to reach for his gun, Reave had his weapon raised and levelled at Seth faster than Seth had his two guns aimed, and pulled the trigger without having time to think.

The bolter round was huge, and fast. With the gun on semi-automatic, three rounds were fired, each one trailing blackness behind it as part of Reave's ability, being from the Shadowlance clan, granting each round fired from Reave's bolted the abilities of Shadowlance rounds in addition to their actual design.

Shadowlance rounds were designed for the killing of magical beings. The black aura devoured magic, psychic abilities, tearing through anything more interesting than rocks, no barrier or pocket dimension was safe from then all-consuming effect of the Shadowlance.

It dimly occurred to Reave that maybe it was better to ask questions before shooting strangers, but most people aiming guns at a Marine deserved what they got.


Locke ducked, crushing the handgun under his kneecap as plasma burst over his head. He didn't swear, or make anything more than a grunt to betray his irritation, but instead he did the maths.

The scorch marks in the walls to his left and right, he considered them and did the trigonometry before rising to his feet and returning fire.

Bolter rounds should make short work of that armour, but if they had plasma technology, then there was a chance that they could potentially block the standard bolter round.

So, he switched ammo clip, using Kraken Pattern Penetrator Rounds instead. Replacing the standard exploding core with a solid adamantine core, and using a more powerful charge behind it, The KPP Round flew with a far greater velocity than the standard Bolt. Upon impact, the outer shell peeled away to reveal a powerful, spinning adamantine drill that bored through even heavily armoured mechs. Under heavy fire, Krakens could potentially even take down Terminators.

Nothing human could withstand this. In exchange for the explosion of shrapnel that followed the standard bolt, KPP's could pierce granite like it was paper.


Scott approached the survivor, lifting him into the air. "Answer my questions, whelp." He ordered, planting a psychic hearing aid to the side of the crying man's skull. "And you may yet live."


Slim scanned the document, matching it with the copy he was shown during the briefing. "Same reason I'm here." Slim nodded. "Alright, I'm Slim, good to meet you." He said with a grin, extending a fist to bump with her.

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@Fehafare: Erenn began approaching the bunker where Ushitor is but first he shot up a blast of spiral power and make it form a pattwen of words and arrow saying that Ushitor is here. Eren then jumped into Spiral Space and waited for the other hunters to converge on this point.

Then Eren sensed it all the other stuff there was an underground city and Eren thought that this was going to be easy not anymore.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz: Seth released a barrier before the shot was even fired. Almost as soon as the barrier was up his clothes were replaced by a pitch black ninja suit. On his back was a blood red ninjato. What appeared in front of him and behind were mirrors that rippled like water. The bullets were shot as soon as his highspeed preparations were complete and it surprised him that it broke through his barrier however he didn't show it. The bullets went into the frontward facing mirror and disapeared. The exited out of the one behind him and shot into a wall. As soon as he was out of danger he suddenly vanished and reapeared behind the enemy with his eyes glowing a crimson red and his hand on the handle of the ninjato. He drew it slightly and just waited for the next move. "Was that supposed to work?" he asked quietly almost threateningly.

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@SamJaz: @Shadowchaos:

Eren warped to the figure and found out it was not Ushitor amd warped out before he could be seen

Eren pulled out the case and then using it as a medium was focusing on it looking for Ushitor then he founnd him. He moved the giant display over the location where Ushitor was. By thinking of what he was looking fot using Spiral Power he can fnd anything

(OOC: This was the same way Aimon found Nia after the anti spirals kidnapped her)

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@SamJaz: @Shadowchaos:


Senji was just standing in the middle of the room staring as the two men combated each other.

His body refused to move, it was paralyzed with fear.

He was completely useless, in fact his eyes couldn't tell who was friend or foe in the situation he found himself in.

His body lost all tension and he fell back onto one of the chairs while trying to regain his composure.



One of the soldiers got to feel the full impact of the bolter round. A giant hole was ripped into his chest.

The others were able to move out of the way, avoiding certain death.

Five plasma grenades were thrown, landing around Locke.

One of the soldiers activated a jet-pack like machine on his back.

Perhaps a lesser version of the Space Marin Assault Pack.

It wasn't just coincidence.

The organization which trained and supplied these soldiers was in Kansas when the Embassy was set up.

They realized the potential the weapons and technology held, beginning production the very same day.

Of course all they could bring forth were inferior copies, not being able to compete with real Space Marine technology.

But it served it's purpose.

The flying soldier opened fire down onto Locke.


"I-I-I-I d-don't know!" the man held up burst out while trying to choke the words out, fear preventing him from thinking clearly. In fact the question he was asked itself could only be vaguely recalled in his memory.

As he was about to urinate all over himself again a man stepped into the garage.

One of the mercenaries.

Black hair combed back. A frail and slim frame.

Orange tint glasses obscured the eyes.

The upper body was mostly covered in rags, while the lower body was clothed in some kind of steel-battle skirt.

He slowly spoke without taking his eyes off Scott.

"Let go. He's boring. Face me. You're no match. I'll crush you." the short punctual sentences were all spoken in a fluid monotone and single breath, creating a very creepy tone as if he man was reading a report.


As Slim's fist came up Charlotte jumped back up and pointed her guns at him.

The girl had no idea about customs like that.

She knew fists in only a single form and meaning, and that was pain and damage.

Her fingers were already on the triggers of the gun ready to fire.


Scourge was in a local bar, eating. He was alone on that one, every else was either done on the floor or hiding somewhere. The pasta dish he was eating was brought to him simply because of his imposing appearance, in fact that bar didn't even serve that kind of pasta, or any kind of real food for that matter, but that policy quickly changed when he walked in.

When he was bringing the fork to his mouth a loud crack could be heard.

A black blade ripped through the entire building. It was attached to an odd looking ivory chain. The blade itself was also strange.

Completely black with red border lines. It was very wide, but also thin, more like a big table than a sword.

It's to was completely blunt, while the sides were sharp, the edges shaped and formed like the blade of a guillotine.

In fact the entire sword looked like that, a black double edged guillotine.

It ripped through the entire building destroying it completely as well as all furniture inside of it.

Next on it's path. Scourge.



Rouge slowly walked down the street till he wasn't standing directly in front of his reflection in the shop's window. "Sis always told me that i'm horrible at chasing rats. Or wait, was the the only thing i was good at? Whatever, i never listed to her pestering speeches anyway." he lamented while thinking back and rising his rifle and shooting a bullet right towards Jack without even looking at him.

Despite the underdog mentality, Rouge was still capable of being a show-off.

And oh did he enjoy that.


Ushitoro had been informed of all the fights that were happening.

Despite the fact that underground he was the safest, he couldn't stay there in ignorance even a minute longer.

Using a lift he arrived at the top floor of the Daisuke Company, overlooking a good part of the city.

He might be exposed, but at least he could see his killers.

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@Fehafare: @Shadowchaos: @SamJaz:

Ern warped in just behind Daisuke Ushitoro. He sent up another arrow for everyone to see. Eren didn't care about the mission he was just bored. He was'hoping all the other hunters wou.d come for thier objective. "Diasuke i have you now" Eren was looking pretty satisfied on the top floor of the Diasuke Company.

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@Fehafare: @Shadowchaos:


A foot went to smack Seth's ankle, hands moving lightning fast to slam him to the ground, black mist removing all magical/powered effects. With the superior natural strength of Reave's species augmented by Astartes training, surgery and effects, Seth would be pinned down by Reave's military CQC.


Locke rolled, kicking the plasma grenades aside as he took cover, watching the mercenary use his bastardised assault pack.

He sniffed, trying to identify its source of energy. There was nothing human that could give more than five jumps, unless it was nuclear.

No, they could be using something stupid, like nuclear, or spiral energy. It was unlikely they were using an AT-field, but they could be using the worst, if they had plasma.

Just in case, Locke sent a Blue-Yellow signal to the others. They should know about the technical advances the humans had made.

Preparing his barriers to fend off the worst of the Plasma, Locke burst out of his cover and returned fire.

One shot.


Recording the Blue-Yellow signal, Scott did not rise to the challenge. Instead, he took a bite out of his subject's skull, chewing on his brain before casting his useless corpse aside.

Digestion was a much more efficient form of questioning. Scott cricked his neck as he processed the new information, reading his victim's memories and analysing the new data as he sent his skin hardened, forming a shiny, black chitin-like armour.

Keep the head intact. That was all he needed.

Gas hissed, and Scott was propelled forward, faster than a sniper bullet, heavier than a tank, to crush his opponent through three buildings.


"Whoa, easy there." Slim cautioned the girl, ignoring the flashing lights near his eye. "I'm not gonna hurt you. It's a bro fist."

He looked at her guns, not moving. The girl had no concept of social customs.

"It's what new friends do when they see each other on the battlefield." Slim explained. "We take these things, our hands, tools to destroy our enemies, and we bump them together. Not hard, but just to say, 'I'm here to fight the enemy. You are here to fight the enemy. Let's fight the enemy together.'. It's so you know that my fist is strong and my determination is solid, and I'm not going to abandon you half way into the fight. It's not as binding as a Blood Oath, and trust me, I am not ready for that sort of commitment."

Then Slim lowered his fist.

"I'm going to pick up my gun." Slim explained, slowly reaching for his Bolter. "And I'm going to tap your gun with mine. Just like we would with fists. So I can promise that you can trust my gun, and you can promise that I can trust your gun."

He raised his gun slowly, looking Charlotte in the eye, and moved his gun towards hers, taking care to keep his finger away from the trigger.


Scourge glanced at the oncoming chain, and a he lowered the fork from his mouth.

Twirling it in his hand, he stabbed it into the chain. Light burst above and below the utensil, not unlike a Collision spell, but something completely different and new that shuddered along the chain, paralysing it and taking it back through time.

"Waiter." Scourge said calmly, indicating his current lack of fork as he analysed the chain that had attempted to harm him.

This was new.

Basic. Something a fresh acolyte at the temple of mechanise might come up with.

He sent the data to Matthias, expecting a full diagnostic within the next ten seconds.

He sent another copy to Mars for a second opinion. They'd be back to him within the minute with the name and current location of the manufacturer.

Until then, he rose to his feet. Only dead men could rest on the battlefield, and he was clearly no longer a diplomat.

"I will state this warning once." Scourge announced. "The price for the life of an Astartes is the lives of everyone in one city. Attempting to take the life of an Astartes will lead to the Astartes attempting to take the lives of everyone in one city. This is your last warning. One more act of petulance and your city shall be reduced to ashes."

His communicator blinked.

Matthias had sent the results back.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz: Seth turned his molecules into shadows by using the effect of the suit and got out of the way. He appeared again however this time out of striking distance. He drew the sword again and pressed a button on the handle and it was covered by a red energy that seemed to draw in and burn the air around it. "Not bad," he whispered as he preparred to attack however before he could attack his eyes changed to a light blue and his position slackened. "H-hey we can talk this out right?" he asked in a polite tone that was different from his defient tone before.

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Shooting blind is a terrible idea if the person your shooting is aware of the fact that you can shoot even invisible people. Especially if that person is an inhanced human. Jack slid down, the whistling of a passing bullet coming from right above and painful protest coming from his leg.

He took a turn and opened the door of the first building he came across. Oblivious to the inside of the building he entered, Jack closed the door and pressed his back against the wall right next to it as he took out one of the knives he carried on his person.

That's it, come and find me you bastard.

Jack was counting on three things. First, that the pistol the man carried would be to long for him to actually use inside. Second, that the rifle was way too big to be handeled in close quarters. And lastly, that he did not know kung fu.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf: @Shadowchaos:

Ern figuring out that no one was co ing decided that he had tl gt their attention somehow. Eren created bui.ding sized drills above the city. One drill would fall in each section bombarding. Then over each section Diasuke's location would appear.

Eren made the drills drop then hopped into Spiral Space before someone could attack him.

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@Galenbeta: @ChronoWolf: @Shadowchaos: @Fehafare:

Green light flashed, and one thousand hands reached for the sky.

The drills were caught, gripped by mighty armoured hands, then crushed in their powerful fists, evaporating into dust as the sky was torn apart.

Revealing one very, very exposed Eren.


The giant in the red armour glared at the sky, green flames dancing around his fist. Spontaneously, it began to rain. The water hissed as it collided with the thousand armoured knights.








One thousand armoured fists slammed against their breastplates as they rose into the sky.

One Thousand Marines.

Each a master in Spiral Warfare.







Each marine was coated in the green flames as their machines welcomed them into spiral space. The drill cores in their hearts shone brightly as their speech reached the crescendo.












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Eren decided it was time to show off what happens when anything he makes comes into contact with technology. Eren first warped into a subdimension created personally by him without the use of Spiral Power. The he activated it th G Biotic. He can operate any tech he comes into contact with. Now he was in control of that red giant. It hopped out of Spiral Space and back to Dai. Only G biotic can be undone with G biotic and only Ern's special kind of G bitotic.

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One thousand red giants grinned as the Techpriests analysed, Canniballised, and reproduced G Biotic.

It was cute. Such basic technology.

Within seconds, twelve million firewalls flared up, and one Heavy unit launched the first set of inter dimensional missiles.

The multiverse shook as the detonation charge went, and Eren's sub dimension collapsed in a forced Big Crunch.


The motherboards, circuitry, all of Galen's G Biotic technology failed and crashed.

Take control of technology forty millennia ahead of its time?

One would have better success hacking into the pentagon with a pointed stick.

The programming language, for example, was leaps and bounds beyond anything any human had ever encountered. Techpriests wrote /sarcasm/ into the code, nothing any mortal machine could ever comprehend.

One would have better chance having a mollusc recite the works of Terry Pratchett.

The technology gap was too huge. To attempt to bridge that gap was nothing short of...


A tank the size of a supernova rolled on in Spiral Space, an Armada of Spiral Masters encased in Ceramite Armour.

And they raised their bolters. Spiral energy flowed.

Each shot rang with the power of the big bang, would pierce any portal, barrier, or obstacle, blew a kiss at the speed of light as the metal flew past, and would eradicate the mortal that sought to stand amongst those that fought as gods.

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@SamJaz: @SamJaz:

(Diension collasping what the fuck man. Cannibalizing tech what the fuck)

Eren simply activated his infinity amp and left the dimension. Eren decided to seem what happens when you collaspe a u iverse using the i fi ty map. He collaspe the part of the iverse where the marines were attacking him from.

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@Galenbeta said:

@SamJaz: @SamJaz:

(Diension collasping what the fuck man. Cannibalizing tech what the fuck)

Eren simply activated his infinity amp and left the dimension. Eren decided to seem what happens when you collaspe a u iverse using the i fi ty map. He collaspe the part of the iverse where the marines were attacking him from.

After that Eren decided he was done hee and left now that he had what he wanted

(Eren has left this RP)

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@SamJaz: @Shadowchaos: @ChronoWolf:

Daisuke was alone, everyone left. The man nearly feel from his feet out of sheer fear.

Hell seemed to be happening outside, but he was way too worn out to care.

He pull a chair over and sat down for a moment, breathing slowly.

The door of the lift opened, a lone man standing there with his gaze set on Daisuke.



The thousands of Space Marines and their arrival was not ignored. The mercenaries all turned their attention to the sky.

War was to be waged.

But it would never come to that.

Suddenly a loud yell could be heard, echoing through all of the city.

It came from countless speakers, all scattered through the city.

Of course a good number of them was destroyed, but by the looks of it whoever placed them there predicted the damage and supplied enough.

That alone was already an unreasonable.

The yell drew everyone's attention to the top of the Daisuke building.

Up there, with spot lights pointing at a hole in a window was none other than Daisuke himself, gripping his beloved case while he was being held by a man.

That man was Senjin.

In one hand Daisuke and in the other the old gun from before.

"You want the information? Come and get it!"

Yelling that into a microphone he pushed Daisuke of the edge.


A little red button detonated the case with the storage device, destroying all the data and killing the screaming Daisuke who was still in free fall.

Laughing like a maniac Senji followed up with a jump of his own, while putting the gun in his mouth.

He was dead before he reached the ground.

With that turn of the events and mercenaries disengaged combat and left the city.

All but Sayer who died of the wounds he sustained during the charge.

Charlotte was gone as well, being disappointed by how things turned out.

The other invited started leaving as well.

Only the Space Marines were left.

The city was slowly being abandoned.

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Scourge turned to face the Captain of the Lights In The Sky Chapter, who grinned as he looked at him. "Long time no see, young sir!"

Scourge blinked. "Ah yes." He recalled. "Chapter 674,291. I see you're still using Spiral Energy. What brings you to my city?"

The captain laughed, but stopped as Scourge glared.

A captain held a rank greater than the ruler of a planet.

But Scourge was a Scout Trainer. A veteran amongst veterans whose name was known throughout much of the Empire.

He survived Maccrage.

"Carry on with your patrol." Scourge instructed the captain. "The Knights of the Mile are responsible for the planet."

"Well met." The captain said, replacing his helmet as his team made their way to their ships.

Scourge was going to have to explain this to Captain Elias.


He turned to face Reave, Locke, Scott and Slim. "Prepare Barracks." Scourge instructed. "The city belongs to the Company now."

The Scouts grinned, and separated to follow their ordered.

The rest of the 10,000 Scouts under Scourge's tutelage, as well as the 49 other Veterans responsible for their training, were coming to the city.

Dai was the new Barracks of the Adeptus Astartes Scouts- 104th Company.

Scourge's Brigadiers.


Perhaps, a renaming was in order.

"Scott." Scourge ordered as the last remaining Scout relayed the orders. "The Company is to be renamed. I understand that in one of the languages on this planet, Dai is a word meaning 'great'."

After all, he did owe those Spiral fanatics for making such a scene.

"The Dai Scourge Dan." Scourge declared. "104th Legio Instructus Astartes."

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The God's Huntsman approached the docks of this strange floating island. Nobody on the shore should be able to see him or the barrier he walked across the water upon. His illusions replaced him with simple wave patterns where he stood. However, he decided it'd be best to teleport now that he could see his target. A figure in a cloak looked out at him, and the ocean was more complex than he wanted to copy for a long time. Glancing at the ship the figure leaned against, he teleported aboard. As the cloaked being turned at the sound, he lunged past them and smashed the dock to pieces, dropping them both into the ocean, where a quick change from legs to fins and a sharklike body gave him the advantage. This small thing was about to learn that he was the Huntsman, and that things like him were unacceptable. Those who would do so much damage for money and power were a clear threat to the plan, and this island was currently full of them. Happy hunting.

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